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Chapter 1631: Excuse me, are you a princess?


There were two especially conspicuous figures walking beside the vast Ancient Nether projection.

Compared to the huge Ancient Nether projection, those two figures were only the size of a fingernail. However, people’s eyes would inexplicably gravitate to them.

This was what it meant to be ‘born to be the focus of everyone’s eyes’.

In the projection screen, these two handsome figures were walking slowly in the Ancient Nether. Every time they moved a certain distance, the two would stop.

Then, they would each pluck off a strand of their long hair.

After the two strands of hair were joined together, they’d be inserted into the ground of the Ancient Nether by Senior White Two.

Senior White Two would then reach out, stroking the two strands of hair a little bit.


The long hair grew like a tree sprouting, turning into a pillar that pierced through the sky in the blink of an eye.

Senior White nodded slightly, looking satisfied.

Then, the two Senior Whites continued to go to the depths of the Ancient Nether.

The distance they took with every step was extremely controlled.

Song Shuhang looked confused. What were the two Senior Whites doing?

Moreover, didn’t they say that they were just going to be gone for a short while? How did they end up in the Ancient Nether?

If the demonic hamster and Song Shuhang had really waited at the same spot for the two Senior Whites to return, how long would they have waited?

Sure enough, the words ‘I’ll be back soon’ were a lie!

The demonic hamster shouted, “My master is there. № Tyrannical Song, let’s go there too!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

The question is, how do we get there?


In the air, the heavenly punishment divine lightning continued to strike down fiercely.

The woman made of flames and black mist raised her spear and threw it fiercely. “Mingyin Kapo!”

The spear shot out like a javelin and pierced the skies.

This momentum was so strong that it seemed to blow away all the tribulation clouds.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, should we join in?”

Should they stab her in the back while she was dealing with the heavenly punishment?

As he said that, he slowly released his smoky mode.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “If you want to be involved in the heavenly punishment, be my guest.”

The heavenly punishment and the heavenly tribulation were very similar in some aspects, one of these similarities being that those who intervened with the process would get targeted as well.


In the air, the ‘karmic spear’ that was shot out violently pierced the tribulation cloud of the heavenly punishment.

The tribulation cloud was actually blasted apart, though it did quickly recover…

While the tribulation cloud was recovering, the woman made of flames and black mist rushed towards Song Shuhang.

“She still wants to deal with me? Or does she want to get me involved in the heavenly punishment?” Song Shuhang had several thoughts in his mind.

While he was in thought, the woman disappeared from her place.

This was the work of spatial power.

In the next moment, she appeared precisely behind Song Shuhang, and grabbed him.

Before Song Shuhang could react, she reached out and threw him into a spatial gate.

Immediately afterward, her figure disappeared again, teleporting into the vast ‘Ancient Nether’.

As she disappeared, the ‘tribulation cloud’ in the air also disappeared.

The old tribal chief clutched his chest, and shouted, “Noooo~”

The precious hybrid whose combat power was exaggeratedly high, and who might even be a genius that had already touched the ‘Saint’ domain, was captured by the zombies besieging his Dragon Blood Tribe.

The old tribal chief couldn’t breathe and fainted.

Lady Kunna anxiously said, “Mr. Shuhang!”

What should I do? Mr. Shuhang was taken away!

She subconsciously touched the Divine Lobster’s Chariot, thinking about driving it.

“Stop shouting, I’m not dead yet.” At this moment, Song Shuhang’s voice suddenly echoed in her ear.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw a ball of black smoke sliding out from the bottom of the ‘Divine Lobster’s Chariot’.

This black smoke gathered, finally condensing into Song Shuhang’s appearance.

His body was covered by a magical sheet of cloth, which seemed to have the power to conceal his aura. While he was wearing this sheet, Kunna could hardly feel Song Shuhang’s aura.

“Ugh, my waist.” Song Shuhang looked at his waist, where the spear had left a hole.

The flesh was scorched and bloody. Moreover, the wound couldn’t heal, just as if it were cursed.

Terrible pain came from his waist, assaulting Song Shuhang’s consciousness like a tsunami.

In addition to the waist, Song Shuhang also had a long gash at his back, which was the last wound he received.

Song Shuhang activated the healing technique of the Defiant Whale Warrior’s glove on the wound.

However, the wound showed no signs of healing.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Don’t waste your energy. Wounds of this level carry the power of a law. Unless you die and resurrect— No, wounds of this level might even be carried over to your new body after you resurrect. Just wait for the two Senior Whites to return from the ‘Ancient Nether’, then get them to figure out how to deal with it.”

Song Shuhang frowned. “It hurts so much. I’m almost at my limit.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword curiously asked, “Does it hurt that much?”

“The pain is so frightening that it causes my face to twist.” Song Shuhang gritted his teeth.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword responded, “But from your expression, it doesn’t feel like you’re in much pain. You’re frowning, but it doesn’t really look like your face is twisting. Tsk, your pain tolerance is really high. If it hurts too much, should I make you lose consciousness first? I can wake you up after the two Whites return from the Ancient Nether.”

Lady Kunna couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Shuhang, weren’t you captured just now? Could it have been an… illusion?”

Just now, everyone saw that Song Shuhang was taken away by the woman. Despite that, Song Shuhang was here right now, so who was taken away?

“It was my clone.” Song Shuhang sighed.

Clones were simply too useful.

His clone and body were exactly the same in appearance, and there was no difference between them at all.

Previously, when he cancelled the ‘smoky form’, he quietly created his clone, leaving it in the air. As for his real body, it quietly escaped to the ‘Divine Lobster’s Chariot’ under the cover of Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Then, things progressed as they did.

At the last moment, the woman made of flames grabbed Song Shuhang’s clone, and returned to the Ancient Nether.

After confirming that she had left, Song Shuhang came out quietly, wearing that ‘sheet’.

“A clone technique?” Lady Kunna nodded.

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked around. “The Dragon Blood Tribe should be able to handle the remaining evil beasts and zombies, right?”

In order to allow that woman made of flames to appear, nearly 80% of the evil beasts and zombies present were sacrificed.

Only about 20% were left now, and they were all low-level varieties.

Without the interference of the ‘anti-magic domain’, the Dragon Blood Tribe could completely deal with these evil beasts and zombies on their own.

Lady Kunna nodded, and said, “They can handle it.”

Song Shuhang said, “What a pity. I wanted to get some ‘black dragon spirit stones’, but it looks like I’ll have to wait for some other time. Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, let’s go to the sky. We need to rush while I can still lock on to the coordinates of the Ancestral Witch’s Blessing.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Can your body manage?”

Song Shuhang confidently said, “It’s not a big problem. Although this kind of pain is close to the limit of my endurance, I should be able to get used to it after some time.”

He didn’t have much confidence in things like sword techniques or magical techniques, but when it came to pain tolerance and adaptation, he had a lot of confidence in his capabilities.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Song Shuhang looked at Lady Kunna, and said, “Lady Kunna, where I’m headed next will be more dangerous. Can you stay here at the Dragon Blood Tribe and take care of Little Yinzhu for me?”

Lady Kunna looked at the little girl in her arms and nodded. “Then I wish Mr. Shuhang all the best.”

“Thanks for your good wishes.” Song Shuhang laughed.

He stood up and drove the ‘Divine Lobster’s Chariot’, preparing to send Lady Kunna to the Dragon Blood Tribe.

But as soon as he got up, there was a sudden pain that came from his sensory sharing with the clone.

There was also the complete memory from the clone that was sent back.

The memory was of a dark enclosed space. Spatial runes confined his clone on all sides in order to prevent it from escaping through spatial abilities.

The flame woman stretched out her hand and pressed it on Song Shuhang’s body, her eyes revealing a ‘happy’ expression.

Then, there was a dark flame that came from her body, and poured into his clone.

She muttered, “Be one with me! I’ve been waiting for this day for so, so, so long.”

The next moment, his clone screamed… and it exploded.

The last scene it saw before exploding was the woman having a vividly confused expression on her face.

I didn’t think that I’d explode.

It hurts so much!

My waist hurts, my back hurts, and now I have to bear the pain from my clone.

The level of pain finally exceeded the limit that Song Shuhang could endure.

His eyes rolled up, and he fainted, falling to the ground.

She’d been waiting for this day for a long time, huh? When she wanted to pierce my waist earlier, it felt like she was going to kill me. But after taking my clone, she decided to merge with it, and said that she’d been waiting to do so for a long time? Are we acquainted or something?

Song Shuhang could be sure that he had no relationship with the woman made of flames.

Moreover, if they’d had some connection, there would have definitely been a hint from the ‘secret appraisal technique’ previously.

Could she have mistaken him for someone else?

Could it be that certain characteristics of his body caused her to make a mistake?

Song Shuhang found himself in a mess of internal drama at the moment. The moment before he fell unconscious, there were uncountable thoughts plaguing his mind.

With the end of the last thought, Song Shuhang’s consciousness plunged into darkness.

Lady Kunna exclaimed, “Mr. Shuhang, Mr. Shuhang!”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “It’s fine. It’s just that the pain he received was greater than he could handle, and he fainted. He’ll wake up after a short rest.”

In the sky of the Black Dragon World.

The school of steel fish gently wrapped around Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation and the 10-armed statue, leading them into the depths of the void.

They eventually arrived at a lair made of a mess of steel.

There were various kinds of energy stored in the lair.

Just like bees collect nectar, these steel monsters collected energy and stored it.

The steel manifestation was taken to the lair.

Afterward, there was a weak signal, and a call connected. “Hello.”

The steel manifestation said, “Hello, № Tyrannical Tyrant greets you.”

The voice again whispered, “Excuse me, are you a princess?”

№ Tyrannical Tyrant replied, “No, I am № Tyrannical Tyrant.”

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