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Chapter 1629: I didn’t do anything

The steel manifestation’s ‘crazy escape mode’ would not stop until all of its energy had been exhausted, or until it had completely broken down.

And when it crashed into this school of steel fish, countless ‘steel objects’ gently stuck to its body, entangling it.

In the next moment, the steel manifestation felt that the ‘energy’ in its body was quietly being sucked away.

The appearance of these ‘steel objects’ was a mix of that of fish and bees.

Their characteristics fitted their appearance. Just like a school of fish, tens of thousands of these steel fish swam together in the air. At the same time, they were like industrious little bees, picking energy like nectar.

After just coming across them, the energy of the steel manifestation was nearly emptied.

The steel manifestation screamed, [№ Tyrannical Tyrant halting all operations!]

It was forced to stop even before it could activate the spatial jump function of the ‘Ancestral Witch’s Blessing’.

Even with its forward inertia, with all of the steel fish surrounding it and counteracting its momentum, it slowly but surely came to a stop.

It wasn’t only the steel manifestation; the ’10-armed statue’ was also emptied of its energy, and could no longer release any of those electric love signals.

The steel fish were not picky when it came to ‘energy’—no matter what kind of energy it was, they would suck it out.

After taking № Tyrannical Tyrant’s energy, the strange steel fish did not kill it. They simply wrapped around № Tyrannical Tyrant repeatedly, circling it again and again, and sending the steel manifestation into the depths of the void.

[Reporting, № Tyrannical Tyrant has been captured.] The steel manifestation sent a signal to the main body.

In the Dadamar Forest.

“…” Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

№ Tyrannical Tyrant had been captured, taken away by a group of ‘monster steel fish’.

My liver hurts, and my waist also hurts.

This guy is totally unreliable.

Judging from the ‘picture’ he got sent, those steel fish seemed to be that group of [remote-controlled magical treasures].

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, let’s end things quickly.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “What happened?”

It was currently creating the ‘karmic saber technique’.

“№ Tyrannical Tyrant… Ah, my steel manifestation was captured. We need to make a trip to get it back,” Song Shuhang said. “But before we go, I’ll need Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s help to kill the evil beasts and zombies here in one breath.”

As long as a bit of Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s energy was used, that would spell the end for the evil beasts in the ‘Dadamar Forest’.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “What an unreliable manifestation. Alright, use me. Let’s enter the One with the Sword state! I’ll cooperate with you and enter my strongest state.”

Song Shuhang paused slightly, and immediately understood the meaning behind Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s words.

The so-called ‘One with the Sword’ state was the same as the ‘One with the Saber’ state.

And, if he wanted to enter the ‘One with the Saber’ state, he’d need to use the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ first.

This was the hidden meaning behind Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s proposal: it wanted him to use the ‘Saber-Nurturing Technique’.

“Then, let us enter the ‘One with the Saber’ state, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword!” Song Shuhang smoothly used the ‘Saber-Nurturing Technique’ on Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Oh, it feels great. Energy is constantly pouring in. Let’s do this, combo skill—Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique!”

Song Shuhang spun his wrist, and a blazing flame rose from Scarlet Heaven Sword.

In the next moment, pillars of fire suddenly swallowed the thousands of evil beasts and zombies present, and rose into the sky.

Almost 80% of the evil beasts and zombies were engulfed in these pillars of fire, letting out screams of despair.

On the Divine Lobster’s Chariot, Lady Kunna looked at the scene. “Amazing!”

She had been watching as Mr. Shuhang held the long sword in his hand, flicking it lightly. Then, the flames on the sword blazed, giving her an inexplicable sense of handsomeness.

Afterward, this super large flame technique was cast.

Thousands of separate pillars of fire erupted from the ground, engulfing over 80% of the ‘zombies and evil beasts’ on the battlefield.

Lady Kunna murmured, “It’s simply unimaginable that such a large-scale technique can be controlled so precisely.”

The flames enveloped the evil beasts and zombies, but they did not accidentally injure any of the friendly forces present.

In the sky, Song Shuhang was standing on a black lotus, holding the flaming sword, and looking dumbfounded.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword quickly said, “I didn’t do anything.”

Song Shuhang said, “Me neither.”

Then, who cast this flame pillar technique that covered the entire battlefield?

Fairy @#%× said, “If you don’t know anything, why have you come out?”

…She used Pavilion Master Two’s voice this time.

“…” Song Shuhang.


Around 80% of the evil beasts and zombies were reduced to ashes under the flames of those pillars of fire.

They were unable to escape from those pillars of fire. It felt as if space itself had been sealed.

What made Song Shuhang’s heart hurt even more was that after these evil beasts and zombies died, no black dragon spirit stones fell.

Song Shuhang had rushed to the Dadamar Forest with the goal of fighting monsters and collecting some ‘black dragon spirit stones’.

But now, although he had busied himself for so long, the number of black dragon spirit stones he had in hand was… zero.

In other words, all that work he did was in vain.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, [Don’t let yourself be distracted and hold me tight. I’m afraid something is wrong with these pillars of fire.]

It could not locate the person who had cast the fire pillars.

Moreover, these fire pillars did not disappear after burning the evil beasts and zombies, but gathered somewhere underground.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “It feels like a large-scale sacrificial ceremony. These zombies and evil beasts have become sacrifices. Stay alert.”

The virtuous lamia also felt the same. Her figure grew in size, and her tail curled around Song Shuhang as she protected him with her body.

Song Shuhang nodded solemnly. He stretched out his hand and pressed it on the virtuous lamia. “Saber intent armor!”

The saber intent formed a set of beautiful, tight-fitting armor on the virtuous lamia.

After thinking about it, Song Shuhang summoned the Tyrant King Expert’s Shield, and let it spin around him.

The Four Kings’ Walls that were summoned earlier had not disappeared, either, continuing to loom beside Song Shuhang.

“Hihihi~” At this time, a strange laugh sounded in people’s ears.

Just hearing the sound made people feel dizzy and nauseous.

Afterward, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Song Shuhang.

The figure had crossed through space, appearing out of nowhere.

The figure was made up of flames and magma, and it was covered in a layer of black smoke. One could vaguely tell that it was the figure of a woman.

“Ming-Yin-KPo!” she uttered syllable by syllable.

Next, a spear was stabbed viciously at Song Shuhang’s waist.

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