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Chapter 1628: In spring, I’ll plant a girlfriend


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Song Shuhang looked up at the virtuous lamia.

Fairy @#%×, with her cheeks in her hands, showed a subtle sense of satisfaction on her face.

“…” Song Shuhang.

The [nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me] effect that his body carried had experienced various changes. If he didn’t bring out his Sage Seal, the other party wouldn’t recognize him at first glance, unless they knew him already.

And if circumstances required it, as long as the Sage Seal was brought out, the ‘nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me’ effect would be reactivated.

Just like how it happened now.

The two Sage Seals appeared behind Song Shuhang, working hard to set off Song Shuhang’s dignity so that he, a fake Profound Sage, would be able to exude an aura of someone at the Eighth Stage.

“Da… Daddy (Tyrannical) Song, Da… Daddy (Tyrannical) Scholar!” the zombie woman yelled out involuntarily, saying these two names in Chinese.


This was the beauty of the ‘nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me’ effect.

Whether or not the other party recognized the words on the Sage Seal or Demonic Seal, even regardless of whether or not the other party recognized the characters, as long as they saw the two Seals, they would understand the meaning of the words and be affected by them.

Song Shuhang was now already used to the stuttering when it came to ‘Da… Daddy (Tyrannical) Song’.


Habit really was a terrible thing.

Not long ago, he would still be quite averse to this kind of pronunciation that sounded really similar to ‘Daddy Song’ in his heart, but now he was completely unperturbed when hearing it.

Come to think of it, it should also be because his ‘will’ had become stronger.


Anyway, the expression on Fairy @#%×’s face was filled with satisfaction.

Song Shuhang’s heart felt stifled.

“So that’s the case. Tyrannicalsong Tyrannicalscholar, is this your name? Your last name is Tyrannicalsong, and your name is Tyrannicalscholar. This is the first time I have seen such a name. Now, die!” The zombie woman shook her spear. Her figure turned into a blood-red flash of lightning as she attacked Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang questioned, “She doesn’t understand the meaning of these two ‘Sage Seals’?”

Could it be that in the Black Dragon World, when entering the Eighth Level, there wasn’t a [Divinity Show] or a process where the [Sage Seal] was condensed?

Song ‘Distracted in the Middle of a Life and Death Battle’ Shuhang.


Anyway, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword was the one in control. Song Shuhang was merely holding the sword and posing, having a lot of time to be distrac— ahem, to be in thought!

“Tyrannicalsong Tyrannicalscholar, you are doomed to die by this spear! Accept your fate!” the zombie woman shouted in a cursed voice.

Her words seemed to carry a kind of ‘curse’… or rather a ‘spiritual power’. Along with her shout, her spear shot out.

When faced with this spear, Song Shuhang felt a strange feeling in his heart.

A man whose surname was Tyrannicalsong and first name was Tyrannicalscholar… this man was doomed to die from this spear!

Was this the zombie woman’s sure-kill move?

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword smiled, and said, “Sure enough, this spear locks on to the target, and then integrates ‘karmic laws’ in the move. This spear will form a curse that is sure to hit. After she knows one’s name, the ‘lock-on, sure-hit, and fatal’ effects would be enhanced by 30 to 40%. It’s pretty much as I guessed.”

“Senior, can you take this a bit more seriously?” Song Shuhang asked. “When facing this spear, I feel as if it is destined to make a hole in my body.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “This is karma. Even if only a little bit of it was integrated into the move, it would still have such effects. It’s amazing, isn’t it?”


The spear of the zombie woman stabbed towards Song Shuhang’s head.

It looked like it was going to be a headshot.

Scarlet Heaven Sword rose up automatically and stood vertically in front of Song Shuhang, resisting the spear.

The corners of the zombie woman’s mouth rose.


Tyrannicalsong Tyrannicalscholar’s head would be smashed to pieces.

Since this spear was called the [Mingyin Kapo Spear], how could it be so easy to block?

The spear thrust forward, and as it was about to hit Scarlet Heaven Sword, three ‘karmic phenomena’ appeared in the eyes of the zombie woman.

In the first one, Scarlet Heaven Sword would stand in front of Song Shuhang’s eyebrows, blocking her spear.

In the second one, a huge tortoise-shell shield would suddenly appear, blocking her spear.

In the third one, the virtuous lamia would suddenly swing the ‘Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades’, and the twin blades would block her spear.

There are only three karmic paths? It’s rather few.

However, it’s enough.

Of these three phenomena, she simply needed to randomly choose one and follow through, and her spear should be able to smash Tyrannicalsong Tyrannicalscholar’s head.

The zombie woman said, “Then, I’ll choose the first one.”

All of these things happened within just a moment.

The tip of her spear flicked and plunged into the ‘first causal phenomena’.

At the next moment, her spear seemed to have disappeared, piercing karma. As if having turned into nothingness and seeing ‘Scarlet Heaven Sword’ as nothing but empty air, it pierced straight towards Song Shuhang’s eyebrows.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “This is a really good move! I’ve already understood her karmic spear. Alright, Shuhang, I’ll be letting you handle this yourself. I’ll create the ‘karmic saber technique’ for you.”

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

Senior, are you serious? The spear is about to reach my eyebrows and pop my head off!

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “I’m just kidding, your sense of humor is really lacking. You definitely have no talent for telling jokes.”


“…” Song Shuhang.


At this time, the flames on Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s body burned fiercely.

The spear in the hand of the zombie woman vaporized in an instant, leaving nothing behind. Even the evil energy of the Netherworld and that other mysterious energy which were wrapped around the spear were completely burned by the flames.

With the spear gone, how could she continue her move?

The zombie woman’s eyes widened. “How is this possible?!”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword lazily said, “I’ve finished cracking the technique. I’ll be leaving her to you, Shuhang.”

“Embryonic Gaze!” Song Shuhang didn’t hesitate to lock on to the ‘zombie woman’ with his right eye and use the Embryonic Gaze.

The effect of the Impregnating Gaze was still there, so it was in his best interest to complete the combo with the ‘Embryonic Gaze’.


The casting speed of the Embryonic Gaze was slower than that of the Impregnating Gaze, but at this time, the zombie woman was facing Song Shuhang and was in a state where her energy had been exhausted, and she had yet to recover.

The Embryonic Gaze lightly fell on her.

In the next moment, an abnormal change occurred to her body.

The effect of the Embryonic Gaze was different each time, such as lignification, petrification, tattoos, shadow binding, and many more. Even Song Shuhang didn’t know what effect the Embryonic Gaze would produce.

“Huh?” A large number of golden tattoos appeared on the body of the zombie woman. These tattoos grew out as if they were alive, turning into a ‘rope’ that bound her.

Previously, when the fat ball had borrowed Senior Skylark’s body to enter the main world, it had suffered a similar fate under the ‘Embryonic Gaze’.

This time, this zombie woman also got tattoos on her body.

From the looks of it, whenever the ‘Embryonic Gaze’ was used on a ‘reanimated corpse’, it would produce this tattoo-like binding effect.

The golden tattoos completely covered the body of the zombie woman. The scene was strangely beautiful.

Black-colored skin and golden tattoos turned out to be a stunning combo.

“You… What did you…” The zombie woman felt that her body was in an undesirable state. She flew into the air while retreating backward, wanting to get away from Song Shuhang.

“You want to run? Don’t you think it’s a bit too late for that?” Song Shuhang chuckled.

He stretched out his hand and pressed it against the air. “Come out, simple Holy City!”

The Combined Magical Treasure’s Ferocious Camel’s Rock, the Four Kings’ Walls, and the Immortal Fairy Monster Cat’s Divine Gate appeared as Song Shuhang willed.

The huge rock served as the foundation, the Four Kings’ Walls formed the walls, and the Immortal Fairy Monster Cat’s Divine Gate sat on the top as a lid.

The zombie woman was sealed within.

“Aaah~” She suddenly let out a cry filled with pain.

The golden runes formed a red spider lily on her back.

The flower bloomed quietly.

The tattoo was originally golden, but it turned blood red in an instant.

A seed grew from the crimson flower and fell.

When the seed fell… the body of the zombie woman suddenly turned into a pile of ashes.

“Eh?” Song Shuhang looked at the pile of ashes suspiciously.

Under normal circumstances, after the ‘Embryonic Gaze’ was deployed, a treasure would be ‘looted’ from the target.

This was the first time Song Shuhang had seen this scenario where the target died.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, catching the seed.

On the crystal clear seed was the phantom of a woman.

It looked the same as the ‘zombie woman’ just now.

It was just that her face was calm, the red color in her eyes had faded, and her two sharp tiger teeth were gone.

In the seed, she lay quietly like a black princess.

Song Shuhang said, “Interesting, after I plant this ‘seed’, will I be able to grow a black younger sister in the future?”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Your thoughts are dangerous.”


The virtuous lamia remarked, “In spring, I planted a girlfriend in the field, waiting to harvest many girlfriends in the autumn. But before autumn could arrive, I’d already harvested many boyfriends.”


Just like always, this line was not said in her own voice; it should be the voice of a female anchor on the Internet.

“Fairy Waiting for a Promise, don’t look at messy things when going online in the future!” Song Shuhang said solemnly.

Fairy @#%×’s database needed to be cleaned up. She couldn’t continue stuffing everything in there.

Song Shuhang held the ‘seed’, and after some thought, he used the ‘secret appraisal technique’ on it.

There wasn’t any specific reason for it—he just felt like doing it.

Of course, he did not forget to switch to his smoky form when he used his ‘secret appraisal technique’.


Surprisingly, the cost of the appraisal was much higher than Song Shuhang imagined.

The smoky body appeared to have spewed a great quantity of ‘blood’.

[A strand of primordial chaos will. A fragment of the ‘primordial chaos will’ that rules over the Ancient Nether, the counterpart of the Black Dragon World. Its main body finished condensing three years ago.]


It seems that I was careless again, and have messed with something terrifying.

With no access to the Inner World, am I done for?

Song Shuhang fell into deep thought.


In the meantime.

The steel manifestation carried the 10-armed statue, and rushed into the outer layer of the Black Dragon World, moving frantically.

In the end, it bumped into a school of fish made up of countless steel objects and was forced to stop.

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