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Chapter 1627: It’s always exciting to run away after acting tough


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Since it was Song Shuhang’s manifestation, it could use the Ancient Witch’s Blessing, which was bound to Song Shuhang, without a problem.

The Ancient Witch’s Blessing had a spatial jump ability that allowed one to teleport anywhere within a 500-meter-range after activation.

Under normal circumstances, spatial abilities were something that only ‘Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders’ could use.

If one wanted to use spatial abilities while below the Ninth Stage, they had to either be someone who was favored by the heavens and possessed special talents, or rely on a super rare spatial magical treasure. But magical treasures with such abilities were extremely difficult to forge, and there were times when one would need to go through several worlds in search of the necessary materials.


In addition to that, one could also make use of altars or similar methods to perform teleportation operations.

But whether it was spatial talent, spatial equipment, or a spatial altar, they were all extremely rare.

When cultivators below the Ninth Stage fought, they would rarely take into account the other party possessing spatial abilities.

Faced with the steel manifestation’s sudden spatial jump, the evil beasts and zombies were caught off guard.


Even if they wanted to block it, they wouldn’t be able to do so. Unless they could bring out a Ninth Stage zombie that could seal space to prevent the steel manifestation from crossing it, there was no way for them to prevent the spatial jump from succeeding.

The four zombies responsible for guarding the ’10-armed statue’ were stunned for a moment. They watched as the steel manifestation disappeared from its place, reappearing inside their defensive perimeter.


The steel manifestation stretched out its hand, and placed it on the 10-armed statue, caressing it gently as if it were its lover.

Buzz~ The sound of electric currents crackling could be heard.

A large number of electric arcs burst on the 10-armed statue, forming a net of electricity—this was its own defense mechanism, a barrier of sorts. This layer of electricity could prevent enemies from interfering with it, and at the same time was a sort of ‘early warning’ measure, signaling that an enemy was close enough for the statue to be wary.

The steel manifestation’s body became numb from the electricity.

“When I touched her, I felt something similar to an electric shock… Indeed, this is love!” The steel manifestation confirmed its guess.


Love is like electricity, coursing through fingertips and entering their hearts.


Love is like an electric shock.

Love is electrocution!

Electric shock is love!

Love is a “buzz”!


You’re electricity, you’re light, and you’re the only one for me.


“Roar~” The four zombies responsible for guarding the statue roared, and rushed to the steel manifestation, wishing to tear it apart.

№ Tyrannical Tyrant excitedly said, [№ Tyrannical Tyrant requesting permission to plunder.]

Song Shuhang replied, [Stop wasting time and find a way to finish things quickly. If you can carry it away, then do so; but if you can’t, figure out a way to have it merge with you.]


After thinking about why the ‘steel manifestation’ had been looking at the ’10-armed statue’ so longingly, Shuhang concluded that it might be because it was an opportunity for it to become stronger.

Therefore, he quietly handed over the ‘Ancient Witch’s Blessing’ to the steel manifestation to give it a better chance.

The steel manifestation only had one task: to get this ’10-armed statue’. That way, the ‘anti-magic domain’ would be undone, allowing the Dragon Blood Tribe to properly release their combat power.

The shape of the 10-armed statue was too conspicuous. Once one saw it, they would immediately be able to guess that it was the source of the ‘anti-magic domain’.

[Orders received.] After the steel manifestation received the instructions, the light in its eyes brightened.


At the same time, its body inflated.

Mecha transformation!

Under the gazes of the evil beasts, it turned into a giant mecha. Its mechanized form was two heads taller than the 10-armed statue. It was huge and mighty.

Under the watch of all the evil beasts and zombies, it picked up the ’10-armed statue’, and carried it on its shoulders.


Immediately afterward, the moment the Ancient Witch’s Blessing was off cooldown, the steel manifestation quickly activated it.



The steel manifestation’s figure reappeared at an altitude of 300 meters. Because it was carrying the huge 10-armed statue on its shoulders, the distance of this teleportation had been significantly shortened.

However, a distance of 300 meters was enough.

After acting tough, he picked up his wife and ran away; it was truly exciting.


The four zombies responsible for defending the statue let out unwilling roars. Their attacks hit either empty air or the ground.

Being able to use ‘spatial’ cheats below the Ninth Stage was simply too broken!


Others couldn’t enjoy the game at all.


“Stop it!” The zombies and evil beasts roared loudly. They also set up a blockade in the air so that the other party wouldn’t be able to run away.

№ Tyrannical Tyrant sent a request again. [№ Tyrannical Tyrant requesting to enter the Crazy Escape Mode!]

[Permitted. Are there no problems with regard to your energy?] Song Shuhang quickly approved its request.

[Energy is sufficient.] № Tyrannical Tyrant’s body shape changed again, becoming a shuttle-shaped ‘immortal boat’.

[№ Tyrannical Tyrant, launching!] The immortal boat form of № Tyrannical Tyrant let out a vroom, just as if it had stepped on the gas.


Below the immortal shuttle, the ’10-armed statue’ was bound by ‘transparent energy lines’.

The 10-armed statue continuously maintained an electrical barrier that caused electrical damage to № Tyrannical Tyrant around it. But for № Tyrannical Tyrant, this electrical damage was just another sign of ‘love’.

Love was akin to electricity and flames. The more shocking and the more heated it was, the more blazing one’s heart was.



The Crazy Escape Mode was activated.

In this mode, all the energy stored in ‘№ Tyrannical Tyrant’ would be consumed in an instant. Afterward, a flight speed at the peak of the Seventh Stage, or even the Eighth Stage, would be achieved!

This was speed meant for a desperate escape. Even if it meant complete destruction, the steel manifestation would not stop.

As for the energy, there was no problem, as they’d just collected a large number of ‘black dragon spirit stones’.


All the black dragon spirit stones were transformed into energy for the ‘Crazy Escape Mode’ by № Tyrannical Tyrant.

An escape speed at the Eighth Stage was something that none of the evil beasts, zombies, or people present could attain.

The zombies who wanted to block ‘№ Tyrannical Tyrant’ with their bodies were directly knocked away, their chests smashed in the process.

In this way, all the zombies and beasts could only watch as № Tyrannical Tyrant ran away carrying the ’10-armed statue’, running farther and farther, and eventually becoming a little star.

The little star flickered as if saying: Come, chase me~ If you can catch me, I’ll let you punish me~


It was an action that left others unable to breathe.

After the 10-armed statue disappeared, the ‘anti-magic domain’ was also gone.

Immediately, the combat mages of the Dragon Blood Tribe burst out with power. The connection between them and the ‘Dragon Network’ had been restored, and their magical power was no longer delayed.

“Flame Body!”

“Combat Aura!”

“Ice, curse my enemies!”

“Black Dragon Armor!”

“Aura of Slowness, Gravitational Power, Steel Protection, Divine Dragon Spear, Flying Dragon Attack!”


A dazzling array of magical techniques was constantly being released.

In an instant, the magical techniques of the Dragon Blood Tribe covered the entire area, both dazzling and filled with deadly beauty.

The old tribal chief held his spear firmly and let out a roar that reached the sky. “Aluoluoluo~ Kill kill kill, it’s time for us to fight back. Kill them all! Aluoluoluo~”


Kill kill kill! Kill all the enemies, whether they’re an evil beast or an evil… F*ck!

I got too excited, and seem to have gotten a heart attack.

Ah, my chest hurts. My medicine, where is my medicine?


The Dragon Blood Tribe, which was no longer affected by the ‘anti-magic domain’, could finally burst out with their real combat power. Now, when fighting the evil beasts and zombies, they were no longer completely suppressed, and they could finally defend and launch counterattacks.

In the air, Song Shuhang held a blazing sword in his hand.

He spun his wrist and unceasingly waved Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Clang, clang, clang!

Beside him, the sound of metal clashing echoed nonstop.

It was naturally the zombie woman who was fighting Song Shuhang.

It was just that the zombie woman’s speed was too fast, so fast that ordinary people couldn’t see her at all.

But Song Shuhang’s left eye was the Sage’s eye, so even if the zombie woman were faster, it would be no problem for the Sage’s eye to keep track of her.


Clang, clang, clang~

In a short span of time, Song Shuhang and the woman had clashed nearly 300 times.

The zombie woman waved her hand, and after another forceful strike, she turned and retreated.

She then stared at Song Shuhang. Although her abdomen was huge, it didn’t affect her speed in the least.

She calmly said, “You are stronger than I thought.”


Song Shuhang replied, “You’re flattering me.”


He was actually slightly embarrassed because it was Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword who was ‘attacking’ the zombie woman from the beginning.

Song Shuhang was just holding it, and putting on a pose.


The 300 clashes that he had with the zombie woman were entirely Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword acting on its own.

The zombie woman calmly said, “Sure enough, you are not an ordinary existence. If you had been one, you would have long fallen under my ‘Mingyin Kapo Spear’.”

‘Mingyin Kapo’ was a noun in the language of the Black Dragon World which would mean ‘karmic’ when translated.

Song Shuhang lowered his voice, and said in Chinese, “Karmic Spear? That actually sounds really cool.”

Generally speaking, as long as it wasn’t just a cool name to impress others, a spear technique that was related to ‘karma’ was definitely quite amazing.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword laughed, and said, “No wonder I found her spear technique so interesting that it even brought me excitement. It turns out that it was a spear technique related to ‘karma’.”


At this time, the zombie woman assumed an offensive posture. “However, I will kill you with my next move. Give me your name, my spear does not claim the lives of unknown people.”


Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “What is she saying?”

Song Shuhang said, “She asked me to tell her my name, saying that her next move would take my life.”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword smiled. “In that case, what are we waiting for? You should satisfy her. Give her your name, Shuhang. In addition… I have some understanding of the principles behind that karmic spear of hers. If I get a good look at her sure-kill spear technique and manage to understand it, I might be able to create a karmic saber technique for you later.”


Song Shuhang said, “A karmic saber technique? Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, that’s a deal!”


Then, he looked at the zombie woman. “You want my name? Then open your eyes wide.”


Shuhang stretched out his hand, and then snapped his fingers.


Two Sage Seals appeared beside him.

Tyrannical Song Sage Seal; Tyrannical Scholar Demonic Seal.


“Call me daddy!” The virtuous lamia was very witty, and seized this rare opportunity.


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