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Chapter 1624: I’ll call you mother if you want!

This method of countering magic was something unheard of.

The whole Black Dragon World was covered by the ‘Dragon Network’, and the level of the network was something that could not be calculated.

If someone wanted to interfere with the Dragon Network, they had to be an existence at the same level as the ‘Dragon Network’, or in the worst case, an existence that was only marginally weaker than the ‘Dragon Network’.

But in the camps of the zombies and evil beasts, there was no such existence!

In theory, it should be impossible for the ‘Dragon Network’ to be disrupted.

Yet, this statue that the zombies and evil beasts besieging the ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ were carrying around managed to successfully interfere with the Dragon Network.

Moreover, it was not a short interference, but one that lasted for over two ‘step bones’. It continued to interfere with the connection between the Dragon Network and the ‘Dadamar Forest’ for a prolonged period of time, completely paralyzing the Dragon Network system there.

This sub-tribe of the Dragon Blood Clan did not expect that the evil beasts and zombies would have this kind of black technology.

As soon as the battle commenced, they were set to suffer huge losses.

More than 70% of the defenses outside the tribal village were instantly rendered useless as they were all built by relying on the ‘Dragon Network’. With the Dragon Network having been affected, these defenses essentially broke down on their own.

The remaining 30% of the defenses were ones that required the members of the ‘Dragon Blood Tribe’ to provide their own magical power. In other words, these were manually controlled defenses.

However, things happened too fast. With 70% of their defenses having disappeared instantly, and the connection between the mages and the Dragon Network being disturbed, the mages in charge of the Dragon Blood Tribe’s defense had no time to activate the remaining 30% of their defenses.

After a few breaths, their defense had been blown apart by the zombies.

In addition to the Dragon Network being jammed, magical power had been affected as well… And so, the tribe’s fighters, those who had stored magical power in their ‘magical power top-up device’ in advance, were affected as well. When casting a magical technique, there was almost a ‘finger’ of time in delay, that is, a delay of one second.

One second was something that could decide the life and death of someone in a battle.

When the defense of the tribe was broken and the fighters of this tribe of the Dragon Blood Clan came into contact with the zombies and evil beasts, they suffered great losses.

The magical techniques of the Dragon Blood Clan members hadn’t been activated yet when the zombies’ attacks had already reached them. The fighters could only hope to raise their defenses… However, as even this was delayed by a second, in the end, they could only fall under the beast’s claws.

Faced with the attacks of the zombies, this powerful ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ tribe could only retreat steadily.

The only good thing was that ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ was mostly made up of combat mages.

Even if they couldn’t connect to the Dragon Network, and there was a delay in the casting of their magical techniques, they could still rely on their strong physical qualities.

However, melee mages still needed the assistance of magical techniques, enhanced attacks, defenses, movement techniques, and so on.

A melee mage without magical techniques was like a tiger without its claws or teeth. Their combat effectiveness dropped by over 80%.

What was even more heart-stifling was…

…that most of those who had accepted the mission and come running over were mages.

This was because mages could fly and move quickly.

But these pure mages who had come running over became food once they entered the scope of the ‘anti-magic domain’.

On the edge of the anti-magic domain, there were zombies and evil beasts lurking everywhere. Once they found a target, a sneak attack would promptly be carried out.

The ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ had sent people to break through the blockade of evil beasts and zombies as soon as possible, hoping to run out of the Dadamar Forest and pass intelligence on the enemy to the temple… but nobody knew whether this intelligence had been successfully sent out or not.

As the ‘Dragon Network’ was affected, they could no longer communicate with the temple remotely.

The members of the Dragon Blood Clan Tribe were low on morale, and despair had inevitably overtaken their hearts.

The old tribal chief held a battle spear and sighed faintly.

It was he who brought this ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ tribe over to this ‘small dragon scale world’, setting up their tribe in the Dadamar Forest.

They built the tribe from scratch and tasted endless suffering before finally succeeding. But today, this tribe that had accompanied him for most of his life had come to face its destruction.

“There are so many zombies and evil beasts, how did they break through the defenses of the ‘Black Dragon World’ and break into the small dragon scale world?” The old tribal chief had a pained look on his face.

In the past, even if zombies and evil beasts accidentally broke in, there would only be a few of them, which did not constitute much danger.

But now, there were thousands of evil beasts and zombies that came to attack their ‘Dragon Blood Clan sub-tribe’. Among them, there were many evil beasts lying in ambush and zombies that took turns attacking from behind.

With such a large number, as long as the guardians responsible for the outer defense of the ‘Black Dragon World’ were not blind, it was impossible for them to let these enemies through.

Unless… the guardians of the outer layer also met with an accident!

A bad premonition arose in the old tribal chief’s heart.

If these evil beasts and zombies had used their weird statue to influence the ‘Dragon Network’ and ‘magical power’, it was indeed possible for them to penetrate the outer defenses of the Black Dragon World in a short period of time, kill all the guardians, and then break their way into the ‘small dragon scale world’.

“If that’s really the case…” The old tribal chief’s right hand couldn’t help but tremble.

If it was really as he guessed, then this was the biggest crisis that this ‘dragon scale world’ had ever faced.

His little ‘Dragon Blood Clan sub-tribe’ wouldn’t be the only one to perish; the entire dragon scale world would be enveloped in crisis.

No, I absolutely have to send this information out.

Even if it was just his speculation, this kind of matter, which was related to the survival of the ‘Black Dragon World’, could not be delayed.

The old tribal chief said, “We must pass this news to the temple.”

This was no longer a trivial matter of personal survival, but a major matter related to the survival of the entire world.

But the biggest problem now was… that he couldn’t figure out a way to ‘deliver the message’.

The evil beasts and zombies had long been preventing them from passing the news out.

Their formation at this time was like a net that covered the skies and the earth.

There were evil beasts and zombies in the sky, on the ground, and underground.

Not to mention breaking out to deliver the news, the fact that the tribe had been able to resist until now had already exceeded the imagination of the old tribal chief.

Now, unless there was a mage above the Seventh Level that showed up and sensed the strangeness of the ‘Dadamar Forest’, casting a long-range magical technique to rescue the tribe, there really only seemed to be death waiting for them.

The old tribal chief raised his head, and sadly said, “Do the heavens wish for the destruction of the Black Dragon World?”

As he looked up, a dazzling golden light flashed in the distant sky.

The speed of this beam of light was extremely high, and in a few blinks, it had appeared not far from the ‘Dadamar Forest’.

And above this golden light, everyone could feel a sense of majesty and an exceedingly powerful aura.

That was a powerful existence beyond the Seventh Level and close to Eighth Level.

The eyes of the old tribal chief shone brightly.

Not only his, but the eyes of all the members of this Dragon Blood Tribe shone as if there was finally a ray of hope.

Unexpectedly, there was such a respected powerhouse who had come at this time.

They could only wonder whether this powerhouse was just passing by, or had specifically come to rescue their Dragon Blood Tribe.

But no matter which it was, with the strength of this powerhouse, they should be able to sense the strangeness in the ‘Dadamar Forest’ and the danger of the ‘anti-magic domain’ from a distance.

At that time, as long as this big shot made a move from a distance, and cast a powerful magical technique, their Dragon Blood Tribe would be saved!

“Hold on!” the old tribal chief roared. “We must hold on until this powerhouse rescues us! Use all your strength to protect yourselves!”

Today, with the blessing of the gods, there was a path out for their people.

Come on, please cast your powerful magical technique!

We all hope that… F*ck!

The old tribal chief exclaimed, “No!!!”

The golden light slammed into the Dadamar Forest, and entered the range of the ‘anti-magic domain’.

This was really the worst result; there was nothing that could be worse than this.

Life had its ups and downs.

Just now he felt that hope was coming, but immediately after, this ‘hope’ fell into a mud pit.

The old tribal chief stretched out his hand tremblingly, pressing his heart.

He was afraid that he would be so out of breath that he’d pass away right then and there.


In the sky, the golden light fell right outside the ‘Dragon Blood Tribe’ village.

It fell directly in the center of the army of evil beasts and zombies.

The old tribal chief’s heartbeat sped up again—he wanted to take back his previous words. Sure enough, an even worse thing had happened, and that was that the unknown powerhouse had fallen directly into the pack of monsters.

There could be nothing worse than… F*ck!

The old tribal chief’s heartbeat frantically sped up again, and his eyes were filled with even more desperation.

The golden light dissipated, revealing a gorgeous and noble chariot that was being pulled by dragon-like beasts. It was a domineering mess.

On the chariot, there were several young-looking figures.

The first was Lady Kunna, a well-known ‘theoretical magical technique instructor’ of this ‘small dragon scale world’. This lady had the most precious mind in this ‘small dragon scale world’.

Although she only had strength at the Fourth Level, she had mastered all the theoretical magical knowledge from levels 1 to 8. There used to be a powerful Seventh Level mage next door who had rushed all the way over to ask for her guidance on magical technique knowledge.

There were many Fifth and Sixth Level big shots who would ask for her help as well.

“No!!!” The old tribal chief almost cried. This Lady Kunna was too valuable for this ‘small dragon scale world’. If an accident were to befall her, the loss would be greater than the destruction of their entire ‘Dragon Blood Tribe’.

Lass, do you want me to call you elder sister? It’s fine even if you want me to call you mother! But why did you have to come here and enter these muddy waters?

If something were to happen to you, I would become a huge sinner, okay?

In addition to Lady Kunna, who had the most precious mind, there was also a youth and a girl, who was about two years old, on the chariot.

The old tribal chief sadly said, “No!!!”

These were two precious hybrids, young ones at that!

The hybrid youth appeared to have a mental strength at the Sixth Level. And by deducing his age from his vitality, he couldn’t be more than 30 years old!

…It was the Dragon Blood Clan’s talent to deduce age by sensing another person’s vitality.

Such a talented genius, if allowed to grow, might become the 12th ‘Saint’ in the Black Dragon World, a dazzling existence akin to a legendary star.

More importantly, the anticipated ‘Eighth Level powerhouse’ did not exist.

The old tribal chief finally experienced what true despair was.

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