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Chapter 1613: Fairies, it’s time to show your talents

However, the ‘ancient witch core’ did not show weakness—it also underwent a transformation, revealing a small altar on which numerous prey was placed and burned, looking like an offering of sacrifices. The flame on it was an inextinguishable fire, and through the sacrifice ritual, the ancient witch core could become even stronger.

The expulsion force of the steel manifestation was resisted by this inextinguishable fire.

The ‘Ancient Nether Dragon Soul’ at the side did not need to transform. It was already in the form of a ‘dragon-man’, and had extraordinary combat power. It gently dodged, nimbly avoiding the expulsion force of the steel manifestation.

At the same time, it also entered a counterattack mode.

In fact, among all the ‘small golden cores’, it could be regarded as the most special.

This was because it had its own life-bound magical treasure!

With a stroke of its small hand, a projection of a ‘magical power top-up device’ appeared in its hand.

The steel manifestation was extremely powerful. It was something that could resist the heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage with just its body, and was tempered by it in the process. As long as it was provided with metal materials for it to absorb, it could become even more powerful!

The ancient witch core had absorbed over 50 Celestials, and its combat power was equally extraordinary. And similarly, because it had its own ‘sacrifice ritual’, it could burst out with several times its own combat power through a ritual.

The ancient nether dragon soul was bound to Song Shuhang’s divine sense, and it had a ‘magical power top-up device’ in hand. In fact, it was likely to be the one with the most combat methods and the strongest combat power among the current three cores.

A battle between the small golden cores was about to take place!

If they really fought, these three naughty golden cores were likely to destroy Song Shuhang’s ‘Dragon Neck Dantian’.


Stop it! You don’t resemble at all the obedient kind of cores that I wanted!

You three naughty children, where do you think you are?

This is my small dantian, do you want to blow up the whole place?

Song Shuhang ordered, “All of you stop at once!”

The three small golden cores remained quietly suspended in the ‘Dragon Neck Dantian’, completely motionless.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, separate them and arrange them in the order of their birth. These brats actually wanted to fight in my dantian.”

The virtuous lamia chuckled. Her little hand went into Song Shuhang’s body again. This time, she reached into the small dantian area.

Then, she arranged the three newborn cores in the order of their birth.

The ‘core reactor’ was left in the [Dragon Neck dantian].

The ‘ancient divine witch blood’ was transferred to the [Dragon Head Dantian].

And the ‘ancient nether dragon soul’ was stuffed into the [Dragon Horn Dantian].

The seven small dantians were now all filled with golden cores.

It was neat and pleasing to the eye.

The virtuous lamia’s beautiful eyes gradually brightened… She seemed to have thought of something interesting again.

Seven small dantians, seven small golden cores. If not, could she try switching their places for fun?

But after a while, the light in her beautiful eyes gradually faded.

It was too dangerous; it wouldn’t be good if Song Shuhang blew up. This kind of thing was something she could only play with if fate allowed it.

“The seven small golden cores have all been gathered. According to Senior White’s speculation, there should be changes taking place at this time, right?” Song Shuhang looked at his dantian.

The three new golden cores had settled in their own small dantians. The power that belonged to them extended and merged into Song Shuhang’s body.

When the three small golden cores were in place, Song Shuhang’s overall combat power increased yet again.

The most obvious change was to his physical body. The original 25 Holy Ape projections increased to 30 in one breath—and this was just from the initial fusion of the three small golden cores.

When they completely integrated with Song Shuhang’s small dantians, and merged into Song Shuhang’s cultivation system, a conservative estimate would lead him to the conclusion that the number of Holy Apes would increase by another three to five.

Song Shuhang closed his eyes, carefully experiencing the improvements to his strength, and adapting to the changes in his body as quickly as possible.

When it came to this kind of thing, he was now very skilled at it.

Every time a cultivator transcended a tribulation, their strength would experience a great improvement. An experienced cultivator could get used to their newfound strength within a few breaths.

As for some novices who’d just transcended their tribulation, they would need several days just to accustom themselves to the changes to their bodies.

After a long while, Song Shuhang frowned slightly while still in midair.

The changes that Senior White had speculated would happen did not occur.

Is it because the small golden cores haven’t been fully integrated into my cultivation system? Or… is it because the Golden Core Compositions haven’t been completed? Or… is it because I don’t have enough small golden cores? Song Shuhang’s gaze fell on each of his small golden cores.

The first core, the small golden core, was at the final stroke for its Golden Core Composition. This was where the ‘Forever Impregnable Holy City’ was composed.

The second core, the colorful monster core, was also on its final stroke. The Golden Core Composition for this one was ‘The World-Ending Holy Sword’.

The third core, the virtuous golden diamond ball, had a Golden Core Composition that was a dynamic picture, and its name was ‘The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times’. Similar to the previous ones, this was also only missing the final stroke, missing the pupil of the Sage. This Sage had quite the personality; it was clear that Song Shuhang had enough understanding, fate, and spiritual energy to complete the composition, but it would avoid Song Shuhang’s finishing touch by relying on it being ‘dynamic’.

It might be that the right time had yet to arrive, so Song Shuhang finally stopped forcing it.

As for the fourth core, the royal blood demon core, this dantian was still blank.

Song Shuhang had no clue as to what Golden Core Composition he would make for this one.

What followed were the three small golden cores that were born today.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

Cultivators had to worry themselves over dozens of years to complete their Golden Core Composition. Every single one of them would eventually integrate their life experiences into their Golden Core Composition.

However, Song Shuhang had no idea what he should draw now.

His life experiences had all been integrated into the previous three ‘Golden Core Compositions’, and even the experiences from entering dreamlands had been used a lot.

But before him, there were still four more Golden Core Compositions to complete.

“What do I do? I feel desperate.” Song Shuhang sighed while falling straight down to the ground.

I’ll just ask Senior White’s clone for some help.

Perhaps I can get some inspiration from him?


Song Shuhang’s body was inserted straight into the ground, leaving only his head exposed.

Senior White’s clone was holding a piece of pastry in his hand, and was tasting it when he found Song Shuhang’s whole body stuck in the ground. He curiously asked, “What are you playing at?”

Song Shuhang solemnly said, “I am challenging myself in an attempt to break through my limits.”

Along the way, I must overcome my fear of heights and high speeds.

“…” Senior White’s clone.

“Senior White, I have something to consult you about,” Song Shuhang said with only his head exposed outside the ground.

Senior White replied, “Speak.”

“I’ve gathered seven small golden cores now, but I’ve only drawn three Golden Core Compositions… There are still four of them that are currently blank, what do I do?” Song Shuhang said in distress.

“Sorry, Shuhang,” Senior White’s clone said softly. “I can’t help you with this matter as I’ve only drawn a single ‘Golden Core Composition’, and I’ve never experienced the concept of drawing seven Golden Core Compositions. Believe in yourself, you’ve got this.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Even the omnipotent Senior White couldn’t help him. He wasn’t going to end up being stuck in the ‘Golden Core Realm’, was he?

How was he supposed to raise his strength in the future?

Could he increase his strength by constantly increasing the small golden cores in his body?

Song ‘Pregnant with Golden Cores’ Shuhang?

Song Shuhang tilted his head and looked desperate.

Thinking about this style made him feel despair; it was definitely not the style he wanted.

“However, I can give you some suggestions,” Senior White’s clone said. “It’s just a suggestion made by me personally, whether or not it suits you, I can’t guarantee that.”

In other words, this suggestion was made on the basis of the character of the ‘clone’. If it had been Senior White’s main body, he would have absolutely not raised such a suggestion.

Song Shuhang responded, “Senior White, please speak.”

Senior White’s clone said, “Don’t you have that Fairy @#%× in your body? She and you are one, she is the manifestation of your light of virtue. Your own life experiences are no longer enough to construct your ‘Golden Core Compositions’, so why not let her try? In addition, your ghost spirit fairy maiden as well, you can have her give it a try too.”

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up. “Great idea!”

Fairy @#%×, to some extent, was one with him as she was his light of virtue. So, if she took the initiative to compose a Golden Core Composition in his place, there shouldn’t be a problem at all!

As for the ghost spirit fairy… would she be able to do it?

She had a vague face, and her presence wasn’t very strong. It seemed that she didn’t even have her own ‘will’, so could she really compose something like a ‘Golden Core Composition’?

However, since Senior White mentioned it, he could give it a try!

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, ghost spirit fairy maiden, are you interested in making a Golden Core Composition?”

The virtuous lamia appeared, floating above Song Shuhang’s head. She began to think, and then her eyes shone as she showed interest… However, she seemed to have some misgivings.

Fairy Creation immediately appeared, but after her head popped out, she went back quietly—she had no way of composing a Golden Core Composition for Song Shuhang.

On the contrary, the ghost spirit fairy maiden quietly appeared in Song Shuhang’s small dantian.

She emerged in front of the ‘royal blood demon core’ and stretched out her hand, placing it on the core.

Afterward, Song Shuhang’s consciousness was drawn into the space of the ‘Golden Core Composition’.

The ghost spirit fairy maiden’s face was still blurred.

She stretched out her hand, and pointed it at the core of the Royal Blood Demon Clan. There were blood-red traces on it, and there was a faint smell of a ‘curse’ attached to it.

It wasn’t only blood demons; in fact, all ‘cosmic demons’ seemed to be cursed.

On the royal blood demon core in Song Shuhang’s body, the curse had disappeared, leaving only traces of it.

And the ghost spirit fairy maiden used these bloodstains as paint for the Golden Core Composition.

She stretched out her hand, and began painting… A scene that looked familiar to Song Shuhang quickly emerged.

It was a model of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

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