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Chapter 1609: The ‘tribulation’ of the Black Dragon World

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Song Shuhang opened his eyes in a daze.

That was the end of the dreamland?

Recently, I’ve only been getting to experience a single phase of a dreamland. Either that, or part of the details is lost…

Does it have something to do with the fact that I’ve been sleeping for shorter periods of time?

Beside him, Li Yinzhu had her eyes still closed, and a confused look was on her face. She was still not fully awake.

Song Shuhang carried Li Yinzhu and jumped down from the tree.

The woman from the Black Dragon World was lying on the grass at this time, sleeping soundly… She had finally passed out, completely drunk. Until now, she had also been working very hard.

Senior White’s clone smiled, and said, “The two of you, come over. I will set up an illusion for you to learn the language of the ‘Black Dragon World’ in.”

“I want to sleep some more,” Little Li Yinzhu said with her eyes still closed.

Senior White’s clone squatted in front of Li Yinzhu, placing his eyes at the same level as hers. “That’s fine as well. I will cast a dream-like illusion on you. You can learn the language of Black Dragon World in your dreams while you sleep.”

Little Yinzhu sweetly said, “Thank you, Senior White.”

Senior White’s Clone’s eyes flashed with brilliance as he weaved a dream-like illusion and dragged Li Yinzhu into it.

Li Yinzhu yawned, leaned forward, and fell asleep again.

Senior White’s clone picked her up, and then he waved to Song Shuhang again. “Shuhang, seeing that you are also sleepy, I can set up a dream-like illusion for you as well. Rest assured, I won’t leave you behind. While you’re learning the language of the Black Dragon World, I’ll carry little Yinzhu with my left and you with my right.”

Song Shuhang folded his hands, and said, “Thank you, Senior White, but… I don’t need to learn the language of the Black Dragon World, because I’ve already learned it.”

…He said this sentence in the language of the Black Dragon World.

“!!!” Senior White’s clone was surprised. ​​

Song Shuhang explained, “Cough, when I took a nap just now, I entered Black Pupil XIII’s dreamland. I accompanied him through his childhood, and mastered the language of the Black Dragon World.”

“…Little friend Shuhang, you should cherish every clone. Don’t just think about rending others’ hearts every day. Those who rend others’ hearts will be punished,” said Senior White’s clone. ​​

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior White’s clone asked, “Speaking of which, besides getting the ‘Black Dragon World Language Pack’, what else did you learn?”

Song Shuhang took out the ‘magical power top-up device’ imitation that Senior White had given him earlier. “I’ve basically understood how this thing works… I might have also registered an account in the ‘Dragon Network’. However, I have no idea how to get black dragon spirit stones for topping up.”

“As to the method of obtaining black dragon spirit stones, I have some information here. Outside the atmosphere of the Black Dragon World, there are monsters similar to ‘zombies’. After the practitioners of the Black Dragon World slay these monsters, they can obtain black dragon spirit stones.” Senior White’s clone took out a large, cube-like black crystal from his cosmos bag.

“Senior White, you went and killed monsters just now?” Song Shuhang’s eyes widened.

Senior White’s clone responded, ​​”Where would I have the time for that? This is the ‘tadpole monster’ that was killed by the meteor a while ago, and this was left behind after it died. That thing also belonged to the ‘zombie’ category, and it left this after dying. This one’s for you. Can you try to use it to recharge the ‘magical power top-up device’?”

After saying that, Senior White’s clone threw the crystal to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang took the crystal—although it was large, it was not heavy.

He said, “I’ll try it out then.”

The ‘magical power top-up device’ in his hand was a product jointly created by Senior White and Senior White Two. Its quality was absolutely guaranteed.

In terms of functionality, it should not be any worse than the ones made by the experts of the Black Dragon World.

Following the experience he gained from ‘Black Pupil XIII’ in the dreamland, Song Shuhang first circulated his ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯ to create a resonance with the ‘magical power top-up device’.

New the first time, familiar the second time. The whole process went smoothly.

Similar to Black Pupil XIII’s experience in the dreamland, the magical power top-up device acted as an ‘altar’, assisting Song Shuhang’s mental energy in connecting with the ‘Dragon Network’.

Soon after, Song Shuhang really found his own ‘Dragon Network access port’.

This port was reserved just for him.

Since it was his real first time using the ‘magical power top-up device’ to make contact with the Dragon Network, the location of his access port was similar to ordinary newcomers, being located at the outermost periphery of the huge Dragon Network.

In other words, the first level novice area.

The ‘newbie benefit’ from the dreamland was experienced by Song Shuhang one more time.

In an instant, Song Shuhang’s eyes saw the core area of the Dragon Network and those 11 powerful nodes, which were as dazzling as stars.

How strong are the ‘Saints’ of the Black Dragon World? If they’re graded according to the cultivator system, what stage would they be in? Are they immune to the Impregnating Gaze of the Scholarly Sage?

In an instant, many thoughts flashed through Song Shuhang’s mind.

The 11 ‘Saints’ lived scattered in the Black Dragon World.

There were both males and females, and their races were also different. Each of them was a god-like existence in the ‘Dragon Scale World’ where they resided, and they were admired by tens of thousands.

And just now, all 11 of these ‘saints’ raised their heads and looked at the void in the distance. They got goosebumps all over, as if they were being stared at strangely.

In that gaze, there was a kind of sublime love, love that embraced all things… but this kind of love could be very burdening.

What’s going on? The 11 saints frowned.

They quickly began to contact each other through special means, and entered a state of communication.

The 11 most powerful beings in the Black Dragon World felt their hearts go heavy along with a premonition of anxiety pervading them.

The newbie benefit took just a moment.

[Please enter your account name.] A message was sent back by the Dragon Network.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, silently reciting the account name [Tyrannical Dragon] in his mind.

He did not intend on getting Tyrannical Dragon; he originally wanted the name ‘Tyrannical Dragon King’.

As he logged in with his account name, it was branded on the ‘magical power top-up device’.

The magical power top-up device was fully activated.

Something akin to a ‘blood link’ was formed between Song Shuhang and the ‘magical power top-up device’ in his hand. This feeling was similar to when he forged the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure’.

Song Shuhang said, “It feels similar to a life-bound magical treasure, but there is a very subtle difference.”

Senior White’s clone carried Li Yinzhu, and said, “Interesting… A feeling that lies between that of a life-bound magical treasure and an ordinary magical treasure. If I can completely understand the concepts behind this, cultivators’ common magical treasures can be improved, allowing the connection between the two to become closer, resulting in greater power.”

Song Shuhang opened his eyes.

He pressed the six-pointed star symbol, and lightly swiped to enter the ‘recharge mode’.

“The next step is to crush the black dragon spirit stone.” Song Shuhang looked at the excessively large black dragon spirit stone next to him.

…How am I supposed to crush this thing?

It’s too big.

If I directly smash it into powder, the effect should still be the same, right?

Song Shuhang stretched out his right fist, and the variant ❮Steel Hands Technique❯ activated, causing his right fist to become as hard as steel.

He sent a punch at the black dragon spirit stone.

As Song Shuhang threw his fist while still in ‘recharge mode’, pure energy was transmitted from the ‘Dragon Network’, wrapping around his hand.

With one punch, the entire black dragon spirit stone was smashed into powder.

“Top up,” Song Shuhang said in the language of the Black Dragon World.

In the void, the Dragon Network manifested, showing a mere tip of itself before rolling up all the black dragon spirit stone powder and absorbing it.

In the next moment, a huge amount of pure ‘energy’ descended from the Dragon Network.

This energy was divided into two parts.

One part turned into spiritual power, and descended on Song Shuhang.

The rest turned into magical power, and integrated into the ‘magical power top-up device’.

On the device, the numerical value for ‘magical power flow’ skyrocketed. The numerical character of the ‘Black Dragon World’ was displayed before being converted into numbers of the main world, and showing a value in the millions.

Song Shuhang was at the Fifth Stage Realm, and his mental energy had already transformed into divine sense, making it incomparably vast.

As soon as the mental energy being transmitted back from the network touched Song Shuhang’s body, it was instantly swallowed by Song Shuhang’s divine sense, strengthening his body.

In the Dragon Network, Song Shuhang’s ‘access port’ position moved towards the depths of the network at breakneck speed.

In a mere two breaths’ time, Song Shuhang’s [Tyrannical Dragon] access port moved from the first level area to the second level area.

His authority also changed from the first level to the second level.

At the same time, the assessment from the ‘Black Dragon World’ appeared next to Song Shuhang—this was equivalent to the tribulation of the ‘main world’.

Ten meters above Song Shuhang’s head, light condensed into a mirror.

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked into this mirror.

In the next moment, he entered an illusory world.

In this illusory world, a ferocious western black dragon stepped out.

The black dragon had a slender body and huge wings. It was filled with majesty.

Song Shuhang raised his head, and looked at the black dragon.

The black dragon opened its mouth, and Song Shuhang was faced with the dragon’s breath.

…This was the ‘tribulation’ of the Black Dragon World.

The ‘tribulation’ here was not directed at the body, and mainly tested one’s mental energy and will.

For a cultivator, this was a very dangerous tribulation. If they were not careful, their mind could collapse. They could also lose themselves in madness, have their body ignited by tribulation fire, and similar to when they failed to transcend the tribulation, lose their life.


The raging flames fell on Song Shuhang’s body, burning it.

It felt as if he was really being burned.

The pain from being burned by this dragon’s breath was not any less than being burned for real.

“Roar~” The black dragon’s breath lasted for over 10 breaths’ time before stopping.

These 10 breaths’ time would be equivalent to a long torture for the cultivators of the Black Dragon World who were ascending to the second level.

Song Shuhang calmly patted off the dragon’s breath on his body.

He doubtfully said, “Eh? That’s it?”

It was just this painful?

This wasn’t even enough to fill in the gaps between his teeth!

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