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Chapter 1608: A magician who doesn’t know how to summon fireballs isn’t a good magician

These 11 powerful beings possessed the highest authority in the ‘Dragon Network’. Every ‘dragon scale world’ had legends of them.

These were existences that could move mountains and seas and destroy cities with the mere flip of their hand. They were the strongest people in the entire Black Dragon World.

Each of them was crowned with the title of ‘Saint’.

These 11 ‘Saints’ would only take action to save the Black Dragon World when it faced the most terrifying of enemies.

This was the trump card of the Black Dragon World.

Black Pupil XIII’s goal was to become as powerful as these 11 ‘Saints’. He hoped that he could also stand at the top of the Black Dragon World, and become the 12th ‘Saint’ of the Black Dragon World.

In fact, it wasn’t only Black Pupil XIII—all of the practitioners in the Black Dragon World had such a goal deep in their hearts.

When they made contact with the ‘Dragon Network’ through the ‘magical power top-up device’ for the first time and saw the 11 existences at the center that were as dazzling as stars, lofty sentiments would surge in the heart of every person in the Black Dragon World.

“It’s nice to be young,” Song Shuhang exclaimed. Why do I keep on feeling like I’m old?

The magical power top-up device only showed a brief glimpse of the center. After a while, that feeling would disappear.

Anyway, Black Pupil XIII could now use his ‘magical power top-up device’.

The most important thing was the top-up or recharge function.

On the interface of the magical power top-up device, there were 10 symbols. Translated, they corresponded to the numbers from zero to nine.

Then, there was a five-pointed star and a six-pointed star.

Lightly tapping on the six-pointed star symbol and swiping would allow one to enter the ‘black dragon spirit stones recharge’ process. If you had ‘black dragon spirit stones’ in your hand, you simply needed to crush them, and the Dragon Network would automatically receive the power in the ‘black dragon spirit stones’, and convert it into ‘magical power flow’ for the user’s account.

The magical power flow in the account was matched to the user’s mental energy, and then transformed through the device. It could then be directly released as magical techniques according to one’s authority in the ‘Dragon Network’.

Mental energy + magical power flow + magical power top-up device + Dragon Network authority = magical technique of the corresponding level.

With the current first-level mental energy of Black Pupil XIII and the first-level authority he had in the Dragon Network, as long as there was magical power flow, he could directly release a magical technique of the corresponding level.

As for the ordinary inhabitants of the Black Dragon World who did not have the qualifications to make contact with the ‘Dragon Network’, when they wanted to top-up, they needed to go to a temple. Once they were there, they could ask the staff in the temple to recharge their devices for them for their daily needs.

This process merely required a small fee.

However, the handling fee was so low that it was almost nonexistent—the people that served in the temple simply had the greatest conscience!

Song Shuhang silently thought to himself, Sometimes, the truth can be so simple… The only question now is: where do the black dragon spirit stones come from?

After understanding the top-up function, what followed was the five-pointed star symbol.

This symbol could allow one to ‘store’ magical techniques. Through the process mentioned above, one could condense a magical technique in the Dragon Network. But with this method, the spell would not be released right away, getting stored in the ‘magical power top-up device’ instead.

The magical techniques that were stored in the ‘magical power top-up device’ could be used for emergencies.

Even if their mental energy was exhausted or magical power flow insufficient, people would still be able to attack or defend in this way.

In addition, in some extreme situations, when the user temporarily disconnected from the ‘Dragon Network’, they would still be able to save themselves by using the magical techniques they’d pre-stored in their magical power top-up device.

I see… so this was the reason my steel manifestation Tyrannical Tyrant was able to make use of the device to release magical techniques even when it wasn’t connected to the Dragon Network anymore.

Song Shuhang finally understood.

He had been puzzled before. There was no ‘Dragon Network’ in the main world. As such, why had the steel manifestation Tyrannical Tyrant been able to use the ‘magical power top-up device’ to release magical techniques?

It turned out that there was such a wonderful function.

Generally speaking, the Black Dragon World’s magical power top-up device was very consumer-friendly, allowing people to have a good experience.

The plot of the dreamland continued to unfold.

“Child, you can now experience the effects of the magical power top-up device. Do you have any black dragon spirit stones on you?” the old man asked with a smile.

This product was something he felt particularly satisfied with, so he wanted to see it in action.

Black Pupil XIII cutely replied, “I do have a small piece on me.”

After saying that, he took out a crystal the size of a thumb.

He stretched out his hand, and pressed the six-pointed star symbol on the magical power top-up device before lightly swiping… In the void, the ‘Dragon Network’ appeared, and wrapped around Black Pupil XIII.

Black Pupil XIII clenched his fist lightly, crushing the thumb-sized crystal.

In the void, the Dragon Network’s net wrapped around the crystal powder, and absorbed it thoroughly.

After a while, a magical power value of six units appeared under the magical power options in the device.

The old man asked, “Have you learned how to cast techniques?”

Guiding a child in the usage of the ‘magical power top-up device’ was the task of the other staff in the temple, but this old expert had a good impression of Black Pupil XIII, so he went ahead and served as the guide himself.

Black Pupil XIII shook his head.

The old expert smiled, and explained, “You are currently at the first level. At this level, you aren’t able to change professions yet. However, you can still use several magical techniques at the first level. Use your finger to long-press the rune numbered 1, then circulate your meditation technique and try to connect to the ‘Dragon Network’ through the device.”

Black Pupil XIII pressed on the rune numbered 1—the 1 here was Song Shuhang’s translation. In fact, it was a tongue-twister called ‘Gululi’ in the Black Dragon World.

Black Pupil XIII pressed the rune, circulated his meditation technique, and used his mental energy to synchronize with the ‘Dragon Network’ through the device.

The Dragon Network extracted the magical power flow, and combined it with the spell slot represented by the number ‘1’ to generate a complete magical technique in the Dragon Network.

“Small Dragon Flame!” Black Pupil XIII moved his finger in the air.

A fist-sized flame condensed and formed in front of him, turning into a ‘dragon flame’ that shot forward.

In front of him, the old expert nodded in satisfaction. He stretched out his hand and grabbed lightly, holding the dragon flame in his hand.

This old expert was a very high-level cultivator, and his physique had been strengthened to a very high degree under the power of the ‘Dragon Network’.

Black Pupil XIII closed his eyes, enjoying the wonderful feeling of casting a spell.

The first magical technique actually wasn’t the fireball technique, heretic! Song Shuhang criticized him in his mind.

A magician who doesn’t know how to summon fireballs isn’t a good magician.

However, besides this small dragon flame, there should be other magical techniques as well, right?

Perhaps I can become a spellcaster with the ‘magical power top-up device’…

While Song Shuhang was thinking about beautiful things, he suddenly woke up from the dreamland.

Senior White’s clone said, “Shuhang, you and Little Yinzhu should come here. I’ve finally sorted out the language pack. I will send you a copy.”

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