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Chapter 1607: Of course one’s name must be neat and tidy

Hehe, I am Song Shuhang who has a will as firm as steel. Did you really think that such low-level beguilement would work on me? You’re too naive. For a beguilement of this level, even if you multiply it by 100 times, don’t even dream of shaking my will!

The corners of Song Shuhang’s lips curled up in his mind—this time, of course, he chose to refuse!

His ‘dreamland’ was completely different from ordinary memory reading. If he met some powerful big shots when he entered a dreamland, there was a chance of being noticed by them.

For example, the first one had been ‘Senior Scarlet Heaven’, then there was the Scholarly Sage, the Heavenly Emperor, the Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon, and the mirror of that ugly crocodile that loved learning…

Each of these very powerful big shots had been able to sense Song Shuhang’s existence through the ‘dreamland’, forming karmic ties with him even if he was in the distant future.

With the improvement of Song Shuhang’s realm, his understanding of ‘karma’ increasingly deepened. One should be prudent when something like karma formed… If you weren’t careful, this could become something that’d bite you in the back later.

The ‘Dragon Network’ of the Black Dragon World was a mysterious thing, and Song Shuhang did not know the origin of the other party.

In the face of such a mysterious entity, he didn’t dare be rash and form karma ties with it.

What if he got scammed?

At this time, rejection was the most sensible option!

Song Shuhang praised his wit in his heart.

Just as he was in thought, there was another message that was sent from the Dragon Network. “Please register your account name.”

“???” Song Shuhang.

WTF, how can this be?

Did it just skip past the ‘Access the Dragon Network’ prompt, and go to the stage of registering an account name?

This is too much.

You’re really forcing me, huh? Be careful, or else I’ll look for the ‘Cultivator Consumer Protection Association’ and file a complaint about you!

Of course, let’s not talk about whether this kind of association existed, since even if it did, it probably wouldn’t be able to control something like the Dragon Network.

Anyway, did you think that I would succumb just because you sent me straight to the account name registration stage? You’re too naive. I won’t register no matter what you do. Otherwise, are you going to give me a name yourself? Song Shuhang laughed in his mind.

But even if you did, I’ll simply distance myself from the Dragon Network, and never make contact with it in my lifetime.

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking this, he suddenly discovered something—the Dragon Network had not skipped past the ‘access port’ phase, as his mental energy had already accepted the prompt silently.

And the culprit… was the young Black Pupil XIII.

Song Shuhang’s mental energy had spread out into threads like Black Pupil XIII’s. Just now, when Black Pupil XIII’s mental energy drew back, it drove Song Shuhang’s mental energy to connect to the access port of the ‘Dragon Network’.

Was it a coincidence? Or did he misunderstand how the ‘Dragon Network’ worked?

“…” Song Shuhang.

At this time, another voice came from the Dragon Network. “Please register your account name. After 30 counts, the account name will be randomly assigned.”

‘Counts’ were the unit of time in the Black Dragon World which had gone to replace ‘seconds’.

Heavens, it really does have the function of forcibly registering an account name.

Still, I can’t afford to mess with this thing.

In addition… this random assignment of an account name reminded Song Shuhang of when he transcended the Eighth Stage tribulation, and had been randomly assigned the Sage Name ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’.

Even so…

Isn’t it just an account name? I will do it myself.

“Tyrannical Dragon King!” Song Shuhang set an account name he wanted.

One household should be neat and tidy.

Oh, I meant a person’s daoist name must be neat and tidy.

His two Sage Names were [Tyrannical Song] and [Tyrannical Scholar].

The daoist name he had decided to keep for himself was [Tyrannical Saber] Song One.

There was also the steel manifestation he got not long ago, [Tyrannical Tyrant].

They all had Tyrannical in them.

As such, this account name had to have “Tyrannical” in it to maintain the order.

And because this world was the ‘Black Dragon World’, he chose the name Tyrannical Dragon King.

Tyrannical Song, Tyrannical Scholar, Tyrannical Saber, Tyrannical Tyrant, and Tyrannical Dragon King, all neat and orderly.

As for why the last one was a three-character word, it was naturally to relieve his own OCD.

OCD was a disorder that required treatment.

“Tyrannical Dragon King account name assignment in progress… Duplicate account name detected… Splitting account name… Checking account name ‘Tyrannical King’, ‘Tyrannical Dragon’… Testing account names… Account name ‘Tyrannical King’ duplicate detected… Tyrannical Dragon account name has passed. The account name has been set to ‘Tyrannical Dragon’. Congratulations, you have obtained the Dragon Network account name ‘Tyrannical Dragon’.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

F*ck, you had such a feature?

Tyrannical Song.

Tyrannical Scholar.

Tyrannical Saber.

Tyrannical Tyrant.

Tyrannical Dragon.

This time it really was neat and tidy; there was simply no saving it.

Song Shuhang’s heart felt stifled.

He felt more and more that he was at odds with this ‘Dragon Network’.

Ever since they had made contact with one another, the other party had been repeatedly twisting and rending his heart. From beginning to end, Song Shuhang was at a complete disadvantage.

The plot of the dreamland continued.

The light on the altar dissipated.

The young Black Pupil XIII opened his eyes, rays of light flickering in them—it was especially clear in this slightly enclosed space.

This showed that he’d successfully accessed the ‘Dragon Network’ and registered an account.

The young Black Pupil XIII jumped off the altar, and his father smiled and stroked his head.

Under the lead of the staff, Black Pupil XIII entered the last area.

This was the place where tailor-made ‘magical power top-up devices’ were made.

Every youth who successfully made contact with the ‘Dragon Network’ would be welcomed by a dedicated staff member after entering this space.

These staff members were all experts in the design and production of ‘magical power top-up devices’.

At this time, the privilege of a genius appeared again.

An old man who seemed to have a stronger aura—and was well respected by the others—came forward and took the small hand of Black Pupil XIII before smiling and bringing him away.

Although they were all experts in the design and production of ‘magical power top-up devices’, they had different levels of skill.

The old man who took Black Pupil XIII was clearly a peak existence amongst the rest.

“Young one from the Black Pupil Family, how old are you?” the old man asked with a smile while holding Black Pupil XIII’s hand.

Black Pupil XIII blinked, and obediently said, “Three years and one month.”

The old man laughed, and said, “Oh, that’s quite surprising.”

Along the way, the old man asked many more questions.

For example, what were Black Pupil XIII’s hobbies, what he liked to eat, whether there were any animals he liked, and what things he was more sensitive to.

The old man asked all kinds of questions, as if to bring them closer together.

The gentle appearance of the old man made Black Pupil XIII feel at ease.

Through these seemingly simple questions, the personality and character of young Black Pupil XIII has been figured out by this old man. Song Shuhang sighed in his mind.

And with his understanding of Black Pupil XIII, the old man could design a ‘magical power top-up device’ that suited him perfectly.

A customization incorporating details such as Black Pupil XIII’s hobbies would guarantee his satisfaction with it.

Experts were experts because in a field where ordinary people would only have one brush, they would have two.

The old man took Black Pupil XIII to his workshop.

Then, they went through certain necessary procedural tests, such as testing the upper limit of his mental energy, his control of mental energy, and the degree of affinity between his body and the ‘Dragon Network’.

After this series of tests, the old man began to make a ‘magical power top-up device’ right in front of Black Pupil XIII.

He had no intention of protecting the secrets of his trade. In the Black Dragon World, as long as one really wanted to learn, there were many channels and ways to do so when it came to the production of magical power top-up devices.

However, tailoring a magical power top-up device to suit a person’s character and energy was the skill of an expert.

I’m lucky to be able to have this old man openly use his production method, and that Black Pupil XIII is very curious and observant. Song ‘Freeload Everything, I Love Knowledge the Most’ Shuhang could now freeload the method to produce a magical power top-up device. He could make an imitation with just a few tries as long as he had the materials.

It took about an hour for the magical power top-up device to be completed.

The last step was the ‘magical treasure refining’. The old man assembled all the parts, and used a method similar to ‘refining’.

The magical power top-up device was now functional.

“Come, hold it, then activate your meditation technique and try contacting the Dragon Network. At that time, you will find some very strange things.” The old man smiled, and put the magical power top-up device in Black Pupil XIII’s hands.

Black Pupil XIII followed the old man’s orders.

He grabbed his magical power top-up device, and circulated his meditation technique.

When he circulated his meditation technique, he found that his mental energy resonated with the device.

The device acted as an ‘altar’, strengthening his mental energy, and letting him get in touch with the ‘Dragon Network’ as quickly as possible.

Black Pupil XIII logged into the Dragon Network with his account ‘Black Pupil XIII’.

The magical power top-up device immediately connected his mental energy to the access port node that belonged to him.

It was different from the first time he accessed the ‘Dragon Network’. This time, he could see a larger part of the infinitely vast network.

He discovered that his access port node belonged to the outermost batch of nodes in the ‘Dragon Network’. This was because his strength was only at the first level.

In the future, his access port node could be upgraded to a deeper level as his strength improved.

In addition, there was a bonus when one used the ‘magical power top-up device’ for the first time.

For a short moment, Black Pupil XIII could peer into the core area of the ‘Dragon Network’.

There, 11 powerful nodes existed, as dazzling as stars.

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