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Chapter 1606: Come, come, come access me!


In the Black Dragon World, there were two ways to register an account on one’s magical power top-up device.

One of them was to successfully practice the ❮Meditation Technique❯ to the first level before going to a temple to register an account, and receive one’s own magical power top-up device.

The second way was for an inhabitant of the Black Dragon World to wait until they reached the age of 14, which was considered to be adult age in the Black Dragon World. Then, at the coming-of-age ceremony, civilian-type magical power top-up devices would be issued to these people in batches.

In the Black Dragon World, this device was a convenient thing. Nearly everything one needed in their daily life could be provided by it. The ‘magical power flow’ could be used as currency. For example, when going out to eat or shop, one could use it to pay for things.

As Black Pupil XIII was very talented, when he was three years and one month old, his father took him to the temple in the city to test his mental energy, and have him register his own magical power top-up device account.

In every city of the Black Dragon World, there was a small temple.

The staff in these temples was responsible for making and producing ‘magical power top-up devices’, testing the mental energy of the residents of the city, and also converting ‘black dragon spirit stones’ for some civilians to top-up their ‘magical power flow’…

These temples remained close to the masses rather than being lofty, they truly served the people.

Black Pupil XIII’s father took him to the first entrance of the temple. This was the place that was specifically responsible for testing the mental energy of the residents, as well as the results of their practice of the ❮Meditation Technique❯.

The first test was a 12-step ladder.

There were formation runes on each step: these were magical power rune formations made to suppress one’s mind. They were used to test the strength of one’s mental energy.

Black Pupil XIII seemed to be very interested in the runes on these stairs—he began to observe the shape of these magic runes and formations.

The perspective of geniuses and ordinary people had always been different.

The young boys and girls of the Black Dragon World that were with Black Pupil XIII were all in a state of tension, adjusting their mental state, and hoping that they could pass the test smoothly.

Meanwhile, Black Pupil XIII was focused on the structure of these runes and formations, doing his best to keep them in mind.

He observed them very carefully. Even though he didn’t recognize these runes, nor had he studied them before, he relied on his powerful instinct and memory to memorize all of them.

Song Shuhang, who was watching along, freeloaded and etched these ladder runes in his mind.

Although he didn’t understand them either, behind him stood a big shot of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’. Moreover, when the time came, he could draw these runes and send them to the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’. If there were seniors in the group who were interested in these runes, they would take the time to study them.

Of course, the results of the research would not be concealed from Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang felt that the runes on this 12-step ladder test were very useful. He could make a copy of it in the Inner World for his disciples to use during their daily training.

How wonderful!

Anyway, he’d already decided to train Lady Onion, so it would be better to create a complete ‘cultivation area’ in his Inner World for his disciples to practice at.

A gravity room, 12-step ladder test, pain tolerance training, death experience… All of these could be added.

Didn’t Senior White want to organize the ‘Cultivator Olympics’? In the future, Song Shuhang could copy a part of Senior White’s project into his Inner World, and his disciples’ cultivation area would truly come to shape.

I’m really as smart as my mother!

Shuhang had entered the dreamland of a genius before, yet when he entered the dreamland of Lady Onion, he’d been a green onion for hundreds of years, and in the end he only learned the ❮200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive❯, this kind of fraudulent skill.

Despite the dreamland of Black Pupil XIII just having started, he had already managed to learn so many practical things.

They were both geniuses, so why was the gap between them so big?

The plot of the dreamland continued to unfold.

For the 12-step ladder, the young ones only needed to reach the seventh step to pass the test. If they were able to climb even further up than that, that would be a testament to how strong their aptitude and talent were.

Among the young ones of the Black Dragon World who participated in the test, some were successful, while some failed.

Those who succeeded moved to a passage next door, proceeding to the second test.

Altars that the young ones could use to connect to the Black Dragon World’s [Dragon Network] could be found there. They could leave their own mark in the ‘Dragon Network’ through these altars, and register their personal account.

In this step, there was also a chance of success and failure.

Those who succeeded could enter the third phase, where they were to tailor their own ‘magical power top-up device’, and perform a master recognition ceremony. From then on, the magical power top-up device would become a treasure unique to them—similar to a cultivator’s life-bound magical treasure.

After the ones before him finished their tests, it was finally Black Pupil XIII’s turn.

Black Pupil XIII couldn’t wait to step up the ladder—he had been studying the runes on this ladder for a good while, and now he wanted to experience the effects of this ‘test ladder’ for himself.

When he stepped on the steps, he felt a form of mental pressure bear down on him.

It was the majestic aura of a dragon looking down at the masses from high above. But in this aura, there was no malice, only a pure form of pressure as it was a test.

Black Pupil XIII experienced this pressure in detail, completely feeling out the tension brought to his body.

Song Shuhang, who was in the dreamland state, also felt this pressure… It felt a bit similar to his Sage Seal’s pressure—both were a type of mental suppression. However, many special attributes had been added to this dragon aura, making it more complex than the pressure brought out by a Sage Seal.

Nevertheless, this level of pressure had no impact on Song Shuhang.

After all, he was a man with a will firmer than steel. Throughout the history of the world of cultivation, there was truly nobody like him, dying repeatedly over the short span of five months…

It could be said that every death had tempered his will!

Song ‘Heart as Firm as Steel, Body as Strong as Diamond’ Shuhang.

Black Pupil XIII savored the ‘pressure’ while climbing step after step, all the way until he reached the 10th step before finally coming to a stop.

The degree of pressure at the 10th step nearly rivaled that of the Second Stage.

In other words, after Black Pupil XIII practiced a meditation technique for a month, his mental power had already reached the peak of the First Stage.

Although the residents of the Black Dragon World had relatively powerful mental energy, and mainly cultivated their mental energy, he still deserved to be called a genius after reaching such a level in just a mere month.

Climbing up 10 steps in one go, Black Pupil XIII was destined to become famous throughout the city.

His father had a smile on his face.

This was a father who was proud of his outstanding son.

Black Pupil XIII turned his head, looked at his father, and smiled.

Song Shuhang’s heart sank slightly.

A dreamland… was to experience the lives of another. In this place, his emotions would inevitably be affected by the subject of the ‘dreamland’.

Seeing the father who was proud of his son, Song Shuhang recalled the now cold and lifeless ‘Black Pupil XIII’, and he silently looked up at the sky.

The outstanding Black Pupil XIII moved to the altar next door.

Geniuses were always given privileges.

There were three altars in the passage next door.

At this test, the young ones of various races of the Black Dragon World were crowding on an altar. It was only Black Pupil XIII who got a whole altar for himself.

Obviously, the fewer the people at an altar, the better the effect for one’s exposure to the ‘Dragon Network’.

The staff member who presided over the altar smiled at Black Pupil XIII, and said, “Child, don’t be nervous. Relax and circulate your meditation technique. Afterward, respond to the call of the ‘Dragon Network’, and you will naturally understand what you need to do.”

Black Pupil XIII blinked and nodded obediently.

In fact, he was not nervous at all. He merely had a strong interest in the altar at his feet. So he was taking the time to study the rune structure of the altar, keeping its appearance in his mind.

As such… Song Shuhang ‘Freeload Everything’ Shuhang successfully freeloaded another piece of ‘altar’ information.

The staff placed a small portion of ‘black dragon spirit stone’ powder in the four corners of the altar.

At the same time, they took out their magical power top-up devices, and activated some magical techniques.

The altar was activated.

Black Pupil XIII closed his eyes and circulated his ‘meditation technique’ to its full capacity.

Under the enhancement of the altar, he felt that his mental energy seemed to have turned into countless threads, spreading out between heaven and earth.

Eh? This feeling is very similar to the Celestial Radar Technique I learned a few days ago, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

His ❮Celestial Radar Technique❯ acted in the same manner, spreading one’s mental energy around, and turning it into silk threads.

While thinking about this, Song Shuhang suddenly realized that his mental energy seemed to have followed Black Pupil XIII’s. It’d turned into silk threads and extended between heaven and earth following the activation of the altar.

Black Pupil XIII quickly sensed a huge ‘invisible net’ that covered the entire Black Dragon World.

What he could sense now was merely the tip of the iceberg when it came to this large invisible net.

This was the ‘Dragon Network’, and it was the foundation of the entire Black Dragon World.

Follow the summon of the Dragon Network, respond to it, and register an account, Black Pupil XIII muttered silently in his mind.

Then, a node of the ‘large invisible net’ appeared in front of him. It was the access point provided by the ‘Dragon Network’ for him.

Black Pupil XIII touched it with his mental energy, leaving his own mental mark on it.

He also left a name in his mental mark—Black Pupil XIII.

When he left behind his mark and name, he had succeeded in the second phase, completing his registration.

Song Shuhang personally experienced the whole process of ‘registering an account’ with Black Pupil XIII.

Normally, after one registered an account, the altar would have ended the ceremony.

But at this time, the light of the altar had still not dissipated.

Song Shuhang sensed that the ‘Dragon Network’ had extended another access point.

[Come, come, come access me!] From this access point, there seemed to be such a thought calling out to Song Shuhang.

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