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Chapter 1605: After learning the meditation technique, time to register an account

After Senior White’s clone took Song Shuhang and his group into the depths of the grassland, Song Shuhang immediately curled up into a ball.

The pain that was being shared by the clone was simply hellish; it was the kind of pain that could make people faint directly.

Li Yinzhu suspiciously asked, “A’Song, what’s the matter with you?”

Song Shuhang tremblingly said, “My clone is still there.”

He gritted his teeth and canceled the secret clone technique… His clone that was over at the city disappeared with a poof.

The pain Song Shuhang was feeling slowly diminished.

Just now, before he could cancel his clone, Senior White’s clone suddenly teleported them away.

“Little friend Shuhang.” Senior White’s clone had a serene look on its face as it patted Song Shuhang lightly. “Be kind to your clone. This is the punishment for abandoning it.”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky. Senior White, if it weren’t for your instantaneous teleportation, I would’ve canceled the clone before leaving!

“Alright. Let’s first get the language pack of the Black Dragon World.” Senior White’s clone moved toward the woman.

At this moment, she was holding the mysterious material that Senior White had given her in her hand. Her eyes were dim, and she had yet to sober up from her drunken state.

Just how much did she drink to get this drunk?

“Hm, her being this drunk makes it more convenient for us. If she had been sober and awake, we would’ve had to use some magical techniques to erase her memories. However, since she’s drunk, we only need to use some illusory technique to get the Black Dragon World’s language pack from her.” Senior White’s clone arrived beside the woman, and his eyes met hers at the same level.

An illusory technique unfolded without a sound.

The eyes of the woman became even hazier. She began to cooperate with Senior White, starting to recite the basic language of the Black Dragon World.

Song Shuhang found a big tree, gently brought Li Yinzhu with him, and went to sit on the branch with a light leap.

Song Shuhang yawned as the woman continued chanting the language of the Black Dragon World.

Next to him, Li Yinzhu also yawned.

The two rubbed their eyes at the same time.

Li Yinzhu would get sleepy every now and then because of her body.

As for Song Shuhang, he was currently tired and sleepy due to all the pain and stress his mind had to bear today.

At this time, Fairy Creation emerged from behind Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang looked at Fairy Creation suspiciously. Why did she come out again?

It’s not like she has an opportunity to steal my lines at this time, does she?

Fairy Creation held her hands by her chest in prayer, and then she began to sing.

It was a song sung in the language of the ancient era.

Fairy Creation’s voice was as gentle as water. This was the genuine sound of nature.

This song was filled with joy, giving people a feeling of relief.

Song Shuhang’s ancient language proficiency hadn’t even reached the basic levels. Of this entire song, he could barely understand a few words.

The only words he could understand were “teacher”, “night”, “tranquility”, “starry sky”, and some others.

However, it didn’t really matter if he couldn’t understand it.

There were no borders when it came to music, food, and art.

Even if he couldn’t understand the lyrics, that didn’t stop him from appreciating the song.

While listening…

Song Shuhang and Li Yinzhu fell asleep.

Song Shuhang leaned on the tree, his face pressed against the trunk. He was drooling in his sleep.

Li Yinzhu leaned on Song Shuhang, her body exuded a hint of chill. She breathed evenly and slept sweetly.

At the end of Fairy Creation’s song, Song Shuhang and Li Yinzhu were completely asleep.

The fairy nodded in satisfaction, and she found a new sense of worth—when Song Shuhang wanted to sleep, she could sing a lullaby for him.

The effect, as could be seen just now, was exemplary.

As long as Song Shuhang was exhausted and started yawning next time, it would be her time to reappear on the stage.

This was a special skill that belonged solely to her, and it was something that the virtuous lamia couldn’t learn.

Fairy Creation quietly returned to Song Shuhang’s body, and gave herself a thumbs-up.

Song Shuhang hadn’t slept this well for a long time.

Falling asleep, he had another dream.

He dreamed of a group of little tadpoles swimming desperately; there was a huge number of them.

Song Shuhang had never seen such a large number of tadpoles in his entire life. It looked like there were tens of thousands… No, maybe tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, billions!

This number was terrifying.

Why am I dreaming of so many little tadpoles?

Oh, right.

Thoughts of the day, dreams of the night.

He had been attacked by a terrifying tadpole-like monster a while ago. Although the monster was killed by the meteor, it still left a deep impression on Song Shuhang.

Under such a deep impression, it was understandable that he dreamed of an army of tadpoles while sleeping.

After all, that tadpole monster was so huge, so him dreaming of such a huge army of tadpoles wasn’t too strange…

When he was in thought, he realized that he also seemed to have become a member of the tadpole army.

He was also swimming desperately, using all his energy, squeezing through his companions, and walking at the forefront of the battle line, becoming the leader of the group of tadpoles.

This felt very real.

Although he didn’t know why this group of tadpoles was swimming so desperately, as a small tadpole, there was no need to think about anything as he swam carefreely. He just had to swim with all his strength. It felt quite fun.

Just like with life, one needed to have a goal to strive for.

Even a mere tadpole needed a goal to chase after.

Song Shuhang laughed, and said, “If I’m going to do something, then I need to be the best. Even if it’s just a dream and I’m just a tadpole, I won’t be satisfied with being second.”

As if having heard Song Shuhang’s inner thoughts, the little tadpole that represented Song Shuhang swam faster and exuded unprecedented power.

It moved exquisitely, brushing past his companions one after the other and overtaking them

With the passing of time, many of his tadpole companions began to fall behind.

Some tadpole companions stopped moving forever… Some became tired, stopping to rest… Some diverged and swam along another river.

As for the tadpole that represented Song Shuhang, it possessed a strong explosive force and abundant physical strength.

Most of the tadpole companions that had swum with him at the beginning had fallen behind, but he still swam quickly. Compared to the other tadpoles around him, he was clearly much stronger.

Song Shuhang suddenly thought, Hmm, why do I keep on getting the feeling that something is wrong?

This dream felt rather strange.

However, Song Shuhang couldn’t tell why.

Just when Song ‘Detective’ Shuhang began to gather clues in his mind, preparing to discover what was strange about this dream, the dream suddenly changed.

“Blablabla~” Song Shuhang couldn’t understand the language.

This language… sounds a bit like the language of the Black Dragon World?

Then, Song Shuhang found that the light before his eyes was restored.

He was being carried by a pair of big, warm hands.

By his ears, he could hear sounds of excitement. It was indeed the language of the Black Dragon World.

“…” Song Shuhang.

The truth was already within reach.

This feeling of a realistic experience where he could feel things as if they were real, yet unable to control one’s body…

He had entered a dreamland again.

The previous two times, he had dreamed of getting in a car accident while riding in Fairy Dongfang Six’s car, and then of being struck by the ‘Twins Impregnating Gaze’ of the Scholarly Sage. However, those were nightmares formed from his own thoughts.

But this time, it was a real dreamland.

Song Shuhang had already guessed the subject of the dreamland this time.

Black Pupil XIII.

A member of the ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ of the Black Dragon World, and the strongest among the young generation of warriors. A Fifth Stage Magic Warrior, someone equivalent to a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor. In order to find inspiration for his breakthrough, he stepped into a teleportation formation that had been in decay for a long time, getting teleported to the main world where he died.

Among the creatures of the Black Dragon World, the only one that Song Shuhang had recently come in contact with, and reached a level of karma suited for him to enter his dreamland, was him.

Song Shuhang had once used the ‘secret appraisal technique’ on his body and kept his ‘magical power top-up device’ for a period of time, using his steel manifestation to activate this device.

The accumulation of so many karmic ties had indeed reached the condition of ‘entering a dreamland’.

A dreamland about Black Pupil XIII is at least better than a dreamland about Lady Onion, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At this time, the plot of the dreamland progressed rapidly.

The memories of the ignorant childhood period of Black Pupil XIII went by very quickly, passing with only a few scenes.

The stage when the plot of the dreamland truly unfolded was after Black Pupil XIII reached three years of age—he really deserved to be considered the strongest genius of the young generation of the Dragon Blood Clan as described by the ‘secret appraisal technique’.

When he was three years old, he had only just begun to learn the language of the Black Dragon World, but in slightly over a month, he had thoroughly studied the language of the Black Dragon World, and could read and write.

This type of genius always began to show their edge while very young.

There were no skips during this time when Black Pupil XIII had been studying the language of the Black Dragon World.

Thanks to this, Song Shuhang got his hands on the complete ‘Black Dragon World language pack’ and installed it.

He was moved to tears.

This was the ‘language learning mode’ that he wanted.

One day, if he could enter the dreamland of a big shot from the ancient era and master the ‘ancient era language pack’ through that, how good would that be?

The ancient language was simply inhuman, and the tongue-curling was beyond troublesome. If he wanted to learn it without cheats, who knew how long that would take.

After mastering the language of the Black Dragon World, Black Pupil XIII officially began to enter the stage of ‘cultivation’.

❮True Dragon Meditation❯, this was the first volume of cultivation technique that he started to practice.

There was only a meditation technique, and there was no matching basic body-tempering technique.

The practice method of the Black Dragon World was different from that of the main world.

One month later, Black Pupil XIII had thoroughly mastered this meditation technique, and entered the next stage of practice.

In his mind, Song Shuhang equated this phase of the cultivation system of the Black Dragon World to the early phase of China’s cultivation system.

The early phase of China’s cultivation system consisted in using a meditation technique and a basic body-tempering technique to open the first aperture, the Heart Aperture, in order to unlock the power of qi and blood, and formally step into the world of cultivation.

But in the Black Dragon World, after learning the meditation technique, one would have to register an account on their magical power top-up device.

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