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Chapter 1602: Stay here, we’ll be back

After putting away the small mirror, the demonic hamster stretched out its small paw and flicked its swordsman robe, looking very cool. “Let’s go, Tyrannical Song.”

It was just a little hamster, but every time it appeared, it made people feel that it was all kinds of cool.

Most importantly, this guy had a strong talent for swordsmanship.

Its swordsmanship did not only look cool, but was also powerful. The move ‘Otherworldly Flying Demon’ was tailor-made for it by Senior White Two. If it weren’t for its low realm, it would be able to move unhindered in the universe with such a high-quality technique.

Song Shuhang had always envied this demonic hamster.

Swordsmen were simply overflowing with awesomeness in his opinion.

“Let’s go!” Song Shuhang picked up Li Yinzhu, and put her on his shoulders. Then, he opened a channel that would send them straight to where the clone was.

Song Shuhang took the lead, while Senior White followed behind him. The demonic hamster followed after Senior White, weakening its aura to the full extent of its abilities, and borrowing Senior White’s Profound Sage aura to conceal its own as they entered the Black Dragon World.

“Ah, main body, you’ve finally come.” The clone was lying on the ground with a calm expression.

Song Shuhang said, “Thanks, clone.”

With a bang, Song Shuhang’s clone shattered and disappeared.

At the same time, Song Shuhang also let out a breath of relief… With the clone having been in a heavily injured state, his main body had been on the receiving end of the pain that assaulted the senses of the clone.

After the clone was dismissed, this pain gradually disappeared.

At this time, the demonic hamster suddenly asked, “By the way, didn’t you just say that your Inner World used your clone as the coordinates? Now that your clone has disappeared, do you still have the coordinates to return?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Don’t worry, this is not a problem. My Inner World’s entry and exit rules are ‘where I enter is where I exit’. Since my main body entered it through the main world just now, that coordinate set would remain true for a period of time. As long as I split out another clone and have it go to the main world, we can pass through the Inner World to return to the main world later.”

Moreover, if that didn’t work, he could still use Senior White Two’s world of the black lotus as a springboard.

As long as he could enter the Inner World, he could pass through the world of the black lotus, and enter the Netherworld Realm through there. Afterward, he could return to the main world through a channel between the Netherworld Realm and the main world.

It was just a bit more troublesome.

After saying that, Song Shuhang used the ‘secret clone technique’. At the cost of consuming all the spiritual energy of one of his golden cores, he once again summoned another clone.

Song Shuhang instructed, “Clone, head back to the main world and station yourself there as a coordinate set.”

The clone nodded. He reached out toward the void, preparing to escape into the Inner World.

But in the next moment, Song Shuhang’s and the clone’s faces changed.

Senior White turned his head, and said, “Did your Inner World get blocked again?”

“Yeah.” Song Shuhang wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Wasn’t it working fine just now? Why did it suddenly get blocked?

Wasn’t this too sudden?

He hadn’t prepared himself for this at all!

Can’t you give me any hints?

Stifled heart, painful liver, and convulsing stomach.

The demonic hamster glanced at Song Shuhang, showing a vivid expression of contempt. “How utterly unreliable at critical times.”

Senior White calmly said, “The moment we transitioned from the ‘Inner World’ and entered the ‘Black Dragon World’, I sensed some fluctuations in the space of the Black Dragon World. We used a ‘vulnerability’ of the Black Dragon World to sneak in and break into it rather than relying on regular channels to enter. Therefore, as soon as we entered, it sensed this change, and immediately fixed this ‘vulnerability’.”

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “But isn’t the Ancient Evil Dragon already dead?”

Senior White said, “Even if the Ancient Evil Dragon is already dead, it has transformed its own body into a small world. In order to protect this small world, it must lay down various laws and means of defense. It’s likely that the manner by which we broke in activated some of its defensive means. There’s no need to be surprised, this kind of thing is very normal.”

Song Shuhang sighed as he tried to sense the Inner World again.

Similar to when he was in the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’, even if the Inner World was blocked, its connection with Song Shuhang still remained. It was just that the distance between them had been stretched to the limit… He estimated that it would take at least a year or even longer before Song Shuhang could reopen the Inner World.

One year was too long, and Song Shuhang struggled to live day and night. It seemed that if he wanted to leave the Black Dragon World, he would have to rely on other means.

At this time, the demonic hamster took out the small mirror, and patted it lightly.

Senior White Two’s figure emerged.

“Sure enough, there’s a rich Netherworld aura here… but this is not the Netherworld Realm,” Senior White Two said. His authority as the ruler of the Netherworld could not be used here.

However, as long as he willed it, he could still make use of the evil energy that covered the Ancient Evil Dragon’s body. The evil energy of the Netherworld was always governed by the ‘ruler of the Netherworld’, no matter when or where.

Song Shuhang asked, “Is this the work of the fat ball?”

With the place being this big, only the fat ball, who was also a ruler of the Netherworld, could quietly create it behind Senior White Two’s back, right?

“No, it isn’t.” Senior White Two shook his head.

The aura of the fat ball was nowhere to be seen here.

He had fought the liquid metal ball for thousands of years, and they were very familiar with each other. If something was really the doing of the fat ball, Senior White Two could determine it with just a glance.

Senior White squinted, and asked, “Shuhang, did you also get a familiar feeling when you entered this ‘Black Dragon World’?”

Song Shuhang responded, “What feeling?”

Senior White said, “It’s just like how my clone felt when you were locked in the Wielder’s small black room.”

“It can’t be, right?” Song Shuhang asked with a stifled heart.

The small black room’s ‘invisible mode’ had been heart-rending.

After he finally recovered from it, was he back in it again?

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly. “In other words, the fellow daoists outside have forgotten about us again?”

Senior White explained, “I just said that it feels similar, but this place shouldn’t have the ability to erase others’ memories from the roots. And to be precise, I feel like it’s the [Wielder’s small black room] that is similar to the [Black Dragon World].”

Senior White Two asked, “You mean that the Wielder’s small black room is an imitation of the Black Dragon World?”

“Could it be Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon’s doing?” Song Shuhang immediately thought of the third Wielder of the Heaven’s Will. He stretched out his hand, and touched the ground under his feet. “This Ancient Evil Dragon can’t be related to him, right?”

As he thought of this, he felt a slight impulse to try something out.

Should I use the secret appraisal technique?

However, he immediately shook his head.

The Resurrection Gold Coin had just come off cooldown; he shouldn’t waste it like this.

People can’t do whatever they want just because they can resurrect; they’ll really die that way.

Senior White Two asked, “This requires us to find the answer ourselves. Where is our current position on the Ancient Evil Dragon?”

Song Shuhang thought for a while. “It should be somewhere on its back. I remember that my clone fell on the scales on its back.”

Senior White Two said, “Then, let’s head to its head. As long as we find where its head is, we should be able to get some useful information.”

At the side, Senior White took out a very bulky phone.

This was what he had come up with after combining a phone and the magical power top-up device. Because it was a prototype, it was relatively bulky and unrefined.

Senior White turned on the phone.

Senior White said, “Mm-hm, there is a signal. Just like I thought, this magical power top-up device should have a complete ‘top-up system’. I still don’t know how to top it up, though.”

Song Shuhang took out his own copy of the brick-sized device, and tried turning it on.

From the magical power top-up device, a series of chirping sounds rang out.

The voice was gentle and polite.

It seemed to be the voice of a customer service operator.

It was a pity that Song Shuhang couldn’t understand what they were saying.

At this moment, Senior White and Senior White Two suddenly froze.

“Shuhang, stay here and don’t walk around.” Senior White took out Meteor Sword, and stepped on it with one foot.

Senior White Two put the demonic hamster next to Song Shuhang. “Stay here, we’ll be back.”

“???” Song Shuhang.

As they spoke, the two Senior Whites rushed toward the void.

Song Shuhang exclaimed, “Wait, what happened?”

Why did they suddenly leave?


A figure fell from the sky, and landed beside Song Shuhang.

This figure had a serious face and long hair that reached his back, as well as unparalleled beauty—it was Senior White’s clone.

This clone’s body exuded the aura of a soldier.

He was summoned by Senior White and thrown down to take care of Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, what happened?”

Why did the two Senior Whites leave at the same time and disappear?

The serious Senior White’s clone said, “The main body sensed that an enemy was approaching.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Are they very powerful?”

An enemy who could even make Senior White Two place the demonic hamster down?

Senior White’s clone seriously said, “Their exact strength is uncertain, but they gave me a strange feeling. Those enemies were very tempting. After I sensed them, I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like. In addition, the enemy gave me the feeling that it was not something that belonged to this world.”

“Something that doesn’t belong to this world?” Song Shuhang immediately remembered the information he had received after appraising Senior White previously.

The result of the appraisal indicated that Senior White was a unique existence in this world, and the root of his existence was unique.

Senior White’s clone replied, “Mm-hm, they shouldn’t be able to exist on their own, but they live on the edges of this Black Dragon World by way of possession. The main body and the Netherworld White should both want to study them. Don’t worry, they should be back soon.”

Next, Senior White’s clone seriously said, “During this time, I will be responsible for protecting you. First, let’s find a place to stay at.”

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