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Chapter 1601: Old friend, one day apart feels like three autumns

I have definitely not seen this thing in person. A black dragon of such a large size might be as big as the entire mainland China. Therefore, I should have seen this black dragon in a ‘dreamland’ or something of the sort.

Right, it was back during the Immortal Feast. Song Shuhang quickly found some memories of this black dragon.

After all, the image of this black dragon was so unique that it was rather difficult to forget it.

Song Shuhang remembered that when he was at the Immortal Feast, he and Fairy Rosy Cloud had participated in a food tasting challenge—at that time, the last dish in the competition had been a bowl of black stuff.

When Song Shuhang used the ‘secret appraisal technique’ to cheat, he accidentally identified the source of the dark material—the Ancient Evil Dragon. This appraisal had cost Song Shuhang quite a bit of blood.

That bowl of blackness was made from a descendant of the black dragon, and the appraisal had gone directly back to the Ancient Evil Dragon.

According to the feedback from the secret appraisal technique, this Ancient Evil Dragon had long lost its life force, leaving behind only a lifeless body that had withstood the test of time up until now.

And on its huge body resided a plenitude of creatures. These creatures regarded the body of the Ancient Evil Dragon as a ‘world’ and thrived on it.

Could this be what the [Black Dragon World] is actually referring to?

Surrounding the body of the Ancient Evil Dragon were rich streams of evil energy of the Netherworld.

At the time, Song Shuhang had wondered whether it was located somewhere in the Netherworld Realm, and he’d planned on looking for an opportunity to ask Senior White Two whether there was such a creature somewhere in the Netherworld.

But then, too many things had happened, resulting in him forgetting about this matter.

After all, he was Song ‘A Particularly Exhausting Daily Life’ Shuhang.

…However, it seems that Senior White Two might also not know of this Black Dragon World.

Senior White Two had not found the source of the ‘black dragon spirit stones’ when he was studying the ‘magical power top-up device’ with Senior White.

If this Ancient Evil Dragon was in the ‘Netherworld Realm’, as a ruler of the place, Senior White Two should have been able to associate the ‘magical power top-up device’ with the world of the Ancient Evil Dragon almost immediately.

While thinking about it, Song Shuhang’s clone finally left the ‘spatial turbulence’, and fell onto the body of the Ancient Evil Dragon.

Compared with the Ancient Evil Dragon, Song Shuhang’s clone was the size of a virus, or even smaller. He wouldn’t even be visible when looking at the body of the black dragon from afar.

Evil energy of the Netherworld was circulating on the dragon’s body, making it seem as if the creature was breathing. And this layer of evil energy had formed something akin to ‘atmosphere’ on the surface of the dragon’s body.

Song Shuhang’s clone continued falling, and with a plop, it landed on a scale on the head of the dragon.

Song Shuhang thought that his clone would get smashed on a hard scale, but when he actually landed, he found himself on a patch of pitch-black grassland.

The clone was seriously injured right now; it stiffly raised its head and looked around.

It was really a grassland.

One scale, one world.

Every scale of the Ancient Evil Dragon had evolved into a world the size of a ‘city’. There were mountains, water, grass, trees, and strange-smelling air.

It possessed all the characteristics of an embryonic world.

The evil energy of the Netherworld had formed a black sky, and there was a green light illuminating the world formed from the dragon scales.

And on the edge of each, there was a layer of rich death dragon qi acting as a barrier.

The death dragon qi formed a wall, extending above the sky and below the ground, separating each scale of the Ancient Evil Dragon.

Song Shuhang had been wondering how each of the creatures on the scales of the Ancient Evil Dragon managed to survive.

What did they eat? What did they drink?

It appeared that apart from the absence of the sun, these creatures lived just as creatures in the normal world did.

Song Shuhang’s clone lay motionless in the Black Dragon World.

At the same time, he tried to activate his ‘Inner World’.

If the Inner World was not blocked, Song Shuhang’s main body could use the Inner World as a springboard to directly head to the ‘Black Dragon World’, where the clone was located.

This time, the Inner World did not disappoint Song Shuhang.

It hadn’t hidden itself, and a channel had smoothly opened in the Black Dragon World.

“There’s going to be a show.” Song Shuhang stood up, and sent the table and chair back into the Inner World.

Li Yinzhu curiously asked, “A show? What type of show?”

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “My clone has successfully reached the other end of the teleportation formation. That place is probably the ‘Black Dragon World’ we were looking for. Let’s go and find Senior White first.”

Song Shuhang returned to the Inner World with Little Yinzhu.

He descended at the edge of the ‘Death Forest’, and shouted, “Senior White~”

Senior White, who was modifying the Death Forest’s formation, turned his head. “I’m here, what’s the matter?”

When he turned around, his hair flicked, and the little braids that Li Yinzhu had quietly tied were all automatically untied. With his long hair fluttering, the scene was picturesque.

“I’m busy.” Another voice sounded directly in Song Shuhang’s mind—it was Senior White Two’s voice.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Every time he yelled ‘Senior White’ in the ‘Inner World’, he would usually be summoning Senior White Two.

Because of that, when he yelled this time, both Senior Whites responded to him.

Song Shuhang said, “Ahem, I found the ‘Black Dragon World’. This is the place where the magical power top-up device we have comes from.”

Senior White came out of the Death Forest, patted the dust off of his body, and curiously asked, “Where is it?”

Senior White Two’s voice sounded in Song Shuhang’s mind. “I’m not that interested in the Black Dragon World, and I’m busy right now… I’m only interested in how to recharge the magical power top-up device, so just bring back some of those black dragon spirit stones and let me study them. At that time, I will give you an interesting reward.”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White Two, please wait. This Black Dragon World might have something to do with the Netherworld Realm.”

“…” Senior White Two.

I am the dignified ruler of the Netherworld, yet you’re now calling me ‘White Rabbit’ directly just because I’ve been too lazy to make a fuss about it?

In the past, Song Shuhang had only added the ‘Two’ to distinguish between the two Senior Whites in his mind… But he now dared to directly shout it out loud.

“The Black Dragon World is entwined with ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’, and the place is actually the lifeless corpse of an ancient evil dragon. Its body is huge, and each dragon scale is the size of a small city.” Song Shuhang began to describe the appearance of the Ancient Evil Dragon that he had seen.

Senior White pinched his chin, and said, “Now that you say that, I seem to have come in contact with a huge dragon like this in the past. But I can’t remember it that well anymore.”

The voice of Senior White Two sounded at the same time. “I can tell you for sure that there is no such black dragon in the Netherworld Realm. Unless… it is a world made by that fat ball secretly, and it has been using its authority as a ‘ruler of the Netherworld’ to keep the Black Dragon World secret, preventing me from noticing it. Oh~ If it’s the work of the fat ball, I’m interested.”

The Ancient Evil Dragon was entwined with the evil energy of the Netherworld, and had not been noticed by Senior White Two. Looking at it from this point, it really was likely that it was the fat ball’s work.

Senior White asked, “Have you found a way to enter the ‘Black Dragon World’?”

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “I let my clone pass through the teleportation formation and enter the ‘Black Dragon World’. By using the clone’s coordinates, we can directly jump into the ‘Black Dragon World’. But we need to hurry, my clone might not last much longer.”

The clone was seriously injured, and it was very likely to die soon.

“What are you waiting for then? Let’s go.” Senior White tapped his finger lightly, and Meteor Sword emerged with its new scabbard, happily spinning around him.

Senior White Two’s voice sounded. “Wait for me. I will let a projection of mine go with you.”

Subsequently, Senior White Two’s projection stepped into the Inner World.

On his shoulder, the demonic hamster stood straight while wearing a handsome swordsman robe. It had its arms crossed, and a toothpick-sized sword was tied to its waist. It looked very cool.

“Old friend, we meet again.” Song Shuhang waved at the demonic hamster. “A day apart feels like three autumns. I’ll give you a new piece of information: I am about to have two more golden cores. After that, I will become Song ‘Seven Stars, Seven Diamonds, Seven Golden Cores’ Shuhang. What about you?”

Song Shuhang had a new hobby recently, teasing the demonic hamster. The hamster had an innate disposition to make all kinds of faces when teased, which was very cute.

The demonic hamster’s face went dark.

You keep on calling me old friend, but whenever we meet, you rend my heart. Just what kind of friend are you?

The demonic hamster’s favorable impression of Song Shuhang decreased by 1000 points.

However, as it was already a negative score, there wasn’t much difference between -10,000 and -11,000.

“…” Senior White Two.

He felt that Song Shuhang today was especially jumpy, taking risks everywhere.

Although Shuhang used to take a lot of risks in the past, he was particularly happy when taking risks today.

After thinking about it, Senior White Two thought of a possibility. “Has your resurrection coins come off cooldown?”

Song Shuhang quickly said, “Mm-hm, yes… Ah no, they haven’t!”

However, it was too late.

“No wonder… It turns out that your resurrection coins have come off cooldown.” Senior White Two chuckled. “While your clone is still alive, let’s go to the Black Dragon World. I want to see if it’s the fat ball’s work.”

The demonic hamster jumped off from Senior White Two’s shoulder. Then, it took out a small mirror, pointing it at Senior White Two.

Senior White Two’s projection disappeared in the mirror.

The demonic hamster said, “That Black Dragon World is probably the work of another ruler of the Netherworld, so when my lord enters, he can’t do so openly so as to avoid alerting the other party.”

Therefore, the demonic hamster was responsible for covering Senior White Two’s aura with its own as they sneaked into the Black Dragon World.

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