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Chapter 1583: An occupational disease is like a terminal illness

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Song Shuhang pinched his chin, and found a quiet spot.

The hair of both Senior Whites only reached their backs, and was still clearly a distance away from their waists.

The hair of the main world’s Senior White was soon going to reach his waist. However, when transcending the Eighth Stage Tribulation, it was burnt by the heavenly tribulation, causing it to go back to only reaching his back.

But for the Netherworld Senior White Two’s hair, why was it still only at his back? Why did it not grow further?

Senior White Two said, “What do you want to ask me?”

Senior White nodded. “How am I related to the previous Wielder of the Will?”

“With matters having reached this point, I can no longer keep it from you.” Senior White Two raised his head slightly with a sigh, and said, “Actually, you’re the kid that I left in the main world back when I was young. I was originally planning on never telling this to anyone. That was also why I did not dare to face you.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

As expected of the ruler of the Netherworld, his skill when it came to bullshitting had already reached the pinnacle. Despite spouting such obvious nonsense, there were no fluctuations in his expression.

Senior White squeezed his chin, and continued at his own pace. “I can clearly feel that I am not a ‘reincarnation’ nor a ‘resurrection’. However, the clues I found in the sealed space show that there are deep karmic ties between me and the previous Wielder of the Will.”

Senior White Two said, “You know too much.”

Senior White continued, “Anyway… I am quite curious about my identity. It feels very interesting, just like a puzzle game. But now, I need more clues to continue solving the puzzle, which is why I thought about meeting you.”

“Your personality isn’t like mine at all,” Senior White Two said. “We’re both ‘White’, so you should be elegant like me. Don’t just think about causing trouble all the time. The most important thing is to live happily.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

The Netherworld fat ball expresses great dissatisfaction with this statement!

Senior White replied, “Well, solving puzzles makes me happy. Therefore, I need more clues. In return, I can share the clues I’ve got with you.”

Senior White Two said, “Alright, you’ve convinced me. Anyway, I don’t have that many clues, either. You should also know that my counterpart is very unreliable. The plans he might have when he had been the Wielder of the Will, he never shared even a tiny portion of them with me. Moreover, that idiot quietly came over once, and cut off one of my legs. Until now, I still haven’t been able to put it back on.”

Song Shuhang said, “Have you tried cutting off the leg you currently have before putting back your original leg?”

“Do you think I haven’t tried that? I have already cut my leg several times. Right, it feels amazing~ Do you also want to try this feeling?” Senior White Two rolled his eyes.

Song Shuhang shook his head quickly. “No thanks, I’m fine.”

Senior White Two continued, “I’ll reveal the clues I’ve got first. Fellow Daoist White, I believe that you might be some sort of backup that my counterpart left behind. But at the same time, I feel that you might not be the real backup. If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t make my backup so obvious. Unless… This backup was intentionally placed in the light to attract people’s attention, and the real backup was hidden behind the ‘backup in the light’. And the person who meets this condition is pretty obvious.”

After saying that, White Two looked at Song Shuhang. “Yes, I’m talking about you, Song Shuhang. If there were a hidden backup, then it should be you. I have been watching you and Fellow Daoist White in secret, and found that he’s been taking care of you quite a lot, and he took a liking to you pretty quickly. From what I’ve gathered, Fellow Daoist White is the attractive cover in the light that draws people’s attention, while Song Shuhang is the real hidden backup.”

“Huh?” Song Shuhang pointed at himself. How did it become about me?

“Wait. When it comes to taking care of me, I feel that many seniors have been doing it. Senior White Two, haven’t you been helping me out a ton as well?”

“…” Senior White Two.

Are you trying to boast about how likable you are such that everyone takes good care of you?

I’m telling you, when your resurrection CD is off cooldown, you’re dead.

At this time, Scarlet Heaven Sword, who was above Song Shuhang’s head, suddenly said, “If you use this logic to back your speculations, I feel that little friend Song Shuhang is also too conspicuous. Perhaps he’s just another backup in the light, while the real backup is concealed by his side. For example… I feel that the monster onion by little friend Shuhang’s side is more likely to be the backup. After all, that onion spirit has the potential to become the Wielder of the Will.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword felt that it was always exciting to travel with Song Shuhang. Today, while simply staying on Song Shuhang’s head, it chanced upon some big news.

Anyway, Lady Onion had the qualifications to become the Wielder of the Will? This news was so shocking that even the two Senior Whites showed disbelief.

“Lady Onion has the potential to become the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will?” Song Shuhang was dumbfounded—if it wasn’t Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword who said it, he would definitely think this was the funniest joke he had ever heard.

“Huh? You didn’t know all this time? Had I never mentioned it to you?” Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “When Scarlet Heaven planted Lady Onion, he had a strong premonition in his heart. He felt that Lady Onion would one day rule the world and suppress all the living things in the universe, reach the position of Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, and become eternal. As such, he planted Lady Onion in a place with good geomancy, and set up a formation to strengthen her aptitude. In fact, Lady Onion’s cultivation aptitude is heaven-defying… though I still can’t figure out why she’s a weak green onion even after 300 years have passed.”

Song Shuhang asked, “How good is her cultivation aptitude?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “If we’re simply talking about ‘aptitude’ and not ‘fortune’, then Lady Onion’s aptitude is about 4.5 times better than yours. She has a body that has the advantages of human cultivators, monster cultivators, and spirits. As soon as she acquired awareness, she could assume a human form. There were precious fire crystals buried under her roots, and she stayed in that strengthening formation for hundreds of years. Scarlet Heaven’s goal was to make her follow in the footsteps of the legendary Scholarly Sage.”

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

I’m actually only equivalent to 1/4.5 of a Lady Onion in terms of aptitude!

This can’t go on. That silly green onion must not be allowed to waste her talent like this.

She’s a monster onion that has the aptitude to become the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will!

When I get back, I will urge her to practice!

Senior White asked, “Any other clues?”

The possibility of being a backup sounded closest to the truth, but Senior White’s intuition told him that it wasn’t all there was to it.

There were definitely secrets that were even more concealed.

“Mm-hm, I do have another theory. However, it’s rather far-fetched,” Netherworld’s White Two said. “The other possibility is that you are Little White.”

Song Shuhang asked, “The ‘Little White’ whose hair was to reach his waist?”

In the next moment, Song Shuhang was sent flying.

It really was an illness to be so outspoken.

Song Shuhang was sent into the depths of the world of the black lotus like a rotating drill.

The speed at which his body was rotating was too high; it was exceeding the limits which his body could withstand. Even if he was a Five-Star Five-Core Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor with two top-notch body-tempering techniques and a variant body-tempering technique, there was still a limit to what his body could handle.

After that limit was exceeded, he would still feel dizzy and want to vomit.

“Do you not want to live anymore?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said from above his head. As it was a Tribulation Transcender-level divine weapon, this level of rotation was trivial to it.

“Ugh~ Actually, I just felt that the atmosphere between the two Senior Whites was too solemn, and I wanted to ease it a bit,” Song Shuhang said through the secret sound transmission. He couldn’t make any sounds besides the sound of vomiting at the moment.


Song Shuhang eventually crashed into a mountain wall.

Since he was spinning at such high speed, and because he had Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword at the top of his head… Song ‘Best Drill Under the Heavens’ Shuhang easily drilled a hole into the mountain wall.

The mountain wall was hollow, and there was a cave inside.

In the cave, a figure was standing in front of a mirror with a solemn expression. He was wearing a cool sheet, and was looking at the mirror in a daze.

After hearing the loud bang, the figure turned his head and looked back.

Then, he found Song Shuhang, with Scarlet Heaven Sword on the top of his head, rotating at terrifying speed and heading toward his waist.

“F*ck!” This figure jumped in fright.

Even if he was extremely powerful, he did not have the confidence to be able to completely withstand the drilling attack of a Tribulation Transcender-level divine weapon.

The figure draped in the sheet jumped up high.

Afterward, he stretched out his hand and patted Song Shuhang’s body while he was spinning, relieving the spinning force acting on his body.


Song Shuhang was sent into one end of the cave’s rocky walls.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, are you okay?”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword proudly said, “I’m a divine weapon. I’m not that fragile.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Well, it isn’t the same for me. I feel that your sword hilt may have been inserted into my head. It hurts so much.”

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Song Shuhang finally pulled himself out of the rock wall, and turned to look at the senior who had relieved him of the spinning force. “Thank you, Senior, for helping me… Eh? The Almighty Merchant?!”

“Hehe.” The Almighty Merchant glanced at Song Shuhang, and revealed a disdainful sneer.

Song Shuhang embarrassedly said, “Long time no see, Almighty Merchant. Are you okay?”

“I’m very not okay… Hadn’t we agreed that as long as I managed to hide for three days, he wouldn’t hunt me down? But look at what happened, he broke the agreement and caught me after I hid for three days,” the Almighty Merchant said—he felt that there was ill-luck between him and Profound Sage Tyrannical Song. So, he had already blacklisted him in his mind.

Song Shuhang said, “Apologies. By the way, Almighty Merchant, do you sell resurrection magical treasures?”

Although he had a set of Resurrection Gold Coins, they had a CD.

Therefore, Song Shuhang hoped to buy another resurrection magical treasure which could act as a buffer while the Resurrection Gold Coins were on cooldown.

“Of course I do. I have all kinds of resurrection magical treasures. It is my goal to always be able to provide the items my customers want and satisfy them.” The Almighty Merchant turned his head fiercely and revealed a bright smile.

But then, his smile froze.

F*ck, this damn occupational disease.

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