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Chapter 1579: Oh, Shuhang, what’s the date today? Did you explode?


Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Creation, why didn’t you go back with Senior Creation?”

What about the people?

Listening to Senior Creation’s singing is something that can drive people to their deaths. If its effect of ‘breaking inner demons’ was no more, what would be the point of listening to the concert in the first place?

“Yinalu~ Stupid~” Fairy Creation sang. Afterward, she turned her head and stared at the virtuous lamia.

“…” Song Shuhang.

He felt exhausted.

He’d just let it be; it wasn’t him who was going to suffer anyway.

The number of people that had fallen due to Dharma King Creation’s concerts wasn’t small. Regardless, he wouldn’t go and torture himself by listening to it as well!

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, let’s go back. I suddenly want to lie down and rest.”

There weren’t really any dangerous surprises today. Doudou had successfully transcended its tribulation, and the steel manifestation had managed to do so as well. It was a joyful matter.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword stood on top of Song Shuhang’s head with its hilt. “If I’m recalling correctly, today is Monday, so don’t you have classes?”

As a senior, one had to be prepared to remind their juniors at any time not to forget to study well and improve with every passing day.

Song Shuhang said, “I won’t be able to go to class in time anymore. I already got Senior White’s monster pet, Qing Wu, to go to class for me.”

Calculating the time, when he got back to Jiangnan University Town, the morning class would already be over.

Fortunately, Qing Wu was there.

Song Shuhang called, “Let’s go, Fairy Waiting for a Promise, Fairy Creation.”

The two fairies went into his body.

Song Shuhang flew on his saber, and headed back to Jiangnan University Town.

Song Shuhang slowly flew in the air.

The virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation were hidden in his body, but their heads were out. At this time, Song Shuhang had two fairy maiden heads popping out from his back.

The two fairies were gazing at each other intently, communicating silently.

If he were to bring out Pavilion Master Chu’s head as well, there would be enough of them to play a game of Fight The Landlord.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword stood on his head.

Song Shuhang didn’t dare to imagine how he looked at this time… Anyway, it was definitely so spicy that people wouldn’t bear to look at him directly.

At this time, he was holding the phone-like magical treasure in his hand, and used the secret appraisal technique on it.

He’d wanted to do this for so long!

The secret appraisal technique fell on the phone-like magical treasure, and Song Shuhang’s body transformed into its smokey form. He was using this bug to avoid the blood price of the secret appraisal technique.

After a while, the result of the appraisal was sent back to his mind.

[Magical Power Top-Up Device: a special magical treasure from the Black Dragon World. One can use ‘black dragon spirit stones’ to recharge or top up the magical power in this device. After topping up, the magical power in the device can be used to release magical techniques. It is a special magical treasure for practitioners of the Black Dragon World. This magical power top-up device has been unlocked by Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s steel manifestation ‘No. Tyrannical Tyrant’. It is currently out of magical power.]

Song Shuhang softly said, “A product of the Black Dragon World? I’ve never heard of this Black Dragon World.”

However, he finally knew the name of this thing—magical power top-up device.

It should be an auxiliary magical treasure for casting techniques.

Song Shuhang placed the device in his magical bracelet.

Afterward, he wrote down the name ‘Black Dragon World’ in the ‘notepad’ of his phone. If he had some spare time, he should look for data regarding this world.

For some reason, he felt that this kind of magical technique was very suitable for himself.

If possible, he wanted to get some ‘black dragon spirit stones’ to test it.

At 10:00 AM, Song Shuhang was back at Medicine Master’s building.

It seemed that the puppet maiden hadn’t returned yet.

He remembered that there was a senior from the Nine Provinces Number One Group that was practicing inside Medicine Master’s building… Who was it again?

Right, it was ‘Sword Sage Tyrant’. He seemed to still be meditating at this time.

Song Shuhang nodded silently, and returned to his own room.

Afterward, he entered his Inner World and busied himself.

First, he took some water from the ‘living spring’ to water the monster tree Miruru’s little sapling.

There was nearby also the seed that contained the Ancient Heavenly City’s Canteen No. 111, which looked like it was going to bear fruit soon.

If this seed were to bear fruit, it should give birth to the Ancient Heavenly City’s Canteen.

At that time, Chu Chu would have a full set of equipment and a suitable location to practice the path of an immortal chef.

The seed that Shuhang got from the body of the Sixth Stage Celestial was also sprouting. What this seed contained was a drop of ‘ancient divine witch blood’, and it was witch blood that had swallowed 55 Fifth Stage Celestials.

The curse in the witch blood disappeared after killing all those Celestials. After it matured some more, Song Shuhang should be able to obtain a pure drop of ‘ancient divine witch blood’.

Although he didn’t really know what it was, he knew that it was a treasure.

Finally, there was the seed of the ‘Seven Colors Wonder Fruit’. If it could also bear fruit, then Song Shuhang’s disciples would be blessed when ascending to the Fifth Stage in the future… The Seven Colors Wonder Fruit could not only heal wounds inflicted by the heavenly tribulation, but also improve one’s dragon patterns.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Grow up quickly.”

After dealing with the spirit plants, he went to the oasis area of the Inner World to feed the spirit beasts he’d obtained from Island Master Tian Tiankong and his two seahorse spirit beasts… as well as the invisible sword insects and Fighting Beast Kangaroo that Senior White fostered.

Song Shuhang said, “Carrying a small world with me everywhere I go is more tiring than I thought.”

It appeared that it was imperative to train two of his disciples into excellent beast taming masters and spirit plant masters.

As for Lady Onion, he couldn’t let her continue with her lazy attitude.

After getting this batch of spirit plants, he should have Lady Onion study how to become an excellent gardener.

Finally, Song Shuhang went to the Palace of Winter, and inspected the Celestials he had in custody.

Among the Fifth Stage Celestials in his Inner World, there were 10 alive and two dead. There were also three at the Fourth Stage who were barely clinging onto their lives. Lastly, there was one Sixth Stage Celestial.

Senior Yellow Mountain had said that if the number of captured Fifth Stage Celestials reached 50—or if the number of the Fourth Stage ones reached 100—the event organizer would send someone to your door to pick them up. He didn’t have that many Celestials in terms of number, but he did have one Sixth Stage Celestial, so would they send someone over for that?

Song Shuhang thought to himself, First, I’ll exchange for spirit stones and spirit plants. Currently, I don’t have even a single scrap of money left on me.

He had given all of his spirit stones to Doudou for his tribulation.

As for the spirit stones and big gift that Senior Yellow Mountain agreed to compensate him with, it was obviously impossible for those to be delivered so quickly.

Song Shuhang stepped out of the Inner World, took out the palm-sized crystal pillar that Senior Yellow Mountain gave him, and poured his mental energy into it.

Afterward, the ‘Celestial Hunting Event Resources Exchange Table’ appeared in front of Song Shuhang.

The interface was very simple.

For Fourth Stage Celestials, dead ones were worth 100 Fourth Stage spirit stones, while living ones were worth 500 Fourth Stage spirit stones. Besides spirit stones, each dead Fourth Stage Celestial was worth 1 point, and the living ones were worth 5 points.

Points could be redeemed for various treasures from the list below.

There were forging materials, pill refining materials, talisman manufacturing materials, cooking ingredients…

There were also finished magical treasures, precious spirit beasts, and various medicinal pills.

There were cultivation techniques as well—of course, these exchangeable techniques were the gains from some ruins, and most of them were leftovers.

There were even some cultivation techniques that weren’t of the cultivation system. Song Shuhang saw a ❮Holy Light Grand Illumination Technique❯ in the list.

When Song Shuhang scanned the list of cultivation techniques, he found an interesting one.

The ❮Immortal-Chopping Three Sabers❯—it was a saber controlling technique that had shocking destructive power. The amount needed to redeem it was also quite shocking; it would take nearly 10,000 points to redeem it.

Song Shuhang took note of this saber controlling technique in his mind.

The treasures on the exchange list were quite dazzling.

Looking at the treasures above, Song Shuhang’s impoverished heart became restless, just as if it had been rejuvenated back to life.

The world of cultivation organized an event once a year, and it felt that it was indeed a way for loose cultivators to get some benefits.

When compared to Fourth Stage Celestials, Fifth Stage Celestials were naturally of a higher value.

After all, there was a huge difference between the Fourth and Fifth Stage.

For Fifth Stage Celestials, the dead ones were worth 100 Sixth Stage spirit stones or 100 points; the living ones were worth 900 Sixth Stage spirit stones or 900 points.

As for Sixth Stage Celestials, the list indicated that there would be special personnel coming to appraise them. So, their value could only be higher!

After all, people at the Sixth Stage Realm were considered powerhouses even among the large forces in the world of cultivation.

In other words, there was a door-to-door service for Sixth Sage Celestials as well.

Song Shuhang moved his gaze to the very bottom of the crystal pillar, where the exchange sites for the event could be found.

There were three exchange sites in the Jiangnan Area.

There was also a ‘door-to-door delivery’ contact method—it was a phone number.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Sure enough, this was very cultivator-like.

He took out his phone and dialed the number.

A very pleasant voice sounded. “Hello, I am Little Ke, the customer service operator for the ‘Celestial Hunting Event’. Fellow Daoist, do you have any questions?”

“???” Song Shuhang.

This voice sounds so familiar. Also, the operator’s name is… Little Ke?

Fairy Little Ke?

Song Shuhang chuckled. “Excuse me, do you have an ‘ancient language’ guidance service?”

On the other side of the phone, a sudden silence ensued.

After a while, Fairy Little Ke replied in her pleasant voice, “I’m sorry, Fellow Daoist. This line is for the Celestial Hunting Event. Ancient language lessons are not within the scope of our consultation.”

Mm-hm, I’m sure now.

It’s Fairy Little Ke, who was also the operator for the immortal boat store.

“Alright, I won’t joke around anymore. I’m not here to ask Fairy Little Ke to teach me the ancient language again, so no need to be worried.” Song Shuhang smiled. “I have a large number of Celestials over here, so I would like to apply for the door-to-door delivery service. Fairy Little Ke, please arrange it for me.”

Fairy Little Ke asked, “Okay. Fellow Daoist Doudou, where are you right now? I will arrange personnel to pick up the goods.”

Song Shuhang said, “Huh? Doudou? No, I’m not Doudou.”

“Huh?” This time it was Fairy Little Ke’s turn to be surprised—at that time, the store owner had patted his chest and stated with confidence that it should be Senior Yellow Mountain’s monster dog, Doudou, who was buying the immortal boat.

Had the store owner guessed wrong?

Fairy Little Ke was very professional, and immediately asked, “Then, may I know your daoist name? I will register it for you.”

“Hmm, Tyrannical… Saber,” Song Shuhang said. “My current location is near Jiangnan University Town.”

The Sage Name ‘Tyrannical Song’ would scare others, so he stated his daoist name ‘Tyrannical Saber’ instead.

Fairy Little Ke said, “Alright, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber. May I know how many Celestials you have, and what stage they’re at?”

Song Shuhang replied, “I’ve got 10 living ones and two dead ones at the Fifth Stage. Also, I’ve got three living ones at the Fourth Stage.”

Fairy Little Ke reminded, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber, the number of Celestials you’ve hunted has not yet reached the number required for door-to-door collections.”

Song Shuhang said, “Don’t worry, I also have a living Sixth Stage Celestial.”

Fairy Little Ke nodded, and said, “A living Sixth Stage Celestial? I understand. I will immediately contact a fellow daoist and have the Celestials collected.”

A Sixth Stage Celestial, and one that is alive at that.

This is the first Sixth Stage Celestial that’s been captured during this ‘Celestial Hunting Event’, right?

What’s the identity of this Mister Tyrannical Saber?

He has a very good relationship with Venerable Yellow Mountain, and he has the ability to capture Sixth Stage Celestials alive.

Tyrannical Saber… Since he has a good relationship with Senior Yellow Mountain… he should be quite strong.

Fairy Little Ke pinched her chin. She seemed to have noticed some clues, but she lacked a bit more.

Fairy Little Ke added, “Mister Tyrannical Saber, please keep your phone on. At night at the latest, someone will come over to receive the Celestials.”

“Is someone going to crawl through the Internet again?” Song Shuhang had been rather impressed by the courier who delivered the immortal boat previously.

Fairy Little Ke explained, “No… This time, Mister Tyrannical Saber has captured a Sixth Stage Celestial. As such, we need to use a special escort to prevent it from escaping, and this may take some time.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Okay, I’ll be waiting at my place.”

After ending the call, Song Shuhang stretched his limbs.

After that, he headed toward a phone store.

He wanted to buy phones for the puppet maiden and Li Yinzhu so that they could be contacted more easily in the future. The puppet maiden had brought Yinzhu away, and hadn’t come back home for several days now.

Since he was going to buy phones, he could also give Pavilion Master Chu, Senior Turtle, and Lady Onion their own phones. This would also make it such that Lady Onion would stop using his phone to play games and shop online.

Song Shuhang opened the window, and jumped out of the third-floor window.

Experts don’t take the standard path. An expert who can’t jump out of a window is not a real expert.

Meanwhile, in the sky above Heavenly Field Island.

A spatial gate opened, and Senior White stepped out of the gate.

Meteor Sword was spinning happily beside him.

At this time, Senior White had returned to his normal state, and was no longer a child.

“I’m finally out. How many days did I spend in that place?” Senior White stretched out his hand to block his eyes, looking at the sunlight of the outside world.

Meteor Sword spun gently. It was obviously very happy—the barbed guardrail and umbrella cover on it had been taken off.

Instead, it now had a gorgeous scabbard.

This scabbard was made up of 33 combined magical treasures, and was very powerful.

“It looks like many days have passed. I wonder if little friend Shuhang exploded… Let me give him a call first.” Senior White took out his phone and dialed Song Shuhang’s number.

The call connected quickly.

Senior White asked, “Oh, Shuhang, what’s the date today? Did you explode?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior White, why did you have to rend my heart as soon as you came out? This is not a good way to converse with others.

“Hmm, since you were able to answer the call, that means that you haven’t exploded yet.” Senior White smiled, and said, “Where are you at the moment?”

Song Shuhang replied, “My main body is back at the Jiangnan Area, but I left a clone at Western Orchid Island to wait for Senior White to come out. Right, Senior White, before your clone disappeared, it left me with a ‘magical power top-up device’. It seems to have been brought out from a certain ruin.”

Senior White said, “Mm-hm, I received the memory of my clone. Those ruins were so-so, but that magical power top-up device piqued my interest.”

While he was talking, not far from Senior White, four strange aircraft approached.

“Shuhang, wait a moment. I’ve got some guests over on my side. I’ll contact you again in a while.” Senior White hung up cheerfully.

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