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Chapter 1576: Magic power recharging machine

Among these things was indeed some equipment that could be handed over to the steel manifestation. For example, Demon Monarch Anzhi’s standard flying sword and the bows and arrows and javelins of the Celestials.

As for the Black Iron Armor and the God Slaying Mother-Child Cannon, which Song Shuhang had personally contracted, these were not suitable to be given to the steel manifestation while it was transcending its tribulation.

Moreover, the Black Iron Godly Armor was too small to fit its body in its mecha form. As for the God Slaying Mother-Child Cannon, it was something that consumed large amounts of spirit stones, and Song Shuhang was currently penniless.

In the end, Song Shuhang took out bows and arrows, javelins, and a flying sword. After thinking about it, he awkwardly brought out the phone-like, brick-sized object that Senior White’s clone had given him.

After all, this was something that Senior White’s clone had carried around with him, so some of his luck should have rubbed onto it, right?

Song Shuhang said, “Choose whichever equipment you need.”

As soon as he said that, the steel manifestation rumbled in its mecha form, following which, its right hand went flying out—Flying Right Fist Attack!

It flew several hundred meters away. Song Shuhang didn’t know that this mecha form had such an attack.

The right hand of the steel manifestation eventually flew to the side of the truck that had just blown up, and grabbed the giant cannon that Song Shuhang suspected to be a railgun.

There was a diamond rope connected to the wrist of the right fist. The diamond rope was then pulled back, and the flying fist dragged the ‘railgun’ toward the steel manifestation.

The rather valuable passengers of the vehicle were currently unconscious. If it wasn’t for that, they would definitely be crying their eyes out as they would see their valuable secret weapon being taken away.

Connected to the railgun was a huge foundation bed, which seemed to be its battery pack. It was currently being pulled toward the steel manifestation together with the railgun.

After the gun was pulled over, the steel manifestation picked it up, and installed it on its back.

On its back, countless threads emerged.

These threads were energy channels of the ‘core reactor’, and they were equivalent to the meridians of the ‘steel manifestation’.

It now appeared that these threads did not merely function as ‘meridians’. They penetrated the ‘railgun’, and a portion of them went into the battery pack to absorb energy, while another portion went into the gun itself. This allowed the ‘railgun’ and the mecha steel manifestation to become one.

Song Shuhang said, “So when it mentioned ‘equipment’, it was referring to this railgun…”

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “This steel manifestation of yours is getting more and more interesting. However, can this cannon-like weapon work on the heavenly tribulation?”

Against the heavenly tribulation, current modern weapons usually had no effect.

The heavenly tribulation would directly ‘brush past’ the modern weapons, striking the cultivator on the ground while disregarding the weapon.

Even guided missiles that were modified by cultivators would have very little effect against the heavenly tribulation, which was very disappointing.

Therefore, though cultivators were coming into contact with modern weapons a lot more in recent times, when going against the heavenly tribulation, very few would actually use such things in their tribulation-transcending formation.

Song Shuhang spread his arms. “I don’t know, either.”

Dharma King Creation responded, “Well, even if it survives this Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation but continues on and draws over a Sixth Stage heavenly tribulation, there’s no chance it’ll be able to stay alive.”

Song Shuhang said, “This is beyond my control. If it really does seek death and draws over a Sixth Stage heavenly tribulation, I’ll be unable to do anything.”

In the air, the Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation underwent some changes.

What appeared this time was not modern artillery, but rather a series of treasured swords.

These treasured swords all looked like flying swords, but they were each different, their model ranging from ancient to modern.

Dharma King Creation squeezed his chin. “It seems that the heavenly tribulation is now taking on different shapes for each cultivator. It isn’t simply modernizing, there is more to it.”

Fairy Dongfang Six added, “I also feel that way. The heavenly tribulation has become more intelligent. I’ll mention this to the Nine Provinces Number One Group and the other forces so that the fellow daoists who are planning to transcend their tribulation can be aware.”

“Whoosh, whoosh~”

Dozens of treasured swords formed a formation in the air.

Sword qi covered the sky, and this was sword qi that contained the special attribute of the heavenly tribulation.

The steel manifestation stretched out its hand to grab the ‘railgun’ on its back, and welcomed the treasured swords in the air with a series of explosions.

The railgun shot at the treasured swords repeatedly and without fail.

It possessed great power, along with surprising attack speed and destructiveness.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~”

The heavenly tribulation treasured swords in mid-air shattered.

“This weapon can actually affect the heavenly tribulation.” Fairy Dongfang Six’s eyes lit up.

Did this mean that weapons like ‘railguns’ could be used by other cultivators to go against the heavenly tribulation?

If that were the case, then that would be a great help to cultivators when they transcended their tribulations.

Dharma King Creation remarked, “Six, don’t get excited just yet. I feel that the reason this railgun has such a significant effect is mostly because of that core reactor. Just now, we saw countless threads extend from the reactor and penetrate the railgun, allowing little friend Song Shuhang’s manifestation to merge with it. It’s probably because of those threads that the railgun was able to produce such abnormal effects.”

“In any case, we have to find a way to bring this ‘railgun’ away after the heavenly tribulation is over. If it can really help in resisting the heavenly tribulation, we should mass-produce it.” Fairy Dongfang Six grinned, and said, “I’ll go and protect those researchers in the car first. These guys are quite possibly treasures themselves.”

After saying that, Fairy Dongfang Six quickly turned around to pick up the researchers in the truck.

These guys would perhaps be greatly sought after in the world of cultivation.

The heavenly tribulation continued to send attacks down.

After acquiring the railgun, the steel manifestation was actually able to put up a fight against the Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation.

However, as the power of the tribulation continued to grow stronger, the steel manifestation began to start getting beaten up again.

It had originally been a sword formation of several dozen swords, but at this time, it had already become a large formation with over a hundred sharp swords.

Sword light slashed downward, and all of it seemed to belong to exquisite sword techniques.

“That’s the sword light of sword techniques that are compatible with the sword controlling technique,” Dharma King Creation said. “I can see the shadow of the ❮Divine Sword Art❯, the ❮Demon Subduing Sword❯, the ❮Five Divine Swords Technique❯, and other sword techniques among them.”

“My demonic sect’s ❮Unfettered Demonic Sword❯ and ❮Five Desires Sword❯ are there as well,” Fairy Dongfang Six added while dragging the researchers over.

While moving the researchers, Fairy Dongfang Six casually set up an illusion technique around the area of the tribulation to prevent ordinary people from wandering into the said area.

The previous tribulation-transcending formation and illusion formations had all collapsed during Doudou’s tribulation. This was also the reason the researchers had been able to get to them.

Song Shuhang asked, “Are these flying swords a new feature of the heavenly tribulation?”

Dharma King Creation glanced at Song Shuhang. “Actually, it’s an old feature of the heavenly tribulation. Little friend Shuhang, did you not experience it during your Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation?”

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows, his heart stifled. “My Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation consisted in me getting pulled into the Demonic Tribulation Realm by Senior Skylark, where I had to face an Eighth Stage demonic tribulation. When it comes to ordinary Fifth Stage heavenly tribulations, Doudou’s tribulation today is the first one I’ve seen.”

The corners of Dharma King Creation’s mouth twitched.

Scarlet Heaven Sword remarked, “Little friend Creation, please don’t give Song Shuhang any more chances to show off. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“…” Dharma King Creation.

Below the heavenly tribulation clouds.

The steel manifestation’s railgun was now lagging behind and being overwhelmed by the huge number of treasured swords. The manifestation’s body was now getting cut from time to time.

The steel body’s built-in defensive shield had been shattered several times, and its huge body was already filled with scars. Had it not been for the ‘immortal boat’ itself having been built with top-of-the-line materials, it would have long been smashed to pieces by the heavenly tribulation’s sword formation.

The steel manifestation voiced out, “No. Tyrannical Tyrant requests for more equipment and assistance.”

“Approved. You can choose and use whatever equipment you need.” Song Shuhang presented the equipment he had to the steel manifestation.

The steel manifestation was struck by several more swords, and the metal plate on its chest was sliced to pieces, revealing the mechanical structure inside.

Its head swept over the equipment in front of Song Shuhang.

In the end, it chose the phone-like object… A tentacle stretched out and nimbly coiled around the phone-like object.

This guy had good eyesight; it immediately picked Senior White’s item.

Dharma King Creation curiously asked, “What is that thing?”

After seeing Song Shuhang bring this thing out, Dharma King Creation had been wondering what exactly this magical treasure was.

Song Shuhang replied, “This is something that Senior White brought back from some ruins. I haven’t tried using it yet.”

Just now, he had forgotten to use the secret appraisal technique on the object.

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “Something that can make Senior White curious is definitely a treasure.”

Dharma King Creation said, “Mm-hm, I agree with that.”

Senior White would not ever fall into a land without treasure. Even if the thing that Senior White picked up was an ordinary stone, it was likely that you would find a treasure after you split it.

After the steel manifestation grabbed the phone-like object, a large number of tentacle-like threads emerged from its palm, penetrating the phone-like magical treasure.

Immediately afterward, one of the threads turned into a finger, starting to press on the magical treasure as if pressing numbers on a phone’s keyboard.


A ring of runes emerged from the phone-like object.

These runes quickly combined, and became the prototype of a magical technique.


The heavenly tribulation flying swords slashed downward.

The prototype magical technique spun around, and turned into a shining golden whip.

The whip moved flexibly, heading towards the handles of the flying swords.

In the blink of an eye, all of the flying swords that were approaching the steel manifestation were shattered.

Dharma King Creation calmly said, “A Fifth Stage magical technique.”

The Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation had sent down flying swords at the peak of the Fourth Stage each in terms of power. Despite that, this magical technique had been able to smash them into pieces. This meant that the magical technique had to be at least at the Fifth Stage.

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “Is it a magical treasure that can release magical techniques?”

After all, the steel manifestation, which did not have the ability to cast magical techniques, had been able to directly unleash a magical technique after obtaining the magical treasure.

Scarlet Heaven Sword added, “Moreover, this method of casting magical techniques is more closely related to wizards and sorcerers rather than cultivators.”

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