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Chapter 1574: Doudou, you’ve done very well. Leave the rest to me!

Wasn’t my heavenly tribulation already over? Why is it back?

After Doudou destroyed the last wave of the heavenly tribulation, the monster energy in his body began to churn, ready to condense a monster core.

But suddenly, the heavenly tribulation, which had originally dissipated, returned. Because of this series of happenings related to the heavenly tribulation, Doudou’s ascension process had been temporarily put to a stop, and his monster core had similarly halted in his formation.

“Grandpa heavenly tribulation isn’t playing according to common sense today.” Doudou felt very tired.

“Be careful, Doudou. Another heavenly tribulation is coming,” Song Shuhang warned from below. “This is a heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage, be alert.”

Doudou softly said, “A heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage? Alright… If it’s just a heavenly tribulation at this level, I can handle it.”

A lot of his monster energy had already been consumed, but he could still handle a heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

This couldn’t be considered setting a flag, as he was confident that he could do so.

A problem would really only arise if grandpa heavenly tribulation got brain cramps, and sent out another heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage.


The new heavenly tribulation descended on Doudou and Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation.

Doudou descended from the air, and returned to the tribulation-transcending formation. With the assistance of the six demon god pillars, he faced the Fourth Stage heavenly tribulation head-on.

This tribulation-transcending formation would soon collapse. Nevertheless, it would be best to make use of it until it did.

“After this heavenly tribulation is over, Senior Dongfang Six, please bring Doudou away from this area,” Song Shuhang said. “I’m worried that my steel manifestation will draw over another heavenly tribulation right after this Fourth Stage heavenly tribulation is over.”

This heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage was drawn over by his steel manifestation.

However, because of the previous heavenly tribulation which Doudou and his steel manifestation had transcended together, Doudou was involved in this one as well.

Therefore, as soon as this heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage ended, Doudou had to be brought out of the area as quickly as possible so that he could finish condensing his monster core, and leave the tribulation-transcending state.

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “Leave it to me.”

By the side, Dharma King Creation curiously asked, “What exactly is the background of your steel manifestation?”

Dharma King had never seen such a weird manifestation. Its heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage had just ended, yet without much of a buffer time, it had directly been made to transcend its heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

Song Shuhang replied, “The manifestation itself is very normal. However, its core is quite special. Its core is a product of ‘science’, a core reactor.”

Dharma King Creation inquired, “It’s an artificial object?”

“Yes, the energy core was created by a group of mysterious scientists. Although the process of its creation would be extremely difficult—if not impossible—to recreate, it is indeed a product of science. And this thing has been officially recognized by the heavenly tribulation,” Song Shuhang replied while his eyes were fixed on the area where the tribulation was going on.

If Doudou couldn’t handle it, he would control the steel manifestation to immediately pull out its own core, and forcibly end the heavenly tribulation.

Inside the tribulation area, Doudou was giving it his all.

At this time, his fur was a mess, and the bald area on his tail was rapidly growing in size.

The magical technique that allowed him to make clones out of his fur was very consuming in terms of monster energy. But when faced with this heavenly tribulation, he had to continually spawn clones to fight on his behalf.

“Woof, after this heavenly tribulation is over, I’m going to sleep for a week or two. There better be nobody that wakes me up!” Doudou said with his tongue sticking out.

However… this new heavenly tribulation was making him feel invigorated.

Doudou gritted his teeth, and said, “I’ve even crossed two heavenly tribulations. This time, I won’t accept anything less than a seven-patterned and seven-colored golden core.”

At 6 AM.

The people of H City finally welcomed the first rays of the morning sun. At the same time, the thunder which had been booming from time to time finally came to a stop.

Doudou stood on the ground in the tribulation area, his head raised and his chest puffed out.

Due to the huge energy expense, Doudou was almost hollowed out at this time, and his legs had gone weak.

The tribulation-transcending formation had collapsed, and the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage was only left with a single attack.

The power of this final attack was extremely small.

It wasn’t like the other terrifying attacks of the modernized heavenly tribulation, but rather it was like a warm stream as it fell on the bodies of Doudou and the steel manifestation.

This last blow from the tribulation was meant to help improve the physique of those who transcended the tribulation.

“It’s finally over!” Doudou squatted on the ground, his tongue sticking out.

In the sky, the tribulation cloud began to dissipate.

Dharma King Creation said, “Now.”

Fairy Dongfang Six’s body became like a phantom as she swept forwards… but halfway through, she was forced to stop.

In the sky, a new heavenly tribulation enveloped Doudou and the steel manifestation.

It was a heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage.

It had seamlessly followed the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

Doudou said, “Woof!”

The ‘bright silver’ core in the steel manifestation’s body assumed a golden color, resulting in it attracting this Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation.

A new wave of booming thunder sounded.

At this time, if Fairy Dongfang Six continued to move forward, the power of the heavenly tribulation would directly jump to the Sixth Stage.

“Pull out the core,” Song Shuhang ordered immediately.

The steel manifestation stretched out its hand, and reached into its own abdomen, opening a small hole in it. The steel manifestation then pulled on the ‘core reactor’.

However, the countless energy threads that extended from the core reactor were connected to the steel manifestation securely. As long as the threads weren’t severed, pulling out the core reactor would not have any effect.


The heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage descended.

It was the same old rules—the first wave was a probing attack.

“Shuhang, tell Yellow Mountain that I will be a well-behaved puppy in my next life,” Doudou said weakly. His figure had transformed into that of an ordinary little Pekingese.

At this moment, Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation leaped up high, using its own body to block the first wave of the Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation.

At the same time, Song Shuhang’s figure appeared beside it out of thin air.

It was a spatial jump.

Song Shuhang placed his hand on Doudou’s head, smiled, and said, “Doudou, you’ve done very well. Leave the rest to me!”

“???” Doudou.

Song Shuhang has a solution?

Doudou raised his head and looked at Song Shuhang.

At this time, Shuhang had become so tall and mighty in Doudou’s eyes that even the bed sheet on his body looked very handsome…

There were extremely profound runes on this sheet, and Song Shuhang’s aura seemed to be hidden due to it.

“Go.” Song Shuhang opened up the sheet and wrapped Doudou in it.

In the next moment, the [Ancestral Witch’s Blessing] spatial jump ability was activated once again, and Song Shuhang and Doudou disappeared from where they were and reappeared 500 meters away.

At the same time, he sensed his Inner World. Even under the deterrence of the heavenly tribulation, it had not gone into hiding.

However, Song Shuhang did not directly transfer Doudou into the Inner World.

They were still within the scope of the heavenly tribulation. When he opened the Inner World, a ‘passage’ leading to the main world would be formed. Song Shuhang was worried that the heavenly tribulation would, through the passage, lock onto his Inner World.

Although the Inner World would always go into hiding on its own, it was still Song Shuhang’s strongest trump card, and it kept way too many secrets within. For safety’s sake, it was best not to allow the heavenly tribulation to make direct contact with it.

Song Shuhang, wrapped in the sheet with Doudou in his embrace, rushed out of the scope of the steel manifestation’s tribulation.

This sheet was made by Senior White Two using the Almighty Merchant’s sheet as a base, which possessed a powerful aurshielding ability. Song Shuhang had no idea whether it would allow him to bring Doudou out of the scope of the tribulation.

It was best if it could. If it couldn’t, he would transfer Doudou into the Inner World after running for a while.

The shielding ability of the Inner World was first-rate, and entering it was equivalent to entering an isolated place.

However, Song Shuhang had never tried it before, and did not dare guarantee that it would work against the heavenly tribulation.

Anyway, Song Shuhang ran wildly with Doudou in tow.

In terms of distance, he and Doudou had already run out of the range of the steel manifestation’s tribulation.

Song Shuhang quickly asked, “Doudou, how do you feel? Have you left the tribulation-transcending state? Has your monster core begun to condense?”

Doudou smiled bitterly, and said, “No, the heavenly tribulation is still locked onto my body.”

Unless the steel manifestation failed to transcend its tribulation and the heavenly tribulation dissipated, Doudou, who was involved in it, would not be able to escape.

There was a tribulation cloud that had split from the steel manifestation’s heavenly tribulation, heading toward Song Shuhang and Doudou.

There was nothing else that could be done!

Song Shuhang once again activated the spatial jumping ability of the [Ancestral Witch’s Blessing], and jumped a distance of 500 meters.

At the end of the spatial jump, he instantly opened the Inner World and sent sheet-wrapped Doudou in it before closing the passage at the fastest speed he could.

It worked!

Regarding the target-lock of the Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation, the Inner World had successfully blocked it for Doudou, freeing him from the heavenly tribulation.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Fortunately, it’s only a heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage. If the tribulation level was of a higher level, the Inner World might not have been able to handle it.”

He felt that if it had been the target-lock of an Eighth Stage heavenly tribulation, his current Inner World would not have been able to block it.

The Inner World still needed to be upgraded further.

With Doudou’s crisis averted temporarily, Song Shuhang returned to Fairy Dongfang Six and Dharma King Creation.

At this time, the main target of the heavenly tribulation had become his steel manifestation.

Fairy Dongfang Six asked, “Where is Doudou?”

Song Shuhang replied, “I sent him to my exclusive space, where he’s temporarily safe.”

Dharma King Creation remarked, “What you did just now was too risky. There is a high probability of you becoming involved in the heavenly tribulation by entering the tribulation-transcending formation. At that time, the power of the heavenly tribulation would increase once again, placing even you in danger.”

Song Shuhang said, “Relax, Senior Creation. This is just a clone.”

Naturally, matters like crashing into heavenly tribulations would be left to his clone.

His main body had been switched out to Western Orchid Island to watch the restaurant.

Fortunately, his clone was different from Senior White’s clones.

If it was the kind of clones that possessed a certain degree of self-awareness, it would definitely be flipping a table and throwing a tantrum right now.

Fairy Dongfang Six asked, “What’s your steel manifestation going to do next?”

The tribulation-transcending formation was gone. This manifestation of Song Shuhang did not have any combat power, so faced with the Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation, there was only a path to death.

Song Shuhang said, “There is nothing that can be done. Perhaps I had too little fate with it. After it gets destroyed amidst the heavenly tribulation, we can take a look and see if the core reactor is still there.”

His heart was aching quite a bit.

It’s the latest model of mecha immortal boat… I wonder if I can look for Senior Yellow Mountain and get a reimbursement…

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