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Chapter 1573: Doudou’s future marriage depends on it

Doudou was on all fours, in a fighting pose.

It was time for him to bring out his best!

Once the heavenly tribulation powered up…

It would help bring him to the pinnacle of his dog life, allowing him to condense an eight-dragon-pattern golden core!

Doudou muttered, “There is no room for regrets when it comes to the golden core. I’ve only got one chance. Whether I can seize it or not is up to me. I’ve been practicing for such a long time, if I don’t give it my all now, I will definitely regret it in the future. It might even end up forming an inner demon, an inner demon that would hinder me from advancing further.”

However, he would absolutely not regret it now. Even if he failed, he would become a well-behaved pet dog in his next life, and he would no longer upset Yellow Mountain.

Wait, that wasn’t right. If he failed to transcend the tribulation, he would die and disappear!

The chance of resurrection was very small as well.

“I won’t regret it, and I won’t fail,” Doudou said loudly. “I have to keep making Stupid Yellow Mountain upset and keep on making trouble for him, running away from home all the time.”

“…” Fairy Dongfang Six.

If she had been Senior Yellow Mountain, she might have already strangled Doudou to death.


The next wave of the heavenly tribulation descended.

However, the power of the heavenly tribulation had not been strengthened. Doudou could easily block the heavenly tribulation’s heavy artillery with the formation and the flaming wheels.

“Woof?” Doudou turned his head to look at Song Shuhang suspiciously. “Shuhang, strengthen the power of the tribulation. Don’t take me lightly, I’ll be able to handle it!”

Song Shuhang complained, “When did you get the idea that I can control the power of the heavenly tribulation at will?!”

Do you regard me as an omnipotent Wielder of the Will?

Doudou said, “Then Shuhang, will you come in and transcend this tribulation with me?”

Song Shuhang almost flipped a table. “Who the hell would transcend the tribulation with you?!”

Do you really think that I am Song ‘If you have a tribulation, I’ll join in’ Shuhang?!

I don’t want to join in every single heavenly tribulation I come across.

Doudou seriously said, “Can’t you have your clone enter and strengthen my heavenly tribulation just like you did with Demon Monarch Anzhi? Please, Shuhang. Otherwise, I really am going to regret this for the rest of my life.”

This was the first time that Doudou made a serious request of Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang sighed, and seriously said, “Are you sure that you aren’t going to regret it?”

Doudou softly replied, “Absolutely. Yellow Mountain has already agreed to it. In other words, I have gotten Yellow Mountain’s acknowledgment.”

Some tufts on his tail fell off again, turning into little Doudous, and rushing to resist the tribulation… Unknowingly, Doudou’s tail tip was already clean of hair.

Song Shuhang nodded. “I understand. Then—”

“What is love? What is filial piety? Do you know the greatness of maternal love?

“What is love? What is filial piety? Do you know the greatness of maternal love?”

Two beautiful voices sounded simultaneously, asking the ‘three questions of pregnancy’ of the Scholarly Sage.

In harmony, without delay.

Both voices sounded especially good to the ear, like music.

One voice was from the virtuous lamia.

As for the other… It was from Fairy Creation, who had come out from behind Dharma King Creation, her hands clasped together in a ‘prayer’ posture.

After the two fairies finished reciting their lines, two pairs of beautiful eyes stared directly at one another, neither one of them willing to back off.

“…” Song Shuhang.

They’re stealing my lines?

I don’t even dare say those lines casually.

Also, do you think that the only thing I can rely on to interfere in Doudou’s heavenly tribulation is the Sage’s eye? In the eyes of you two fairies, just what kind of person do you see me as?!

Even if I were a monster, I would absolutely not use the Sage’s eye to strengthen the power of Doudou’s heavenly tribulation!

“F*ck, that scared me,” Fairy Dongfang Six said. She felt uncomfortable when she heard those lines.

“The same goes for this humble monk,” Dharma King Creation said and smiled bitterly. All of the monks of his temple had already become pregnant. Could you imagine how horrifying a scene an entire cluster of pregnant muscular monks was?

Song Shuhang calmly said, “Actually, I do have several ways to strengthen the heavenly tribulation.”

In his Inner World, there was still a batch of ‘heavenly tribulation guided missiles and nuclear bombs’ which were currently useless. Although throwing it out in the main world would not have an effect, there was a chance that it could strengthen the heavenly tribulation… However, this method was too dangerous to be used on friends. If he was lucky enough to find Young Master Hai transcending his tribulation, he could try it out at that time.

In addition, as long as he randomly pulled out a Fourth Stage Celestial, and threw it into the range of Doudou’s tribulation, it should strengthen the tribulation. The problem was that Celestials were of an opposing force, and that would make things quite dangerous.

In fact, throwing Demon Monarch Anzhi in would be better since it was already at the stage of transcending its tribulation. However, Demon Monarch Anzhi was already at death’s door, so he had to keep it as a gift for Su Clan’s Sixteen, which meant that he couldn’t let the other party die for the time being.

The most practical method was still to switch with his clone, which was at Western Orchid Island, and have it enter Doudou’s tribulation to enhance its power.

However, Song Shuhang had a better idea.

“Go, I choose you!” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and installed the pet-shaped manifestation core on his mecha immortal boat.

The mecha immortal boat immediately experienced a change.

It first switched from its minivan mode to the shuttle mode, and then from that to the sci-fi-style mecha mode.

After another moment, the huge mecha began to shrink, shrinking to a height of 1.82 meters.

The mecha’s countenance transformed into that of Song Shuhang, and its body transformed into one of a human in armor.

A Song Shuhang made of steel appeared in front of everyone.

Fairy Dongfang Six couldn’t help but say, “It actually worked!”

The senior who invented this ‘pet-shaped manifestation core’ might have never thought that someone would use their creation on an immortal boat.

Song Shuhang closed his eyes and extended his senses.

There was a deep connection between him and this ‘Steel Song Shuhang’. As long as he willed it, this Steel Song Shuhang would follow his orders.

And if it was necessary, he could have his consciousness completely enter the Steel Song Shuhang, and assume complete control of it.

Unfortunately… This steel manifestation of Song Shuhang could not open the Inner World.

Otherwise, Song Shuhang would have been able to add another set of spatial coordinates to his collection.

Fairy Dongfang Six asked, “You’re planning on using this manifestation to increase the power of Doudou’s heavenly tribulation?”

However, this manifestation was a ‘pet type’.

Most such types were used to prepare and serve tea.

“Yes, I’ll be relying on it.” Song Shuhang smiled slightly. He stretched out his finger to point toward the Steel Song Shuhang’s dantian area.

Afterward, his Fifth Stage divine sense entered and activated the core reactor.

It was like when he activated the reactor of the blonde mechanical girl.

This ‘core reactor’ was officially recognized by the heavenly tribulation, and it possessed the qualifications to transcend the heavenly tribulation.

Once activated, it would draw over the heavenly lightning.

Song Shuhang said, “Go!”

The Steel Song Shuhang strode towards Doudou’s tribulation-transcending formation.

In the process, the ‘core reactor’ at its dantian area was activated. The energy in the reactor gushed out, turning into countless threads that merged with Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation.

With these threads as energy channels, the power of the reactor was fed to Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation, strengthening it.

After a while, the color of the core reactor also changed from the color of ‘black iron’ to the color of ‘ancient bronze’.

At the same time, above the Steel Song Shuhang’s head, a tribulation cloud was brewing.

It was a heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage.

It was the same level as the heavenly tribulation that had been condensing for the mechanical blonde girl back then.

As Song Shuhang had guessed, it wasn’t the blonde girl who was transcending the tribulation back then, but rather the core reactor.

Although it was only a heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage, after merging with Doudou’s heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage, the power would increase to a whole new level.

“It’s great to team up to transcend the tribulation every now and then, a path where one’s death would leave one gone without a grave.” Dharma King Creation retreated quickly, swiftly writing this sentence down in his notebook while retreating.

This became the inspiration for his new song.

Fairy Dongfang Six, Song Shuhang, and the virtuous lamia also retreated to a certain distance.

After the two tribulations combined, the scope of the tribulation had expanded.

“Come.” Doudou’s eyes were as sharp as those of an eagle, and his body appeared powerful, possessing great momentum.

This was the first time that Song Shuhang, Dongfang Six, and Dharma King Creation had seen Doudou so serious ever since they met him.

“Shuhang, your clone doesn’t need to do anything. Leave everything to me!” Doudou’s body rushed toward the heavenly tribulation.

Dou “I will fight the heavenly tribulation all by myself” dou.

Song Shuhang’s technique to fight the heavenly tribulation had been inherited by a dog.

The enhanced heavenly tribulation, other than modern weapons, was also condensing out powerful magical treasures.

Doudou rose to the sky, his body all golden.

Although the word Pekingese (狮子狗) was made up from the words lion (狮子) and dog (狗), under normal circumstances, it was really difficult to see the connection between a Pekingese and a lion.

But the current Doudou in the sky looked just like a lion as he fought the heavenly tribulation.

He pounced forward. His flaming wheels spun, and the six demon god pillars rose from the ground, surrounding Doudou.

The power of the Blood God Crystal was fully activated, condensing chains of bloody runes around Doudou’s four feet.

At this moment, Doudou was a handsome mess.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “This is probably Doudou at his coolest. Fairy Waiting for a Promise, you must film this magical moment. Perhaps Doudou can rely on it for his future marriage.”

“…” Fairy Dongfang Six.

Just how was little friend Shuhang’s brain wired that it would jump from topic to topic so randomly?

At this time, Doudou’s heavenly tribulation had entered its final stage.

“Woof~” All the hair over Doudou’s body swelled as if he had used the ‘hair growing technique’.

Doudou’s figure rushed straight up to the highest altitude, and crashed into the tribulation cloud. His hair was like blades that rent the tribulation cloud.

He’d used this move to draw a perfect end to his heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

The last wave of the heavenly tribulation, together with the tribulation cloud, was shattered.

“Awoo~” Doudou howled at the moon in the sky.

“Does Doudou have wolf blood?” Song Shuhang squeezed his chin.

Wasn’t howling at the moon something wolves did?

“They’re all canines. They more or less have the same hobbies, right?” Dharma King Creation said regretfully, “It seems that there won’t be a chance for me to make a move.”

Below, inside the tribulation-transcending formation, Song Shuhang’s steel manifestation was still lying down.

At this time, the core reactor had fully assumed an ancient bronze color.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Okay, come back.”

The steel manifestation raised its legs and began to return.

However, after a few steps, it stopped. In its body, the core reactor was experiencing another change—it was going from an ancient bronze color to a silver-white.

In the air, another heavenly tribulation began to condense. This time, it was a heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

In the air, Doudou shouted, “F*ck, what’s going on?”

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