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Chapter 1568: Let me just ask you, are you afraid?


Song Shuhang could see that most of the members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had 10 different karmic threads. A smaller portion of them had seven to eight such threads, and the remaining had even fewer, only about five each.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “What’s the use of these karmic threads?”

“The secrets of karma are something that even I am unable to take a peek at. This is not the ‘path’ that I majored in. But for me, these threads of karma are means for the resurrection of the members of my Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion,” Pavilion Master Chu Two said softly. “People have souls: three heavenly souls, and seven earthly souls. Every member of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion has left behind some karma during their life. As long as I follow these karmic ties and pluck them, I will have the opportunity to summon and truly restore the members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion by using a ‘summoning ritual’. Although there will be a price… this price is within the range of what I can bear. This is the opportunity that this new head has given me.

“The greater the number of karmic threads, the greater my chances at summoning and resurrecting the members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.” Pavilion Master Chu Two patted her head lightly. “As such, I want to thank you. Acquiring this new head leaves me owing you a huge favor.”

As she said ‘favor’, Pavilion Master Chu Two stretched out her hands passionately and gestured in a big circle.


“I’ve got a general understanding of what you’re saying… It was as if the members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were thrown into a recycle bin like a file and deleted. However, after Senior Chu was affected by the power of eternity contained in Skylark’s head, you gained the means to see karmic threads, which gives you an ability akin to data recovery software. Through them, there is a chance to ‘restore’ the members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Those with ten karmic threads are the relatively complete ones, and the chance of recovering them is relatively higher. This is followed by those with seven to eight threads, after which come those with five threads,” Song Shuhang said as he tried to understand it in his own words.

The power of ‘eternity’ of the Wielder of the Will was a genuine ‘feel free to do as you please’ kind of power.

The members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, who had died in the ancient era, now had a chance of being restored through its power, along with the fact that Pavilion Master Chu had reached the Immortal Realm.

I should write this kind of thing down first. If I have the time, I should look for Senior White and Senior White Two to talk to them about this.

Pavilion Master Chu Two was confused by Song Shuhang’s words.

“Ahem,” Song Shuhang said. “Anyway, I understand what Senior Chu is saying. You now have a way to resurrect the members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.”

“It can’t really be regarded as resurrection. There are still many things that need to be done in order to bring them back to life. However, as long as they are summoned within the scope of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, there will eventually be a chance to bring them back to life,” Pavilion Master Chu Two said softly. “If they can be resurrected one day in the future, I will let them leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and live their lives. They shall no longer be constrained by the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.”

Song Shuhang went silent, not letting out even the slightest sound.

He was pondering a question deep in his heart. Was Pavilion Master Chu Two really born from Pavilion Master Chu’s inner demon?

Although Pavilion Master Chu Two seemed to be slightly evil when she had just been born, making people feel that she was like a demoness…

…after really getting to know her, one would feel that her heart was always filled with kindness, and not without melancholy.

Whose inner demon is so cute?

Please give me a dozen of such inner demons.

With such an inner demon, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing myself during the inner demon tribulation when I transcended my tribulation.

Just as Song Shuhang was in thought, Pavilion Master Chu Two, who was in front of him, had already plucked countless ‘karmic threads’.

Anyway, the new ‘Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’ had been completed.

Besides the addition of the ‘Thriving and Withering Trees’, there was no difference between the new Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and the old one.

Well… If one had to insist, the Time City was missing as it was still in Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

Pavilion Master Chu Two stood under the Thriving and Withering Trees, and softly said, “It’s done.”

At the next moment, the power coming from Pavilion Master Chu Two experienced a change.

From her body, an aura of ‘extreme evil, impury, and filth’ burst outward.

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

The energy emerging from Pavilion Master Chu couldn’t be any more familiar to him.

It was the evil energy of the Netherworld.

“The evil energy of the Netherworld…” Pavilion Master Chu Two said softly. “This is one of the prices I must pay. It’s time to say goodbye, Song Shuhang.”

Behind her, a huge channel to the Netherworld Realm had opened. It was as if night had descended—the channel enveloped Pavilion Master Chu Two and the newly born Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

“I owe you a favor, and I’ll make sure to pay you back when I have the chance in the future.” Pavilion Master Chu Two waved gently.

At this moment, Song Shuhang’s voice sounded. “How about returning this favor to me right now?”

Song Shuhang froze slightly. F*ck, who’s talking?

Although it was his voice, he wasn’t the one who was talking!

Pavilion Master Chu Two said, “Alright, what do you want? I can give you anything that I have on my person.”

She was in a very good mood right now, and it could be said that she was willing to take any requests. As long as it was something she could obtain right now, she would give it to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang hurriedly said, “No, it isn’t m—”

“Call me daddy!” Song Shuhang’s voice sounded again, his tone full of majesty.

Song Shuhang swore, “F*ck!”

The smile on Pavilion Master Chu Two’s face suddenly froze, and then her expression became cold and scary. “The next time we meet, I will twist your head off!”

After saying that, without waiting for Song Shuhang to explain, she disappeared along with the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

When the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion disappeared, a spatial gate appeared in its vicinity, and then a figure with an umbrella slid into the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The figure holding the umbrella and the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion disappeared at the same time. The moment he disappeared, he turned to Song Shuhang and shouted, “Senior Tyrannical Song, it seems as if you still owe me money?”

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and shouted at the air, “Senior Chu, it wasn’t me who was talking just now. I have no desire to have you call me daddy!”

F*ck, who was making trouble using my voice just now?

However, Pavilion Master Chu Two had already disappeared.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth. “I would like to know which senior just passed by. Can you please come over here and meet with me?!”

If Pavilion Master Chu Two twists my head off next time, I’ll become a ghost and mess with that damn bastard forever.

“Thank you.” At this moment, the voice rang in Song Shuhang’s ear again.

This thank you was gentle and extremely sincere.

Afterward, the whole world calmed down.

Pavilion Master Chu Two was gone. She had most likely entered the Netherworld Realm.

The sound that had rung in Song Shuhang’s ear also disappeared.

He rubbed his eyebrows in distress. What had happened was too strange.

After letting out a long sigh, he turned his head and looked toward Western Orchid Island.

Right, I have to fly back by myself.

Song Shuhang took out the ‘Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades’, and prepared to go back. But right at this time, his ghost spirit began to make trouble.

It urgently conveyed the message to Song Shuhang to let it come out.

Song Shuhang said, “You want to come out? Okay, come out then.”

The ghost with a vague face emerged from Song Shuhang’s body. Afterward, it quickly flew to the place where Pavilion Master Chu had been standing.

When it reached the place where the ‘Thriving and Withering Trees’ had been previously, it opened its mouth and sucked hard.

In the air, there was a bunch of transparent, liquid-like energy, which was all sucked into its mouth.

Song Shuhang curiously said, “This is… a curse?”

Within this transparent energy, there were cries of despair, which generally came from incomparably terrifying curses.

Had this curse been shed from ‘Pavilion Master Chu Two’ and the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?

And now, his ghost spirit was devouring it.

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows. “That’s right… My ghost spirits do seem to have a talent for devouring curses, regardless if it was the first or the second.”

The ghost spirit unceasingly swallowed the energy.

Song Shuhang’s ear listened attentively to the crying sound.

It was the desperate cry of a woman; she was crying while speaking in the ancient language.

“It’s Pavilion Master Chu’s voice.” Song Shuhang recognized the woman’s voice.

The ancient language was still too complicated for Song Shuhang to understand as he was still a beginner.

But he could guess the meaning of the words.

It was back then… After the destruction of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, the desperate Pavilion Master Chu cursed herself.

As he continued to listen, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

He said, “I was looking into the distance while neglecting what was right beside me.”

At that time, he had badgered the immortal boat shop operator, Little Ke, to teach him how he should roll his tongue for some phrases of the ancient language. In hindsight, was this not clearly a waste of energy?

Although the puppet maiden was unwilling to teach him the ancient language, he still had Pavilion Master Chu who was in the Inner World, idle and blowing bubbles all day long.

Wouldn’t it be enough for him to directly ask her for help?

Song Shuhang happily opened the Inner World, and said to Pavilion Master Chu, “Senior Chu, I’ve been learning the language of the ancient era recently. If you have time, can you teach me how to speak it?”

Pavilion Master Chu replied, “Mm-hm, okay.”

She continued to blow bubbles, seeming to be pondering something.

She didn’t even ask Song Shuhang about what had happened to Pavilion Master Chu Two after she put on Skylark’s head.

Song Shuhang said, “Then it’s settled.”

He now had an ancient language teacher that he brought with him everywhere he went.

With Pavilion Master Chu and the Learning God System, learning the language of the ancient era was just around the corner.

At this moment, Pavilion Master Chu suddenly asked, “Huh? What’s this sound?”

Song Shuhang responded, “Hm?”

Pavilion Master Chu asked, “Do you hear the sound of a woman crying? It’s a particularly sad voice that resonates with people’s hearts. For some reason, after listening to her, I want to cry along with her.”

Song Shuhang answered, “Mm-hm, yeah. It’s the sound of Pavilion Master Chu’s crying.”

Pavilion Master Chu curiously inquired, “You made the other me cry?”

“How could I possibly do that? It’s me who wants to cry.” Song Shuhang sighed quietly.

As he recalled the baffling “Call me daddy!”, his stomach began churning.

Song Shuhang said, “This sound is coming from a curse; within it is recorded Senior Chu’s voice. Do you want to listen to it? I can broadcast it to you.”

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Okay.”

Song Shuhang controlled the Inner World, and broadcast the cry coming from the ‘curse’, as well as Pavilion Master Chu’s words, which were in the ancient language.

“…” Pavilion Master Chu.

It turned out to be this… a part of her dark history. When she introduced the history of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion to Song Shuhang, she had deliberately skipped this part.

Unexpectedly, this black stain in her past was now unearthed by Song Shuhang.

Pavilion Master Chu was at a loss for words.

Song Shuhang comforted, “But Senior Chu, don’t worry about it. I’ve got some good news to tell you: the other you has already found a way to resummon all of the members of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Perhaps one day, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion will be rebuilt.”

Pavilion Master Chu nodded silently.

Song Shuhang said, “Right, Senior Chu. After my clone and I switch positions, can you start teaching me the ancient language? There are a few phrases I learned through the Learning God System in the morning, but I just can’t figure out how to roll my tongue to pronounce them.”

Pavilion Master Chu remarked, “I already regret my decision.”

“???” Song Shuhang.


“The ancient language, I won’t teach it to you anymore,” Pavilion Master Chu said, going back to blowing bubbles.

Song Shuhang responded, “Huh?”

It was said that a woman’s heart was unpredictable.

However, wasn’t Pavilion Master Chu’s mood changing a bit too quickly?

Could it be that due to her only having her head right now, and no longer even having a heart, she became even more unpredictable?

Pavilion Master Chu said, “After I teach you the ancient language, won’t you be able to understand this dark history of mine? Why would I willingly help you learn of my dark past?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

The next time I make an agreement with Pavilion Master Chu, I must make her sign a contract first.

“Alright, I was joking with you. I still have to thank you for helping the other me,” Pavilion Master Chu said gently. “When you want to learn the ancient language, just come to me. Anyway, I’m… very idle right now.”

Song Shuhang said, “Okay, that’s a deal.”

A woman’s heart really was unpredictable.

One shouldn’t even guess what they were thinking, as it would simply be in vain.

After the ghost spirit finished devouring the huge ‘curse’, it let out a burp, and returned to Song Shuhang’s body contentedly.

Song Shuhang took out the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades, and returned to the restaurant first.

Afterward, he switched places with his clones, which was in H City.

After the switch, his clone was back at the restaurant, and began to use the Learning God System to study the ancient language.

Song Shuhang had to hurry before Pavilion Master Chu changed her mind again.

Once he encountered something that he couldn’t understand in the Learning God System, he immediately had to go to the Inner World to find her.

Song Shuhang’s body was back at the large formation in H City.

When he returned, he saw Doudou sniffing everywhere, as if he were looking for something.

Song Shuhang asked, “Doudou, what are you doing?”

“Looking for treasures. Here, I found it.” Doudou happily dug a hole at the side of the tribulation-transcending formation.

Inside were a set of magical clothes, medicinal pills, spirit stones, and a mobile phone.

These were Demon Monarch Anzhi’s things.

Doudou happily said, “These pills are not bad. We can split them equally.”

“Good job, Doudou.” Song Shuhang gave a thumbs up.

He grabbed Demon Monarch Anzhi’s phone first.

The phone had a fingerprint lock, but since Demon Monarch Anzhi was in his Inner World, it would be easy for him to unlock it.

As he turned on the mobile phone, a chat interface popped up.

The last message that was sent was addressed to Young Master Hai.

Young Master Hai: “See you at the Fifth Stage.”

Demon Monarch Anzhi: “Accurately speaking, we’ll see each other again when we’re at the Fifth Stage and have eight dragon patterns.”

“Oh, it’s Young Master Hai.” Song Shuhang was excited.

He used Demon Monarch Anzhi’s cell phone to send a message. “Fifth Stage and eight dragon patterns? Too weak. I now have five golden cores, the first and second of which have nine dragon patterns. Let me ask you, are you afraid?”

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