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Chapter 1551: Energy refiner

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Song Shuhang replied, “Those Celestials? They didn’t disappear. I simply captured them using a magical technique… After all, living Celestials are more valuable than dead ones.”

After the Fifth Stage loose cultivator heard this, he felt happy. “Then can you please help me by checking if the body of my companion ‘Long Qianjun’ is in the hands of those Celestials, Senior Tyrannical Song?”

This Fifth Stage loose cultivator was called ‘Daoist Profound Ice’.

Originally, he and his companion Long Qianjun were exploring a ruin nearby. When the passage between the various realms of the universe opened, it caused some spaces similar to secret realms to appear.

These ‘secret realms’ were actually small nodes in space between the main world and the other worlds.

The energy within these small nodes was unstable, and could not form a complete spatial tunnel, so they eventually formed this kind of ‘secret realm’ space.

Through the node, one could enter a small patch of area at another place in the universe.

These spatial nodes were very unstable, and could disappear at any time. Moreover, there was no knowing what would be inside. If one was lucky, they could get some good treasures. On the other hand, if they were unlucky, they might find themselves an untimely death and an undesirable grave—like dying in a septic tank.

However, for loose cultivators, these secret realm-like spaces were all opportunities that could not be missed. What if they were to get a good treasure from inside them?

Daoist Profound Ice and Long Qianjun had just come out of a secret realm when they were attacked by the Celestials.

Long Qianjun’s strength was relatively low. After being chased by the Celestials for a while, he was shot through by their arrows. His body was then captured by the chains of the Celestial aircraft.

Daoist Profound Ice hoped to take back his companion’s body so that he could give him a proper burial.

If Long Qianjun’s soul was still there, he might even be able to find a way to have him keep practicing as a ghost.

“Your companion? My condolences,” Song Shuhang said softly. “I will search these Celestials for you. However, your companion’s body might still be on the celestial aircraft. Is the aircraft still there?”

Doudou replied, “The aircraft was destroyed by yours truly. The wreckage isn’t that far away.”

Song Shuhang said, “I will catch the three Fourth Stage Celestials first, and then look for the aircraft.”

At the same time, he sent the virtuous lamia and the ghost spirit with a vague face into the Inner World to search the Celestials who were now imprisoned in the Palace of Winter.

Soon, the virtuous lamia and the ghost spirit found a size-reducing bottle on each of the seven Fifth Stage Celestials’ bodies.

Song Shuhang used to have trouble trying to get a ‘size-reducing purse’, but now he had 57 small bottles that worked the same way.

Inside were a large number of pills, javelins, bows, and arrows, all of which were of the Fifth Stage.

If he found himself to have no use for these things, he could simply sell them for spirit stones.

The virtuous lamia forcibly undid the restrictions on these small bottles, and searched the items hidden within these small bottles.

Sure enough, she found the soulless body of a Fifth Stage cultivator riddled with arrows in one of the small bottles.

Song Shuhang took out the small bottle and sighed when he saw the tragic state of Long Qianjun.

The world of cultivators was full of dangers. If careless, even a Fifth Stage golden core cultivator could find themselves dead.

Life and death could all take place in the blink of an eye.

“Is this your friend?” Song Shuhang handed the vial to Daoist Profound Ice.

Daoist Profound Ice took the bottle, and poured his consciousness into it.

“Yes, he is my companion, Long Qianjun,” Daoist Profound Ice said softly, and a feeling of sadness overwhelmed his heart.

He was a Fifth Stage cultivator that had lived for several hundred years, so he thought that he had already seen through life and death. However, when he saw his companion die in front of his eyes, he couldn’t prevent this feeling of sadness from erupting within him.

Song Shuhang softly asked, “Does he have any means of resurrection?”

Daoist Profound Ice shook his head. “The means of resurrection for people at the Fifth Stage aren’t easy to obtain. Even the elites of many large sects have no such means. What’s more, we loose cultivators might obtain a resurrection formation as I did, but not have the materials to complete it even after nearly 30 years of searching.”

Song Shuhang fell silent.

It turns out that it was so hard to find a way to revive.

It might be because his own resurrection magical treasures had been obtained so easily that he had unknowingly cultivated the idea that they could be found anywhere.

In retrospect, he had bought a whole set of ‘Resurrection Gold Coins’ from Fairy Almighty Seller in one go. He was really lucky.

Daoist Profound Ice stretched out his hand, and took out the body of his friend from the bottle before handing the bottle back to Song Shuhang.

“You can take that bottle…” Song Shuhang remarked. “There is some fate between us, so you can use it to store your companion’s body back. Don’t refuse, I still have a lot of similar things in my hands.”

Daoist Profound Ice softly said, “Thank you, Senior Tyrannical Song.”

Senior Tyrannical Song, when met in person, was not as scary as the rumors stated. He didn’t have the hobby of making others pregnant.


After storing the body of Long Qianjun in the small bottle, Daoist Profound Ice took out a package from his robe, and handed it to Song Shuhang. “Senior Tyrannical Song, I don’t have much to repay you for the grace of saving my life with. However, this is what my companion and I found in the secret realm, please take it.”

Senior Tyrannical Song saved his life, returned his companion’s body to him, and even gave him a small storage treasure.

This show of kindness left Daoist Profound Ice feeling that he should give something to Senior Tyrannical Song.

After thinking about it, he felt that it was too vulgar to directly give the other party spirit stones… In the end, he felt that this treasure that they’d brought out of the secret realm was most suitable.

After handing the things to Song Shuhang, Daoist Profound Ice politely said to Song Shuhang and Doudou, “Dog fellow daoist, Senior Tyrannical Song, may we meet again in the future if fate permits it. If there’s anything that this dog fellow daoist or Senior Tyrannical Song needs help with in the future, you can call me, and I will definitely not refuse to lend a hand.”

Daoist Profound Ice then left with the body of his companion.

“This guy has a good character. I’ll tell Yellow Mountain about him,” Doudou said softly. Then, he looked at the package in Song Shuhang’s hand. “What is this?”

Song Shuhang opened the small package, revealing a mechanical device slightly larger than a fist. It looked very high-tech and had the appearance of a globe…


“It doesn’t have any spiritual energy fluctuations, or any other energy fluctuations. Is it some black technology?” Doudou asked.

It did not have any energy fluctuations whatsoever, but its complicated structure made people feel that it was valuable.

Perhaps because of this, Daoist Profound Ice and his companion brought it out of the ‘secret realm’.

Song Shuhang stretched out his finger and touched the treasure.

The fingertip of the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove receded, and he turned on his smoke state as he used the secret appraisal technique.


The cost of the appraisal was very small. Song Shuhang only received a small wound on his smokey body, and there was barely any pain at all.

[Energy Refiner: a Fifth Stage magical treasure’s component. It can extract the energy from various energy ores and convert it into usable pure energy. It can also be used to refine the power in various ‘energy cores’, transform them, and make them useful.]

“An energy refiner? It’s the component of a Fifth Stage magical treasure.” Song Shuhang stored it in his magical bracelet.

He couldn’t think of any use for this thing at the moment.


And to be honest, a Fifth Stage magical treasure wouldn’t be able to help Song Shuhang much.

Song Shuhang said, “I’ll ask if any senior in the group knows how to use this thing… Or I can give it to Senior White, he should be very interested in this kind of thing.”

While he was talking, he sent his ghost spirit to capture the three Fourth Stage Celestials.

Then, he took out his phone, and prepared to enter the Nine Provinces Number One Group to ask around.

But when he turned on his phone, he found that he had just received a message.

It was the shop operator Little Ke from ‘Huipo No. 1111 Game Equipment Trading Platform’, and the message was: “Senior Yellow Mountain, the design for the transformer-type immortal boat you requested has been completed. I will now send it to you. If you’re satisfied with it, we can send it for production.”.

These guys were really professional, and they had great efficiency at that.

Yesterday, they had agreed to have the design ready for tomorrow morning, and now, here they were.

Song Shuhang opened the design and took a look.

Of the complicated design and the dazzling professional vocabulary, he understood nothing.

It was practically no different from seeing some scribbles.

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows, and he replied, “Fairy Little Ke, will it really be able to transform?”

Little Ke replied, “Yes, transformation designs are a very simple matter for us. If Senior Yellow Mountain can’t understand the designs, you can directly look at the last two pages. Those are the immortal boat’s car and mecha form. There are several choices for the appearance, you can simply choose one of them.”

At the same time, one thing became more certain in her mind. Doudou had to be the one buying this ‘transformer-type immortal boat’. Senior Yellow Mountain was an expert when it came to immortal boats, and he could understand this kind of design at a glance.

Song Shuhang followed Little Ke’s instructions, and turned directly to the last page.

Above, there were various car styles. Song Shuhang only needed to choose one.

Then, there were three mecha transformations. Song Shuhang could also choose his favorite state among the three.

Song Shuhang said, “Doudou, help me see. Which one is better?”

“Woof, are you buying an immortal boat?” Doudou immediately became interested.


The two began to look at the transformer immortal boat’s styles and appearance.


On Western Orchid Island, the busy Island Master Tian Tiankong and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman welcomed a guest.

“Sorry, Fellow Daoist Tian Tiankong… I was involved in some messy incidents on my way to Heavenly Field Island, causing me to lose contact with the outside world. I was only able to rush over now.” The guest smiled bitterly. “Is little friend Shuhang still here? I came here as agreed upon to take the Sixth Stage Celestial away. Besides that, do you still need help here on Heavenly Field Island?”

“Swordsman Drunken Emperor, you made an agreement with Song Shuhang?” Island Master Tian Tiankong replied. “However, little friend Shuhang has already left.”


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