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Chapter 1544: The shop owner: There is only one truth

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“…” The shop owner.

My shop sells immortal boats, why would we need an operator who can speak the ancient language?

Are you just trying to embarrass me?

In the face of customers who make things difficult for the shop, my response will be… it’s fine!

The buyer was Senior Yellow Mountain, a newly ascended Venerable.

Everyone in the world of cultivation knew of Senior Yellow Mountain’s wide range of connections.

Most importantly, Senior Yellow Mountain was an old customer. He had already bought nearly 300 items from this shop. Such a huge customer could be forgiven for making a slightly excessive request every now and then. He might even praise him.

The shop owner replied, “Senior Yellow Mountain, please wait for a moment. I’ll go and ask.”

Two minutes later.

An operator girl named ‘Little Ke’ took over the shop owner in attending to him. “Hello, Senior Yellow Mountain. I’m Little Ke, your operator for this transaction. I know a bit of the language of the ancient era, so Senior Yellow Mountain, what is it that you need?”

“I want to know how to pronounce the two lines [A phoenix cry within bamboo, a white foal at an eatery. Transformed by the vegetation, becoming reliant on everything.] from the Thousand Character in the ancient language. Whenever I try to say these two lines, my tongue keeps on failing to adjust properly. Is there a trick to it?” Song Shuhang typed tremblingly.

Little Ke responded, “Senior Yellow Mountain is learning the ancient language? Yes, these two sentences are slightly more difficult to pronounce in the ancient language because your tongue needs to go through more than 10 kinds of changes. How do I explain this… It should look like ↑↑↓↑←↖↗↙. How about I send a short video to Senior so that you can see how the tongue is supposed to change during the process?”

Song Shuhang trembled, and said, “Okay, then I’ll be troubling you.”

After a while, Little Ke sent a video to Shuhang.

Song Shuhang first turned down the phone’s volume.

The video opened, and the girl’s tongue moved flexibly on the screen, demonstrating the changes of the tongue needed to speak the ancient language.

This truly was something that ordinary people would be unable to achieve.

Song Shuhang realized one thing—fellow daoists who knew the ancient language ​​definitely possessed a flexible tongue.

With the video explanation from Little Ke, Song Shuhang went back to the ‘Learning God System’ to try it a few times himself. And eventually, he managed to accomplish it.

Sure enough, when it came to lessons on the ancient language, merely listening to the ‘pronunciation’ was not enough. It had to be accompanied by a demonstration video highlighting the ‘tongue changes’.

I should write this point down and tell Senior White about it when the time comes.

When Senior White upgrades the ‘Learning God System’, he should add this feature.

In addition, this shop assistant girl is attentive and very good at explaining. In a while, after I purchase an immortal boat, I must give her a five-star rating.

After successfully passing this level, Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief. He stopped being a practice target for the electric figure, and got his Learning God Points.

Little Ke asked, “Senior Yellow Mountain, do you have any other questions?”

Although it was very unusual to be teaching the language of the ancient era when selling things, the other party was Senior Yellow Mountain, a huge customer, and he had to be given some privileges.

Song Shuhang asked, “Not for the time being. Thank you, Fairy Little Ke. By the way, if I have a problem with the ancient language ​​next time, can I still call you?”

“…” Little Ke.

After a while, Little Ke cautiously replied, “Senior Yellow Mountain, I am very busy.”

The shop owner told her to be gentle and do her best not to offend Senior Yellow Mountain, so she did not refuse him directly.

Song Shuhang began to discuss things with Little Ke seriously. “Alright then, let’s get back to talking about the immortal boat. I’m very interested in the ‘hybrid’ model, and would like to know how good it is.”

Even now, he was still multitasking, with him listening to the lesson while purchasing an immortal boat.

The main reason Song Shuhang was interested in this hybrid model was that it would save him money.

It could be fueled with both jet fuel and spirit stones, and most importantly, this thing could also be filled with a cultivator’s own spiritual energy.

This was something Song Shuhang particularly fancied.

He currently had five cores and a high-level ghost spirit, and thus belonged to the group of people with a lot of spare spiritual energy. With the immortal boat, he would be able to use more of his otherwise idle spiritual energy while flying around.

After seeing that “Senior Yellow Mountain” had finally stopped talking about the language of the ancient era, Little Ke was greatly relieved. In the end, her proficiency in the ancient language wasn’t that high, either; she was just a beginner.

Afterward, she quickly introduced Song Shuhang to the performance-to-price ratio and functions of the latest model.

Song Shuhang asked, “Can I change how the immortal boat looks?”

On the screen, the immortal boats’ appearance was mostly that of a ‘boat’.

Little Ke added, “As long as you desire it, you can change the outward appearance of the hybrid immortal boat. However, there will normally be an additional fee for the modification… but since Senior Yellow Mountain is an old customer, the shop owner said that the modification fee will be waived. Nevertheless, do note that if the shape is too peculiar, it may affect the speed of the immortal boat’s flight.”

Song Shuhang quickly asked, “Can it be made into a Transformer?”

Rushing toward the blue sky and space was a man’s dream.

Driving large robots was also a man’s dream—provided that the driver’s cabin was not in the robot’s fist.

Little Ke replied, “This type of thing usually only looks complicated, but isn’t actually that difficult to achieve.”

Song Shuhang said, “Then I would prefer it to be customized this way… When it comes to the shape, the basic shape should be an ordinary car. That way, I can use it as a car when it is not transformed, and it won’t just be a waste of space during normal times. However, please note that I don’t want it to be a hand-guided tractor or an excavator, the appearance of an ordinary car is truly what I’m hoping for.”

Little Ke responded, “No problem, the concept drawings should be available tomorrow morning at the latest. I will send them to Senior at that time so that you can check them.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Sure.”

Little Ke said, “Then, I wish Senior Yellow Mountain’s practice to proceed well. Does Senior have any other questions?”

Song Shuhang said, “No, but I will look for you if anything does come up.”

Little Ke responded, “Okay, goodbye, Senior Yellow Mountain.”

After ending the call, the girl pinched her chin and said to the shop owner, “Shop owner, I’m getting the feeling that Senior Yellow Mountain’s behavior was a bit off today, even the way he chatted was weird. Moreover, he asked for an immortal boat that can transform like a Transformer…”

When the shop owner heard this, he suddenly came to a realization. “I understand now. No wonder I felt that Senior Yellow Mountain’s style today was off. Anyway, the answer is very clear. The one we were chatting with just now was not Senior Yellow Mountain.”

 “Who was it then?” Little Ke asked.

Another girl nearby smiled, and said, “Who else can it be? It must be Senior Yellow Mountain’s monster pet, Doudou.”

The shop owner agreed. “Indeed, apart from Doudou, no one else would use Senior Yellow Mountain’s account to make trouble like this. And the way Senior Yellow Mountain spoke just now was also similar to Doudou’s.”

Little Ke asked, “Then… do we still proceed with the order?”

The shop owner laughed, and said, “Of course, why would we not? Senior Yellow Mountain is very fond of Doudou. If Doudou uses Senior Yellow Mountain’s account to place an order, Senior Yellow Mountain will still pay in the end, so we have nothing to worry about.”

Another person said, “Last time, even after Doudou came up with the ❮Stupid Yellow Mountain’s Song❯ at the hand-guided tractor competition, Senior did not punish Doudou much. Doudou having become Senior Yellow Mountain’s monster pet was truly its good fortune.”

At the Yellow Mountain.

Doudou, who was meditating and focusing on breaking through to the Fifth Stage Realm, suddenly felt his heart become stifled.

Doudou said, “I feel as if someone is speaking ill of me behind my back.”

Still, who could be insulting him behind his back?

Generally speaking, the one who complained the most about him was Zhou Li. After all, he had to chase after Doudou every time he ran away from home, and this created a lot of grievances. However, Zhou Li’s relationship with his wife was very good as of late, and they were stuck together with glue; he shouldn’t have the time to be talking ill behind his back.

So… was it Shuhang?

“Recently, when it comes to speaking ill of me, other than Zhou Li, there’s only Song Shuhang. It’s decided, I will pay him a visit in a few days.” Doudou jumped up and pulled himself together.

It was wrong to meditate too much and become oblivious to worldly affairs.

Therefore, he decided to meet with Shuhang before ascending to the Fifth Stage; furthermore, he’d heard that Chu Chu had become Shuhang’s disciple.

“Although I feel that I’ll ascend to the Fifth Stage safely, one can never be too confident. Therefore, I will go and meet my friends one last time before transcending my tribulation.” Doudou began to look for reasons to justify his actions.

This time, he was not going to run away from home.

Even a dog would grow up eventually. If he continued with this routine of running away from home, Stupid Yellow Mountain would become numb to it. Therefore, he decided to go to Yellow Mountain first, and ask if he could go to see Shuhang.

After all, there was an 80% chance that Yellow Mountain would agree to let him go.

“It’s decided then. I’ll go and look for him on the weekend and have a lot of fun.” After Doudou said that, he quickly flew to where Yellow Mountain was.

The morning class was soon going to be over, and after that was the lunch break.

Then, there would be more classes in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, Song Shuhang took another lesson on the ancient language, and used the rest of the time to learn the ❮Heavenly Master’s Techniques—Thunder Chapter❯. The first few magical techniques in the Thunder Chapter were the Lightning Finger, Lightning Palm, and the Lightning Drawing Technique.

The Lightning Drawing Technique was divided into several stages—1 bolt, 2 bolts, 3 bolts, 4 bolts, and 5 bolts.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang’s clone changed the sign of their restaurant on Western Orchid Island to prevent people from asking for an ‘escape service’.

Chu Chu was helping out with the restaurant. She began to practice the Immortal Chef Secret Technique she had obtained from the sealed space.

Currently, she was practicing her knife and cooking skills on ordinary ingredients.

Song Shuhang had quietly provided her with a portion of those ‘green onion sprouts’, asking her to practice the part of the ❮Immortal Chef Secret Technique❯ that allowed her to remove the ‘monster qi’ from them. This was something that he should not let Lady Onion know for the time being.

Other than the fat ball giving him a bout of excitement in the morning, the rest of the day was rather peaceful.

The puppet maiden did not return to him, and instead took Little Yinzhu to Senior Medicine Master’s building to rest. She seemed to have bought a lot of things. Song Shuhang was slightly worried as to whether or not he had given her enough money to spend.

Song Shuhang wondered how long it had been since he’d last laid on a bed like this, staring at the moonlight outside the window.

After today, there were still four more days before his resurrection cooldown went off.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Good night, everyone.”

Today, he had flown all the way from Western Orchid Island to Jiangnan University Town, where he had a bout with the fat ball. All of this led to him being quite tired.

Song Shuhang closed his eyes and circulated the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯, recovering his mental energy while he slept.

Song Shuhang seemed to have fallen asleep again.

In his dreams, he felt a small hand pressing on his head, gently stroking it.

The little hand was soft and comfortable.

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