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Chapter 1543: Shop owner, can you speak the ancient language? If not, can I have someone who can speak it attend to me instead?


Why did the liquid metal ball appear inside this time’s battle loot?

Anyway, what was the loot this time, was it a part of the fat ball’s body? Or was it the materialization of the power it had hidden within Fairy Skylark’s body, which was now in this seed?

As he stared at the seed, the plump and life-like fat ball caused Song Shuhang to feel that it was very dangerous.

So, what should he do with this ‘seed’?

After thinking about it, Song Shuhang temporarily kept it in his magical bracelet.

He wasn’t going to plant it in the Inner World. After all, what if the fat ball’s clone ended up sprouting from the seed?

He felt that this seed should instead be planted in Senior White Two’s world of the black lotus. At that time, if by any chance the clone of the fat ball did indeed come out from the seed, Senior White Two would be able to suppress it.

[Shuhang, how are things at your side? My connection with you was severed just now. Did your Inner World cower again?] Senior White Two’s voice sounded in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang said, his heart stifled, [Yeah… I’m so tired.]

It was his ultimate trump card, but there weren’t many opportunities for it to really come in handy.

However, Song Shuhang couldn’t really blame it. It was him who frequently participated in forays at the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender-level.

Song Shuhang replied, [Just now, the fat ball used Senior Skylark’s body to come and look for me. It disguised itself very well, and I did not discover it right away. I had nearly gotten swindled by it. Fortunately, Senior White, you were bombing its main body, causing its clone to be affected… Otherwise, I might have died today.]

Senior White Two said, [Hehe, since your Inner World is back, does that mean that the fat ball failed?]

White Two seemed to be in a rush from his voice, just as if he was being… chased?

Song Shuhang asked, [Mm-hm, when it forcibly read my memories, it received a backlash. I was quite lucky today. When it was reading my memories, surprisingly enough, my spiritual world did not sustain any damage. After that, I was able to take advantage of the backlash the fat ball suffered to use the ‘Impregnating Gaze + Embryonic Gaze’ combo on it, which ultimately led to this seed being born. I’m here to tell you that planting this seed appears to be a matter that needs more consideration, because within the seed is a miniature version of the fat ball. As such, I dare not plant it in the Inner World. Senior White, would you be willing to plant it in your world of the black lotus?]

Senior White Two smiled, and said, [Of course your spiritual world is very stable, don’t forget that I strengthened it for you just now. As for the seed you mentioned, when we meet next time, you can give it to me… I’d like to see if I can end up cultivating a small fat ball. Anyway, let’s stop talking for now. The fat ball has gone crazy, and it’s attacking me fiercely. Oh my~ I almost got hit. Oh, by the way, you don’t have to worry about the fat ball troubling you anytime soon; I will be keeping an eye on it. I won’t let it go to the main world and bully the weak. Anyway, I’ll be hanging up first, we’ll meet up again after the cooldown for your resurrection comes down.]

After saying that, Senior White Two ended their communication.

Song Shuhang didn’t even get the chance to express his gratitude.

Song Shuhang silently said in his mind, “It’s great that the fat ball won’t be coming to bother me for some time. With that, the one I fear the most in the universe right now is the big-eyed planet.”

The fat ball would not be able to come, while the big-eyed planet did not have any way of directly descending to Earth and attacking him. After all, it had just left the Wielder’s small black room, so if it were to come again, it would definitely be locked up inside once more.

As long as these two big shots didn’t show up for some time, he would be able to live a stable life for a few days.

There were still five days before the cooldown for his Resurrection Gold Coin went down.

It was a pity that Time City had been overused and consumed too much energy. Otherwise, he could simply stay inside Time City for a day and quickly have the cooldown go down.

“However, this is fine as well… I’ll be able to use this time to take a break, and catch up on some knowledge on cultivation,” Song Shuhang silently said in his mind as he thought of becoming a reliable senior.

In fact, as a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, he had long been rather unconcerned about things like ‘going to school’.

For the past Song Shuhang, his main occupation was still being a university student. But for the current him, university was merely akin to a place for vacation.

He could come and rest here whenever he was tired.

If something happened, he could have the monster willow Qing Wu continue to go to school in his stead. Either that or have his clone come over… The clone was most useful for chatting in the group chat + going to school.

“I’ll make use of these few days to master the ancient language. I’ll try to use the language of the ancient era when talking with the puppet maiden and Senior White. After that, I’ll use the language of the ancient era to call out Fairy Waiting for a Promise.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and pressed on the icon of the ‘3D Calabash Brothers’ picture on his waist.

The “Learning God System” made by Senior White had a module made specifically for learning the language of the ancient era.

The long-lost classroom lecture atmosphere.

Song Shuhang sat with his three roommates, opened his textbook, and listened to the professor lecturing on the podium.

However, Song Shuhang was actually multitasking at this time.

While listening to the class, a part of his consciousness was inside the ‘Learning God System’ and had begun on the task of learning the ancient language.

After mastering the ancient language, if Senior Yellow Mountain were to add a new member to the group in the future, he could at least pretend to be a senior by using the ancient language. As he thought about this, he looked forward to the future.

One should know that, at the moment, there were not that many members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group who were fluent in the language of the ancient era.

At this time, Gao Moumou, who was by his side, suddenly called out to him, “Shuhang?”

Song Shuhang turned his head curiously and looked at Gao Moumou. “What’s the matter?”

Gao Moumou pinched his chin and nodded.

Then he pushed his glasses up, turned to his girlfriend Yayi, and said, “Indeed, today’s Song Shuhang isn’t cute at all. It might be that he remembered to take his medicine today and is no longer cute. Tell the other girls in class that they should try again tomorrow instead.”

Yayi smiled and nodded, showing her cute canine teeth.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Sorry, it will still be the same tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will still be me, and not Qingwu in disguise, so it’s impossible for me to be cute. After all, I follow a rather stubborn style, practicing three great body-tempering techniques, are you not afraid?

In the class, the professor’s voice continued to sound unceasingly.

In the ‘Learning God System’, Song Shuhang was about to collapse.

When the Learning God System began to teach the language of the ancient era, it still relied on the ❮Thousand Characters❯ as the foundation…

Previously, Song Shuhang learned the first ten sentences of the ❮Thousand Characters❯. The sky was black and earth yellow. The universe, vast and limitless. The sun rises and sets, the moon full or parsed. Stars and residences spread all over. Cold and heat come and go. Autumn’s harvest, Winter’s keep. The time fixed to a year. Everything attuned to balance…

These ten sentences were read in the language of the ancient era: ¥@#×,) (%~.%&?$…

This time, the lesson continued right where it left off.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, “I’ll strongly recommend that Senior White change the ❮Thousand Characters❯ to the ❮Three-Character Classic❯. It would be best to start with good morning, good afternoon, good night, and have you eaten? These ones would be a lot better to start learning with.”

In the Learning God System, it was the electric current humanoid that taught the ancient language.

Its teaching method was to say one sentence and have Song Shuhang repeat that sentence afterward.

There was a reward for reading it right, and punishment for reading it wrong.

Once he finished reading, the electric figure would throw an electric ball over.

“Tzz~ Tzz~” Song Shuhang became numb all over because of the current.

It seemed that due to Song Shuhang’s resistance to ‘electricity’ previously, the power of the electric current this time had been significantly strengthened.

If the power last time was at LV1, it was at LV5 this time.

Song Shuhang felt it slightly unbearable.

However, his tongue just couldn’t roll smoothly.

Was he really just innately at odds with the ancient language?

While thinking about it, he received a message on his phone while in his multitasking state.

It was a message sent to him by Senior Yellow Mountain: “I’ve received the Celestial aircraft. The aircraft is almost undamaged and in good condition, which makes it convenient for research. Little friend Shuhang, I will send you a link to a webpage for ordering immortal boats. You can check it out and see if there’s anything there that suits your wishes. If there isn’t, then you can have a custom one made to your liking. After you choose, tell me and I will pay for it for you. I will give you my account name and password, use it to log in.”

After saying that, Senior Yellow Mountain sent a link to a web page, along with his own account name and password.

Song Shuhang silently said in his mind, “There’s even online shopping for immortal boats now? It really is amazing how well caught up they are with the times.”

The webpage soon opened.

[Huipo No. 1111 Game Equipment Trading Platform]

Song Shuhang: “…”

It’s a game equipment trading platform, did Senior Yellow Mountain send me the wrong link?

Does Senior Yellow Mountain like to play games while practicing? As well as make in-game purchases?

“Senior Yellow Mountain, this is a game equipment trading platform,” Song Shuhang tremblingly replied—learning can be multitasked, but the electric shock from the Learning God System directly affected one’s spirit.

Senior Yellow Mountain replied, “That’s the one. After you log in, click on ‘mobile game equipment transaction’, and then click on the [Immortal Boat Section] below. Log in with my account and they will know that you are a customer who is looking to buy an immortal boat. The fairy inside can help you take a look at all the boat styles, call me if you find anything.”

Song Shuhang followed Senior Yellow Mountain’s direction and entered the page for immortal boats.

Suddenly, a dazzling array of immortal boat styles blinded him.

There were all kinds of immortal boats that could be found on this page.

There were huge ones that spanned hundreds of meters long, with the prices rising higher and higher… ones that Song Shuhang couldn’t afford.

There were those with normal sizes, but their appearance, speed, and performance varied.

Song Shuhang even saw an old model that used jet fuel…

Besides all of these fuel-consuming ones, are there also electric models?

There really is!

The hybrid used both spirit stones and electricity, and if a cultivator felt the need to, they could use their own spiritual energy as well.

This model is quite interesting.

Song Shuhang reached out and opened the customer service.

The shop owner asked kindly, “Hello, Senior Yellow Mountain, which immortal boat model do you want to purchase this time?”

Song Shuhang stretched out his trembling hand and typed in, “Shop owner, can you speak the language of the ancient era?”

The shop owner: “???”

Song Shuhang asked tremblingly, “Can you?”

The shop owner said, “Sorry, Senior Yellow Mountain. I don’t know much about the ancient language.”

While continuing to tremble, Song Shuhang said, “Then, shop owner, can I have someone who can speak it attend to me instead?”

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