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Chapter 1542: A kind-hearted fairy maiden who likes to help others

The fat ball: “???”

It could feel that the will it had left in Skylark’s body had received a destructive hit.

That sentence, [The eyes of God, gazing into the future], turned into a storm of destruction in its spiritual world, sweeping and destroying everything within it. The power of this storm was great enough to forcibly crush the will and consciousness it had left in Skylark’s body!

With this, the evil energy of the Netherworld, mental energy, will, and seals that it had left in Skylark’s body all dissipated.

This feeling… this voice… it was all so familiar.

Although the other party only had a single leg, and their face was covered with a layer of holy light…

When it came to the fat ball, even if that guy were to turn into ashes, it would not mistake him for someone else.

“White! It’s you, you f*cking *******!” The fat ball’s will fragment roared in despair.

In the Netherworld Realm, its main body was being bombarded wildly by White, with its physical body and spirit taking on a combination of explosions and holy light.

And now, the will fragment it had left in Skylark’s physical body had also been destroyed by White.

From its body, to its spirit, and now, to its will, the fat ball was getting beaten up mercilessly.

This is bullying! You’re going too far in bullying me!

The fat ball and White had fought in the Netherworld for countless years. Originally, the two ruled over things equally and had a give-and-take relationship. For example, if today, I were to hit you once, then after some time, you can hit me once.

Moreover, since the two had the same combat power and the same authority, they were generally in a state of equilibrium.

However, in the past few months, whenever it would have a confrontation with White, the fat ball would usually be on the losing side.

At some point, it had managed to trick White into entering the world of the black lotus and sealed him there. However, that bastard had actually settled down there. He had then found a way to project himself into the main world through the world of the black lotus, and then move unrestrained in the main world every day.

Of the plans that it bitterly thought up to mess with White, seven out of ten would end in failure.

In the end, even its old lair, which it had worked on for ten thousand years, had been taken away by that damned White. Not only that, the place where its lair used to be was now just a large pit of nothing.

The lair that it had worked on for so long, its large and glorious lair, gone in the blink of an eye.

The fat ball had felt extremely miserable and bitter recently, but it could not vent at all.

This hatred, and this enmity, was so great that they could no longer share the same sky.

After returning to the Netherworld, it would definitely look for a way to completely seal White and make sure that he would have no way of causing any trouble. Otherwise, with White present, it would never be able to accomplish anything.

If it couldn’t seal White, then it would have its main body constantly fight White, leaving him no time to rest.

As long as White was kept busy, its clone could still go to the main world and accomplish its own tasks.

But now, the most important thing was to transfer Skylark’s body to its second secret base in the Netherworld Realm before the will fragment was completely erased.

Skylark’s physical body was of great significance to it, its importance not being any less than the memories related to the Scholarly Sage.

The memories related to the Scholarly Sage were where its hopes of curing itself lied.

As for Skylark’s physical body, it represented the possibility for it to continue surviving in the Netherworld as a ruler of the Netherworld even after its counterpart, the Wielder of the Will, had died—similar to White who it detested and hated the most.

If there really was no saving the Wielder of the Will, it hoped to at least be able to avoid disappearing by using the bone of eternity, thus becoming the second ruler of the Netherworld not to disappear.

[The next time we meet, I will definitely take all of his memories.] The fat ball gritted its teeth, then used all its remaining power to urge spatial energy as it tried to teleport away Skylark’s physical body.

“Fat ball, don’t even think about leaving.” At this moment, Song Shuhang’s consciousness had recovered.

Previously, when the fat ball was forcibly searching his memories, it was as if he had become a computer, completely powerless under the manipulations of the fat ball.

And when the fat ball opened the memory related to ‘Wielder of the Will White’—getting seriously injured from the phrase [The eyes of God, gazing into the future]—Song Shuhang smoothly recovered from the feeling of becoming a computer.

Afterward, he saw the extremely weak fat ball trying to escape.

How could he let it go just like that?

At this time, it felt as if his right eye was burning, just as if the Scholarly Sage’s eye was actively cooperating with him.

In the end, the Sage had never gotten to see Skylark again, and this had always been a regret in his heart. And now, when Skylark’s body was actually occupied by another existence, the Sage’s instinct that remained in this eye was stimulated.

Impregnating Gaze, maximum power.

And because the Sage’s eye was actively cooperating this time, the Impregnating Gaze that was shot out was released immediately, he didn’t need to accumulate energy at all.

Because of this, the weakened fat ball was unable to avoid the Impregnating Gaze this time.

The strange light from the Sage’s eye fell on her body.

“Not good.” The fat ball felt uneasy.

It had once experienced the Impregnating Gaze, and it had no desire to experience it a second time.

“There’s more, Embryonic Gaze!” Song Shuhang’s right eye’s innate ability also descended on the fat ball-possessed Skylark.

This time, the two skills were performed almost without any break in between.

Before Skylark’s physical body could become ‘pregnant’, she was hit by the Embryonic Gaze.

“Ahhhh~” The fat ball-possessed Skylark moved forward and leaned against Song Shuhang.

On her body, black lines that looked like tattoos appeared, instantly covering Skylark’s entire body.

The effect of the Impregnating Gaze + Embryonic Gaze was different every time.

The first time, it had lignified someone, and the second time, it had petrified someone. This time, was it covering them in patterns?

However, no matter what took place, the result would be the same.

At that time, a flower would bloom and bear fruit, with this fruit containing Song Shuhang’s battle loot.

The possessed Skylark, who was weakly leaning on Song Shuhang’s shoulder, gritted her teeth and said right into Song Shuhang’s ear, “Next time, I will definitely kill you.”

After saying this, a small dot of light emerged from her body, and it flashed away.

Song Shuhang subconsciously reached out, trying to catch this light. However, its speed was simply too high. He hadn’t even extended his hand out when it already disappeared.

That light was the bone of eternity, as well as a metal heart.

At this critical time, the fat ball had abandoned the ship to protect its life. It left Skylark’s body, only carrying away the ‘bone of eternity’ and the metal heart that held its will.

What a pity.

Honestly speaking, Skylark’s body was not very valuable. The most important thing about it was the bone of eternity.

With that bone of eternity, Senior Skylark’s body could be reborn as many times as she wanted.

Song Shuhang thought that this time he would be able to bring the bone of eternity back to Senior Skylark, but it appeared that this was not going to be the case.

Moreover, there was another big problem.

If the bone of eternity was gone, then Skylark’s body, which was in Song Shuhang’s hands, would be considered a corpse by the giant turtles of disaster.

That being said, was a giant turtle of disaster already heading over to retrieve it?

“You should store away this body first to avoid any chaos.” At this time, a sweet voice rang in Song Shuhang’s ear.

It was the secret sound transmission technique.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and quickly threw the tattooed Skylark into the Inner World.

Still, would the students in the area think that Senior Skylark was playing a part in a performance with her sudden disappearance?

Song Shuhang let out a sigh.

The only solution he could think of at the moment was to bring out Lady Onion and use an illusion technique on her so that others would see her as Skylark. This should be able to quell some of the questions.

The problem was that he was still only a beginner at illusion techniques… For such a delicate illusion technique, he had no idea how to perform it.

Just as Song Shuhang was in thought, a figure suddenly approached him.

The figure gently lifted Song Shuhang’s arm.

“Let’s go.” It was the sweet voice from the secret sound transmission.

Song Shuhang looked to the side.

He discovered that ‘Fairy Skylark’ was leaning against him.

However, this wasn’t the real Fairy Skylark.

It was an illusion technique, a very well-done illusion technique.

With the Scholarly Sage’s eye, this layer of illusion could be easily seen through.

The one who was holding his arm was a girl who looked very familiar to him. She had long brown hair that was carefully braided and hung on her left shoulder, and long bangs vaguely covered her eyes.

When she held his arm, Song Shuhang could feel that she had a great figure.

Although she was familiar, Song Shuhang could not recognize her.

“And, you are?” Song Shuhang asked in a low voice.

“I’m just a kind-hearted fairy maiden who just happened to pass by and felt like helping you out.” The braided girl smiled and said, “I’ve used an illusion technique on our surroundings just now, so you need not worry anymore.”

She held Song Shuhang’s arm and walked towards the class building.

Song Shuhang asked, “Thank you, kind fairy maiden. Can I know your daoist name?”

The braided girl giggled. “If we meet again in the future, I will tell you.”

“Okay, it’s settled then.” Song Shuhang nodded and said, “I have the feeling that we will meet again.”

The braided girl smiled, and said, “Yes, yes, your feelings are really accurate.”

After nearing the class building with Song Shuhang, she let go of his arm. “That should be enough. Otherwise, we might draw attention again.”

Song Shuhang said, “Thank you, fairy maiden.”

“You’re welcome, helping others is my hobby.” The braided girl waved her hand and walked in another direction.

She was in a very good mood.

With the illusion technique active, what people saw was a blue-haired big sister waving goodbye to Song Shuhang before leaving.

It was perfectly executed.

“Phew.” Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

There are other cultivators besides me in Jiangnan University Town?

After entering the classroom, he first found a place to sit down.

He then began to recall what had taken place just now.

After a moment, he frowned slightly.

…What did the fairy maiden just now look like?


At this time, in the Inner World, a sound diverted Song Shuhang’s attention.

It was the tattooed Skylark’s body.

The black stripes were like roots, converging on Skylark’s back and forming a beautiful pattern.

From the pattern, a seed came out.

Song Shuhang took this seed.

Within this transparent seed, there was a plump metal ball which was currently shaking.

Song Shuhang’s face changed drastically.

It was the fat ball!

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