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Chapter 1503 The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times

This should be the ‘ancient divine witch blood’ that Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword was referring to, right?

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and the seed fell into his palm.

However, similar to the ‘Ancient Heavenly City Canteen’ that he got previously, due to it being wrapped inside a seed, it couldn’t be directly used.

Should I plant it somewhere and wait for it to grow?

Song Shuhang sent it into his Inner World, and his gaze fell on the Sixth State celestial once again.

The Sixth Stage celestial was still in the state of a statue.

However, as the effect of ‘Impregnating Gaze + Embryonic Gaze’ had already dissipated, the petrification was also lifted.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and laid it on the celestial’s body. Afterward, he directly transferred him to the small black room of the Inner World’s Palace of Winter. Besides that, the caster who had been Ko’d by Chu Chu was also transferred to the Palace of Winter by Song Shuhang

In the Palace of Winter, even the Seventh Stage Venerable couldn’t escape, so Song Shuhang felt assured when locking them up there.

After dealing with the two new prisoners, his gaze returned to the blonde girl. She gave herself the Chinese name ‘Ling Xiao’, right?

Did that mean that she really knew the meaning of that name? Well, she wasn’t like many foreigners who would casually tattoo any Chinese word they found rather cool-looking… such as ‘n’ which could mean either chicken or prostitute.

The blonde girl was still unconscious, and her body was shrouded in the light of the Resurrection Gold Coin.

Song Shuhang thought, Is it 10 months? Or 10 years? Or perhaps her luck defies the heavens, and she ended up having the coin stand on its side?

He transferred his consciousness out of the Inner World.

Song Shuhang said, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, can you switch my eye back?” The Scholarly Sage’s eye was cool and all, but if he had it on, he always felt some pressure. He kept on getting the feeling that if he looked at anyone, they would become pregnant. The virtuous lamia went to him, and stretched out her hand over Song Shuhang’s left eye socket, preparing to remove the Scholarly Sage’s eye. But suddenly, Song Shuhang reached out his hand again, preventing the virtuous lamia from taking his eyes.

“???” The virtuous lamia looked at Song Shuhang with a puzzled look.

“Go back first, I suddenly got a stroke of inspiration.” Song Shuhang clutched his left eye. “An inspiration for a Golden Core Composition… This time the inspiration is related to the Scholarly Sage.”

At this point in time, Song Shuhang had already created two nearly complete Golden Core Compositions.

The Forever Impregnable Holy City. The World-Ending Holy Sword. The former belonged to the ‘main world’, and its theme was ‘defense’. This composition was found in his second Golden Core.

The latter belonged to the ‘Netherworld’, and its theme was ‘offense’. This composition was found in the colorful monster core.

Both Golden Core Compositions could be said to be magnificent, and could be said to be among the finest Golden Core Compositions.

However, to be honest, these two styles were not what Song Shuhang really wanted in his heart.

Deep down in his heart, he still hadn’t given up on his dream. He still dreamed of living out the unrestrainedness as a white-clothed swordsman while having the refined temperament of a scholar.

This dream of his had still not died out.

And now, the opportunity had come.

The new inspiration in his heart was one related to the scholarly faction, and had something to do with the Scholarly Sage.

This time, I might be able to create an amazing Golden Core Composition.

Song Shuhang said, “Go, go back quickly. I might need to close up for some time, meditate, and adjust my state.”

An inspiration for a Golden Core Composition was similar to a stroke of enlightenment, it was something invaluable and shouldn’t be missed.

Song Shuhang had his clone return.

The virtuous lamia reached out, grabbed Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, and swallowed it in one mouthful.

“…” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Subsequently, the virtuous lamia attached herself behind Song Shuhang, blessing his state.

Song Shuhang returned to that restaurant as quickly as possible.

There weren’t any new customers in the restaurant, and the two invisible people who were responsible for making the desserts were squatting in a daze in the kitchen… Their memories had been erased by the puppet maiden.

Currently, they were in an utter daze, not knowing why they had become pastry chefs in this restaurant.

The restaurant had been repaired and cleaned again by the puppet maiden.

After seeing Song Shuhang come back, the puppet maiden asked, “Have you dealt with everything?”

Song Shuhang nodded, and replied, “Yup. I’m going to need to close up for some time.”

“Are you going to ascend?” The puppet maiden looked at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang transmitted, “I want to work on my Golden Core Composition.”

The puppet maiden nodded, and said, “Okay, then lend Chu Chu to me for a while. I want to continue running the restaurant while waiting for you to come out.” “Chu Chu is still in the middle of assimilating her combat experience, so I’ll simply give you the permission to enter and exit the Inner World at will temporarily. If you need to, you can go in and look for Chu Chu,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

After their conversation, Song Shuhang entered the Inner World.

He circulated the (True Self Meditation Scripture), taking the initiative to enter a state of meditation.

After a while, his consciousness shifted to his third dantian, focusing on the virtuous diamond ball.

He might have been unfamiliar with the process in the beginning, but this was no longer his first time.

This was Song Shuhang’s third time creating a Golden Core Composition. If one counted him having experienced the life of the Heavenly Emperor in his dreamland, then this time was the fourth time he was creating a Golden Core Composition.

The virtuous diamond ball appeared giant in the perspective of Song Shuhang’s consciousness, making it convenient for him to create the composition.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and touched the virtuous diamond ball.

The diamond ball did not have any dragon patterns, but its brilliant light of virtue converged in Song Shuhang’s hands, and turned into the paint for him to use for this Golden Core Composition.

Song Shuhang softly said, “This time, I will paint something related to the scholarly faction.”

Before composing the composition which was to be related to the scholarly faction, he first had to conceive events and scenes related to the scholarly faction in his mind.

For example, when he went to True Monarch Eternal Fire’s White Cloud Academy previously, or when he went to the sacred grounds of the scholarly faction, namely the Mountain of Myriad Books and the Still Pond of Wisdom. Besides these, there was also that time when he visited the spectacular White Cloud City.

Song Shuhang explored his memories that were related to the scholarly faction.

Immediately afterward, what appeared in his memory was the time when there was a limited number of flying swords in White Cloud City.

[The flying swords with the code ‘Govern’ are banned today, while those with ‘Country’ are banned tomorrow, then those with ‘Manage’ for the day after tomorrow. However, you don’t have to worry about the limit too much. White Cloud City also has a great flying sword taxi service-experienced drivers can take you with them.]

The Mountain of Myriad Books had long legs and could perform handstands—but its two arms, which were extremely thin, would break off after doing so. The Still Pond of Wisdom hid the greatest secrets of the universe. Here, one would be able to see moments of the Scholarly Sage’s life

—the Sage was cool when he was born, cool when he was a youth, and cool when he was raising his realm. In those years, there was nobody cooler than the Scholarly Sage in the entire universe. In other words, the Sage = cool.

The scholarly faction’s world of the golden lotus was great as well—Song Shuhang couldn’t even remember how many times he died there back then, and he actually still had some episodes of trauma when he thought about it.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

WTF? Why are all of my memories that are related to the scholarly faction so weird?

Could I have looked into the wrong part of my memories?

How about I think of something else, like memories of how the scholarly faction and I are related?

One would find many points of relation between the two when one thought about it.

There was his ghost spirit which was taken by the Tribulation Transcender ‘lustrous scholar’ of the scholarly faction, who later disappeared… leaving his heart stifled.

He practiced the scholarly faction’s (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha), but why did the scholarly faction’s Indestructible Body have to be so unfitting for the style of his cultivation technique…? This also left his heart stifled.

Each of his (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique)’s Holy Apes held a Scholarly Scripture. Whenever they were brought out, they would open their Scholarly Scriptures and start chanting and cheering for their master… but this left his heart stifled as well.

He also ate the lotus seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus from the scholarly faction, and got the ability Lotus Blossoming Tongue. Every time it was displayed, a very delicious lotus flower could be created. When combined with the Saber Intent Condensing Grass, he could make quite the tasty lotus seeds… heart stifled.

He also had the Scholarly Sage’s eye, which was pretty great. When he put it on, there would not be many people in the universe who would dare to look into Song Shuhang’s eyes… heart stifled.

I’m going to flip a table.

Why was it like this?

What about the refined and noble style of the scholarly faction?

Why were all the things that happened between the scholarly faction and him all heart-rending?

No, he couldn’t add these things to the Golden Core Composition.

I want to compose something grand.

Be tranquil and calm.

Dig deep into your heart, and find the true and beautiful memories of the scholarly faction.

Come out, the picture of a noble and refined scholar that I want.

In an instant, Song Shuhang’s inspiration for the Golden Core Composition exploded. He opened his eyes, and his fingers danced quickly on the virtuous diamond ball.

The Sage preaching-from this, he took only its wonderful and beautiful essence.

This was what he decided to do.

The Sage delivering a speech on the dao, and everyone listening intently.

The theme had been set, and the Golden Core Composition appeared vividly like paper.

Along with Song Shuhang’s finger strokes, mountains, bamboo forests, and lotus ponds appeared.

An obscure Sage was sitting under a tree, holding a scroll, his eyes slightly sunken, preaching

Yes, this is exactly what I wanted.

Song Shuhang’s heart became firm.

Then, beneath the Sage, ‘listeners’ appeared one after another.

There were humans, monster races, sea races, spirits, and even entities like ghost spirits.

Those on the ground weren’t everyone, either: there were hidden figures in the clouds listening to the Sage’s teaching as well.

Even in the void, there were some evil creatures who were quietly hiding, and listening to the words of the Sage.

The Sage’s speech was something that everyone in the universe could come and listen to, regardless of race, status, and whether they were alive or not.

Anyone who had ears, as long as they were willing, could come and listen.

The theme of this ‘Golden Core Composition’ was already clear-it was teaching.

Its name had also emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.

(The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times]

The voice of the Sage was now extinct. “This Golden Core Composition will become my favorite.” Song Shuhang was convinced of this.

His fingers continued to move about.

One after another, more figures appeared among the listeners. As long as things continued this way, he could fill up the entire virtuous diamond ball with a vast sea of listeners. Time flew by just like this…

“Success!” Song Shuhang let out a soft cry. In the end, he stretched out his hand and pointed at the Sage’s eyes. This was the final stroke.

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