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Chapter 150-The nameless Immortal sage statue that makes the heart beat

The soundwave from deep inside Linyao Village connected with the green coloured small flute in Song Shuhang's hand.

"Zzzz zzzzz…" A period of sound came out from the green coloured small flute. Then, a soft and gentle voice sounded out. "Hello!"

This was True Monarch White's voice? It sounded very clear and distinct. The Thousand Miles Sound Transmission magical treasure wasn't inferior to handphones in communicating.

"Hello True Monarch White. I'm Song Shuhang. As per True Monarch Mt.Huang's request, I'm here to receive senior from seclusion. Where are you now senior?" Song Shuhang spoke to the green coloured flute.

He was looking forward to it. He could soon see the place a True Monarch senior had undergone seclusion for over a hundred years!

At that time, he could see how the seclusion grounds of seniors was like. Also, how exciting would those over a hundred layers of defensive formations that could block a nuclear weapon be!

His mind imagined the image of an Immortal paradise. Above would have layers upon layers of defensive formation light effects just like those movie magical formations!

It would definitely be very imposing!

"Zzzzzz zzzzzz… Hello, this is White's seclusion grounds. Time remaining before end of seclusion is 0 days 11 hours 8 minutes. Please wait patiently!" That green coloured small flute continued to transmit that gentle voice. When reporting the time left, the tone became slightly stiff.

Song Shuhang was immediately reminded of the China's automated voice prompt system from whenever he checked his call value.

"…" Song Shuhang paused. He looked towards Dou Dou. "It's not True Monarch White?"

The voice from the green coloured small flute seemed to be something like a voice prompt?

"Of course it's not True Monarch White. He's in closed door seclusion. Have you seen cultivators who are undergoing closed door seclusion chatting? Then that wouldn't be closed door seclusion, but just a normal seclusion." The Pekingese Dou Dou said scornfully.

He was actually looked down upon by this Pekingese again.

Song Shuhang didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He explained, "I've never gone through closed door seclusion before, nor have I heard what kind of state it is from the seniors in the group. Also, didn't True Monarch Mt.Huang keep saying True Monarch White had contacted him? I thought the True Monarch White in seclusion would occasionally move about and contact True Monarch Mt.Huang."

Now it seemed like True Monarch White had long since set up a 'voice prompt'. When the seclusion was coming to an end, it would automatically contact True Monarch Mt.Huang through the green coloured small flute.

So it turned out that the abilities of modern handphones, such as voice prompts, alarm clock notifications, had long since been played with thoroughly by cultivators several hundred years ago.

"There are about eleven hours left. We can't just wait in vain here. Should we find a place to sit first?" Song Shuhang sighed as he said.

"Yes yes! Go and find a Internet café! With such a long time, it's enough for my wife and I to clear a few instance dungeons." Dou Dou suddenly got excited.

"Don't be noisy. It's too obvious if you game at an Internet café." Song Shuhang rejected it flatly.

Dou Dou looked down on him as it said. "Stupid, don't you know how to get a small single person private room?"

He was looked down again by this Pekingese!

"Alright. You make sense. I'll get you a small private room!" Song Shuhang rubbed his pocket. He had brought his wallet and his identity card.

When the Pekingese Dou Dou heard it, it immediately said fawningly, "Little friend Shuhang, you're really a good person!"

Forget about it if a person wanted to give him a good person card, but a dog wanted to give him a good person card?

Linyao Village was a prosperous village, due to its proximity to the city centre. The human traffic was very large.

Song Shuhang successfully found a pretty good Internet café.

As personal computers became commonplace, business for Internet cafes slowed down by not a little amount. However Linyao Village had a large temporary population, so the people going on the Internet in the Internet café wasn't few.

"Excuse me, do you have small single person private rooms available?" Song Shuhang enquired.

After the Internet cafe's cashier girl checked the computer, she replied, "Hello, there are still empty small private rooms!"

"Then give me one. How much is it?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Twenty dollars for one hour."

Song Shuhang handed over his identity card and two hundred dollars. "I'll book it for ten hours for now."

After the registration was complete, Song Shuhang brought Dou Dou to the private room, guided by the network administrator.

At this time, Song Shuhang heard the cashier girl start to chat with a colleague. "Little Jasmine, did you hear about it? That nameless Immortal sage statue in the nameless temple is becoming more and more lifelike recently. I heard from people that when they look at that nameless Immortal sage now, they keep feeling like it's going to come to life."

"You heard about it too? I have a more exciting piece of news. I heard from my mom that ever since a girl from next door went to the nameless temple a few days ago, she's no longer had any appetite. Supposedly, she's lovesick and is in love with the nameless Immortal sage in the nameless temple. Pui pui, that's a statue! To actually like a statue, that girl is really extremely sick."

At this time, another network administrator cut in. "Hehe, that little miss's lovesickness can still be cured. I have a piece of news even more amazing. You all know about the network administrator Little Song who resigned a few days ago? Supposedly he had gone on a trip to the nameless temple to pray to the nameless Immortal sage before resigning. After returning, he's been dull and dazed, and doing everything wrong. A few days ago he resigned. I heard that it seems he wants to go the nameless temple to be a Daoist priest. Pui pui, that's a real sickness, and it's incurable! And that nameless Immortal sage statue is a male!"

Song Shuhang used his ears, and silently went to the private room.

"Mister, this is your membership card. When you spend two hundred dollars or above, you will receive a free membership card. Please keep it well." The network administrator gave a membership card to Song Shuhang before leaving.

"Thank you." Song Shuhang smiled slightly as he accepted the membership card.

"I wish you an enjoyable time playing." The network administrator smiled as he left.

The Pekingese Dou Dou excitedly jumped onto the computer. He called out, "Little friend Shuhang, quickly switch on the computer, I already can't wait to go for the next instance dungeon with my wife!"

It didn't know whether his wife had been bullied while it was offline. Someone had even camped her corpse today morning.

"Wait a while first. I want to check something." Song Shuhang made Dou Dou move to the side. He opened a web page to search keywords such as 'Linyao Village, nameless temple, nameless Immortal sage' etc.

Very quickly. A whole string of information was shown on the computer.

According to legends, during a large drought one hundred years ago, people dug out the 'nameless Immortal sage statue', then enshrined it. This information was something which every resident in Linyao Village had heard of and knew of the particulars regarding.

The address of the nameless temple was also attached at the back.

"You're interested in this kind of thing?" Dou Dou asked doubtfully.

"Yes. I'm now interested in anything and everything 'mysterious'!" Song Shuhang confirmed. As long as it was something that didn't conform to 'common sense', he would be interested!

"You can continue playing here, I'll be going to that nameless temple. When I go remember to lock the door." Song Shuhang laughed.

"No problem. Go wherever you want. Just don't bother me. It's best if you come back only after you receive True Monarch White." the Pekingese Dou Dou waved his paws, and excitedly opened his game. He began to play on the keyboard.

Using the address found from the Internet, Song Shuhang successfully found the nameless temple in Linyao village. "Here it is!"

When he took a look, the number of people who had come to make offerings to the nameless temple weren't few. Entering the temple required queuing up.

Joss sticks filled the inside of the temple. Everyone was below the Immortal sage statue making their wishes…

Also, there were many young men and women, who had misted over eyes.

After they, whether it was a he or she, burned the joss sticks, they would stupidly stare at the Immortal sage statue. After a long while they would reluctantly leave. These were the ones 'extremely sick' or 'incurably sick'.

It wasn't easy before it was Song Shuhang's turn. He bought two joss sticks from the little Daoist priest at the entrance. It was a price set with a conscience, as they only accepted twenty dollars for it from Song Shuhang.

He entered the nameless temple with the three aunties. The three aunties inserted joss sticks with great familiarity, and began to offer prayer.

They were lowering their voices, and softly repeating themselves. But it was heard by Song Shuhang. It could only be blamed on his good hearing.

"Immortal sage, my family's daughter is going for her college administration exam next year. Please bless her with intelligence, and let her results become better! Let her get into the capital's university!"

"Immortal sage, my family's son is almost thirty eight. We still don't have a daughter in law. Please set one up for him. I no longer have any requirements, as long as it's a female and can give birth."

Then there was the final auntie with a calm and collected expression. Lowering her voice, she murmured, "Immortal sage… I love you so!"

"Pffft…" Song Shuhang almost spurted out. He forcefully held it back!

So it wasn't just 'young men and women' who were extremely sick, but even aunties were extremely sick. Perhaps, there may be incurably sick grandpas as well?

Song Shuhang had never given offerings before, and once upon a time had believed in science and rejected superstitions. He hadn't expected he would have a chance to enter a Daoist temple.

Following the three aunties, he inserted the joss sticks. He thought about it, and he didn't have anything to request anyways.

After all, his main goal was to see this nameless Immortal sage statue.

While no one was noticing, Song Shuhang secretly lifted his head, and looked at that nameless Immortal sage statue.

With just that look, in that instant… he felt his heart rate faintly speed up.

This was obviously an unliving statue, but a figure involuntarily appeared before Song Shuhang's eyes as he looked at this statue.

It was a figure as fine and as smooth as jade, with extraordinarily fairy-like beauty.

Pitch black hair that cascaded down like a waterfall. Eyes that shined like the stars. White clothes that lightly fluttered. It was as if any moment he would grows wings and ascend to the Heavens with the wind. Even if it was that Young Master Hai of the Moonsabre Sect, he was still inferior to the peerless grace and charm of this figure.

Superb craftsmanship!

Song Shuhang could only use this adjective to describe this statue.

Also, the more he stared at this statue, the more he felt as if he was being drawn there, and unable to turn around himself.

Eh? That's not right, how did I end up captivated by this statue as well?

Song Shuhang was shocked in his heart. He immediately closed his eyes, and hiddenly activated the [True Self Meditation Scripture].

Only then did his throbbing heart start to calm down.

At this time, those three aunties had already gotten up, and turned away to leave the nameless temple.

Song Shuhang hurriedly left…

Just now, was he affected by some spiritual energy type of magical art? Such as the 'charm' type like in various movies and novels?

He immediately used his spiritual energy to check the state of his body up and down. He didn't discover any traces of being affected by magical arts.

Perhaps, that 'statue' had superb craftsmanship, and reached a type of utter beauty!

It made those who saw it couldn't help but be shocked, and be intoxicated in its perfection?

This world, actually had something so perfect?

Song Shuhang thought about it. Mm, it wasn't possible!

So, he had to go back and look for the demon dog Dou Dou, and let it check his the state of his body up and down.

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