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Chapter 1499: Golden Core Hunter

A scene with a rotating lantern appeared before the eyes of the blonde girl, scenes from her life flying past her eyes one after the other.

Then, she discovered a very serious matter.

Looking back, her life was simply a tragedy.

Ever since she became cognizant, she lived alone in a strange room, and was taught all kinds of knowledge on mechanical transformations.

Then, there was the brainwashing education.

In the end, when she was of the right age, she was sent to the operating room to undergo mechanical modifications again and again.

Sadly, she had been brainwashed so much back then that she naively thought that mechanical modification was very interesting.

But in fact, there were many inconveniences after mechanical transformation.

For example, her height was a big problem.

After the transformation, she didn’t grow taller for several years. She now had to tiptoe to reach a high table… and, if nothing special happened, she would have to tiptoe to reach high tables her entire life.

Later, she was finally able to escape, but she then had to worry about being hunted down by the invisible fighters from the Department of Science.

She finally arrived at a restaurant and met an uncle who seemed to be reliable, mature, and extremely powerful.

When she finally encouraged herself to choose to believe in this uncle… she was killed by the uncle.

The lower part of the chest cavity was torn with a big hole appearing in it, and the blood was spilling all over!

If she still had any strength right now, she really wanted to get up and flip a table angrily.

To hell with it, she didn’t want such a tragic life.

Her life couldn’t even be described as a ‘tragedy’.

Tragedies were often literary and artistic, and even had some high points in some parts while also making people cry. The great tragedies could be passed down through generations.

But her life could only be described as one filled with abuse.

Compared with tragedies, there was nothing in her life worth tears. One would just feel “Ah~ What is this? It can’t stimulate the tear glands at all. Can’t you change the writing to something better?”.

“Aaaah~” After a miserable scream, the blonde girl fell to the ground.

The core reactor in her chest was taken out by the shop owner.

The core reactor itself had strips of silk-like threads, which were similar to energy channels, and these were also the shell of the original “watermelon”.

These energy channels extended to the various mechanically modified parts of her body, and there were even some threads that were connected to her body.

But now, these threads were all forcibly pulled out by the shop owner.

It brought one pain just thinking about it.

I’m going to die, I’m going to die!

“Hold the gold coin tightly.” At this moment, the gentle voice of the shop owner rang in her ears.

At this time, you still want me to hold your coin?

The shop owner continued, “I will be performing a healing technique on you… If it fails, you will see a gold coin floating up and down. You don’t have to think about anything, just choose ‘insert coin’.”

While talking, the shop owner’s right hand pressed on her body.

With this, a very comfortable energy poured into her body.

Similar to an extremely thirsty person encountering nectar, the pain in her body disappeared.

Healing technique?

He can even do something as magical as this?

Does that mean that there’s hope for me to survive?

The blonde girl tremblingly asked, “Shop owner… can I still be saved?”

Song Shuhang softly replied, “I don’t know, which is why you have to hold onto the gold coin tightly to be on the safe side.”

He was also not sure whether the blonde girl would survive after he took out the ‘core reactor’.

If she could survive, it would be best to use the healing technique to maintain her life, and then send her to the Senior Medicine Master. With Senior Medicine Master’s means, he would definitely have a way to save her.

If she died, there was a fallback with the Resurrection Gold Coin; she could simply be resurrected afterward. However, it depended on her luck whether she would be resurrected in 10 months or 10 years.

Hearing that Song Shuhang couldn’t guarantee that she would survive, the blonde girl sighed.

“I… still have… some last words. At least after I die… I want to have my body… no longer be used for research,” the blonde girl tremblingly said. “Shop owner, I gave myself a Chinese name. What do you think of the name ‘Ling Xiao’?”

“???” Song Shuhang.

The blonde girl said, “You have to have a name to have a tombstone, right? My name has to be changed; otherwise, I’m afraid that I’d end up being dug up. Shop owner, can you build a tombstone for me and use my Chinese name for it?”

After using the healing technique a few times, her condition seemed to have improved a lot, and her words slipped a lot.


In contrast, the life force in her body was getting weaker and weaker.

It was akin to the final radiance of a setting sun.

Song Shuhang said, “Don’t think so much, just get ready to insert coins next. Do you remember the Senior White statue in my shop? Before inserting the coin, think of that statue in your mind, it might give you better luck.”

The blonde girl’s wounds had only superficially recovered.

However, her internal injuries did not heal.

The blonde girl’s voice trembled again. “Shop owner, can we… not talk about coins?”

She found that when faced with death, she didn’t even have any feeling of fear in her heart.

At the beginning, when she thought that she was truly going to die, her heart had still been very uneasy.

However, when the shop owner’s healing techniques came down on her, not only did her body no longer hurt, she was also no longer afraid.

And… the shop owner had clearly made a big hole in her body, but she had no thoughts of hate toward the shop owner at all.

Her consciousness was getting hazier and hazier.

The blonde girl tightly grasped the Resurrection Gold Coin with one hand, quietly grabbed Song Shuhang’s clothes with her other hand, and whispered, “Uncle shop owner, if I had met you sooner, how great would that have been, huh?”

If she could have met the powerful shop owner earlier, would her life have been different?

If I could be as strong as the shop owner, that would’ve been pretty great, right?

While thinking this, the blonde girl’s consciousness went completely silent.

At the same time, the Resurrection Gold Coin she was holding tightly in her hand began glowing.

After seeing the Resurrection Gold Coin take effect, Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

Next, he would have to wait either 10 months or 10 years for the blonde girl to revive.

Before that, he would first transfer her to the Inner World.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and then sent the blond girl and the Resurrection Gold Coin into a room in the Palace of Winter.

“Now, there’s still this thing.” Song Shuhang grabbed the ‘core reactor’, and looked up at the sky.

When the blonde girl died, the clouds that were about to descend in the sky stopped, and began to dissipate.

The core reactor + blonde girl was equal to a practitioner who was about to transcend a heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage.

Now that the two were separated, and the vitality of the host, the blonde girl, disappeared, the heavenly tribulation naturally dissipated.

Song Shuhang said, “That’s fortunate. Otherwise, if the ‘core reactor’ was allowed to face the heavenly tribulation directly, it might be reduced to ashes.”

As if sensing the death of the blonde girl, all of the energy threads of the core reactor gathered back together.

In the blink of an eye, it became the size of a watermelon in Song Shuhang’s hands.

Even the energy that was previously stimulated by Song Shuhang’s mental energy had converged once again.

However, Song Shuhang could still sense the powerful energy hidden within this core reactor.

This energy was not any weaker than the second golden core’s within his body.

In other words, if the power in this thing was completely drawn out, would it be equivalent to a golden core practitioner?

“I should bring it with me first, perhaps it will eventually come in handy. Senior White should find this kind of unscientific thing produced by the department of science to be very interesting.” Song Shuhang gently tossed the watermelon-sized ‘core reactor’ up.

It was very light, like a balloon, and when he tossed it lightly, it felt like it was going to float.

When Song Shuhang gently tossed the core reactor, a ‘claw’ came out of thin air, and directly grabbed at the core reactor.

Behind this claw was a long chain.

Song Shuhang quickly reached out and grabbed the core reactor one step in advance. His consciousness then made a move, and quickly sent the core into his spatial bracelet.

At the same time, he grabbed the chain attached to the ‘claw’ with his other hand, and yanked it violently.

In the sky, there seemed to be a layer of glass-like objects that was shattered, and a huge disk-shaped aircraft was pulled out by Song Shuhang with brute force.

The ❮Variant Steel Hands Technique❯, the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯, and the ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯, the three body-tempering techniques, gave Song Shuhang’s terrifying power.

This aircraft had previously been covered by a layer of glass, which had made it invisible.

“I discovered you a long time ago. Do you really think that you’re invisible just because you’re sneakily hiding at the side with a cover on yourself? Do you think that the cover on your body is the Almighty Merchant’s sheet?” Song Shuhang’s arm exerted force.

In the sky, the disk-shaped flying magical treasure ejected five air currents to resist Song Shuhang’s brute force.

But, despite the power of the flying magical treasure having been increased to its maximum, it was still being dragged toward the island a little bit.


Finally, the seemingly hard chain broke apart.

The flying magical treasure took the initiative to disconnect the chain to prevent it from being pulled.

Song Shuhang calmly pulled the chain and shook the metal claw on it.

The material used wasn’t bad—even under the full strength of his pull, the claw chain didn’t look like it was going to break. Perhaps it could come in handy in the future.

As such, Song Shuhang stored it in the Inner World.

Anyway, the Inner World was so big and there was so much space that he could just throw it in there without much care.

Ding~ Ding~ Ding~

The flying magical treasure sent out hurried and brief alarm sounds.

In the next moment, the upper folding compartment cover of the flying magical treasure opened.

One figure after another emerged from the flying magical treasure.

“Die, die, die, die! Unloyal people should… die, die, die! Unfilial people should… die, die, die!” Song Shuhang’s phone’s ringtone rang out.

It seemed to be providing the music for the debut of the group that was coming out.

Song Shuhang opened the phone, and found it was a strange landline number.

Song Shuhang asked, “Hello, who is this?”

It couldn’t be a multi-level marketing ad, could it?

“Shuhang, there’s something quickly approaching your location,” the puppet maiden’s voice came from the phone—she should be using the restaurant phone. “It might be that race from

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