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Chapter 1489 From today onwards, I will study hard

Feeling a little flustered, the sturdy man stammered, “I-is it really necessary for you to erase my memories? Will there be any aftereffects? Will the process be painful? When you say erase my memories, do you mean that you’ll erase my existence as well?’”

The blonde girl at the cashier also panicked. “W-will my memories also have to be erased?”

“It’s because if we don’t do so, things can get very troublesome,” the puppet maiden said. “We’re very busy. If other people start bothering us because of you, how are we supposed to practice? Refining pills, equipment, practicing, or even opening a restaurant requires a lot of energy and effort. Therefore, we’ve got no time to waste.”

The meaning of her words was: just keep on doing what you were doing and don’t bother us.

Once ordinary human beings knew of supernatural abilities, they would look for ways to contact and pursue them. Almost everyone had a dream of becoming a master or superhuman being in their hearts.

Therefore, if one did not have any intention of accepting the other party as a disciple, erasing the other party’s memories, despite it being rather crude and simple, was the best way to deal with them.

Song Shuhang said, “So that’s the case. I always thought there were some unspoken rules in the world of cultivation. So just like in the movies, once they’re seen by ordinary people, they have to find a way to erase the other party’s memories.”

The puppet maiden said, “Don’t worry, the process of erasing memories will not hurt you at all. Tyrannical Song, use your Sun Finger.”

Song Shuhang doubtfully stretched out his virtuous finger, and asked, “Wait, my Sun Finger doesn’t have the function of erasing memories, does it?”

The puppet maiden said, “Stop talking. Just stretch out your finger and use it.”

Song Shuhang then cooperated with the puppet maiden and used Sun Finger.

The dazzling light of virtue was like a small sun.

“It’s so dazzling, I’m going to go blind!” The burly man felt brightness blind his sight.

And just when he rubbed his eyes vigorously and focused on the idea of ‘going blind’, the puppet maiden cast a small spell to erase his memories.

The memory-erasing technique would become more effective the less prepared the other party was.

When the burly man wiped his eyes, his face became confused.

“Eh? Who am I? Where am I? What happened?” The burly man scratched his head with a dazed expression.

The blonde girl’s eyes widened—was the flash pen from the movie, Men in Black, changed into a flash finger?

The puppet maiden seriously said to Song Shuhang, “These small techniques can often come in handy. Don’t go opening restaurants just because you’re free. You should spend more time studying these practical techniques.”

Song Shuhang burst into tears-was it he who wanted to open a restaurant? Wasn’t it she who had traded for the restaurant? He had simply taken over the restaurant and ran it for fun!

Song ‘At a Loss’ Shuhang.

However, the puppet maiden was right; he needed to take some time to learn some of these small techniques.

An illusion technique to conceal his body, a soundproofing technique, a memory-erasing technique… After all, he eventually wanted to be a reliable senior.

One couldn’t reach a very high realm while only knowing the ‘battery charging technique’ and the ‘Lightning Palm’, right?

I’ve decided!

From today onwards, I will study hard!

As soon as Song Shuhang decided that he had to find time to learn some small techniques, he thought of a problem.

He had no learning materials.

Currently, he only had a few magical technique books on hand.

The first few were of the seal series, such as the (Fundamentals of Sealing Techniques) and the (Encyclopedia of the Basic Sealing Techniques of the Five Elements). These were the rewards that Senior White had given him after he had co-starred in the (Apocalypse War).

Back then, Senior White had prepared suitable remunerations for all of the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. What had been prepared for Song Shuhang was the ‘Fundamentals of Sealing Techniques’ and the ‘Encyclopedia of the Basic Sealing Techniques of the Five Elements’. After all, for a cultivator to be unable to even use the simplest seal techniques was simply too shameful.

But after learning it, Song Shuhang had only mastered the most fundamental aspects of sealing techniques.

The other two that he had were the (Heavenly Master’s Techniques—Lightning Chapter) and the (Detailed Explanation On How To Set Up An Illusion Formation). It was Senior Turtle who had snatched them from Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant before handing them over to Song Shuhang

Among these four magical technique books, there was not a single practical magical technique like the soundproofing technique and the memory-erasing technique.

“Fairy, would you be interested in teaching me some small techniques like the memory-erasing technique?” Song Shuhang looked expectantly at the puppet maiden.

“I’m busy.” The puppet maiden clasped her hands, and then solemnly said, “I’m busy running a shop, so how can I have the time to teach you?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

At this time, the burly man scratched his head, and couldn’t remember why he was in this small shop.

As such, he left with a dazed expression.

Not long after he left the shop, he saw several of his subordinates lying unconscious outside the restaurant. A group of bystanders who didn’t know the situation looked curiously.

“What happened? Why am I so flustered?” He hurriedly ran to his subordinates.

He patted his subordinate’s face vigorously. “Wake up, wake up. What happened?”

However, his subordinates were in a very deep sleep-even when he slapped them really hard, they wouldn’t wake up.

“There’s no use slapping them. We’ve already tried all kinds of methods, but not a single one woke them up.”

A kind-hearted bystander said, “Don’t worry, we’ve already called an ambulance, and the ambulance will arrive soon.”

The sturdy man rubbed his brows vigorously.

Who had made his brothers lose consciousness? Why did he appear in that strange restaurant? What happened in the restaurant?

Why couldn’t he remember anything at all?

He thought hard, hoping to dig a clue out of his mind.

As he was in thought… he suddenly remembered that he had obtained a treasure not too long ago.

He didn’t know what this treasure was.

He just felt that when he carried it, there would be evil and seductive sounds that came from this treasure.

This treasure is a hot potato, the burly man thought to himself. I must look for a way to get rid of it.

As he was thinking of a way to get rid of it, he immediately thought of the auctions on Western Orchid Island.

Western Orchid Island was apparently a place backed by powerful forces, and the auctions here had considerable influence.

However, he didn’t even know what exactly the treasure that he had was. If he were to put it up for auction, wouldn’t he end up on the losing end?

Should he look for someone to appraise it first?

While he was in thought, an ambulance had arrived.

The burly man accompanied his brothers to the hospital while thinking of ways to deal with that weird ‘treasure’.

Inside the restaurant.

The puppet maiden lowered her head, and said in fluent English, “Now, it’s your turn, little


To be honest, Song Shuhang had no idea when she had mastered this foreign language.

The blonde girl stammered, “M-my memory will also be erased?”

The puppet maiden said, “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. You saw what happened just now, didn’t you?” Song Shuhang bent down, stretched out his virtuous fingers, and stood in front of the blonde girl. “Come, your memories will be erased when the flash shines.”

Suddenly, the door of the restaurant was pushed open again.

[I’ve found her. She’s right here.]

(The coordinates that we have confirms that she’s indeed here.)

(Be careful. Surround this restaurant, and don’t let her escape again.)

[Attention, catch her alive, don’t destroy her. She has a precious experimental body.)

(Lock onto her position, keep quiet, and don’t alert her.]

Several low-frequency sounds came from the door.

The frequency of these sounds was far lower than the sound frequency that normal humans could hear.

In this way, this communication method achieved a similar effect to that of the secret sound transmission technique.

In short, it was the scientific version of group secret sound transmission.

However, Song Shuhang, who was at the Fifth Stage Realm, was no longer within the scope of ‘ordinary people’. He heard the exchange clearly. In addition, the figures of the guys standing at the door were in a state of invisibility.

In Song Shuhang’s eyes, these guys also looked like they were made of transparent glass. If they were leaning against a pile of debris, they would be ignored by passersby. However, practitioners were able to see more things with their naked eyes. Under Song Shuhang’s spiritual sense, the group of guys at the door stood out like black ants on white paper.

[I found her. Using the X-ray function, I’ve discovered that she’s hiding under the cash register. Wait, this posture…]

[Who is this store manager, and what is he doing to her?)

[Don’t worry, this shop owner is just an ordinary person. He might have been horny, and when you’re hungry, you can’t pick what you eat. )

“…” Song Shuhang.

What the hell are they trying to say by ‘when you’re hungry, you can’t pick what you eat’?

He looked at what he was doing. At this moment, he had his virtuous finger stretched out, facing the blonde girl. Song Shuhang spoke to the blonde girl using the secret sound transmission technique, “Are these people looking for you?” The blonde girl stiffened when she heard his words. Her mechanical eyes swept towards the dining room, and a look of horror appeared on her small face.

(Damn it, the shop owner is in the way. We can’t take her back.)

(Use an anesthesia gun and put the shop owner to sleep first. Ordinary people are so troublesome. If I hadn’t been afraid of causing trouble, I would have already killed this hungry guy.) “…” Song Shuhang

While he was talking, a figure raised the anesthesia gun and shot at Song Shuhang.

A needle from an anesthesia gun was fired at Song Shuhang. “Ding!”

Song Shuhang raised his hand slightly and caught the anesthesia gun needle with his two fingers.

(H-he caught it!]

(I feel like he is staring at me. Could he have found us?]

(That’s impossible. We’re invisible right now, and it is impossible for ordinary people to see us. It might be that the needle of the anesthesia gun was detected by his sixth sense. This person might be a master fighter with keen senses. Shoot him from another angle, try from behind.)

Song Shuhang retracted his finger and assumed the same posture as the puppet maiden.

Well, things had suddenly become a little more interesting After a while, the transparent figure quietly moved behind Song Shuhang, raised the anesthesia gun again, and shot at him.

The virtuous lamia appeared, flicked her slender hand, and sent the needle of the anesthesia gun flying away.

However, ordinary people could not see the virtuous lamia.

In their perspective, when the needle of the anesthesia gun was about to hit Song Shuhang, it suddenly flew away.

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