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Chapter 1474 Come, let’s rend each other’s hearts

Sometimes, Papa Song was simply too sincere, and he felt very reluctant to lie to those dear to him.

Song ‘Super Desperate and Tired’ Shuhang.

Mama Song whispered, “Say it quickly, don’t just stand in a daze!”

Papa Song whispered, “But, if it’s a daughter…”

Mama Song whispered, “Don’t worry about whether it’s a daughter or a son, just comfort Shuhang for now. I saw on the Internet that he is at a very sensitive age. If he were to know that his parents don’t love him because they got a daughter, he would feel very sad. In more serious cases, older siblings might even abuse themselves and use other means to resist their parents. Although Shuhang is more sensible than others, it’s said that the more sensible a child is, the more extreme they could be.” “But if it’s a daughter…” Papa Song continued to whisper. The underlying meaning of this sentence was quite obvious.

If it was a daughter, their son would, of course, be thrown aside.

How could a son compare to an adorable daughter?

“Move to the side, I’ll talk to our son. Will it kill you to comfort Shuhang?” Mama Song snatched the phone from Papa Song in the middle of the call.

Mama Song solemnly said, “Shuhang, your father suddenly fell into a daze. Whether it’s a younger sister or a younger brother, we will treat you two equally. Your mother and father will always love you. Right, your father just said that even if it’s a daughter, he will still love you the same as before. There will absolutely be no favoritism.”

After a while, Song Shuhang struggled to squeeze a response out of his mouth. “Mm-hm.”

It wasn’t always a good thing that practitioners had such good hearing.

If he had not heard the conversation between Mama Song and Papa Song, he might have still been able to accept the consoling words from them.

…But now, he knew that if Mama Song did give birth to a daughter, he would probably be forgotten by Papa Song.

Mama Song said, “Don’t dwell on it too much.”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’m this big already, so how could something like this affect me?” Song Shuhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and said, “Fear not, I can accept the fact that you will have a second child. In fact, it’s fine by me if we were to have more people in the family, and getting a little sister would be interesting. Compared to getting a troublesome little brother, I’m more inclined to have a quiet little sister.”

Mama Song said, “It’s great that you have such thoughts.” Song Shuhang said, “By the way, should I ask Elder Sister Yaya to have a look at you? You are not so young anymore, so you should pay special attention to details during pregnancy.” In fact, Papa Song and Mama Song had drunk the spring water from the living spring, and their lifespan had been increased by 50 years. Coupled with the nourishment from the spirit rice and spirit tea, their physical condition was getting better and better, and they were becoming younger in a sense.

Mama Song said, “Don’t worry, she knows about it. I’ll also make sure to care for things that need special attention.”

It sounded like her son was okay, and nothing bad was going to happen.

Sometimes, those analyses on the Internet weren’t correct. Her Shuhang was doing just fine, and he didn’t think about anything negative at all. Moreover, he even worried about her, his elderly mother.

Song Shuhang replied, “Then, I’ll head back home in a few days and have a look.” Mama Song said, “There’s no need to be this anxious. We just found out that I might have become pregnant, so no need to worry too much.”

After that, Mama Song and Song Shuhang chatted for a long time before they reluctantly ended the call.

Song Shuhang let out a long sigh.

He squeezed his chin, and said, “Would a daughter or a son be better?”

A daughter would be very cute, but if the son was well-behaved, that would be pretty good as well.

“Eh? Shuhang, you’ve revived?” At this moment, a black-haired young man came out from a distant corner. He saw Song Shuhang and waved hello.

Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at the black-haired man.

The man was about 1.8 meters tall, and looked kind and innocent. Besides that, his facial features looked very familiar.

The more Song Shuhang looked at the other party, the more he found that this man looked a lot like… himself.

Song Shuhang tentatively asked, “Senior Copper Trigram?”

Among the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, it was only Immortal Master Copper Trigram who would, at times, wander around in his appearance.

The black-haired man laughed, and said, “Hahaha, Shuhang, you actually can’t even recognize me? Woof.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Doudou?”

Doudou kept the appearance of a Pekingese at the banquet, so it was the first time that Song Shuhang saw him in human form.

“How about it? Am I handsome? Am I charming? Were you dazzled by my beauty?” Doudou leaned against the wall with one hand and assumed a cool pose. Song Shuhang said, “I only feel embarrassment.”

Looking at a person that looked a lot like you posing in all kinds of strange poses gave one quite a strange feeling.

However, this wasn’t the most important point.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “Doudou, why is your human appearance so similar to mine?”

No matter, he was someone who had been cultivating… for several months.

As far as he knew, once a monster cultivator transformed, their human appearance would be final. Even if there were changes in the future, their appearance would not change much.

Doudou triumphantly said, “Heh, don’t worry. This is just my first form, which is a humanoid model created via elixir of transformation. After I reach the Fifth Stage Realm, I will have another opportunity to change my appearance. At that time, I will have a second form. My first form integrates the good points of all the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Your appearance that makes you look harmless to humans and animals was also integrated into this form. What do you think?” “So that’s the case.” Song Shuhang thought for a while, and suddenly hammered his palm, and said, “Ah, Doudou, I just remembered that you’re still at the Fourth Stage. I, on the other end, am already at the Fifth Stage.”

My heart got viciously rent by Papa Song just now, so it’s just right for me to rend someone else’s heart.

“…” Doudou.

Doudou angrily said, “Woof, f*ck you!”

I even praised you just now, saying that your harmless appearance was excellent to the point that I decided to merge it into my first form.

Yet, you decide to rend my heart in the next second?

Friendship ended!

Doudou transformed back into a large Pekingese and rushed towards Song Shuhang. He opened his mouth wide and bit at him.

He was a dog, so biting people was normal for


Song Shuhang waved his arm, and said, “Stop, don’t bite. I currently have the (Variant Steel Hands Technique), the (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha), and the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique). Your biting will not do anything to me.” Doudou bit Song Shuhang’s arm viciously, but he felt as if he had bitten on a piece of indestructible steel instead, causing his teeth to crack and send out signals of pain.


However, he was in no way appeased.

Even if biting didn’t hurt Song Shuhang one bit, he would never let go. He couldn’t lose his momentum.

Song Shuhang asked, “Alright, where are Senior Yellow Mountain and the others?”

Doudou flicked his tail and pointed in a direction.

He had pointed towards the place where Yellow Mountain and the other fellow daoists were engaged in discussion.

With Doudou hanging on his body, Song Shuhang went over.

“Doudou, when are you going to break through to the Fifth Stage Realm?” Song Shuhang asked while walking

Doudou used the secret sound transmission technique, and replied, [Soon. I’ve already made preparations for rushing to the Fifth Stage. That Stupid Yellow Mountain has also helped me set up a tribulation-transcending formation, and when it comes to insight, I’m quite nearly there. The only thing I’m waiting for is a good day to transcend the heavenly tribulation.] Song Shuhang said, “You can do it. After you reach the Fifth Stage, I will go to Immortal Fairy Biexue and ask her to prepare a table for us. She gave me a few more chances to enjoy an immortal banquet of hers. It’s just that we’ll have to bring our own ingredients.”

Doudou said, [No problem, we can go to Stupid Yellow Mountain’s place to steal some ingredients. I know where they’re hidden, and some of them are super high-quality.]

While the two were conversing, they quickly arrived at the room.

Song Shuhang knocked on the door.

The room’s door opened automatically.

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Shuhang, you’ve revived?”

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “Mm-hm, I used a resurrection gold coin, coupled with the effect of the Time City, to revive.”

Su Clan’s Seven asked, “Why did you suddenly blow up before?”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky, and said with a sad face, “It was because of my cultivation technique. While I was sleeping, I suddenly entered a state of enlightenment, and while in this state, I slightly modified the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique). After the modifications, I tried it out and exploded.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “Are you trying to find new ways to die every day?”

Senior White asked, “What went wrong with your modified cultivation technique?”

Song Shuhang said, “I have no idea, and I was hoping that you would take a look at it, Senior White.”

Afterward, he took out a paper and pen, writing down the principles behind his revised (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique).

Since all the seniors were here, he could take advantage of their presence, and consult them for the cause of his sudden explosion. Senior White stretched out his hand and placed it on the paper.

The cultivation technique and principles behind it were projected for everyone to see.

“What kind of messy cultivation technique is this?” True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple looked at the cultivation technique with a dazed expression. A normal Fifth Stage cultivation technique would revolve around the original dantian, trying to enhance the golden core inside.

It should focus on the Golden Core Composition, and then the finishing touch. It would eventually lead to the golden core transforming into a lake, pushing the cultivator to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm.

As for Song Shuhang’s revised version, in addition to strengthening the original dantian and the original golden core, it also strengthened his smaller dantians.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “You dared to practice such a cultivation technique? It’s almost as if you don’t value your life.”

Song Shuhang scratched his head. “I was still half-asleep. If I had been awake, I would have definitely asked the seniors to check it out and make sure that there weren’t any problems with it.”

Under normal circumstances, even if he had ten times the guts, he still would not have been so daring to directly test the modified cultivation technique.

Su Clan’s Seven frowned, and asked, “Your cultivation technique is so weird. Why do you need to strengthen those other dantians? They aren’t your original dantian. What’s the point of doing this?”

The little Senior White said, “Because Shuhang has more than one golden core.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator responded, “Huh?”

Senior White said, “I can sense that there is a small golden core in Song Shuhang’s Dragon Tail Dantian… and there’s also a monster core… and something else.”

Everyone in the Nine Provinces Number One Group looked at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang could almost feel these piercing gazes stabbing through him.

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