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Chapter 1466 Drinking it in one go

Song Shuhang stood up, and calmly said, “Fellow Daoist Winter Melon, you are so impatient every time.”

Senior White, who was beside him, sent him a message using the secret sound transmission. “Will you be able to handle this?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen also asked, “Was Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword able to recover its energy? Will you be able to fight?” Similarly, Soft Feather said, “Senior Song, Sage Monarch Winter Melon is here to fight you again. No matter what skill you’ve learned, you have to be careful. After all, you’re just a fake Profound Sage.”

“It’s fine. I can deal with Sage Monarch Winter Melon,” Song Shuhang replied with the group sound transmission.

In the meantime, Sage Monarch Winter Melon went on the stage.

After the secret realm of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect collapsed, the previous stage and fighting space were both gone. The current stage was just a temporary one. Sage Monarch Winter Melon boldly said, “Let’s not waste any time, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song. This time, we shall decide everything in one move again!”

As soon as his words fell, the other Profound Sages quickly got up.

If Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and Profound Sage Winter Melon started fighting, they would have to create a spatial barrier to prevent the battle between the two Profound Sages from affecting the surrounding guests.

Song Shuhang’s whole body appeared relaxed as he moved toward the stage step by step. “Actually, Sage Monarch Winter Melon, there is no point in having another fight between


Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “I have figured out a way to deal with your saber, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song. As such, if we were to decide everything with one move, there is a chance that we end up in a draw. If our battle results in a draw, then we’ll use the Mother-Child River water to decide the winner and loser!”

With Song Shuhang’s presence-less state gone, everyone’s memories of him gradually recovered. With this, Sage Monarch Winter Melon remembered that he had lost to Song Shuhang’s saber once.

Also… When he went up to the stage, he purchased two small bottles of Mother-Child River water from Fairy Rosy Cloud. He and Fairy Rosy Cloud had the same idea, and they were going to drag Song Shuhang into a draw first, and then use the Mother-Child River water to determine the outcome.

“You’ve figured out a way to deal with my saber so quickly?” Song Shuhang looked at Profound Sage Winter Melon with some surprise.

The Heaven Burning Flaming Saber was the signature move of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven. Even if he had only barely mastered it, as long as he used Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, he could slash out an attack that had power at the peak of the Eighth Stage. If Sage Monarch Winter Melon was really able to come up with a method to defend against such an attack, then his talent when it came to defense was indeed terrifying.

Song Shuhang calmly said, “One move to determine the outcome?”

“Yes, one move to determine the outcome!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon drew his greatsword and stood in front of Song Shuhang

The greatsword transformed and changed into a golden shield.

Afterward, all kinds of auras, defensive buffs, holy light blessings, body tempering techniques, and defensive formations were activated.

Then, there was the strongest defense that Sage Monarch Winter Melon had previously mastered—the Iron Fortress!

After he finished setting all of these up, he summoned his materialized light of virtue.

With this, a giant that looked like it was able to support both heaven and earth appeared.

The giant kneeled down and protected Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

Song Shuhang said, “Hey, Fellow Daoist Winter Melon. This isn’t all you’ve got, right?”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon calmly said, “I’m just getting ready for the battle. You’ve yet to see my real move.

“Absolute Defense—Primordial Bell!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon stretched out his hand, and had all of the defenses on his body merge into one huge bell that covered him.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “Come, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, bring out your saber! This time, I’ll definitely be able to hold out against your saber technique.”

Song Shuhang crossed his arms. “Fellow Daoist Winter Melon… Don’t forget, I know more than swordsmanship.”

Spatial fluctuations suddenly appeared behind him, and nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs emerged one by one. Since they hadn’t exploded yet, the pressure from these horrifying heavenly tribulation weapons fully radiated outward, placing everyone under huge pressure. Sage Monarch Enchanting Dream softly exclaimed, “Set up a defensive formation!”

Several Profound Sages quickly got up and joined forces to form a defensive formation. Sage Monarch Three Weeks said, “Sage White, you come as well. If these warheads of Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song explode, the entire secret realm will be destroyed.” If all of these heavenly tribulations warheads were to explode, they would result in a force equivalent to the attack of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. This was getting quite dangerous. Profound Sage Tyrannical Song truly deserved his title as the first Sage in 1,000 years!

With the deterrence of the heavenly tribulation warheads, few Profound Sages would be willing to confront him.

At this moment, Senior White was holding the black soup, sipping it.

Hearing Sage Monarch Three Weeks, he turned his head, and said, “Don’t worry, these heavenly tribulation warheads… Hmm, everyone should just have confidence in the control that Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song has over them.”

Even if they did explode, they wouldn’t cause the slightest damage as long as they were in the main world.

Song Shuhang cooperated with Senior White, and gently waved his hand.

With the wave of his hand, all of the heavenly tribulation warheads stopped coming out. Song Shuhang calmly said, “However, I won’t use them this time.”

The virtuous lamia appeared behind him, stuck her hands into the void, and took out a phone, which she then handed to Song Shuhang,

Song Shuhang unlocked the phone, and said, “Sage Monarch Winter Melon, do you know why I said that ‘you are so impatient every time’?”

“???” Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

How am I supposed to know?

However, when he saw Song Shuhang swiping on his phone, he suddenly got a bad premonition.

Song Shuhang calmly said, “Although you’ve lost memory of it, you and I have fought already.”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon responded, “Huh?”

I have no recollection of such a thing!

“And this was the result of the battle…” Song Shuhang casually tossed his phone to Sage Monarch Winter Melon. “Ding-“

The phone slammed into Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s absolute defense—the Primordial Bell —and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the screen of the phone was still facing Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon looked down, and saw that there was a picture on the phone’s screen.

The background of this photo was the Sword Saber Peak.

In the photo, a blond man was lying on a rock, his clothes messy and his body covered in scars and sweat. Most importantly, he seemed unconscious.

Above the blond man was Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, standing on a black lotus while holding a flaming sword. The virtuous lamia was at his side, together with a group of apes holding Scholarly Scriptures.

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song defeats Profound Sage Winter Melon on the Sword Saber Peak.

When Sage Monarch Winter Melon saw this picture, this thought immediately came to his mind.

“I… lost?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon looked dumbfounded.

“Therefore, there is no need to fight again.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand to take his phone back. “You and I have already decided victory and defeat. Having another battle would be meaningless.”

He hurried to take back his phone in order to prevent Sage Monarch Winter Melon from spotting any flaws in the photo. After all, this photo was a setup, and Song Shuhang had a guilty conscience.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon frowned, deep in thought However, he couldn’t remember anything.

His memory had been thoroughly erased, and there was no possibility of recovering it.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon unwillingly said, “Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, it seems you’ve managed to come out on top once again. However, I will not lose to you in the future. Next time, I will definitely beat you.”

Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

Great, I fooled him.

“Before the next challenge, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, can you tell me how you managed to beat me?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon raised his head and looked at Song Shuhang

“…” Song Shuhang.

Heavens, how am I supposed to know how you lost?

“How were you able to break through my final defense?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s eyes were full of curiosity.

His Primordial Bell was the combination of all of the defenses of his body.

To achieve this effect, he had even needed to borrow a treasure.

Through this borrowed treasure, he could merge all of the defenses of his body.

With the defense of the Primordial Bell, he had the confidence to block the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber that Song Shuhang slashed out previously-of course, it was just mere confidence. As for whether he could really block it, he hadn’t gotten to test it yet.

Song Shuhang asked, “Do you want to know?”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon nodded vigorously.

Song Shuhang smiled slightly. Then, his figure disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was inside the Primordial Bell and behind Sage Monarch Winter Melon. He used his finger as a sword, and pressed it against Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s neck.

The Ancestral Witch’s Blessing was a Ninth Stage item that could be used at the Fifth Stage. It allowed one to perform short-distance spatial jumps within 500 meters.

Song Shuhang had just tried it out, and found that he was able to easily break through Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s defense.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “Spatial energy? Profound Sage Tyrannical Song… You’ve mastered spatial techniques?”

“No, I haven’t mastered spatial techniques. No matter what, it’s still very difficult for Eighth Stage Profound Sages to control space.” Song Shuhang smiled slightly. “As for how I appeared behind you, I’ll leave you to your speculations.”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon murmured, “Is it a special movement technique that can directly pass through my defenses?”

Song Shuhang placed his hands behind him, activated the Ancestral Witch’s Blessing one more time, and instantly returned to his seat. Song Shuhang said in his mind, This is a Ninth Stage magical treasure that can be used by cultivators at the Fifth Stage. However, it consumes a lot of spiritual energy, and each time the distance is increased, the spiritual energy consumption is doubled.

If it weren’t for the three cores that he currently had, he wouldn’t have been able to use this kind of magical treasure that used up so much spiritual energy.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “I lost… Next time, after I research your movement technique, I will definitely challenge you again.”

After that, he flicked his hand and threw two small bottles of Mother-Child River water to Song Shuhang.

Behind Song Shuhang, the virtuous lamia reached out, and caught the two bottles of spring water.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon lost thoroughly.

There were two more chances to challenge him… However, no one came up to challenge Shuhang

Perhaps hearing about the Impregnating Gaze and the Embryonic Gaze had scared them off.

Song Shuhang was relieved.

Now, he could enjoy the Immortal Feast.

Behind Song Shuhang, the virtuous lamia clutched the two bottles of Mother-Child River Water with a thoughtful expression on her face.

After a while, she removed the cap of one of the bottles of water and raised her head.

“Glug, glug-“

She drank the whole bottle of Mother-Child River water in one go.

The virtuous lamia was different from other manifestations of light of virtue, and she could eat some food that was made out of energy. For example, she could eat Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds, Virtuous Golden Bayberries, and, apparently, also drink the Mother-Child River water.

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