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Chapter 1463 God’s Tongue

After the host announced and confirmed that Song Shuhang won the seat, the fairy maiden with the Mother-Child River water stood up and raised her hand happily.

Fairy Rosy Cloud said, “Now it’s my turn to shine. Senior Tyrannical Song, I want to challenge you!”

Song Shuhang folded his arms, trying his best to show a calm appearance, and said, “Very well, Fairy Rosy Cloud. How are you going to challenge me?”

If he was going to have to accept a challenge from the other party, then he should at least do what he could to make her feel some pressure.

The calmer he was, the more flustered Fairy Rosy Cloud would be.

One also had to take note that he carried the title of ‘first Sage in a thousand years’. This title alone was already worth loads of pressure.

If necessary, he could also summon the virtuous lamia and the Holy Ape Projections to increase his momentum even further.

“Please wait a minute, Fairy Rosy Cloud.” At this time, the disciple of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect that presided over the third event hurriedly said, “According to the rules, we must determine who will be getting the other seven seats before the challenges can proceed.” This Southern Eternal Sword Sect disciple was chosen to be the host because he was very serious and fair. However, because he tended to take things too seriously, he looked rather pedantic at times.

Fairy Rosy Cloud said, “Little Fellow Daoist, it’s not the time to worry about the other seven seats! The most important thing to do right now is to settle this matter with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s seat.”

Another fellow daoist partaking in the Immortal Feast loudly shouted, “Yes, yes, Fairy Rosy Cloud is right! We want to watch the challenge for Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s seat. We can simply talk about the other seven seats when the time comes.”

“The most important thing right now is Fairy Rosy Cloud’s challenge to Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song. The other matters are of less importance.”

It was what everyone wanted.

“All right.” The host compromised. He felt that if he didn’t compromise, he might not be able to leave the Immortal Feast venue in one piece today—he felt as if everyone’s eyes were staring at him, getting ready to devour him.

Fairy Rosy Cloud loudly said, “The host has agreed, then Senior Tyrannical Song, let us proceed with the challenge!”

Song Shuhang continued to pose with his hands folded, and calmly said, “Since you want to challenge me, go ahead. Still, how do you intend to challenge me?”


The chance of it being a direct confrontation was very low. After all, he held the titles of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar. People who wanted to go against him in a direct confrontation would have to think thrice before proceeding-even though he was just a small cultivator who had recently reached the Fifth Stage.

“I already have a challenge in mind,” Fairy Rosy Cloud said. “Senior Tyrannical Song, since we’re at the Immortal Feast, how about we use immortal dishes as the topic of the challenge?”

Song Shuhang smiled slightly and shook his head to refuse. “Fairy Rosy Cloud, I am not an immortal chef. Therefore, we cannot use immortal dishes as the theme.”

“I know, and I’m not an immortal chef, either. Senior Tyrannical Song, please listen to me. We aren’t going to be cooking, but trying dishes instead,” Fairy Rosy Cloud said. “After the second event, we were served four more immortal dishes. We can take these four dishes as the challenge item and taste them one by one. After that, we are to identify the ingredients in the immortal dishes. Whoever can identify more ingredients wins!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

I don’t know anything about immortal dishes, either. How many times have I even had immortal dishes in my life?

In addition, Song Shuhang was very curious about something. Fairy Rosy Cloud was holding the Mother-Child River water, but how exactly was she going to make him drink it?

Fairy Lychee smiled, and said, “The Immortal Feast’s dishes are very suitable to be the topic of a challenge.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “However, since there are four dishes, how will they decide things if they tie?”

Fairy Rosy Cloud said, “If we end up having two wins and two losses each, then we will play the most crucial fifth game. At that time, we will use the Mother-Child River water as the last ‘dish’ and decide the winner.”

She had been waiting for this exact moment. “…” Song Shuhang. It seemed that Fairy Rosy Cloud was quite confident in herself. Was she that confident in being able to ‘win two and lose two’ so that they could enter a fifth match?

Song Shuhang continued to keep his hands folded by his chest, and calmly said, “What if… I get three wins in the first four games?”

Fairy Rosy Cloud said, “Then, as punishment for failing the challenge, I will give a portion of the ‘Mother-Child River’ water to Senior Tyrannical Song… and then I will drink another portion on the spot.”

Fairy Rosy Cloud wasn’t afraid of getting pregnant on the spot?

Does she have a way to guarantee her victory, or does she have some medicinal pill that can allow her to avoid having to pay the price that comes with drinking the Mother-Child River water?

At this moment, Senior White, who was holding a lottery number in his hand, got back to his seat, and gently jumped onto it.

“The Mother-Child River water? That thing isn’t bad. As far as I know, in addition to making you conceive and give birth to a useless mass of meat, it actually has a miraculous effect when one is ascending to the Seventh Stage from the Sixth Stage. While ascending to the Seventh Stage from the Sixth Stage, a lotus would grow in the practitioner’s Spirit Lake, and a nascent soul can be born from that lotus. After the lotus is refined into a liquid pill, a practitioner that is at the peak of the Sixth Stage can drink it to increase the probability of condensing a nascent soul,” Senior White said. “It’s a good treasure.”

Song Shuhang nodded, and then said to Fairy Rosy Cloud, “You can avoid drinking the Mother-Child River water as a punishment… If I win, both portions of water will be given to me.”

Anyway, before the start of the game, it wasn’t bad to continue increasing the pressure.

Fairy Rosy Cloud decisively said, “Alright.”

“I haven’t finished talking yet.” Song Shuhang smiled slightly-he still needed to put more pressure on Fairy Rosy Cloud before the competition started.

Fairy Rosy Cloud said, “Senior Tyrannical Song, please speak.”

Song Shuhang calmly said, “Instead, let’s change the price of you drinking the Mother-Child River water to receiving a stare from me.”

Fairy Rosy Cloud couldn’t help but take a step back. She stretched out her hand to hold her belly and trembled violently.

Song Shuhang put his hands on his chin, and calmly said, “What’s wrong? You dare to drink the Mother-Child River water on the spot, but don’t dare to let me stare at you?” There seemed to be a strange light in his eyes. Everyone subconsciously avoided Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s eyes, and did not dare to look at him.

On the other hand, Soft Feather whispered, “Senior Song looks like a big villain when he’s like this.”

“Fine, deal!” Fairy Rosy Cloud gritted her teeth —she believed that there was no chance of her losing; she had great confidence in herself.

Song Shuhang said, “Then, let’s proceed with the challenge. In order to prevent cheating, Senior White, would you please take action to block all secret sound transmissions? In addition, after each dish, we will both write the name of the ingredients on a piece of paper.”

The little Senior White nodded. “No problem, leave it to me.”

The Southern Eternal Sword Sect arranged two locations for Song Shuhang and Fairy Rosy Cloud, and prepared a small portion of the four immortal dishes for the two.

“Senior Tyrannical Song, before we start, I want to tell you one thing.” Fairy Rosy Cloud spat out her little tongue, moved it around flexibly, and said, “When I opened my Mouth Aperture during the First Stage Realm, the talent that I got was the God’s Tongue, which allows me to perfectly identify the flavors of all the food that I taste. I can materialize the flavor in my mind, and then list down all of the ingredients. In addition to my main daoist name, Rosy Cloud, my other daoist name is Queen of Gourmet Food. Therefore, Senior Tyrannical Song, you are bound to lose this competition. I will make you drink the Mother-Child River water and become pregnant in front of everyone!”

“…” Song Shuhang. “Fairy Rosy Cloud is the best!”

“The God’s Tongue, the ultimate skill of gourmets. Fairy Rosy Cloud, beautifully done! Senior Tyrannical Song fell into your trap.” “You got this, Fairy Rosy Cloud! Let Senior Tyrannical Song have a taste of pregnancy!”

“Senior Tyrannical Song must also be very handsome when he’s pregnant.”

“Senior Tyrannical Song must be very cute when he’s giving birth.”

Song Shuhang calmly sat down in his seat, and said, “So, your God’s Tongue was the source of your confidence in challenging me?”

Under normal circumstances, Song Shuhang would have no chance of winning in the face of a cheat like the God’s Tongue.

Therefore, he could only use his own special abilities.

“Actually, I also have a similar skill.” Song Shuhang folded his hands, and said, “As such, during this competition, we will be seeing whether your God’s Tongue is more amazing, or if my means are greater.” “Then, Senior Tyrannical Song, let’s begin.” Fairy Rosy Cloud raised her chopsticks, and began to taste the first dish.

The first dish was a fish meal.

After taking a sip, Fairy Rosy Cloud closed her eyes and began to use the God’s Tongue to feel the ingredients and composition of the fish meal.

Fairy Rosy Cloud thought to herself, This dish consists of three different types of fish, and Immortal Fairy Bie Xue perfectly merged the three different flavors. This way, their taste achieved an effect far greater than simple addition. If it weren’t for my God’s Tongue, it would have been difficult to notice the subtle differences between them.

Afterward, she took another sip of the soup, and analyzed the ingredients used in the soup.

The God’s Tongue allowed her to materialize the immortal dishes in her mind, and analyze all the ingredients little by little.

In an instant, there were nearly 10 different ingredients and preparation methods that appeared in Fairy Rosy Cloud’s mind.

Fairy Rosy Cloud smiled slightly.

However, things didn’t end here. These 10 ingredients and preparation methods could also be pointed out by gourmets in the world of immortal chefs, but her God’s Tongue could go further and taste an even deeper taste.

While thinking, Fairy Rosy Cloud turned her head and looked at Senior Tyrannical Song, who was sitting opposite her.

Then, she saw Song Shuhang didn’t seem to be appreciating the dish at all, taking big mouthfuls of the immortal dish and nearly swallowing it whole. “???” Fairy Rosy Cloud. Could such a method really allow him to taste and identify the hidden tastes and ingredients in Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s immortal dish?

Could it be said that Senior Tyrannical Song has given up?

However, it was the opposite.

Song Shuhang wiped the corners of his mouth with satisfaction. “It’s delicious.”

Then, he secretly stroked his right hand, using a healing technique to recover the injury on his arm.

Before he began eating, he had used the secret appraisal technique to identify all of the ingredients used for the fish meal, as well as the steps needed to prepare the meal.

Then, he raised his pen and quickly wrote the names of the ingredients on the paper.

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