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Chapter 1459 A painter’s soul that can no longer be stopped

The little golden core in Song Shuhang’s second dantian wasn’t his life-bound golden core.

However, this little golden core still had all of the functions that golden cores of other practitioners had. It also had a Golden Core Composition, and the same went for the process of having to add a finishing touch.

As such, Song Shuhang was very much looking forward to whether his small golden would become a Spirit Lake after he added that final stroke.

He only wondered whether he would be considered a Sixth Stage True Monarch, or if he would still be considered a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor at that time.

His small golden core would become a Spirit Lake while he hadn’t even started working on the Golden Core Composition of his life-bound golden core. Thinking about it this way made it appear very interesting. The taste of [Picturesque) was not as explosive as the previous (Great Migration of 100 Beasts], but it did have a much longer aftertaste. After eating it, one would experience a long aftertaste, and they would not be able to extricate themselves from the delicious taste of the dish for a good while.

While eating (Picturesque), Song Shuhang’s eyes, which were now back in their sockets, felt refreshed and recovered quickly.

However, the urge to add the ‘finishing touch’ did not appear.

Is it necessary to eat the entire dish before the inspiration arrives? Song Shuhang looked down at the immortal dish, feeling a little reluctant in his heart.

If one had a friend whose cooking skills were even half as good as that of Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, their life would really be great.

Song Shuhang suppressed the unwillingness in his heart, and ate his entire portion of ‘Picturesque’ in a few bites.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “Little friend Shuhang, your way of eating is really wasteful. Gobbling down your dish like that while you don’t need to add your Golden Core Composition’s final stroke is simply too wasteful.”

Song Shuhang laughed. “Hehehe.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was baffled.

“Shuhang, you can’t possibly already be at the ‘finishing touch’ stage, right? Didn’t you just ascend to the Fifth Stage?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer suddenly thought of a possibility. “Don’t worry, Senior Phoenix Slayer. I have yet to start the Golden Core Composition on my life-bound golden core,” Song Shuhang said to comfort him.

After finishing (Picturesque), Song Shuhang closed his eyes, and began to reminisce about the taste of the immortal dish. At the same time, he looked forward to the flash of inspiration for the final stroke of his Golden Core Composition.

[Picturesque] was not perfect; it was merely an opportunity to enhance the inspiration for the final stroke.

Just as Song Shuhang was in thought, one of the daoist priests at the Immortal Feast suddenly rose into the sky.

“Hahahaha, here it comes, here it comes! A steady stream of inspiration is coming. Dear Fellow Daoists, let’s meet each other another time.” The daoist priest jumped up. This was a practitioner at the peak of the Fifth Stage Realm, and he only needed some enlightenment in order to add the finishing touch to his Golden Core Composition. At this moment, he was finally able to find the inspiration, and he could no longer suppress the urge to draw the final stroke that he needed.

And so, he simply gave up on the Immortal Feast and rushed out, looking for a place to close up in order to finish the Golden Core Composition.

After the Golden Core Composition was completed, it would be time to transcend the heavenly tribulation.

For a practitioner, advancing to the next realm was the most important thing. After this daoist priest left, just as if there was a domino effect, another practitioner stood up. He was a practitioner from another world. After getting up, he bowed to everyone, and said, “Fellow Daoists, I must take my leave as well.”

Immediately afterward, several practitioners of various systems got up, bowed to everyone, and left the Immortal Feast.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman exclaimed, “The effect of Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s Picturesque is simply amazing. If news of this scene were to spread, the stories about her will get even wilder.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “Now, the value of the invitations for the next Immortal Feast will rise again. I feel distressed.”

All loose cultivators felt bitterness in their hearts, but they did not say it aloud.

While Northern River was talking, Dharma King Creation suddenly stood up.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple asked, “Dharma King, are you finally going to make a breakthrough?”

He and Dharma King Creation were practitioners of the same generation, but he had long broken through to the True Monarch Realm. However, Dharma King Creation was slower in advancing because he was following the body tempering path. Because of this, he was still at the peak of the Fifth Stage Realm.

Dharma King Creation replied, “No, I just feel that the dish is really delicious. I suddenly got the urge to sing a song to express my feelings.”

After that, he cleared his throat.

“Senior Creation, please have mercy!”

“Fellow Daoist Creation, this is the Immortal Feast, not your concert. Please don’t start singing.”

“Die die die die! Unfaithful men… should die die die! Unfilial men… should die die die!” A clear voice rang out, but it was Soft Feather who had begun singing.

The practitioners who were at the nearby tables stood up in fear, their hearts skipping a beat.

Su Clan’s Sixteen quickly covered Soft Feather’s mouth.

Song Shuhang said, “Soft Feather don’t. Fairy Creation hasn’t returned to his body yet. If Dharma King starts singing, the Immortal Feast will be over.” Dharma King Creation said, “You all look down too much on my self-control. Am I such an ignorant person? I just felt like composing a new song. Moreover, I’ll simply hum it. I won’t sing it out loud.”

Fairy Lychee brought out her earplugs with a calm face and stuffed them into her ears.

Even if it was just some light humming, all the practitioners present had a powerful hearing. No matter how soft Dharma King Creation’s singing was, it would still be heard by everyone.

“Let me stay~ On the edge of reincarnation!” Dharma King Creation sang softly.

“What does this song have to do with ‘Picturesque’?” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator asked curiously.

Dharma King Creation said, “I haven’t even started yet. I just sang a line to clear my throat.”

After saying that, he began to hum.

There weren’t any lyrics; it was only pure humming at first.

Honestly speaking, Dharma King Creation’s songs without any lyrics had a strong sense of rhythm. In addition to being a famous death singer, Dharma King Creation was also a famous composer and songwriter.

Behind Song Shuhang, Fairy Creation quietly emerged.

After thinking for a while, she left Song Shuhang and returned to Dharma King Creation.

Dharma King Creation hummed softly, and Fairy Creation began to hum along. A heavenly sound came from her mouth.

Song Shuhang’s figure paused slightly. In his heart, there seemed to be a kind of inspiration emerging. Song Shuhang softly said, “Is it coming?” Had the inspiration he needed for the final stroke come?

Soft Feather curiously asked, “What’s coming?” Song Shuhang replied, “The inspiration.” In the next moment, his head spun. From his perspective, the entire world seemed to be spinning Afterward, his consciousness appeared in his dantian area.

He was getting the same feeling as when he had drawn his Golden Core Composition. The time has come for me to add the finishing touch to my Golden Core Composition. Song Shuhang was elated. Among people of the modern era, there were many that had OCD, and Song Shuhang was someone who had a slight OCD.

Due to the final stroke of his Golden Core Composition still missing, he felt a little stifled, wanting to finish it as soon as he could.

And now, the opportunity had finally come.

After a while…

A plump sphere appeared in front of Song Shuhang

When he had drawn the Golden Core Composition for his small golden core, it had appeared very huge in his consciousness. This had allowed him to draw to his heart’s content, painting everything that he could think of on


Now, a sphere of the same size appeared before his eyes.

However, this sphere was not golden… but colorful instead.

“…” Song Shuhang. Immortal Fairy, there is something wrong here.

Wasn’t this dish supposed to enhance the inspiration for the final stroke of one’s Golden Core Composition?

Why was I sent to the colorful monster core?

Could it be that this monster core also wants a Golden Core Composition?

What do I do? I don’t know anything about monster cores!

Do monster cores also get a Golden Core Composition like golden cores?

However, monster cores don’t have dragon patterns. Without dragon patterns, theoretically speaking, there wouldn’t be any dyes for the Golden Core Composition, right? So how am I supposed to paint? Senior White Two once said that he had a golden core that was void of any dragon patterns. If that was true, how did Senior White Two become a Sixth Stage True Monarch?

Could it be that he had skipped the Golden Core Composition entirely?

Song Shuhang felt puzzled, but the impulse in his heart was growing stronger.

This strong impulse was so familiar, and it was a feeling like he was getting ready to draw his second Golden Core Composition. Alright, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll just go along with it.

Song Shuhang went in front of the colorful monster core, and stretched out his finger.

What should I draw this time?

On his little golden core, he had painted the ‘Forever Impregnable Holy City.

There were flames, the Impregnable Holy City, a sky filled with lightning, modernized heavenly tribulation, and one quarter of the ‘big-eyed planet’.

It would be meaningless to paint something that he had already painted, and it did not go well with Song Shuhang’s character. Therefore, if a ‘Golden Core Composition’ could be drawn on the colorful monster core as well, what should he paint?

Following the strong impulse in his heart, Song Shuhang’s fingers involuntarily painted on the monster core.

With a move of his fingers, the colorful light on the monster core turned into the ink for the composition.

This colorful light had a similar effect to a practitioner’s dragon patterns. Song Shuhang’s fingers danced quickly.

In his mind, an extremely huge sword appeared.

It was the second set of his life-bound magical treasure, the one that he had handed over to Senior White Two-the Holy Sword of the End.

The huge holy sword pierced through the sky.

As Song Shuhang continued to paint, the composition became clearer and clearer.

The complicated structure of the Holy Sword of the End was portrayed little by little on the colorful monster core.

When the holy sword took shape, there seemed to be a fearsome sword intent that formed on the monster core.

However, similar to when he had painted the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ on the small golden core, after the huge and complex holy sword was painted, only one-tenth of the area on the golden core had been occupied.

Song Shuhang said, “Sure enough, it’s about the same as the second golden core.” He had guessed this would happen before he began painting Then, I will just continue.

After the holy sword, what else could he paint?

He tapped his fingers slightly, and a man with his hands behind his back was drawn under the holy sword—this represented himself.

Afterward, he lifted his finger and drew a series of spatial rifts around the holy sword.

There were countless powerful demons of the Netherworld showing their hideous faces from these spatial rifts.

He originally wanted to follow the style of the second golden core, and also paint a picture of him going against a strong enemy on the monster core. However, while he was painting, the style of his painting changed involuntarily. There were more and more spatial rifts that appeared in the sky, and soon enough, there weren’t only demons of the Netherworld, but also beasts from the Beast Realm, powerful human beings, and even mechanical warriors with a futuristic style that emerged from the spatial rifts.

Song Shuhang felt that his painter’s soul could no longer be stopped, and everything that he wanted to paint was overridden.

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