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Chapter 1452 Senior White, I’ll cheer for you from the back

There was nothing that could stop this mist. Song Shuhang said, “Let’s go back.” This frosty mist should be the reason why the ‘Stars Temple’ had been sealed in ice… Perhaps it was what forced all of the members of the Stars Temple to leave.

Regardless, it wasn’t something that they could mess with. Song Shuhang had no intention of going to war with this natural disaster.

The wave of frost had yet to reach them, but there was already a biting chill assaulting their senses.

If they didn’t leave, they would definitely end up frozen in ice.

Song Shuhang reached out to open the Inner World, grabbed Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, and pulled over the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, preparing to enter the gate.

At this moment, Senior White, who was on the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, suddenly sat up, and said, “What is this? Why is it so cold?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Senior White, you’re finally awake. We’re currently back in the world of ice that we had randomly teleported to a while ago. At this moment, there is a wave of frost rushing over and freezing everything. We should leave quickly.”

“Oh.” Senior White nodded with a confused look.

Then, he stretched out his hand, brought out a disposable flying sword, and threw it over to where the blue light was.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, did you find a treasure?”

“No… I just felt that this place might be of use in the future. I’m leaving this here so that I can teleport over if there is a need.” Senior White still looked rather confused, just as if he hadn’t had enough sleep.

He could use the disposable flying sword’s coordinates to teleport over in the future.

“Alright, I’ve had enough sleep. Now, let’s go back and eat.” Senior White jumped off the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

After all, the Immortal Feast had just begun! After saying that, Senior White stretched out his hand and made a gesture in the air. “Shuhang, let’s go. I’ve locked back on to the coordinates of Earth, let’s head back.”

“Okay, Senior White.” Song Shuhang reached out and put away Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword and the treasured saber Broken Tyrant before stepping forward and grabbing Senior White’s hand.

The White Dragon quickly got into Song Shuhang’s Inner World, and the Inner World closed right after.

Song Shuhang’s big hand held the shrunken Senior White’s small hand, and a memory suddenly emerged in his mind.

He got the feeling that he was remembering something lost in a corner of his mind. There seemed to be a time when he was holding his daughter’s and son’s little hands with his big hands and shopping happily.

My daughter and son…?

Song Shuhang shook his head vigorously.

Was it a little girl’s or little boy’s hand that he had held when he was younger that caused him to have such a strange memory?

Senior White said, “Let’s go!”

He stepped forward and activated his spatial abilities to return to Earth.

But suddenly, Senior White stopped again.

Song Shuhang curiously said, “What’s wrong, Senior White?”

Senior White turned his head, smiled, and said, “Wait, I’ve sensed something good.”

When the little Senior White smiled, he looked extremely cute.

Song Shuhang said, “Is there something good hidden in the Stars Temple?” “No, it’s not in the temple. Outside the temple, there is something good approaching… That thing can even affect my spatial abilities. It seems that it can freeze space.” The little Senior White squinted his eyes.

“Are you talking about that wave of frost?” Song Shuhang immediately remembered the huge wave outside that left everything it passed through frozen.

That huge wave could even freeze space?

“Wave of frost, yeah… that should be it,” Senior White affirmed.

Senior White, who had been a little sleepy, had now completely woken up.

Upon seeing this, Song Shuhang suddenly felt a sense of anxiety.

Senior White said, “Let’s go and have a look at that wave. There must be treasures inside it.”

So, we’re going to face that huge natural disaster now? While he was thinking about it, the little Senior White grabbed Song Shuhang’s hand, and unfolded his spatial abilities. Wait, Senior White. While we face this wave of frost, can I choose to be like a Holy Ape, hide at the back, and just cheer for you? Regrettably, Song Shuhang hadn’t even gotten a chance to say anything when Senior White had already mobilized his spatial abilities.

In the next moment, the two figures disappeared from the Stars Temple.


The spatial jump this time was clearly different from previous ones.

Song Shuhang felt that the space around him was frozen.

When Senior White was jumping through space, he needed to break layers of ice before being able to continue with the travel.

Immediately after Song Shuhang and the little Senior White left, the cold intent that filled heavens and the earth rushed toward their position, refilling the huge pit where the Stars Temple was located, and restoring a layer of ice that would never melt over it.

The blue light in the Stars Temple dimmed and disappeared, waiting for the next wave of destined people to visit it.


Song Shuhang and the little Senior White’s figures appeared in the air.

Not far away from them, the mist from the wave of frost rushed forward like a tsunami, and swept over the entire world.

Senior White said, “Sure enough, there is something inside this wave.”

Song Shuhang shook his head, and said, “I don’t see anything. I can only see the tsunami-like mist.” Other than that was the bone-chilling coldness.

The chill carried by this wave was terrifying. Even with his physique, Song Shuhang still felt a biting chill. This chill didn’t only affect his body, but it also affected his soul.

It was as if it could seal in ice any creature’s body and soul.

This was no longer something as simple as cold air. This wave of frost seemed to contain its own will.

Song Shuhang commanded his saber intent to come out and cover his body.

Subsequently, saber intent armor wrapped his body layer by layer.

With the protection of saber intent armor, the bitter chill was repelled.

The little Senior White said, “It really is quite cold. Shuhang, you wait here. I’ll go and search through that wave.”

“Okay, Senior White.” Song Shuhang nodded. “Do you want me to cheer for you from the back?”

The little Senior White smiled, and said, “You aren’t an ape.”

After saying that, Senior White stretched out his arm, and Meteor Umbrella appeared in his hand.

With a flash of sword light, Senior White plunged into the tsunami-like wave of frost.

Sword intent and sword qi erupted, and wherever Senior White went, the wave was forcibly cut apart. The tsunami-like cold wave was directly cut in half.

This was the power of an Eighth Stage Profound Sage.

With one sword, they could even cut apart natural disasters.

Senior White said, “Eh? Sure enough, something… is attacking me.”

He then swung the sword once more. From Meteor Sword, a sword intent that seemed like it could split heaven and earth apart swept toward the large wave.


The creature that sneak attacked Senior White was swept by the sword intent and screamed. After this, it turned around and fled to the depths of the mist.

“Interesting. Do you want to escape? Do you think I’ll let you?” The little Senior White’s gentle voice sounded. “Shuhang, be careful. There is something in this wave of frost that is very aggressive.”

While he was speaking, sword light rose once again, and the little Senior White moved around in the mist. Wherever he went, the cold mist was blown away and dissipated.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, are you chasing something?”

He couldn’t see what was hidden in the cold mist at all, and even if he used his mental energy, he couldn’t sense anything.

Could it be something similar to invisible sword insects, which are impossible to see unless your cultivation has reached a certain level?

If that’s the case, then I really don’t have much I can do to help.

Song Shuhang said, “Sure enough, it would be better for me to simply stay at the back and cheer for Senior White.”


At this moment, a string of sparks exploded at Song Shuhang’s waist.

Had it not been for the protection of the saber intent armor, his kidney would have been stabbed.

“…” Song Shuhang. He turned his head abruptly, and at the same time stretched out his hand. The invisible saber insect appeared in his hand, slashing out behind him.


The saber cut through the air, hitting nothing.

When he looked behind him, he saw nothing there.

The virtuous lamia emerged and placed herself behind Song Shuhang. Her body swelled up as she guarded Song Shuhang.


It was another hit, and the strike was still aimed at Song Shuhang’s waist. However, it had been blocked by the virtuous lamia’s tail this time.

The virtuous lamia clasped her palms together, and shouted, “Virtuous… Giant Sun!”

Light of virtue turned into a dazzling sun, which expanded outward from Song Shuhang and the virtuous lamia’s position.

If you couldn’t see the enemy, then just use an AOE attack.


The Virtuous Giant Sun spread in all directions.

Anything within the scope of the Virtuous Giant Sun would be destroyed. However, the Virtuous Giant Sun didn’t hit anything

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “What the hell is it? I can’t see it at all.”

And this creature was too slippery.

Although its attack power was not too high, it could quickly escape from a failed hit, just like an assassin. Song Shuhang murmured, “I can’t see or sense it at all.”

At this moment, another figure emerged behind Song Shuhang.

It was Fairy Creation.

Fairy Creation sang, “Owawal Eye-YourEye~”

While she sang this, she held an eye with both of her hands.

It was the Scholarly Sage’s eye.

When Song Shuhang saw this eye, he suddenly felt a pain in his lower abdomen, and his legs went numb.

However, this might be a good option.

Song Shuhang said, “Alright.” The virtuous lamia stretched out her hand, and gently pressed it on Song Shuhang’s eye socket.

When she retracted her small hand, Song Shuhang’s right eye had been taken out.

Afterward, Fairy Creation placed her hands over Song Shuhang’s right eye socket.

The Scholarly Sage’s eye was installed right into Song Shuhang’s eye socket.

A practitioner who couldn’t afford to gouge out their eye wasn’t a good scholar.

To be a big shot, removing one’s eyeballs was a skill that had to be mastered!

A surge of heat came from his right eye.

At the same time, on the surface of Song Shuhang’s life-bound whale core, the dragon pattern that was an imitation of the Scholarly Sage’s eye resonated with Sage’s eye.

Song Shuhang’s body did not reject the Scholarly Sage’s eye.

“Now, let me see what exactly has been trying to claim my kidney again and again. Even a kind and honest person would be enraged by now!” Song Shuhang’s gaze swept around him.

This time, he saw the creature.

The Scholarly Sage’s eye, the eye of an Immortal who had suppressed the entire world, was truly amazing.

He saw a transparent, flelike creature that looked like it was cast from ice 500 meters from him.

However, unlike a flea, it had a long neck and an extra pair of forelimbs.

It bounced around in the air. Every time it jumped, it was so quick that it felt like it was teleporting. After jumping around for a while, the flea dived into the mist.

Then, it suddenly came out from behind him. After that, it ejected its sharp, blade-like claws.

Its target was still Song Shuhang’s waist.


The flea appeared behind Song Shuhang, ferociously stabbing him with its sharp claws. When its claws reached Song Shuhang. “Swoosh!” A big hand that seemed to be cast from black iron pinched the flelike creature’s neck.

“I dare you to try jumping again!” Song Shuhang grinned, revealing his white teeth.

The flelike creature struggled frantically. Its sharp forelimbs kept slashing at Song Shuhang’s arm. “Clang, clang, clang!”

Sparks flew everywhere.

Its sharp claws couldn’t break through the defense of Song Shuhang (Steel Hands Technique), and was thus unable to injure him in the slightest. “It is very fast. While inside this cold mist, it can even reach the speed of someone at the Sixth Stage. However, its attack power and strength are, otherwise, too low.”

Song Shuhang estimated the strength of this flelike creature.

“Squeak, squeak-” The flelike creature let out a strange cry.

It stopped attacking Song Shuhang’s arm, and suddenly slashed its claws towards its own neck.

Blade light flashed, and its head was cut off.

Afterward, the flelike creature quickly leaped toward a distant place.

A warrior could even break his wrist if necessary. This guy was even more extreme, and directly cut off its own head.

It seemed that its head wasn’t that important to it. If it was cut off, it could regenerate it soon after it escaped. Song Shuhang’s black iron arm squeezed lightly and burst the flea’s head.

Immediately after, he activated the artifact he wore on his left hand—the (Ancient Witch’s Blessing). It was a Ninth Stage magical treasure that was a part of the Ancestral Witch’s Battle Armor Set. It was usable by Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors.

It could enhance the user’s affinity to ‘space’. Activating this magical treasure could allow one to perform a short-distance spatial jump with a range of 500 meters. Right now, under the influence of the wave of frost, the distance of this spatial jump was possibly shortened. However, it was enough.

The headless flelike creature quickly jumped into the ‘cold mist’. As long as it returned to the mist, it would be safe.

“Bang!” While jumping rapidly, it hit a hard wall.

“Jump some more!” A big hand had grabbed its body.


This time, its entire body was squeezed until it exploded.

With the death of the flelike creature, a fingertip-sized crystal core fell out of its body.

Song Shuhang grabbed this core.

Even with the protection of the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove, he could still feel the biting cold contained within the core.

Could this be the treasure that Senior White was talking about? Song Shuhang reached out and kept this small core inside his spatial bracelet.

“Now… Let’s see what Senior White is chasing.” Song Shuhang used the Scholarly Sage’s eye to look toward the sword qi in the wave of frost.

The speed of Senior White’s sword qi was extremely high, and it looked no different from a beam of light in his eyes.

Song Shuhang finally managed to see Senior White.

What was fleeing in front of Senior White was a bone dragon…

Similar to the flelike creature, this bone dragon was also made of transparent ice. It looked like it was also an ice-type creature. At this time, the frost bone dragon was already badly injured.

However, Senior White didn’t seem to want to kill it.

Does he want to catch it alive? Song Shuhang guessed Senior White’s thoughts. Apart from the flelike creature and the bone dragon… Is there anything else in this wave of frost? Song Shuhang then used the Scholarly Sage’s eye to scan through the mist.

Very quickly, he saw a large thing jumping towards him.

It was a huge flea 20 meters tall with its entire body engulfed in flames of anger.

“…” Song Shuhang.


If you aren’t afraid of the Sage’s eye, then come right at me! Don’t be a coward.

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