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Chapter 1444 Three cores, increased stability

The Cross of Resurrection had been activated, and the process could no longer be reversed. Even if he were to forcefully stop it, the magical treasure would still be rendered useless.

As Song Shuhang saw the Cross of Resurrection, which he had acquired with great difficulty, disappeared right before his eyes, he felt very tired. (Senior White, tell me honestly, did you deliberately do that? With your keen eyesight, you still made such a mistake?]

Senior White Two said, (How could that be possible? I’m the ruler of the Netherworld, why would I deliberately trick you? You have to believe me. I didn’t think that there would actually be someone else sustaining the consumption of your pseudo-eternal state. The price of doing this is very heavy.]

While he was speaking, Song Shuhang’s resurrection process had already entered its final stage.

The holy light turned into flames and surrounded Song Shuhang.

At the same time, sacred sounds rang around him.

The resurrection magical treasures of the holy light system paid special attention to these effects.

Senior Yellow Mountain stretched out his hand and waved it. His daoist robe flew out, expanded, and covered Song Shuhang, preventing his resurrection from being subject to any disturbance.

Su Clan’s Sixteen took a step back and waited with everyone for Song Shuhang’s resurrection to end.

As the holy light flame dissipated, Song Shuhang’s resurrection process also came to an end.

His clothes, phone, wallet, and magical treasures all fell to the ground again.

Immediately afterward, his body of smoke had returned to being one of flesh.

Unlike the ‘life talisman’ of the cultivation system, which directly rebuilt one’s fleshly body, the Cross of Resurrection resurrected the user’s original fleshly body.

Having been affected by the pseudo-eternal state, Song Shuhang’s physical strength doubled after this resurrection. This could clearly be seen from his (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique).

When Song Shuhang willed it, a total of 21 Ancient Holy Apes appeared.

In addition, the arrangement of the Holy Apes had changed once again.

Now, they were arranged in the shape of an arrow.

At the forefront was an especially large Holy Ape, which was a gift from Senior White Two. The other 20 smaller Holy Apes were divided into two groups of 10 and were arranged at both sides behind the large Holy Ape.

Each Holy Ape had a Scholarly Scripture in its hands.

After appearing, they began to chant the contents of the scriptures loudly, congratulating their master for his rebirth.

Song Shuhang bent over, picked up his clothes, and put them on again. After that, he picked up his phone, wallet, and magical treasures, and put them where they were supposed to be.

Afterward, he used his mental energy and began to check on his own state.

If he had consumed the Cross of Resurrection only to end up with a body that increased in strength by a fold, then it would truly have been a huge waste. He had many ways to strengthen his body. For example, he still had a few portions of ‘demodragon medicine’ on him. As he had yet to form any resistance to it, he could still take it several times.

After ascending to the Fifth Stage, he could now bathe in a Fifth Stage level medicinal bath.

These methods were much cheaper than a Cross of Resurrection.

After Song Shuhang used his inner sight, he focused on his waist.

Before reviving, he had used a whale monster core made of mirage energy to patch his waist.

As such, he could only wonder as to whether his kidneys had recovered.

Song Shuhang kept on getting the feeling that the world held malice towards his kidneys. Every time something big happened, his kidneys would always be a victim.

After examining his waist, Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief. He softly said, “Fortunately, my waist has recovered to how it was before. I’ve completely recovered in all aspects.”


Since my waist was restored to its original condition… What happened to the huge whale monster core?

That was a precious monster core. Surely, it hadn’t disappeared just like that, right?

Otherwise, that would be a huge loss. The giant whale’s monster core was very valuable as it was a monster core that possessed mirage energy. At this time, Senior White Two said, [Your dantian.]

Song Shuhang quickly transferred his consciousness to his life dantian.

After doing so, he saw that his fat whale monster core had gotten fatter again. This was especially evident when seeing its swollen belly.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Is this dumb core addicted to pregnancy?

Did it forget that it doesn’t have any of the tools to give birth?

Song Shuhang sighed and asked, (Senior White, did those colorful kidneys enter my life-bound whale core?]

Senior White Two replied, (That should be the case… I’m afraid the Cross of Resurrection regarded the monster core as part of your body, moving it into your dantian.] That was indeed what seemed to have happened.

[Fairy @#%x, come out,] Song Shuhang called out in his mind.

Although he couldn’t yet pronounce Fairy Waiting for a Promise’s name in the language of the ancient era, Song Shuhang could already ‘think’ of the pronunciation in his mind.

As the virtuous lamia appeared, she tilted her head and looked at Song Shuhang.

Then, her eyes suddenly lit up.

In addition to pretending to be dead, she discovered another skill of hers that could not be imitated by ‘Fairy Creation’—stroking the whale core.

She was Song Shuhang’s light of virtue, and even if she were to come in contact with Song Shuhang’s life-bound golden core, she would not be repelled.

As for Fairy Creation, who was an ‘outsider’, if she came in contact with Song Shuhang’s life-bound golden core, she would be bounced away.

The virtuous lamia’s right hand skillfully grasped the fat whale golden core, while her left hand grabbed its tail.

The fat whale golden core struggled desperately.

However, how could it possibly struggle out of the virtuous lamia’s grasp?

The virtuous lamia’s right hand squeezed the fat whale golden core’s abdomen, and moved towards its mouth.

After a while, the fat whale golden core spat out a small colorful core.

The virtuous lamia retracted her hands, leaving the fat whale filled with sadness.

The small colorful core was completely different from a golden core, and it could be classified as a monster core.

In addition, there were no dragon patterns on it.

Similar to its older brother, the small golden core, after the colorful monster core was ‘conceived’, it orbited around the fat whale golden core just like how the Earth orbited around the Sun.

The sad fat whale golden core finally recovered from the stroking. After sensing the colorful monster core, it flicked its tail.

“Bang-” The colorful monster core was sent flying, just like how its older brother had been in the past. It went upstream along the path of Song Shuhang’s dantians.

It first entered his second dantian, the Dragon Tail Dantian.

However, this place was already occupied by the small golden core, which almost had a complete Golden Core Composition, missing only the final touch. Because of that, its power already filled the entire Dragon Tail Dantian, leaving no space for the colorful monster core.

The colorful monster core continued to move upstream and entered the third dantian, the Dragon Claw Dantian.

Afterward, it stationed itself here.

The colorful mirage energy and monster energy released from the monster core would be changed into spiritual energy by the Dragon Claw Dantian before being added to Song Shuhang’s energy system.

With this, Song Shuhang now had the life-bound whale core, the small golden core, and the colorful monster core.

Song Shuhang had successfully upgraded from being dual-core to triple-core.

Three was a very stable number. After the addition of the third core, Song Shuhang felt that he now had greater control over the spiritual energy in his body.

Now, even if his physique, martial arts, light of virtue, Combined Magical Treasure, Ye Si, Scarlet Heaven Sword, and so on were ignored, the triple-cored Song Shuhang surpassed other practitioners of the same realm in terms of spiritual energy.

After he adapted to the Fifth Stage a bit and learned some skills and techniques, he would utterly crush practitioners of the same level even if he only used the power of his three cores.

It seemed Song Shuhang would inherit Su Clan’s Seven’s title as the strongest Spiritual Emperor.

The title was proof of one’s combat power. Su Clan’s Seven, the one who previously held this title, was its well-deserved holder, being invincible against those of this realm.

However, Seven had already ascended to the Sixth Stage.

In the past, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group felt that this title would be inherited by Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, but now one could only wonder if Thrice Reckless would still have the opportunity to acquire it.

At this time, Thrice Reckless had already completed his Golden Core Composition, and only needed to add the finishing touch.

“When it comes to the monster core, at least I didn’t lose it.” Song Shuhang sighed.

His colorful waist was now gone, and he got a colorful monster core in exchange. At least, the huge whale monster core was not wasted.

And this monster core also had many aspects worthy of his attention. For example, the colorful monster core could emit ‘mirage energy’. As long as he learned how to use this mirage energy, Song Shuhang’s illusory techniques would quickly progress. He ìremembered that he had two magical techniques on his person. One was the (Heavenly Master’s Techniques—Lightning Chapter), and the other was the (Detailed Explanation On How To Set Up An Illusion Formation).

Illusion techniques were extremely useful to practitioners. In the past, if Soft Feather had not lent him the shapeshifting brooch, many things in Song Shuhang’s life would have been a lot more troublesome.

Song Shuhang had always wanted to improve his proficiency in illusions but suffered from not having the opportunity to make much progress in this field. But now, with this treasure, he would be akin to a fish in the water when he practiced illusory techniques.

If he specialized in this field, he might even be able to learn how to create a mirage world as Senior White had learned.

After all, he now had mirage kidneys.

Song Shuhang continued to scan through his body, and found no other abnormalities.

“Overall, I seem to have incurred slight losses.”

The Cross of Resurrection and Huge Whale Monster Core in exchange for the strengthening of his physique and the third core… Song Shuhang felt that he made a slight loss from this.

Senior White Two said, (Slight losses? Not at all.]

Song Shuhang looked confused. Senior White Two said, (Carefully check your third core. In addition to the ‘mirage energy’ and ‘monster energy’, it also came with a skill. Try activating it and see for yourself.]

“Askill?” Song Shuhang sank his consciousness back into his third dantian, and observed the colorful monster core.

It really did come with an innate skill.

There was a power that could not be described in words in the depth of the colorful monster core. It seemed to contain fate, time, and luck.

When Song Shuhang sensed this power, that power was activated.


Song Shuhang’s body exploded and turned into a cloud of smoke.

Just like how he had been before the latest resurrection, his body became a body of smoke once again.

Even the colorful waist that he had before came back, exuding a colorful light.

Song Shuhang said, “The pseudo-eternal state again?”

Senior White Two said, “An extremely weakened version.”

If it had been the normal ‘pseudo-eternal state’, Song Shuhang would have instantly been sucked dry of energy.

When Song Shuhang entered this extremely weakened ‘pseudo-eternal state’, a galaxy appeared behind Senior White, who was currently in the middle of recovery in the Palace of Virtue.

The galaxy rose high into the sky and overshadowed the Inner World, its beginning and its end nowhere in sight.

The people inside the Inner World looked towards this galaxy, feeling an extremely heavy pressure bear down on their minds.

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