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Chapter 1432 Beating monster core, still fresh!

In front of the giant whale was a sword formation that had become something akin to a meat grinder, and behind it was a mini Senior White carrying a giant tree of virtue.

The unfortunate whale screamed in pain again and again, desperately trying to escape from the sword formation. But whenever it managed to withdraw even the slightest bit, it would be smashed back into the grinder by Senior White.

After having condensed the giant tree of virtue, Senior White had become more comfortable in dealing with larger creatures.

“I’ve started to understand the structure of this illusory world,” Senior White said while vigorously waving the giant tree of virtue and hitting the giant whale back into the meat grinder.

“I feel like I’ve heard this before,” Song Shuhang said, feeling he had heard Senior White say something similar in the past. Senior White continued, “By relying on the structure of this illusory world, I should be able to create a magical technique with the same effect.”

As long as I understand the principle behind the technique, I can create a similar one in minutes!

Song Shuhang curiously said, “Is there any point in creating a similar illusory world? Isn’t the illusory reality more realistic?”

Senior White shook his finger, and said, “It’s not the same. This giant whale has mastered the mirage world ability of mirage dragons, which can read people’s desires, and construct a world based on their dreams. In addition, the most important thing is that through this mirage world, they can acquire something called ‘mirage energy’. That’s what I’m the most interested in.”

Song Shuhang nodded silently.

Regardless of what it was, anything that Senior White came to have an interest in was never ordinary. This mirage energy must have something amazing about it if mirage dragons were willing to go through the dangers of being digested and the trouble to weave a mirage world for other people to gain it. Upon hearing the news, the giant whale struggled even more desperately.

In the world that it constructed, it could use spatial abilities like Tribulation Transcenders, and possessed an extremely powerful regeneration ability. However, this cultivator named White still managed to defeat it.


If he really did manage to understand its illusory world, then its downfall would become inevitable.

“If we’re talking about the general structure of the illusory world, it’ll be enough to imitate this world’s structure for now. As for the map generation in the later parts of the dream, I’ll need to gather more data. I will be able to make up for these in the future. The prototype of the magical technique only needs the infusion of energy… Look, I’ll build a simple ‘illusory world’ now,” Senior White said with a laugh.

He pointed his right hand toward the sky, and the desert world that had originally been created by the giant whale quickly changed. The scenery changed to that of the small building bought by the Medicine Master outside Jiangnan University Town.

It was only that the size of the small building had been increased by millions of times in this world.

The giant whale was terrified. It had never encountered such an opponent before; someone that had managed to understand the concepts behind its magical technique despite only being subjected to it once. Not only that, but the other party also managed to directly change the world that it had laid out. This time, the giant whale could really sense its death looming. Senior White said, “However, there is still something missing.” While still nailed to the ground by tens of swords, Song Shuhang asked, “What’s still missing? Is it similar to that time with the ‘Space-Time Traversal’ of the giant turtles of disaster, when you needed to know more about their internal structure?”

Senior White said, “Exactly. I’ve got the feeling that I’ll need to research the body structure of a mirage dragon first.”

It was not known what the giant whale in front of them had encountered in the past that it managed to learn the innate talent of mirage dragons. However, it no longer had a body, and that was also one of the reasons it wanted to possess someone else’s body. Since it didn’t have a body, even if Senior White wanted to study it, he wouldn’t be able to get anything useful out of it.

Senior White pinched his chin, and said, “Perhaps I should go and capture a mirage dragon.”

The giant whale trapped inside the sword formation secretly felt relieved.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, I have something on my body that might be of use to you.”

After saying that, he brought out the dragon pearl of the mirage dragon clan elder.

He got the feeling that the main reason he had entered Senior White’s mirage world was to give him this dragon pearl he obtained from the mirage dragon clan elder.

“What is this?” Senior White stretched out his hand, and the dragon pearl fell into his hand.

Song Shuhang said, “It’s a dragon pearl. To be more precise, it’s the dragon pearl of an elder-level figure of the mirage dragon clan.”

Senior White curiously asked, “Elder-level figure? Were there a lot of mirage dragons that came to the Immortal Feast this time?”

Song Shuhang nodded, and replied, “Just like the name of that dish, the great migration of 100 beasts, the mirage clan had also been migrating.”

“So that was the case. No wonder all of the fellow daoists in the Immortal Feast were drawn into a dream,” Senior White said. After that, he started studying the dragon pearl that he was holding

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “The door!” Senior White responded, “What door?”

Song Shuhang solemnly replied, “I suddenly remembered that when I entered Senior White’s mirage world, I pushed open a door. I suddenly remembered about it.”

“Oh.” Senior White nodded, and continued to study the dragon pearl.

At this time, Senior White, who was still in the appearance of Little White, held a transparent dragon pearl and studied it. It looked like he had just gotten his favorite toy. If True Monarch White Crane were to see this scene, it would definitely spurt blood and die, right? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Senior White said, “Perhaps I can try this out. It just so happens that my Meteor Sword was lacking some decorations. Shuhang, sell this dragon pearl to me.”

Song Shuhang waved his hand. “Senior White, you can take it if you want it. I have no use for it anyway.”

Senior White said, “Okay, I’ll accept it for now.”

He stretched out his hand, and Meteor Sword flew back.

At this time, Meteor Sword had already received some new modifications from Senior White.

The guardrail on it was taken off, but it was not gotten rid of and was converted into a scabbard.

Senior White grabbed Meteor Sword and thrust it into the special scabbard, turning the sword into an umbrella.

The barbs on the guardrail would become the skeleton of the umbrella when spread. With a shake, the guardrail would close, and if it were to be shaken again, it would turn into a ruthless blade full of thorns.

Senior White installed the mirage dragon pearl on the top of the umbrella scabbard.

“Not bad,” Senior White said in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, with Meteor Sword no longer in the sword formation, the giant whale soared into the sky and fled. As long as it could get a sufficient distance away from this cultivator called White, it could forcefully leave the mirage world.

“If I use this dragon pearl as a core, it can make up for my shortcomings. Now… Mirage World, Flying Sword Adventure!” Senior White opened the umbrella and flung it with great force.

Meteor Sword… or, in its current state, Meteor Umbrella, flew to the ceiling of the room and expanded.

The giant umbrella enveloped the entire mirage world.

Song Shuhang felt that the space he was in had been changed into a two-dimensional world where one could only move forward, backward, up, and down.

It was similar to the Super Mario Bros game that he played when he was a kid. There was only one path in that world.

In the next moment, the world was filled with flying swords. The flying swords were extremely quick, and they would whizz by randomly.

The giant whale in the front had its heart and body rent by the tens of thousands of swords and fell down.

Senior White said, “The rules of the game are simple. You have to find the right flying sword to move ‘forward’, and you have to jump in order to advance. The flying swords turn around at times, so be ready to switch flying swords at any time.”

The giant whale opened its mouth for the first time, and said, “This isn’t a mirage world. A mirage world is created to satisfy a cultivator’s wishes!”

“And this world was also produced to satisfy a cultivator’s wishes. With the only difference that the wishes being satisfied aren’t yours but mine,” Senior White replied. “This is your only chance to escape… If you can manage to escape while abiding by the rules of the game, then you will survive. If I catch you, you will die.”

As soon as Senior White’s voice fell, the flying swords began moving.

The flying swords moved up or down, and forward or backward, constantly flying around randomly.

The giant whale constantly needed to find the flying sword that was ‘advancing’, jump on it, and have the flying sword bring it forward. At the same time, it needed to be careful and avoid any oncoming flying swords that could hit it… Moreover, the flying swords could suddenly turn around at any moment, so it needed to pay attention and switch flying swords when needed.

This was definitely a hard game.

Song Shuhang did not participate in this game and was still at the starting point, nailed to the ground by sword qi.

“Can’t you let me go first?” Song Shuhang sighed. It really hurts!

Ten minutes later.

The giant whale was chopped to pieces while letting out deafening screams.

Song Shuhang asked, “Is it dead?”

Senior White replied, “I’ve already extinguished its will. It’s so dead that it can’t die again.”

After saying that, he stretched out his hand and waved it.

From the corpse of the chopped giant whale, a monster core emerged and fell into the hands of Senior White.

This core seemed to be alive as it was still beating rhythmically.

Song Shuhang asked, “What’s this?”

Senior White casually threw it to Song Shuhang. “It’s a monster core that’s still beating, which means that it’s fresh. This monster core was the only thing left of the whale’s physical body, which was why it was trying to seize my body. But unfortunately, it chose the wrong target. I can give this monster core to you. It happens to be equivalent to that dragon pearl you gave me.” “I’ve got no use for it,” Song Shuhang said, the monster core still beating in his hand.

Senior White casually said, “You can find someone to make an external core for you so that you can have an extra, Golden Core-level reserve of energy while in the Fifth Stage Realm. Other than that, you could also choose to have it refined into an external core and sell it to a desperate Fourth Stage practitioner to allow them to reach the pseudo-Golden Core Realm.”

“I feel like doing such a thing is a huge waste. That giant whale had great strength, so its monster core is definitely worth quite a bit.” Song Shuhang accepted the monster core and stored it away.

It was too wasteful to simply make an external core out of it. He wanted to think of a better way to use this monster core.

“Alright, everything is now over.” Senior White clapped his hands, and the entire flying sword game space shrank and disappeared.

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