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Chapter 1431 Dragon stroking

The young man in green robes looked excited when he saw ‘Little White’.

However, when Little White saw the young man, it was as if he were a cat with all its hair standing on ends, getting ready to unleash an attack.

“Little White, Little White, were you washing your face just now? Were you drinking water?” The young man in green robes did not seem to have noticed anything. He took large strides forward, and then sat beside Little White.

Little White bared his fangs at the young man, but still looked super cute.

Song Shuhang looked at the tense Little White in the distance.

From his appearance, this Little White did make others feel like he could be what Senior White looked like when he had been a child…

But in terms of temperament, they were totally different. Of course, things like temperament changed as people went through different experiences, so it was quite normal for Senior White to be different when he was a child.

The young man in green robes laughed, and said, “Little White, let me introduce you to a new friend.”

Then, he beckoned for Song Shuhang to come over.

Song Shuhang rubbed his face, forcing himself to make the kindest smile that he could, and then went over to Little White.

The young man in green robes happily said, “His name is Tyrannical Saber Song One. A very interesting name, don’t you think? I met him on the way here.”

Little White raised his head and stared at Song Shuhang. After a long while, he nodded slightly at him.

The young man in green robes laughed, and said, “Little White, Little White, how about we practice the saber today? As we came across Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber Song One, I’m feeling that today’s a good day to practice the saber.”

Little White immediately glared at Song Shuhang, and then bared his teeth at him.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Was this the so-called aggro? With just one casual sentence, Little White’s favorable impression of Song Shuhang plummeted.

“Come, I’ve even prepared the sabers for today.” After saying that, the young man took down two long sabers from the horse’s back, and threw one of them at Little White.

Afterward, similar to the illusory reality plot that Song Shuhang had once experienced, the young man began to guide Little White on the path of saber techniques and teach him how to use the saber.

It wasn’t until Little White was on the ground, tired and motionless, that the young man stopped the duel.

“Little White, your saber technique is much better than before, so let’s practice hammer techniques next time. That’s all for today.” The young man in green robes put away his weapon.

Song Shuhang couldn’t understand his logic at all.

Due to his practice of the saber going well, you’re going to shift to hammer techniques next?

Little White quietly stood up from the ground. He seemed to be accustomed to the young man’s way of thinking.

After getting up, he knelt down by the lakeside, stretched out his hands, and stirred the water.

The young man in green robes stored the saber on the horse’s back, then came to Little White’s side and sat down cross-legged.

After that, he beckoned to Song Shuhang, who then squatted down to his right.

Little White knelt down by the lake, the young man sat cross-legged, and Song Shuhang squatted down out of habit—this was a habit that came about from binging books at the bookstore.

The young man in green robes suddenly said, “Little White, you are really attractive.”

Song Shuhang’s heart thumped. Here it comes! Little White raised his head. “You are blind.”

The young man in green robes said, “No, I’m not blind. Tyrannical Saber Song One, do you think that Little White looks good?”

Song Shuhang responded, “Huh?”

Why was I suddenly dragged into this?

The young man in green robes said, “Be honest, isn’t Little White very beautiful?”

“He does look good.” Song Shuhang nodded. As long as it was a conscientious person, they probably wouldn’t be able to deny it.

The young man in green robes said, “I know, right? So Little White… Will you marry me when your hair reaches your waist?” This logic was completely impossible to understand.

However, this really did happen.

Song Shuhang looked at Little White. What would the young Senior White answer?

“I won’t.” Little White directly refused.

This reply was a bit too ordinary. There wasn’t any anger in it.

As such, Song Shuhang couldn’t help but ask the question plaguing his mind. “Little White, are you a girl?”

Is Little White the young Senior White? Or is the young man in green robes the young Senior White? It was unknown when this question came to Song Shuhang’s mind.

He felt that the Little White in front of him was probably not Senior White.

The young man in green robes suddenly realized something, and asked, “Ah, right. Little White, are you a girl?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

You didn’t even know whether or not Little White was a girl, yet you proposed to him?

“Me?” Little White raised his head slightly, and softly said, “Of course I’m a girl.”

Above the mirage world, the mirage dragon clan elder smiled triumphantly. Two confused young ones, let me fulfill your wishes and satisfy your curiosity.

When Song Shuhang asked about Little White’s gender, he was clearly very (curious). As long as Song Shuhang’s curiosity was satisfied, the mirage dragon clan elder would be able to get a good amount of mirage energy.

And so, the true plot began.

With the guidance of the mirage dragon clan elder, the story of the mirage world advanced.

Little White’s eyes slightly lowered, and she looked at Song Shuhang. “Do you also feel that I look good?”

Song Shuhang nodded. With a radiant smile, Little White made her intentions known. “Then, when my hair reaches my waist, will you marry me?”

Song Shuhang gasped, “Huh?”

In the next moment, time suddenly flew by.

Little White, Song Shuhang, and the young man in green robes lived together in the desert for over 20 years.

One day, after 20 years, Little White had finally grown up… And she had long hair that reached her waist.

The mirage dragon clan elder smiled slightly, and said, “The real show is about to begin.”

Just as the mirage dragon clan elder was getting ready to show off and give Song Shuhang a fantastic experience, the desert suddenly collapsed.

The illusory world was shattered. Then, boundless darkness wrapped around Song Shuhang and the mirage dragon clan elder.

The mirage dragon clan elder suddenly got a bad feeling

Song Shuhang calmly said, “It seems that was too much.”

From the moment the young man in green robes appeared, he already got this premonition in his heart.

As expected, they f*cked up.

In the boundless darkness, Song Shuhang radiated light while floating around.

Beside him, the mirage dragon clan elder also shone with its own light.

The mirage dragon had shrunk to the size of a chopstick. Its body shape was no different from that of a ‘dragon’, but his claws were those of a flood dragon.

Two spots of light, one big and one small, floated in the darkness. “Where is this? How did my mirage world disappear?” The mirage dragon clan elder looked puzzled.

“Because someone overdid it,” Song Shuhang said.

“?” The mirage dragon clan elder.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Is it Senior White or Senior White Two?”

There were two possibilities for the collapse of the mirage world.

The first possibility: when he was in the mirage world, he had been narrating the contents of the dream just like how the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had been narrating theirs.

And while dreaming, he must have said the phrase ‘Little White, when your hair reaches your waist’.

Senior White should have been sitting beside him, and if he heard the line, it was possible that Shuhang’s body had already been sent into space. The second possibility: Senior White Two sensed that there was something wrong with his state or was forcibly summoned when ‘Little White’ was mentioned. Then, he looked into his ‘mirage world’, and destroyed it after seeing the plot.

No matter which it was, the situation wasn’t good.

At this time, the mirage dragon clan elder asked, “Fellow Daoist Song… What do you mean by ‘someone overdid it’? Were you referring to you or me?”

Song Shuhang said, “Hmm, to the both of us.”

While he was talking, a pair of hands suddenly appeared and grabbed the mirage dragon.

“Senior White?” Song Shuhang called out.

However, the owner of the hands did not reply.

Song Shuhang thought, It looks like he’s angry.

The left hand was holding the mirage dragon’s tail, while the right one was squeezing its body from bottom to top. This scene reminded Song Shuhang of the scene of the virtuous lamia pinching his fat whale gold core. The mirage dragon clan elder exclaimed, “Aaaah- Don’t squeeze me like that! My internal organs are going to get squeezed out!” But the pair of hands had no intention of letting go. The right hand slowly but surely squeezed upward.

“Ughhh-” The mirage dragon clan elder screamed loudly, and finally a ‘pearl’ came out of its mouth.

This was a dragon pearl-some old dragons could form this inside their body.

The dragon pearl was not an inner core, and generally speaking, its function was to enhance some of the abilities of the old dragon.

After the dragon pearl was squeezed out, the hands that were holding the mirage dragon slowly disappeared into the endless darkness. At this moment, Senior White’s voice sounded. “I’ll be taking this mirage dragon with me. You can have this dragon pearl.”

The mirage dragon clan elder gasped, “Ugh?”

Senior White said, “From now onward, you will be my pet no. 4.”

After hearing this, Song Shuhang understood.

This was Senior White Two.

The mirage dragon clan elder was taken away as a pet… Actually, it might be a good thing for


Senior White Two disappeared, and Song Shuhang remained in the dark space alone. “Senior White, can you let me out of here?” Song Shuhang called out. However, Senior White Two did not respond to him.

“Honestly, I am also a victim here.” Song Shuhang sighed.

Afterward, he searched around in the dark space that was created after the collapse of the mirage world.

Song Shuhang thought, This should be a dream, and as long as it’s a dream, I’ll wake up at some point. However, there might also be other methods to leave this place.

As he looked around, he suddenly saw a spot of light in the darkness.

Song Shuhang swam towards that light.

The light grew bigger and bigger…

After Song Shuhang got close to it, he discovered that the light was actually a door.

“It looks like this is the exit.” Song Shuhang reached out, grabbed the doorknob, and pushed the door open.

The door disappeared, and what appeared in front of Song Shuhang was a familiar desert world and a little oasis.

“I’m back here?” Song Shuhang was puzzled.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!!”

At this time, tens of thousands of sword qi attacks descended from the sky.

As soon as Song Shuhang appeared, he was pierced by the sword qi. More than ten swords pierced his body, nailing him to the ground. A striking sense of pain was transmitted to his brain.

Fortunately, this is a dream world, and there’s no dying here. “This level of pain is nothing to me.” Song Shuhang comforted himself as he raised his head and looked at the sky.

In the sky, Little White was treading the air while holding a sharp sword. With every slash, thousands of sword intent attacks and sword lights would appear.

Against Little White was a huge whale.

At this time, the whale’s body was covered with bloody sword wounds.

Song Shuhang inwardly said, Strange, the mirage dragon has already been taken away. How come the mirage is continuing?

“Wuuu-” The whale let out a low howling sound, its figure fleeing into the void.

“In this mirage world, even spatial abilities can be simulated? Anyway, since you’re using spatial energy, I can test this secret technique,” Little White said in a crisp voice. He stretched out his hand and made a hand seal.

(Explosive Space Compressing Technique)!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The spatial channel the whale had dived into exploded. It wanted to sneak an attack on Little White through this spatial channel, but it ended up being blown out of it, ending up with even more injuries. Song Shuhang thought, The (Explosive Space Compressing Technique)… I remember that this is the secret technique that Senior White obtained from the scholarly faction’s Myriad Books Mountain’s Still Pond of Wisdom. In the air, the whale rolled in pain. Its blood was dripping and creating pits in the sand with its corrosiveness.

Little White took advantage of this and continued with his attack. He stretched out his hand and raised his sword. Then, thousands of blades of sword light condensed into one giant sword before coming down on the whale.

The whale had no way of evading, so another scar formed on its head, and its figure was sent flying

Little White laughed, and said, “This wasn’t enough to injure you seriously. Your skin is really thick.”

After that, he lowered his gaze.

Little White asked, “Shuhang, why did you run into my illusory world?”

Song Shuhang was taken aback.

After a moment, he realized what was happening

Song Shuhang asked, “This place… Senior White, is this your mirage world?”

Senior White, who was in Little White’s form, laughed. “Kind of. This is an illusory world, but it isn’t a mirage world. It wasn’t a mirage dragon that pulled me here, but this strange whale in front of me.

“Just stay there for a while. I’ll get rid of this big whale really quick.”

After saying that, his body moved and broke through space. He reappeared right below the giant whale.

He brought out Meteor Sword, then one became two, and two became three…

The sword light continued to multiply, eventually becoming a huge sword formation. The thousands of sword lights spun and shot towards the whale as if they were a meat grinder.

Song Shuhang wondered, and said, “It wasn’t a mirage dragon but this whale that pulled Senior White into this illusory world… What was it planning?”

“Naturally, it wanted to seize my body.” While fighting, Senior White still had the spare time to chat with Song Shuhang. After saying that, he condensed a ‘giant tree of virtue’.

The sword formation continued to chip away at the giant whale as Senior White approached it with the tree.

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