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Chapter 1427 Great migration of 100 beasts? Migration?

At this time, it just so happened that a new round of dishes was being served in the Immortal Feast.

“This third dish is called the ‘great migration of 100 beasts’.” The short-haired girl serving the dishes smiled.

The Immortal Feast was also quite particular when it came to serving dishes.

The first round to be served was a combination of cold dishes.

The second to be served out was a soup in a large pot, which had the function of rousing the appetite and stimulating the taste of the ones eating.

The third to be served out was a true main dish. It was when this dish was served that the Immortal Feast truly began.

The lid of the ‘great migration of 100 beasts’ was lifted up, and a dazzling light burst out of the lid.

Cooking that didn’t shine wasn’t good! Although this sentence was taken as a joke by immortal chefs… the ingredients of some immortal dishes contained extremely strong spiritual energy. After the ingredient was turned into an immortal dish, the strong spiritual energy would spread as soon as the lid was lifted, forming a light that only practitioners could see.

Along with this light came a mouth-watering fragrance, making those who were right before the dish unable to stop themselves from salivating This was a true display of Immortal Fairy Biexue’s skills, and the quality was several grades higher than immortal dishes she prepared on normal occasions.

After all the dishes on the table were served, the short-haired girl smiled, and said, “The great migration of 100 beasts uses more than 100 different ingredients. Immortal Fairy has labeled it as (explosive). I invite everyone to have a taste.”

After the light from the spiritual energy dissipated, Song Shuhang saw neatly arranged ribs, golden skin, and bright red ingredients on the platter.

Song Shuhang doubtfully said, “One hundred different ingredients were used here?”

To be honest, the dazzling golden ribs looked delicious, but he couldn’t understand how there were 100 different kinds of ingredients.

Beside him, Senior White explained, “Yes. To be more specific, it is a combination of 115 different meat ingredients.”

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “Where are they?”

“In every piece.” Senior White lifted his chopsticks and clamped a rib. “Each rib contains more than 100 different meat ingredients. The great migration of 100 beasts… The names of Fairy Biexue’s dishes are never exaggerated.”

“Will you really be able to taste all of the different kinds of taste within?” Song Shuhang similarly picked up a piece of ribs curiously.

The ribs were only so big. After chewing them in your mouth, it would be difficult to distinguish the 115 different kinds of meat, right? “This is the difference between an immortal chef and an ordinary chef.” Senior White placed a rib that was full of fragrance into his mouth.

A content look emerged on his face.

In the distance, the short-haired girl had been staring at Senior White. After seeing him show a satisfied expression, she quietly sent an ‘OK’ gesture to a girl behind her.

Sage White was very satisfied with the food.

Song Shuhang took a piece of the ribs, and put it in Su Clan’s Sixteen’s bowl… Sixteen hadn’t woken up yet, but he still had to save her a share.

Then, he took another piece for himself, and put it in his mouth.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang realized what (explosive] meant. 115 different kinds of meat delicacies exploded in his mouth, and the beasts had completed their migration by going into his mouth.

Even if you weren’t a gourmet, and even if you hadn’t done much research on food, you would be able to experience the ultimate taste contained in the great migration of 100 beasts in a single bite.

It was so good that one might even swallow their tongue.

This was the true strength of the top immortal chef in the current world of cultivation.

One’s tongue and stomach were conquered in a single breath.

After eating this great migration of 100 beasts, one was unlikely to be able to eat dishes that weren’t made by Immortal Fairy Biexue for a while.

Song Shuhang even felt that if Immortal Fairy Biexue were to come out at this moment, some guests would definitely ask her to marry them, regardless of whether they were males or females.

Group Founder Yellow Mountain inspected the taste of the rib in his mouth, and exclaimed, “Immortal Fairy’s cooking skills have risen by another level.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator added, “I can feel that she was much more attentive this time compared to the previous Immortal Feast.”

At the table right next to theirs, Fairy Dongfang Six said, “After each Immortal Feast, I have to abstain from eating for over half a year. I’m afraid that the time will increase further this year. Well, I guess it’s good for losing weight.” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “Fairy Dongfang Six, your body shape is already very good. At your current size, gaining a bit more will make you fat, while losing a little would make you too thin. In addition, your figure has the most impact when you’re driving a car and running someone over.”

Fairy Dongfang Six’s face darkened.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator hit Thrice Reckless with his elbow. Would it kill you not to say the second half? Thrice Reckless!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, “Meow-“

Fairy Lychee smiled, and said, “Is Phoenix Slayer having fun?”

As Thrice Reckless Mad Saber rubbed his ribs, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he said, “If I go and take out a fish tank right now, will Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer jump in? Once he does, I can take his share of food!”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer waved his chopsticks, and said, “I’ll kill you.” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber triumphantly said, “Hehehe, you can’t beat me.”

After all, he was soon going to ascend to the Sixth Stage.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer licked his lips while wearing a smile that wasn’t really a smile. “Meow.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator hit Thrice Reckless with his elbow again.

Dumbass! Although Phoenix Slayer can’t beat you up himself, he’s very popular in the world of cultivation.

The ‘Young Master’ part of his daoist name was there due to the contribution of countless fairy maidens.

As long as Young Master Phoenix Slayer spoke, he would easily be able to gather a group of 50 fairies. At that time, Thrice Reckless would be ground like the boss of a dungeon.

What happened to Thrice Reckless?

Why does he seem to have lost control of himself?

He’s simply seeking death left and right today. Thrice Reckless suddenly said, “Eh? Hahaha. Interesting.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s heart leapt. What was this guy doing?

“Hey, Northern River, check this out.” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber took out his phone, and handed it to Northern River’s Loose Cultivator.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator leaned over to take a look-it was a black screen.

Thrice Reckless’s cell phone was not turned on, yet the man looked very happy.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber laughed, and said, “Now, this is what I call explosive news. The ‘scripture chanting robot’ has been launched in batches. They knock on wooden fish, recite scriptures, everything. Great Master Profound Principle and the others are going to lose their jobs.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator was dumbfounded.

Is Thrice Reckless bewitched?

“Hahahaha, Seven, you idiot, come here. Let’s have ourselves 300 bouts.” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber suddenly raised his head and laughed.

“…” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator.

After laughing, he sat back in his place, and said, “Tsk, tsk, you are not my opponent, Seven. The distance between you and me is still big. I have already reached the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, while you have been left behind in the Fifth Stage, only being able to look at my back.”

After saying this, Thrice Reckless showed a radiant smile.

His smile was getting broader and broader, and he seemed to be filled with more and more satisfaction.

“…” Song Shuhang.

He looked at the White Dragon. “Is this the mirage dragon’s doing?”

At first glance, Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber seemed to be bewitched, and in the middle of experiencing some wonderful matter.

Could it be that he had eaten the mirage dragon?

The White Dragon softly said, “I’m afraid so.”

Song Shuhang exclaimed, “That’s a pity. I wanted to use the mirage dragon to help Sixteen wake up sooner.”

While talking, the mysterious scholar beside him propped up his chin and put on a cool expression. “The day has finally come… I can show my divinity to everyone!” “???” Song Shuhang.

The mysterious scholar coolly said, “Hello everyone. You might not be able to recognize me at this moment, and even those people who know me might not be able to call me by my name, but that doesn’t matter. From today on, my name will be deeply imprinted in everyone’s minds. My name is Scholar Drunken Star, nice to meet you. Now, I will be holding a speech about holy techniques.”

Song Shuhang: Drunken Star?

What the hell is Drunken Star? Why does it sound so wrong?

Song Shuhang took out his phone and went through his contacts list-Scholar Drunken Moone.

The scholar is done for!

No matter how you read the pronunciation of ‘Scholar Drunken Moone’, it was impossible for it to become Scholar Drunken Star, right?


In other words… the scholar had forgotten his own name!

Song Shuhang put away his phone and felt sad for the scholar.

If the mysterious scholar were to one day ascend to the Eighth Stage, would he also announce his daoist name wrong?

Song Shuhang looked up at the White Dragon again. “It seems that the scholar also ate the mirage dragon. Is there more than one mirage dragon here?”

The White Dragon’s gentle voice sounded. “There’s something strange going on. I can only sense its aura, but I can’t sense where it is. However, it seems that Thrice Reckless and this scholar were both influenced by the power of the mirage dragon. Therefore, it’s likely that the mirage dragon hidden among the dishes has a very high cultivation base. Even when it hasn’t been eaten, it’s able to use its power to influence people.”

This kind of thing had happened before.

It was especially the case if a mirage dragon had cultivated to the Seventh Stage Realm. At that time, its illusory technique combined with the ‘Illusory Reality’ ability could make an entire city of people fall into a mirage world.

Fairy Dongfang Six excitedly said, “Hehehe, driving is just so easy! There’s no way I’m stopping here; I’m going to go and participate in the world racing competition! I’m going to be the queen of racing. How can you trash compete with me?”

Fairy Dongfang Six also seemed to have her wish fulfilled in the mirage world. True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon domineeringly said, “Hahahaha, a football team? A few minutes is all I need to father a football team. Next, my goal is to father a marathon team plus a 22-man dragon boat team. Hahahahaha.”

How many people did a marathon team need? How was True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon going to count this?

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, “Ah, I really want to marry a man.”

Song Shuhang exclaimed, “F*ck!!!”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer’s wish dazzled him.

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