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Chapter 1421 I am Tyrannical Song, 18 years old, please guide me!

In the Immortal Feast, each table had enough space for 10 people, and Song Shuhang’s table was currently occupied by eight people.

Senior White, Soft Feather, Senior Yellow Mountain, Fairy Lychee, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, and the mysterious scholar.

Doudou was surprisingly not staying together with True Monarch Yellow Mountain. Instead, he had run over to the next table, and stayed together with Fairy Dongfang Six. The seat saved for Song Shuhang was between Senior White and Soft Feather.

After he sat down, only the seat right beside his was left vacant.

When the light swept over, Song Shuhang was puzzled. “What is this?”

He had just regained consciousness, and was a little confused.

Soft Feather grinned, and said, “This light is from a magical treasure that can identify one’s age. It was provided by a powerhouse from the Crystal Realm, and it is able to very accurately measure the age of anyone below 50.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator continued to introduce the magical treasure. “The light of appraisal can change into several different colors. The light will turn red for those who are above 50. We old guys will cause the light to turn into this color when it sweeps over us as the ages of Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors are, on average, all above 100. This magical treasure is mainly used to identify the age group of geniuses who are below 50. The light will turn yellow for those aged 41 to 50; blue for those 31-40; and purple for those 21-30. It will turn black for those under 20. Then, black is further divided into three kinds of black: dim, normal, and dark. The different kinds of black correspond to those under 10, under 15, and under 20, respectively.”

“I don’t like this magical treasure.” Fairy Lychee sighed, and said, “A woman’s age is a secret.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “Practitioners of my generation generally don’t bother with something so trivial. Age is meaningless to us. Moreover, everyone over 50 will get the red light, so nobody will be able to guess your age.”

Fairy Lychee said, “Uncle Thrice Reckless, hello-“

Young Master Phoenix Slayer shook his finger at Thrice Reckless. “Brother Thrice Reckless, you are too naive. For women, age is a secret after they’ve gone past 30.”

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “Twenty. After 20, I no longer wanted to tell anyone about my


“…” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator. The lifespans of practitioners were extremely long. A Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor could live for over 1,000 years. From their perspective, someone that was 20 years old was the same as a two-year-old baby to ordinary people. “Oh, right!” After Song Shuhang saw the empty seat beside him, he transferred out Su Clan’s Sixteen from the Inner World.

Sixteen also had an invitation to the Immortal Feast. This seat had originally been reserved for her.

However, when she came out, she was still asleep.

The White Dragon gently handled Sixteen and let her remain in a sleeping position on the table.

Song Shuhang asked, “Calculating the time, Sixteen should have already woken up, right?”

The White Dragon shook her head, and replied, “She is currently in a state where she can wake up at any moment, but she could also continue to remain asleep.”

Soft Feather grinned, and said, “Perhaps the aroma of the Immortal Feast will be able to wake her up.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator took out a small notebook and nodded. That fairy maiden should be someone from the Spirit Butterfly Island. If so, is this fairy with dragon horns Seven’s junior?

According to what he could remember, at his table, only these two girls should fit the criteria of being below 50.

The two girls were both geniuses who had reached the Fourth Stage Realm at a young age. The new waves were pushing forth the old ones, causing the old waves in front to be under a lot of pressure. The light of the crystal pillar swept across everyone.

Senior Yellow Mountain, Fairy Lychee, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, and Young Master Phoenix Slayer all caused the light to go red.

Then, when it arrived at the mysterious scholar, the color constantly changed as the light was on his body… It seemed to have difficulty determining his age. After a long while, it finally settled on the color red.

Then, Senior White’s turn came, and a beautiful rainbow appeared above his head.

Senior White reached out and poked the rainbow above his head, and then the color of the rainbow turned red. “…” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator.

The light continued to move around and fell on Soft Feather and Su Clan’s Sixteen.

The light turned into a faint purple as it fell on them.

This meant that they were both between 21 and 30 years of age. Soft Feather chuckled, and said, “It seems that the magical appraisal treasure bases the age on when one was born.”


Her official age was 25, but her condition was a bit special. When her mother had been pregnant with her, she had been pregnant for a long time! Her father, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, and mother were both pure humans. The reason why her mother had been pregnant for so long should be related to the cultivation technique that she practiced.

Su Clan’s Sixteen was slightly older than Soft Feather, but it wasn’t by that many years. Thrice Reckless Mad Saber smiled, and said, “It looks like our Nine Provinces Number One Group is going to be able to make some waves in the 21 to 30 age group.”

Those who were able to reach the Fourth Stage before becoming 30 years old were top-notch geniuses. As such, the two girls wouldn’t have much competition during this time’s Immortal Feast.

Finally, the light fell on Song Shuhang.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator curiously said, “Hmm? There is no color?”

When it fell on Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, the light did not show any color. “It’s black.” At this moment, Senior White, who was beside Song Shuhang, pointed at the black layer on his head, and said, “Look carefully, there is a layer of black. It’s just that Shuhang’s skin is too dark right now. This black is of the darker kind, but it isn’t as dark as his skin, causing it to be easy to overlook.”

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “Has the effect of the pill I took still not receded?”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber laughed, and said, “So that’s the case. I never could have thought that there would be something darker than the color black itself in this world.”

However, while he was in the middle of laughing, he suddenly froze.

The sounds of his laughter also stopped abruptly.

He stared at the top of Song Shuhang’s head blankly—that black was actually really dazzling!

It is obviously black, but why do I find it so dazzling? It wasn’t only Thrice Reckless Mad Saber—the eyes of almost everyone in the entire Immortal Feast’s venue fell on Song Shuhang’s head.

Was that really black?

Many people could not help but rub their eyes, and then look again… but it was still black.

F*ck, don’t tell me that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song is only about 20 years old?

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “Is there something wrong with the crystal pillar?”

The dark black color corresponded to those between 15 and 20.

This meant that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had not reached 21 years of age yet!

Song Shuhang smiled slightly, stood up, then cupped his fists, and bowed to everyone in the Immortal Feast.

At this moment, two Sage Seals floated behind him. On such formal occasions, they would take the initiative to enhance their master’s dignity and aura.

Soft Feather whispered to Song Shuhang, “Hehehe, Senior Song, you’ve got quite the aura right now. Looking at you cupping your fists and bowing, in my head, I’m imagining you saying this line: ‘I’m Tyrannical Song, 18 years old, please guide me. If I have offended you, you can come and fight me.’.” “…” Song Shuhang What the hell is up with those messy lines?

While he subconsciously threw away this line to the back of his mind, the two seals behind him took the initiative to magnify his aura.

The Tyrannical Song Sage Seal announced using a dignified voice, “I’m Tyrannical Song, 18 years old, please guide me.”

Then, the Tyrannical Scholar Demon Seal used a voice that had a terrifying effect, and announced, “If I have offended you, you can fight me.”

Everyone at the Immortal Feast venue was dumbfounded.

“…” Song Shuhang.

At this moment, he wanted to punch a hole in the ground and bury his two Sage Seals. With such lines, he felt that things suddenly went south.

Soft Feather’s eyes widened. “Is it my fault, Senior Song?” She had merely been trying to liven up the atmosphere and had whispered the line to Senior Song. She could never have thought that the Sage Seal and Demon Seal would end up saying it out loud. “Is the crystal light broken?” An elder of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect that had been assigned to this Immortal Feast hurriedly got up and walked to the crystal pillar to see if there were any problems with the magical treasure.

At the same time, the practitioners in the Immortal Feast who were aged 15 to 20 trembled uncontrollably.

If this really was the result of the crystal pillar’s appraisal, didn’t that mean that they would have to face Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song would be able to kill them with a single finger.

Moreover, who dared to fight Profound Sage Tyrannical Song? Who didn’t know that all of the contraceptive pills in the entire universe had been sold out in the past several days!

We can’t offend him, we don’t dare to.

We’re willing to recognize Senior Tyrannical Song as the king of the under 20 bracket!

“Tyrannical Song, you sly fellow.” Sage Monarch Enchanting Dream covered her mouth and chuckled. “Stop messing around, can’t you see that you’ve scared those little guys to tears?” An old Profound Sage smiled, and said, “I didn’t think that Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song would have such an interesting personality. Anyway, stop scaring the children. This old man had rushed over from the Star Realm to see the charm of the first Sage in a thousand years.”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said, “Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, we must fight during this Immortal Feast!”

Sage Monarch Blue Phoenix glanced at Song Shuhang, and lowered her head slightly before a faint blush emerged on her cheeks.

All of the Eighth Stage Profound Sages believed that Song Shuhang was messing around.

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

I am a child too!

I am only 18 years old this year, and even if we use the Chinese method to count years, my age is still 20. I’m part of the ‘little guys’ that you’re talking about.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Should I just sneak into the under 20 bracket after everyone forgets about me in a while?

It would be very stressful for him to be grouped with the other Eighth Stage Profound Sages.

He would have to rely on Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword in order to be able to fight them.

Meanwhile, if he were to be placed in the under 20 bracket, he would be able to steamroll the competition. It was quite the pleasant thought.

At this moment, Senior White stretched out his hand and patted Song Shuhang lightly.

Song Shuhang exclaimed, “Senior White, nowadays, the more honest one is, the less others believe them.”

The sadness caused him to feel like bursting into tears.

Both Senior White and Soft Feather still remembered him and knew his true age.

Senior White said, “Forget it. Moreover, if you were to join the under 20 bracket with how you are now, you would indeed be bullying them.”

Most of those that were in the under 20 bracket were at the Second Stage Realm.

Song Shuhang would be able to beat all of them up by himself. The light of the crystal pillar continued to expand

At the same time, a group of girls appeared. They each held a pot of immortal tea in their hands and provided one for each table.

The Immortal Feast officially began.

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