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Chapter 1419 The Forever Impregnable Holy City!

The Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure—the Impregnable Holy City —was very large, and also very complex. If one observed it closely, they would find that it possessed 33 separate styles, and that the entire Holy City was covered in all kinds of runes.

The Divine Lobster’s Chariot and the Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram were outside the Holy City. In addition, there was a lifelike flame on the saber of the armored man driving the Divine Lobster’s Chariot.

It looked extremely cool.

Song Shuhang originally thought that this complicated composition could occupy more than half of the small golden core. Unexpectedly, the complex Impregnable Holy City only occupied a mere one-tenth of the total area.

Well, this is quite embarrassing.

Does that mean that I have to draw at least nine more things that are as complicated and huge as the Impregnable Holy City in order to fill the small golden core? Song Shuhang felt some despair in his heart.

After giving it some thought, it seemed like only by adding the Ancient Heavenly City would he be able to fill up the small golden core.

However, he was a little unwilling to do this…

If he were to paint the Ancient Heavenly City Composition now, he felt like he would have lost to his small golden core.

Deep down in his heart, he had a character that did not want to admit defeat.

I won’t give up so easily!

I can still save this… I have to work harder.

If I carefully recall my past… I will definitely be able to find things to add to the composition. In addition to the flame attribute, I also have an affinity with the lightning attribute. What experiences have I had with the lightning attribute? Song Shuhang recalled.

Well, he could use the Lightning Palm and the battery charging technique, and he also had the (Heavenly Master’s Techniques—Lightning Chapter) that he never got the chance to use after having learned it. Other than these three spells, he had no other methods for attacking that were related to the lightning attribute. He had truly wasted this powerful offensive attribute.

If it were other practitioners who possessed both attributes of fire and lightning, they would have already developed a number of unique skills before becoming a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

Lightning could start a fire; when these two attributes worked together, the spike in power was absolutely not a simple sum.

Song Shuhang thought, Although the Lightning Palm and the battery charging technique are both very weak, I’ve still had a lot of other encounters with the lightning attribute in my life.

The heavenly tribulation!

All kinds of heavenly tribulations!

Song Shuhang’s heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage was a rare 11-wave heavenly tribulation that was hard to see in a thousand years. The heavenly tribulation lightning that had appeared was both showy and violent.

Song Shuhang’s heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage was a ‘5+1’ heavenly tribulation, which made the heavenly tribulation directly become an Eighth Stage Tribulation. At that time, the heavenly tribulation lightning had been fierce, and it had been an experience that was difficult to describe in words.

Song Shuhang’s heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage was the first-ever collaboration between the Netherworld’s demonic tribulation and the main world’s heavenly tribulation. The two different kinds of tribulations working together would have been able to easily kill any


Although these heavenly tribulations contained tribulations of other attributes as well, such as fire, earth, metal, water, ice, and inner demons, the tribulation attribute was and would always be the main theme of heavenly tribulations.

After recalling these three tribulations, Song Shuhang’s face turned pale.

Song Shuhang said, “It’s really a miracle that I haven’t acquired a phobia toward heavenly tribulations.”

However, thanks to these memories, inspiration exploded from within him, and a sense of creation emerged.

He stretched out his hand to continue drawing a composition on his small golden core.

Bolt after bolt, the various styles of the tribulation lightning were extracted from Song Shuhang’s memory and placed above the Impregnable Holy City. The unprecedented 11-wave heavenly tribulation.

The Profound Sage Tribulation’s sea of tribulation lightning.

The Demonic Sage Tribulation’s dark demonic lightning

He drew and drew. Song Shuhang’s inspiration could not be stopped, and all kinds of lightning formed from his finger. Tribulation lightning in the form of a ball, tribulation lightning in the form of a dragon, tribulation lightning in the form of a thunderstorm…

The entire Impregnable Holy City was soon surrounded by lightning. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the small golden core’s composition became heavier. The man that represented Song Shuhang that was on the Divine Lobster’s Chariot in front of the Holy City seemed to give off a feeling of tragedy and solemnity. Song Shuhang murmured, “I’m getting the feeling that if I continue to draw this composition, I’ll simply abuse myself more and more.”

He knew that the man on the Divine Lobster’s Chariot was himself, and that he was torturing himself by drawing tribulation lightning above his head. However, when the countless bolts of tribulation lightning were painted over the Holy City, Song Shuhang felt an inexplicable sense of heroism in his heart.

I once had to go through all these kinds of heavenly tribulations.

After inscribing all of his memories of heavenly tribulations and lightning onto the small golden core, the composition had been filled up by another two-tenths.

With so many heavenly tribulation compositions, I was only able to fill up an area twice that of the Impregnable Holy City…

Song Shuhang softly said, “This is not enough. I still have to fill up an entire 70% of the core…”

What else could he draw?

In his cultivation life, what other information and experiences were worth digging up? Instantly, he thought of his seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group: Senior White, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Scholar Xian Gong, Senior Thrice Reckless, Senior Medicine Master, Immortal Master Copper Trigram… and his peers: Su Clan’s Sixteen, Soft Feather, and Yu Jiaojiao.

Song Shuhang said, “However, even if I were to add the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, the area that they’ll take up is going to be minimal.”

Each of the members of the group would only take up space equal to the space taken up by the man on the Divine Lobster’s Chariot; it would be pretty much insignificant.

More importantly, if he could, he wanted to draw the Nine Provinces Number One Group on his fat whale golden core.

The Nine Provinces Number One Group was his root!

It was what had allowed him to step into the world of cultivation.

For Song Shuhang, the Nine Provinces Number One Group had extremely great significance.

The things that were of greatest importance to him would, of course, have to be saved for the life-bound golden core.

After thinking of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, a gentle smile emerged on Song Shuhang’s face.

At the same time, he thought of a wonderful idea.

If there was a problem in this world that was difficult to solve, and you really could not come up with a solution… Then, just use the simplest and crudest method.

Explosions can solve almost any problem in this world.

How can you form a new universe? Boom

How can you deal with a galactic invader? Boom~

How can you resolve a dispute between two countries? Boom

How can you kill a powerful enemy? Boom

See, from cosmic-level events to world-level events, national-level events, and even personal grievances, everything could be solved with a ‘boom’.

If you had a problem… then simply use some explosions to deal with it.

Song Shuhang lifted his finger and continued to quickly draw his Golden Core Composition.

He first added some heavenly tribulation cannons, which were sending countless cannonballs towards the Impregnable Holy City, filling the sky with all sorts of explosions.

Then, he added the heavenly tribulation guided missiles, with each and every one of them having a different model.

He was lucky that Senior White had collected those countless heavenly tribulation guided missiles, nuclear bombs, and hydrogen bombs on a whim.

Now, those weapons became a source of inspiration for Song Shuhang.

He drew all of the heavenly tribulation guided missile models that had been collected by Senior White.

Of course, he couldn’t just leave out the nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs.

Moreover, now that the warheads were here, he couldn’t do without mushroom clouds.

Every mushroom cloud was a piece of art, full of artistic violence. Because of the different models, the shape, size, and power of the mushroom clouds had to vary.

Skies falling apart, seas and rivers drying up…

The rain of bullets and warheads was all over the small golden core. There countless warheads had all locked onto the Impregnable Holy City.

The composition was full of weapons and explosions. Song Shuhang’s Golden Core Composition had become a scene of war.

Merely looking at the Golden Core Composition could cause one to seemingly hear countless sounds of explosions in one’s ears. The skies were collapsing, and the ground was ripped apart. The world inside the golden core gave off a sense of doomsday.

Just as he was about to complete the composition, a name appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind.

This was a name unique to the composition he had been creating.

(The Forever Impregnable Holy City).

…Even in the face of an apocalyptic attack and explosions that had the power to destroy the world, the Holy City would not fall. It had the strongest defense, one that was bound to never


“It still isn’t done, there is still some space left.” Song Shuhang’s arms trembled because of fatigue.

He had painted all of the explosions and heavenly tribulation warheads in one go.

His mental energy had been consumed to a critical point, and he could sense that the spiritual energy in his body had also been pushed to its limits. It should not be forgotten that he was a man that possessed two golden cores. Moreover, he had just swallowed Senior White Two’s jelly bean pill, and the spiritual energy in his body was surging, with it continuing to recover while he was under the effects of the pill.

Purely basing it on the quantity, he already had more spiritual energy than the Heavenly Emperor in his dreamland.

However, at this time, all the spiritual energy in his body was about to be used up.

In other words, the ‘Forever Impregnable Holy City’ that he had created was much more complicated than the Heavenly Emperor’s Heavenly City Composition. “At last, I still have to draw this.” At the corner of his Golden Core Composition, Song Shuhang drew one-fourths of an eye.

This was the eye of the big-eyed planet.

He had not painted the entire thing, and had only painted about a quarter of the iconic eye.

But it was enough. The attack of the big-eyed planet was the strongest attack that Song Shuhang had personally experienced.

“Now, with the last bit of my spiritual energy.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and added one last stroke.

This stroke became the cold holy light attack of the eye.

Ingeniously, if this ray of light were to extend to the end, it would directly hit the armored man on the Divine Lobster’s Chariot.

When Song Shuhang painted the armored man, his head was slightly raised.

At this moment, the eyes of the man in front of the Holy City seemed to look past the countless explosions and destructive attacks, directly staring at the ‘eye’ of the big planet.

This caused a sense of fate to arise.

“The Forever Impregnable Holy City!” Song Shuhang’s last drop of spiritual energy was drained, and his mental energy was also consumed.

As long as its master existed, the Holy City would never fall.

But at this moment, its master had been thrown outside of it to bear the brunt of the attacks. It was actually quite heart-stifling when one thought about it.

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