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Chapter 1410 Did this Watermelon provoke you? Did this Watermelon eat your family’s food?

This woman was the same one that had met with Song Shuhang in Wenzhou City yesterday. The two girls that were at her sides were the ones who were making a small commotion on Baijing Street.

They were from the Beast Realm, and their main purpose this time was to come to the Immortal Feast to look for Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, and ask him how to deal with the evil energy of the Netherworld.

However… Judging from the expression of the royally clothed lady, she had completely forgotten about having met Song Shuhang yesterday.

Therefore, she was eager to get in touch with him.

“Fairy Grace… Sage Monarch Blue Phoenix from the Beast Realm, welcome.” At the edge of the secret realm, an elder of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect had long been waiting.

During this Immortal Feast, every Eighth Stage Profound Sage given an invitation would be greeted by a corresponding elder from the Eternal Sword Sect.

This lady was an old Profound Sage from the Beast Realm; her Sage Name was Blue Phoenix, while Grace was her name.

The brightly colored phoenix and the golden chariot with the two red dragons stopped together atop the clouds. The royally clothed lady descended from the sky with the two girls. “May I ask if Profound Sage Tyrannical Song has arrived?” the royally clothed lady asked with a hopeful look on her face.

The elder of the Eternal Sword Sect shook his head slightly, and replied, “Senior Tyrannical Song has yet to arrive. However, he will surely come to this time’s Immortal Feast.”

“That’s good then.” The royally clothed lady nodded, and handed over the three invitations she had before entering the secret realm where the Immortal Feast was to be held.


Thrice Reckless Mad Saber sent another video to the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “This time, it’s a Profound Sage from the Beast Realm, and it’s another one looking for Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song. Senior Tyrannical Song, you must shock everyone when you make your appearance.”

(Blank Nickname): “Senior Thrice Reckless, don’t call me senior. It’s weird.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, “In the world of cultivation, people with higher strength are treated as the ones with seniority. Senior Tyrannical Song, you are already a Profound Sage, so there’s nothing wrong with calling you senior. Not to mention, two Eighth Stage Profound Sages came and were both looking for you. When the time comes, if you can’t impress everyone, there will definitely be a lot of people in the Immortal Feast who will challenge you. Everyone wants to know the strength of the first Sage in 1,000 years.’

[Blank Nickname]: “Don’t worry about me… They aren’t in the same group as I am. I’m going to be participating in the under-20 bracket.”

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: “…”

Su Clan’s Seven: “…” Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “…”

Did he not want any face?

He was already a Profound Sage, yet he was going to participate in the under-20 bracket and bully the young ones?

Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue asked, “Has Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song also been infected by the Thrice Reckless disease?”

The Wielder’s small black room could completely erase Song Shuhang’s existence. However, his Inner World was immune to this effect.

Previously, Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, and Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue had all been staying in his Inner World, and had not been affected. However, after leaving the place, their memory of Song Shuhang began to gradually fade.

At this time, Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue was like the other fellow daoists in the group; his memories of Song Shuhang had completely faded.

It wasn’t only Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue. Despite having been released from the Inner World only yesterday, Senior Turtle, Lady Onion, and Li Yinzhu had also started to forget Song Shuhang. Due to their memories of him fading at a slow pace, they had not even noticed it.

Fortunately, Song Shuhang sent them back to the Inner World this morning… Otherwise, if he let them stay outside for a while longer, they might also forget about him.

Now, besides Soft Feather and Su Clan’s Sixteen, who had been locked inside the small black room with him, and Senior White and Senior White Two, who were for some reason immune to the effects of the Wielder’s small black room, everyone else had entirely forgotten about him.

[Blank Nickname): “Actually, I’m only 18 years old this year. I fit right into the under-20 bracket.”

“Senior Tyrannical Song, stop joking,” Fairy Lychee said.

[Blank Nickname): “Senior Lychee, I really am not joking.” Song Shuhang wanted to type ‘Mama Lychee’ just now, but at the last moment, he forcibly held back his death-seeking soul. Xian Gong is on the verge of death: “Hypothetically speaking… If Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song is truly under 20 years old, does he have to join the under 20 group or the Eighth Stage Profound Sage group?”

Scholar Xian Gong had changed his nickname.

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “I’m afraid it depends on how the Immortal Feast is arranged. By the way, Fellow Daoist Xian Gong, have your injuries still not healed?”

“Don’t get me started.” Scholar Xian Gong sighed, and continued, “Someone was conducting military exercises close to where I was closing up. This time, I was not injured because of the bombing, but I was scared and felt restless. And so, I was forced to move once again… As a result, the injuries the heavenly tribulation caused have yet to heal.”

(Blank Nickname]: “Why don’t you try to pray to Sage White?”

This was Soft Feather speaking.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator hurriedly said, “That’s not a good idea. Given Fellow Daoist Xian Gong’s luck, if he were to worship Sage White and experience his ‘luck amidst the crisis’, he might just end up dying during the crisis.”

Xian Gong is on the verge of death: “Is there anything that can increase my luck value?”

Inside the Nine Provinces Number One Group, nobody could answer this sorrowful question.

At this time, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber sent another message. “Another Profound Sage has arrived. This time, it is someone familiar.”

The Profound Sage who had just arrived was the fifth Sage in 1,000 years, Sage Monarch Melon Eater.

Although he was a newly ascended Profound Sage, Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s entrance was pretty grand. He was stepping on a 10-meter-wide sword while wearing dazzling golden armor. Moreover, there was a golden scabbard flying right behind him. This golden scabbard was the materialization of his light of virtue.

The golden scabbard exuded a faint light. In terms of volume of light of virtue, it was much smaller than Song Shuhang’s virtuous lamia and Senior White’s tree of virtue.

However, under the shining sun, everyone could see that there was a transparent giant around the sword scabbard.

That giant was centered on the sword scabbard and wrapped around Sage Monarch Melon Eater.

The giant strode in the air, steadily descending right outside the Immortal Feast’s secret realm.

The elder in charge of welcoming Sage Monarch Melon Eater greeted him with a smile. “Sage Monarch Melon Eater, welcome.”

“Has Tyrannical Song arrived?” Sage Monarch Melon Eater showed a handsome smile.

The elder shook his head slightly.

The first Sage in 1,000 years was worthy of his title. The Profound Sages participating in this time’s Immortal Feast were all paying attention to Tyrannical Song. “Hahaha.” Sage Monarch Melon Eater laughed, and then faced the public. “Tyrannical Song, we will have a battle during this Immortal Feast. Don’t be a coward, whoever is a coward is a watermelon!”

Sage Monarch Melon Eater had forgotten what Song Shuhang looked like… However, he remembered one thing very clearly—he once lost to him.

This time, he had come out of seclusion with his strength greatly increased, and had been looking for a chance to get his face back… but as soon as he left seclusion, Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar’s Impregnating Gaze hit him through space, causing his face to turn pale in pain.

New enmity had formed on top of the old one. At this Immortal Feast, he had to take revenge!

Inside the Fruit & Vegetable Cultivation Group Chat.

Daoist Priest Watermelon: “This bastard is looking for a fight! When did this Watermelon provoke him? Did this Watermelon eat his family’s food? Why did he have to say that whoever is a coward is a watermelon?!”

Fairy Lychee: “Hahahaha.”

True Monarch Green Jujube: “Senior Brother, fight him!”

Daoist Priest Watermelon said, “Fight him your a*ss!”

If he could fight him, he would have already done so.

Fairy Nectarine: “Have Lychee attack him. Lychee is participating in this Immortal Feast.”

Fairy Lychee said, “No can do. I can’t afford to provoke him.”

Daoist Priest Watermelon sighed sadly, and said, “I have a bad feeling.”

After Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s ‘whoever is a coward is a watermelon’ sentence, he was afraid that he was going to have multiple new nicknames.

For example, Cowardly Melon.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

“I’m here! Thrice Reckless, die!” Fairy Dongfang Six typed in the group. “Take this blow from me. I’m going to smash this tank right through your little house!”

Su Clan’s Seven anxiously said, “Little house? Wait, Six, stop messing around. Thrice Reckless is not in the house. Currently, there is only me, an unknown scholar, an unknown Fairy A, and an unknown Tyrannical Song B.” Just as Song Shuhang, Soft Feather, and the mysterious scholar arrived at their destination, Fairy Dongfang Six rushed over with her vehicle.

From what she was saying, she seemed to be driving a tank.

Fairy Dongfang Six hurriedly said, “Where is Thrice Reckless?”

When the Bright Moon Appears: “Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless has already gone to the Immortal Feast’s venue to record videos. Didn’t you see him post those three videos on Profound Sages arriving at the Immortal Feast in the group chat?”

“Crap, I didn’t see the messages in the group just now. Alright, I’m going to find him and run him over.” Fairy Dongfang Six said, “But before I run thrice Reckless over, can someone tell me how to brake when driving a tank?”

Su Clan’s Seven said anxiously, “Huh? I don’t know how to apply the brakes with tanks. What type of tank are you driving?”

(Blank account]: “Turn the steering wheel first. I can see you, you’re going to hit us soon!”

Song Shuhang stood at the window, and he saw an ‘invisible’, floating armored vehicle rushing toward the house where they were in.

“Not good.” Fairy Dongfang Six shouted, “The steering wheel broke!”

When the Bright Moon Appears: “Is it too late to stop the vehicle?” Song Shuhang: “…” Su Clan’s Seven smiled bitterly, and said, “Retreat, this house is done for.”

Fairy Dongfang Six jumped out of the tank with a cool pose and shouted, “Run away~”

“Boom!!” The tank hit the small house.

The small house shook violently a few times, but stubbornly resisted the impact.

Song Shuhang stood at the window with his right hand stretched out forward.

He had activated the (Steel Hands Technique), the (Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha), and the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique)

Eleven Ancient Holy Apes holding scholarly scriptures had also appeared, squatting behind Song Shuhang as if cheering for their master.

Song Shuhang manage to hold back the armored vehicle.

The impact force was much smaller than Song Shuhang had imagined, and he could easily block it with one hand. Despite Fairy Dongfang Six saying that she was going to crush Thrice Reckless, the force of the impact was actually very low.

While he was in thought, there were several eyes in the distance that seemed to penetrate space and look at him.

[Tyrannical Song!)

(Tyrannical Scholar!)

(That should be him. The first Sage with two Sage Names.)

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had been exposed.

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