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Chapter 1407 Kneeling successively in defeat

Soft Feather said, “Senior Song, a fierce beast called Winged Whale King that was supposed to be for the Immortal Feast has escaped. Let’s set off to catch it.” Song Shuhang said, “No need to rush. We’ll set off for the Immortal Feast after Sword Sage Drunken Moone comes. Moreover, the Winged Whale King sounds like a very powerful beast… Hmm, at that time, we can watch the show.”

“I’m going to ask Senior Sword Sage Drunken Moone at what time he’ll arrive.” Soft Feather opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group. “Sword Sage Druken Moone, at what time will you arrive?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator asked, “Who is Sword Sage Drunken Moone?”

Senior Northern River had been closely paying attention to any [Blank Nickname) that might pop up. As such, when Soft Feather sent a message, he noticed it.

Fairy Lychee said, “Is there such a person in our group? I know of Sword Monarch Liu Er, but he has already died.” After saying that, she sighed slightly. Scholar Xian Gong: “Sword Sage Drunken Moone… Could it be Scholar Drunken Moone?”

When the Bright Moon Appears: “…”

When the Bright Moon Appears: “If the ‘Sword Sage Drunken Moone’ you’re talking about is me… then there’s still seven minutes before I arrive at my destination.”

Soft Feather said, “Got it. We’ll be there to meet you.”

Then, she looked toward Song Shuhang, and said, “Senior Song, Senior Sword Sage Drunken Moone said that he will arrive in seven minutes.” Song Shuhang got up and stretched his body.

After the little golden core was born, the weakness that pervaded his body had faded, and he was now filled with energy. Song Shuhang said, “I’ll go and pick Senior up, wait for me here.”

Soft Feather nodded. Song Shuhang leaped forward with a graceful posture and jumped out from the window of his room. Ever since he had stepped onto the path of cultivation, he had also lost the habit of going out through doors, and acquired the habit of going out through windows. Fortunately, his room had no anti-theft windows installed.

After Song Shuhang left, Soft Feather looked at Senior Turtle. “Senior, do you want to play rock-paper-scissors?” “…” Senior Turtle.

I am a turtle! How am I supposed to play rock-paper-scissors?! No matter what I do, I will always throw out paper. Moreover, because I’m in a sealed state, I can’t transform into a human form! Senior Turtle looked up at the sky, his heart stifled. At this time, a voice rang in Soft Feather’s ear. [Little girl, are you bored? Do you want to look for something exciting?] The White Dragon rolled her eyes and stared at a location in the air.

Soft Feather said, “Yes.”

Following Soft Feather’s reply, a figure slowly appeared in the corner of the ceiling of the room. He was wrapped in cloth, and only his head was exposed.

“Senior Almighty Merchant!” Soft Feather said with


“The most exciting and interesting thing in the world is to go shopping. When one sees their shopping cart filled with things, and when they find that the money in their wallet is decreasing, doesn’t their heart just start palpitating uncontrollably? Aren’t they just filled with excitement?” the Almighty Merchant said with a serious face. “So, little girl, do you want to buy something?” “Buy, buy, I’ll buy.” Soft Feather chuckled, and said, “There happens to be something that I want to buy.” The Almighty Merchant nodded slightly, and he could tell at a glance that this little girl was a good customer. “Little girl, what is it that you want to buy?”

Soft Feather quickly said, “The cloth on your body.” “…” The Almighty Merchant. Soft Feather added, “You are the Almighty Merchant, so you can sell the cloth on your body, right?” The Almighty Merchant sighed slightly, and said, “I am indeed the Almighty Merchant… but I still have a bottom line. For example, I don’t sell my body.” “?” Soft Feather. The Almighty Merchant said, “Actually, my body is this sheet of cloth. I am the sheet.”

“Puff-” Senior Turtle laughed loudly. “Who are you trying to fool!” “Alright, then I’ll go for my second choice,” Soft Feather said. “I want to buy a sheet of cloth of the same style… no, two of the same style.”

The Almighty Merchant said, “Lass, you should have said so earlier. I do have a similar article with me. You truly do have some great eyesight; you can see the beauty of this cloth at a glance. When one is cold, it is only this cloth that can provide one’s body with a trace of warmth.” After saying that, the Almighty Merchant stretched out his hand and pulled out two sheets of the same style as his from thin air. The Almighty Merchant said, “It’s a Fifth Stage magical treasure, the [aurconcealing sheet). This can be used by those at the Fourth Stage. After one wears this, even an Eighth Stage Profound Sage will find it very difficult to sense their aura. This is a weakened version of the sheet on my body, totally worth having.”

Soft Feather asked, “How much is it?” The hand-guided tractor that was filled with treasures had been transferred into the Inner World by Song Shuhang. However, Soft Feather still had a good number of spirit stones that she had dug out from the Wielder’s small black room. The Almighty Merchant said, “Three Fifth Stage spirit stones, cost price!” “Deal.” Soft Feather readily took out three Fifth Stage spirit stones, and handed them to the Almighty Merchant. “Wonderful.” The Almighty Merchant handed over two sheets. “The transaction is complete. Lass, we will meet again if fate permits it.” Soft Feather suddenly said, “Wait, Senior. There’s still one more thing I want to buy.” “I like customers like you,” said the Almighty Merchant with a professional smile. Soft Feather asked, “Do you have any treasures that can make one’s golden core pregnant?” The Almighty Merchant asked, “Excuse me? Make a golden core pregnant? There’s such a thing in this world?” Soft Feather said, “There is.” The White Dragon smiled, and said, “There is.” Senior Turtle said, “We just saw it happen.”

“…” The Almighty Merchant.

Did I just miss something? As soon as I sensed that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s aura wasn’t around this little girl, I directly crossed through space to get to her. Did I miss something during that time? The Almighty Merchant frowned, and said, “Sorry, but I still have to look into the matter of a golden core getting pregnant…” He was known as the Almighty Merchant, but after meeting this girl today, he was made to kneel twice in a row.

He was rather unwilling to admit defeat.

The Almighty Merchant said, “However, although I don’t have any treasures that can make one’s golden core pregnant, I do have something similar. Lass, I believe that you are at the Fourth Stage right now, right? Are you interested in purchasing a high-quality Fifth Stage monster core? It has been refined into an external core with a special technique. With it, one can have fighting power close to the Fifth Stage while still in the Fourth Stage Realm.”

Soft Feather shook her head. “I don’t want to have an external core. I want to rely on my own strength to ascend to the Fifth Stage and condense a nine-patterned golden core! I don’t want Senior Song to leave me behind too much.”

The Almighty Merchant smiled, and said, “The external core that I am talking about is different from the kind of external core that you’re thinking of. This monster core has been refined into a magical treasure and can be worn on one’s body. This is an external core made with the secret technique of a sect from the ancient era. Even if one is already a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, wearing this can be beneficial as it can provide a second source of spiritual energy, giving one an additional golden core’s worth of spiritual energy. It has the same effect as having two golden cores.” Soft Feather said, “That sounds fun. I want the finished product!”


I really like this kind of customer.

How tiring is it to buy the materials and the refining materials, and then refine it by oneself? Simply buy the finished product, and it’ll be great for you and me.

The Almighty Merchant said, “No problem, but because this is a magical treasure refined through a secret technique, even if it’s a Fifth Stage item, it will cost a lot more.”

Soft Feather nodded. “How much?”

The Almighty Merchant said, “1,000 Fifth Stage spirit stones. Although the price is high, it is worth it!” This time, he was making a really small profit. If he were to sell this external core magical treasure in the outside world, its price would at least be several times higher.

Soft Feather took out an Eighth Stage spirit stone and handed it to the Almighty Merchant. “Deal!”

“The transaction is complete.” The Almighty Merchant handed the finished product to Soft Feather. It was a beautiful pendant with a large, fist-sized crystal at its core and a Fifth Stage monster core sealed within.

When Soft Feather received this external core, she could sense a warm spiritual power that entered her body while forming a layer of ‘spiritual energy defense’ on her skin. With this external core, she could mobilize spiritual power close to the level of someone at the Fifth Stage. However, without matching physique, magical techniques, and martial skills, she would only be able to bully Fourth Stage practitioners with this external core.

After the transaction, the Almighty Merchant waved goodbye. “See ya!” He sensed that Song Shuhang’s aura was approaching, so he quickly fled.

As soon as the Almighty Merchant disappeared, Song Shuhang came in with Scholar Drunken Moone. “Soft Feather, I’ve brought our senior. We can go now.” Song Shuhang jumped in from the window.

Scholar Drunken Moone followed right after.

He looked at Song Shuhang and Soft Feather, who had a low presence, and at Su Clan’s Sixteen, who was lying on the bed and was in the same state. His heart suddenly felt warm.

These are fellow daoists who share my suffering. I am not alone! At this time, Soft Feather was squatting on the ground and had a sheet of cloth wrapped around her body. Soft Feather asked, “Yo, Senior Song. Look at me, do I look cool?”

“…” Song Shuhang. This sheet of cloth didn’t look like it was something from his house. However, it looked somewhat familiar.


Song Shuhang said, “Isn’t that the sheet that the Almighty Merchant wears?”

Soft Feather nodded. “It’s the same style. I bought two. If my father can transcend his tribulation before the Immortal Feast and participates in it, I can give him the other sheet. At that time, we, father and daughter, can have the same style of clothing.”

“…” Song Shuhang. The Almighty Merchant just passed by? What a pity, he left too quickly… There was still something that I wanted to buy from him.

Soft Feather said, “Let’s go, go, go. Since Senior Scholar is here, let’s set off for the Immortal Feast. Then, if we encounter the Winged Whale King on the way, we can catch it.”

At this time, Scholar Drunken Moone pinched his chin, and said, “If you are talking about the Winged Whale King, it has already been caught.” Soft Feather responded, “Huh?” Scholar Drunken Moone said, “As Thrice Reckless has just said, that fierce beast is very smart. After it escaped, it directly fled to outer space. However, in the end, it met Daoist Monarch Clear Cloud, who was returning from his practice on the moon, and it got caught.”

Soft Feather looked disappointed when she heard this.

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