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Chapter 1403 Senior Song, make the world more interesting, alright?

A thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Song Family might not have even had the surname Song yet.

“Senior Song is Senior Song. I am not mistaken.” The night wind blew through the window, blowing her long hair, resulting in a faint fragrance wafting amidst the air.

The girl gently stretched out her hand and stroked the hair around her ears; her every move indescribably graceful.

Song Shuhang softly said, “It isn’t the Heavenly Emperor.”

The Heavenly Emperor, who possessed Soft Feather at the time, gave him a completely different feeling from the ‘Soft Feather’ in front of him.

However, this Soft Feather was definitely not the same Soft Feather he knew.

Her style was completely different.

Soft Feather smiled, and said, “Senior Song, don’t worry. I am certainly not the Heavenly Emperor, but… the reason why I can see Senior Song once again has something to do with the path of time.”

She stood up and suddenly approached Song Shuhang. As she approached him, she stretched out her right hand, and slowly brought it towards Song Shuhang’s cheek.

Song Shuhang subconsciously leaned back, trying to avoid her little hand.

However, Soft Feather’s hand followed him like a shadow and gently touched his face. Her hand was cold; there wasn’t a single trace of temperature that a human should have coming from it… It was as if Soft Feather’s body were sealed in ice.

“Unknowingly, it has already been 1,000 years. However, Senior Song is just as I remembered him. Despite 1,000 years having already passed, my memory is still this clear.” Soft Feather showed a satisfied smile. When she smiled, her eyes squinted into crescent moons.

The path of time… a thousand years…

Song Shuhang immediately thought of his own dreamland talent. His dreamland talent had a similar power—it ignored time and space, forcibly inserting him into the lives of other people.

However, Soft Feather was in a different state.

Song Shuhang’s heart thumped, and he asked in a low voice, “Are you from the future?”

If this wasn’t the Heavenly Emperor possessing her, and it had something to do with the ‘path of time’ and ‘1,000 years’, could it be that the Soft Feather in front of him came from the future and that she had temporarily possessed the current Soft Feather?

This Soft Feather is from 1,000 years in the future? Perhaps even further into the future?

Soft Feather softly said, “My time is running out. I am really happy that I was able to see Senior Song again and spend such a long time with you.”

She did not directly answer Song Shuhang’s question… Perhaps it was inconvenient for her to answer him. However, judging from her expression, he should have guessed it right.

Soft Feather was going to have such a huge change in her personality in the future? If this really was Soft Feather from the future, what factors caused her to have such a graceful bearing? Soft Feather’s little hand moved away from Song Shuhang’s face, and she looked at the other people in the room.

Senior Turtle, Lady Onion, the virtuous lamia, Fairy Creation, the invisible saber insect, the Fighting Beast Kangaroo, Su Clan’s Sixteen, the White Dragon, and Li Yinzhu, who was asleep…

They were just like how she remembered them.

She took a few steps towards Song Shuhang’s bed, and then looked at Sixteen and Li Yinzhu, who were both asleep.

Soft Feather laughed, and said, “Haha, Sixteen is still so small at this time.”

After that, she stretched out her finger and poked the dragon horn on her head.

“Ungf~” Su Clan’s Sixteen, who was unconscious, called out in a daze, and turned over.

So small? Does that mean that Sixteen will still grow in the future?

Sixteen… is really still growing? Song Shuhang held some doubt in his heart.

“Senior Song.” Soft Feather turned around. Then, with her hands behind her, she showed a playful smile. “In the future… You must live well.”

When Song Shuhang heard these words, his heart instantly felt stifled.

Why do her words make me feel like I’m going to have a difficult time in the future?

Song Shuhang asked, “How many times has the future me died?”

He didn’t even ask if he died or not, and went straight to asking how many times he died. In just four months, Song Shuhang’s consciousness had already sublimated to such a grave level.

Soft Feather seriously said, “That is a secret, and it cannot be disclosed.”

“Hahaha.” After hearing Soft Feather’s answer, Song Shuhang let out a relaxed laugh. Mm-hm, even if Soft Feather has this elegant bearing, her character is still the same.

“Time is up. Well then… We will meet again when the time comes.” Soft Feather stretched out her finger and shook it. “1,000 years.”

“I’ve got one last question,” Song Shuhang quickly said. “Why do we end up not seeing each other for 1,000 years?”

He was very concerned about this question.

Why did they not meet for an entire 1,000 years?

Was it Soft Feather’s fault? Or was it because of him? Or could there be something wrong with the future world?

Soft Feather stroked her long hair, and replied, “It’s because Senior Song is into seclusion, and you have closed up for over 1,000 years. I’ve been thinking that the reason the relationships between high-level cultivators become colder and colder should have a lot to do with them being in retreat for hundreds to thousands of years. A thousand years is almost equivalent to the entire life of an ordinary Spiritual Emperor.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

After Soft Feather finished speaking, she returned by the window, and then gracefully laid out her skirt, propping up her cheeks with her hands. “Senior Song, please make more secret realms and exciting forbidden areas to make the world more interesting.”

“…” Song Shuhang. Before Song Shuhang could answer, the temperature of Soft Feather’s body gradually recovered, and it no longer felt freezing like before.

The normal Soft Feather had returned.

Song Shuhang’s eyes drooped slightly. He stretched out his hand and looked at his palm. “A thousand years of closing up?” The White Dragon’s gentle voice sounded. “That is a very normal matter. Eighth Stage Profound Sages and Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders usually close up for thousands of years at a time. It’s even more excessive for Immortals. Some Immortals close up for an indeterminate amount of time.”

Song Shuhang said, “Is that so?”

In the future, I’m also going to do something like closing up for 1,000 years? It felt really wrong to him for some reason.

Song Shuhang murmured, “Right, now that I think about it… I’ve never really properly closed up ever since I began cultivating.” That had to be why he felt that him closing up for 1,000 years sounded really strange.

The Eighth Cultivator of True Virtue, Lady Onion, laughed. “Haha.”

Would a man who had reached the Fifth Stage in five months close up for 1,000 years?

That was impossible!

If Song Shuhang continued to advance at this pace, with the average of one realm a month, he would have become a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender by January next year, and he might become an Immortal by February next year. After that, he might have even taken over as the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will by March next year.

Lady Onion had already completely fallen into despair.

She used to have a certain ambition in the past.

She wanted to practice diligently to become stronger than Song Shuhang so that she could free herself from being his pet. There was a time when her strength was only a few small realms away from Song Shuhang, a time when she felt that if she worked a little bit harder, she might be able to catch up to him.

Her greatest misconception in life was thinking that she could fight back.

But now, even if she had acquired the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber, she didn’t believe that she could catch up with Song Shuhang. More importantly… The Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber appeared to be more affectionate toward Song Shuhang than her.

She had to be a fake Eighth Cultivator of True Virtue.

“Thump-” Soft Feather, who had been by the window, suddenly bumped her head on the table.

She raised her head quickly and opened her eyes.

Soft Feather called, “Senior Song!”

Song Shuhang responded, “I’m here, we’re all still here.”

Soft Feather anxiously said, “Not good, Senior Song. My ghost spirit contract broke into four pieces.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

It seemed Soft Feather was controlled by her future self from that point in time. If it weren’t for that Empress-like smile, Song Shuhang wouldn’t have noticed.

Speaking of which, was that smile of the future Soft Feather a deliberate action of hers to prompt him to notice her presence?

Anyway, the awakened Soft Feather seemed to have completely no memory of what had taken place.

“Don’t worry.” Song Shuhang patted Soft Feather lightly. “My ghost spirit contract is also incomplete. Despite that, I’m still alive and well.”

“Then, can our ghost spirits still be saved?” Soft Feather looked at Song Shuhang expectantly.

Song Shuhang said, “As long as our ghost spirit contracts are still there, it means that our ghost spirits have not disappeared. One day, we will find them and bring them back.”

If the ghost spirit died, the ghost spirit contract would dissipate entirely.

Song Shuhang’s incomplete ghost spirit contract and Soft Feather’s split ghost spirit contract both showed that their ghost spirits were still alive.

In theory, the two did still have a chance to find their ghost spirits.

“Senior Song!” Soft Feather squeezed Song Shuhang’s hand firmly. “We can do it!”

This time, her little hands were warm.

Song Shuhang nodded. “Mm-hm, we can do


And so, the saddening (Retrieve Ghost Spirit Alliance) was established.

At night. Su Clan’s Sixteen, Li Yinzhu, and Soft Feather were all asleep on his big bed.

Song Shuhang slept on the floor. The virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation returned to Song Shuhang’s body. Senior Turtle hid inside his shell, while Lady Onion stuck to the top of the turtle shell and meditated.

The kangaroo had been transferred back into the Inner World, while the invisible saber insect floated silently in the air.

And like this, morning came, and the sun rose.

Su Clan’s Sixteen was still unconscious, and Soft Feather had not been able to sleep well. When she slept, half of her body and legs were pressed on Sixteen’s body.

Senior Turtle and Lady Onion were still motionless, and the invisible saber insect was still floating in the air.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes, and found a shrunken version of Li Yinzhu lying in his arms.

October 6, 2019, Sunday. 07:04. Sunny. When Song Shuhang woke up, he found his phone in his pocket vibrating.

Shuhang checked it and found that Scholar Drunken Moone was calling him.

Song Shuhang unlocked the phone, and said, “Hey, Senior Drunken Moone, are you here already?”

Senior Drunken Moone asked, “Fellow daoist, who are you? Why is your contact number a mess? Was it you who sent me the coordinates yesterday? What matter were you looking for me for?”.

Song Shuhang burst into tears. Song Shuhang said, “It’s me, Song Shuhang. Senior Drunken Moone, yesterday, we made an appointment to go to the Immortal Feast together.”

Scholar Drunken Moone replied, “Apologies, I actually forgot about this.”

Song Shuhang said, “It’s alright, I can understand. After all, you and I are both difficult to remember.”

Scholar Drunken Moone suddenly felt warmth in his heart, along with an inexplicable resonance. “So that’s the case. Fellow Daoist Sing, you’re also forgotten by others just like me. I will set off for Wenzhou City immediately. I will be there in a few hours.”

Song Shuhang hung up, and then called Senior White. However, nobody answered. Was Senior White still closing up?

Song Shuhang pinched his chin… With Senior White’s luck, he shouldn’t miss something as great as the Immortal Feast, right?

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