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Chapter 1392 Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball

The White Dragon stared at the Heavenly Emperor vigilantly. The virtuous lamia dispersed and turned into light of virtue, covering Song Shuhang.

The golden hands opened, revealing the Heavenly Emperor, who was standing on the palms of the hands and exuding an imperial aura.

She looked at Song Shuhang and the White Dragon.

“Yo, Fairy Golden Dragon, we meet again.” The Heavenly Emperor waved at the White Dragon before moving her gaze to Song Shuhang, who was unconscious.

While staring at Song Shuhang, she fell into thought.

After a long while…

She suddenly asked, “Fairy Golden Dragon, who is this Profound Sage Tyrannical Song? Do I know him?”

“Huh?” The White Dragon was dumbfounded.

You were fighting him a few minutes ago, and now you ask me who Tyrannical Song is?

The Heavenly Emperor rubbed her brows, and said, “Strange, could I have forgotten something? I feel like I was looking for him for something.”

It wasn’t only Song Shuhang, as the same also went for Su Clan’s Sixteen, who was right beside him. She couldn’t remember where she’d seen them before

The White Dragon was taken aback, and then she thought of a possibility-could it be the effects of the Wielder’s small black room?

After Song Shuhang, Su Clan’s Sixteen, and Soft Feather were imprisoned there, in the minds of the practitioners of the universe, the memories of these three had become vague. Their names became blank, and their faces in every picture, even those with others, were erased.

The Wielder’s small black room could be said to have completely erased the traces of the existence of these three. It was an enhanced version of Scholar DM’s cultivation technique.

Now, even though the three of them had exited the small black room, they had done so by smuggling themselves out, and after they got out, they directly got sent into a special secret realm.

Then, they were banished into some spatial turbulence. And so, the three of them had yet to properly step into the main world.

Could it be that the effects of the Wielder’s small black room had yet to dissipate on the three of them?

As such, despite the Heavenly Emperor having just seen them, she managed to forget about them.

As for why the Heavenly Emperor could recognize the Ancestral Golden Dragon, it was because the Ancestral Golden Dragon’s body was still in the underground dragon tomb on the mysterious island, and her existence had never been ‘erased’.

The Heavenly Emperor looked at Song Shuhang, and asked, “Why do I feel like this Profound Sage Tyrannical Song helped me?”

Fairy White Dragon calmly replied, (He was the one who freed you from the trial grounds.)

“So that’s the case.” The Heavenly Emperor pondered, and then said, “Then, did we have a fight? I know that the method by which I left the trial grounds required me to take possession of a companion of his.” Fairy White Dragon calmly replied, “Yes.” “Tsk.” The Heavenly Emperor rubbed her eyebrows again. “This resurrected body appears to have some problems. It seems like I keep on losing memories.”

During the exchange between the Heavenly Emperor and the White Dragon, Song Shuhang regained consciousness.

The spiritual energy in his body had been drained by the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure. As such, at this time, he was so weak that he couldn’t even lift his fingers.

The Heavenly Emperor looked at Song Shuhang. “You’re awake, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.”

Song Shuhang was shocked when he heard this voice. Then, he raised his head and looked at the Heavenly Emperor.

At this time, the Heavenly Emperor no longer looked like Soft Feather. In addition to that, her aura was also now very different from hers.

Could the Heavenly Emperor have stopped possessing Soft Feather’s body?

If that was the case, it was good news.

The Heavenly Emperor said, “Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, I like you very much.”

Song Shuhang subconsciously replied, “I don’t have the hobby of joining other people’s harems.”

“Eh? Did I say that I would take you into my harem?” The Heavenly Emperor laughed, and said, “I just feel that you are very much in line with my taste. Would you like to join me? We can recreate the Heavenly City. Then, one day in the future, when I reign over the world once more, I guarantee that you can reach the Immortal Realm.”

At the side, the White Dragon replied in Song Shuhang’s stead, (It’s impossible.]

The Heavenly Emperor slowly said, “You won’t be an Immortal that’s fused with the path of the Ancient Heavenly City, but an Immortal with their own complete path. How’s that?”

The White Dragon sister coldly said, (The path of an Immortal can only be comprehended by relying on oneself. Whom do you think you’re trying to coax here?]

“It appears that you don’t know anything about me. I am the Heavenly Emperor; I naturally have my own means,” the Heavenly Emperor said while stretching out her hand to ‘pick a flower.’

Afterward, an Imperial Pearl appeared between her fingers.

She handed this Imperial Pearl to Song Shuhang. “As long as you want to, you can always contact me through it.”

The Imperial Pearl

“…” Song Shuhang.

This thing would turn into dust if it touched him. If he caught it and the pearl crumbled, would the Heavenly Emperor think that he was provoking her?

While Song Shuhang was hesitating, the Heavenly Emperor forcibly stuffed the ‘Imperial Pearl’ into his hands.

But this time… the Imperial Pearl did not break!

This Imperial Pearl exuded a powerful aura of life despite it being cold in his hands. The Heavenly Emperor said, “We shall meet again if fate permits it, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.” After that, she turned around and stood on the big golden hands again.

The golden hands closed.

A spatial crack opened in the void, and the pair of golden hands disappeared with the Heavenly Emperor.

“She’s gone.” The White Dragon relaxed.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “Where are we right now?”

The White Dragon gently said, “We’re in the middle of a turbulent stream of space. You’ve consumed a lot of energy, so you should rest for a while. I’m looking for a way out of here.”

“What about Soft Feather?” Song Shuhang was a little worried.

The White Dragon said, “Looking at the state of the Heavenly Emperor just now, she seems to have stopped possessing Soft Feather’s body. There’s a chance that Soft Feather is still where we left her. We can go back as soon as we find a passage.”

While they were talking, the virtuous lamia reappeared and gave Song Shuhang a warm hug. The White Dragon softly said, “Go ahead and rest for a while. When we’re back in the main world, I’ll wake you up.” Song Shuhang nodded. Feeling exhausted, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

In his dream, Song Shuhang became a ghostly mass.

He found himself in a very advanced instrument, surrounded by countless lights from the instrument that were sweeping his body and measuring his data.

When the light swept over him, he felt uncomfortable.

He subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but his ghostly body remained motionless.

This feeling… Am I in a dreamland?

The number of dreamlands he’d been in recently had increased, and Song Shuhang had more or less understood its rules. Unlike ordinary dreams, the dreamland was real, but he was unable to control his body there.

Whom am I dreaming about right now?

Some ghost?

Have I been in contact with ghostly creatures recently? I don’t think I have…

Song Shuhang’s dreamland ability needed something to trigger it. This trigger could be anything: a drop of blood, touching a ghost spirit, or even his ghost spirit making contact with other creatures.

In short, before entering someone’s dreamland, he would have to make contact with them.

It was impossible for him to enter the dreamland of someone he had never made contact with.

However, I haven’t come into contact with any ghosts recently, right?

The time inside the dreamland flew by.

Every day, different instruments would come in to scan Song Shuhang’s ghostly body. Sometimes, they would cruelly cut out a small piece from the ghost’s body, and throw it into another instrument for testing.

After each test, the cut body part would be returned.

Strangely, as soon as the body part came back to the ‘ghost’, it would actively fuse and return to how it was before.

Heavens, how much time has passed?

This was probably the second most intolerable dream after Lady Onion’s dream.

Lady Onion had been rooted alone on the top of a mountain, being exposed to the wind and the sun for hundreds of years.

But this time, he was a trapped ghost that was being studied day and night.

Although it wasn’t as boring as Lady Onion’s life, it wasn’t fun, either.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Actually, this is worse than Lady Onion’s life. At least Lady Onion was like a hermit, quietly standing on the top of a mountain.

Song Shuhang, who was idle and bored, “enjoyed” being researched every day and observed the ever-changing instruments in the research room.

There was no concept of time in this research room.

It was unknown how much time it took, but there was eventually a change.

On the smooth wall of the research room, a door opened.

Then, a ball rolled in from the entrance. The ball had a silvery-white body with a metallic luster. It looked like a sphere made of metal, but its surface looked like it was ‘flowing’. It was as if its body was liquid.

It was the liquid metal ball!

However, this liquid metal ball was different from the one in the Netherworld.

The one in the Netherworld was a black metal ball, but the one in front of him was silvery-white.

The Wielder of the Will… Song Shuhang’s mind immediately realized.

This was the current Wielder of the Will.

In the ancient era, it had suddenly appeared and contested with the Scholarly Sage for the position of Wielder of the Will.

The current Wielder of the Will was incomparably mysterious. Nobody knew anything about it.

Its birth, its origin, which cultivation system it belonged to, and what special abilities it possessed, everything was a mystery. It wasn’t a human, ghost, beast, monster, demon, or spirit. It was simply something out of this world. It wasn’t only its body; the way that it attacked and its cultivation system were completely different from any other system too.

The Scholarly Sage fought it for 10 years, and was eventually defeated due to exhaustion.

Other than during the battle with the Scholarly Sage, nobody in the universe had ever seen it.

It suddenly appeared and suddenly became the Wielder of the Will, and it never appeared in front of anyone since then.

The only matter related to it was the destruction of the scholarly faction.

The crippling of the prosperous scholarly faction had been something that the ruler of the Netherworld, Liquid Metal Ball Two, had done by using its only opportunity to enter the main world.

According to the speculations of the great experts in the universe, the current Wielder of the Will had entered a ‘programmed’ state. Moreover, not long ago, the Heavens changed again, and it appeared that the Wielder would soon leave its position.

The (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball] arrived in front of Song Shuhang’s ghostly body, and softly said, “A fragment of the masterpiece of the Third Wielder of the Will. The first true ghost spirit in the world, the divine ghost.”

A fragment of the divine ghost?

The masterpiece of the Third Wielder of the Will?

Wait, does this mean that this is Cheng Lin’s fragment? Cheng Lin was the Third Wielder’s method of freeing himself. Eventually, he used ‘Cheng Lin’ to reincarnate Striped Dragon Two, freeing him from the restrictions of being the ‘ruler of the Netherworld’.

Afterward, Cheng Lin broke into fragments and never fully recovered.

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