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Chapter 1378 I grandly introduce you all to disposable flying sword “small black room-breaking“ version 001

When facing Fellow Daoist White, the Almighty Merchant felt a certain kind of pressure. The other party clearly only had strength at the level of an Eighth Stage Profound Sage, but there was this tycoon-like aura coming from his body that had nothing to do with his realm.

The Almighty Merchant said, “60 Ninth Stage spirit stones. This price is fair and affordable.”

Senior White nodded without hesitation, and said, “Alright, deal.”

The Almighty Merchant was stunned slightly.

Deal? Just like that?

Don’t you want to bargain?

It usually goes like this: I quote an inflated price, and then you bargain, and then I reluctantly lower the price. After several repetitions of this, we can finally settle on a price that we’ll both be happy with… This is one of the charms of business.

This tycoon-like aura of yours makes me feel quite embarrassed.

The Almighty Merchant stretched out his hand and brought out the Transcendent Mercury, a Spatial Star, a Time Dragon’s Scale, and a Forceful Spatial Transference Talisman Stone. He then said, “Here are the things you want.”

At the same time, Senior White handed over 60 Ninth Stage spirit stones. “And here are the spirit stones.”

Delivering money with one hand, and receiving the goods with the other.

After receiving the spirit stones, the Almighty Merchant showed a professional smile, and said, “Please confirm the goods. Once the transaction is confirmed, the goods cannot be returned. After I’ve sold my goods, they are out of my hands, and I am no longer responsible for them.”

“There’s no problem with them at all.” Senior White checked the four materials and nodded.

The Almighty Merchant nodded in reply. After confirming that there weren’t any problems with the 60 Ninth Stage spirit stones he just received, he smiled contentedly.

Each time a transaction was completed, he would feel as if he had been completely rejuvenated. Regardless of how tiring or difficult it had been, it was all worth it.

More importantly, after the completion of this transaction, he felt like he had slightly ripped off this Fellow Daoist White.

This Fellow Daoist White was really rich; he didn’t even bother to bargain. This kind of customer was the one he liked most.

“Fellow Daoist White, I must say that a patron like you is my favorite. I have a [Universal Summoning Talisman] right here. If there’s ever anything that I can help you with, you can directly notify me through this talisman. It can be used twice, and with this transaction, I will provide you with VIP-level customer treatment in the future.” After that, the Almighty Merchant handed a golden card to Sage White.

Senior White stored away the golden card and nodded. “Alright, I also like sellers like you who have everything.”

Almighty Merchant showed a professional smile. “It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Senior White nodded, and said, “Same.”

Afterward, Senior White took out the ‘Transcendent Mercury’ and patted it lightly.

The Transcendent Mercury looked quite a bit like the planet Mercury, but was actually a living being.

When Senior White patted it, the ‘Transcendent Mercury’ split into five, becoming five separate Transcendent Mercuries.

Almighty Merchant: 😳

What was the deal with this heart-stifling scene?

Senior White calmly said, “This ‘Transcendent Mercury’ was in its breeding period. They are creatures that divide to propagate.”

Senior White was very satisfied with this buy one get four free.

“…” The Almighty Merchant.

F*ck, I didn’t notice that this ‘Transcendent Mercury’ was about to split when I sold it!

Senior White put away one ‘Transcendent Mercury’, and then put the other four into a water tank before handing them over to Song Shuhang. “Keep these first. You can raise them in your world when you have time. They may be of great use in the future. ”

Song Shuhang nodded.

Then, Senior White took out the Spacial Star, the Time Dragon’s Scale, and the Forceful Spatial Transference Talisman Stone.

“Hm, this Spatial Star is normal, there’s nothing special about it. The same goes for this Time Dragon’s Scale. As for this Forceful Spatial Transference Talisman Stone, there seems to be something special about it.” Senior White held the talisman, and then gently knocked on it.

‘Spatial Transference Talisman Stones’ were generally used for spatial positioning, and were also used in spatial formations during ancient times. It was a kind of spatial gemstone that had been processed by a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

And this Spatial Transference Talisman seemed to be a bit different from the normal ones.

Senior White knocked on it a bit harder.


The outer shell of the gem cracked, revealing a diamond-like object inside.

“It turns out to be a Spatial Transference Talisman Diamond, which is of a much higher level than the stone. No wonder I felt that there was something wrong with its aura.” Senior White wiped the crystal diamond with satisfaction. “This way, I will have a greater chance for success in my research of the new disposable flying sword.”

The Almighty Merchant: 😳

Damn it, every time I receive goods, I really have to appraise them carefully.

How had this ‘Spatial Transference Talisman Stone’ that was much more valuable than a ‘Spatial Transference Talisman Diamond’ escaped his eyes?

I’ve lost money big time this time. This ‘Spatial Transference Talisman Diamond’ alone was worth 60 Ninth Stage spirit stones, and he could even sell it for 100 Ninth Stage Spirit Stones if he raised the price.

Now, this Diamond + five Transcendent Mercuries + the Time Dragon’s Scale + the Spatial Star were only sold for 60 Ninth Stage spirit stones as a package.

The Almighty Merchant could not help but grip the cloth around him tightly. Despite doing so, he still felt a little cold. This was a chill so harsh that even the cloth on his body could not bring him warmth.

Almighty Merchant kindly said, “Fellow Daoist White…”

“The goods are out of your hand and will not be returned.” Senior White stretched out his hand to protect everything, and seriously said, “That’s what you said.”

The Almighty Merchant said, “No, I wasn’t trying to go against that. Since the things that have been sold, they are yours. There is no reason for me to take them back.”

It was so heart-rending, and his heart was in great pain. To him, Fellow Daoist White’s words seemed to be like a sharp arrow that pierced his heart.

Senior White asked, “Then what is it?”

“Fellow Daoist White, how did you identify that the ‘Transcendent Mercury’ was in its breeding period, and that there was a ‘Diamond’ hidden in the ‘Spatial Transference Talisman Stone’?” The Almighty Merchant humbly asked for advice.

This time, his eyes had missed these. However, after learning from experience, he would do his best to avoid making the same mistake.

Senior White thought for a moment, and said, “Do you want to know?”

Almighty Merchant nodded, and said, “Yes.”

Senior White euphemistically said, “Knowledge is priceless.”

The Almighty Merchant gritted his teeth, and said, “Fellow Daoist, I have a Ninth Stage Spirit Stone!”

Senior White responded, “Deal.”

The Almighty Merchant handed back a Ninth Stage Spirit Stone in great pain.

After Senior White took back the spirit stone, he said, “The same policy applies. Once the goods have been sold, there are no refunds.”

The Almighty Merchant said, “I know, I understand.”

Senior White nodded, and said, “The Transcendent Mercury is, after all, a living thing. When they are about to split and multiply, they will make a low sound. As long as one listens carefully, one will easily be able to tell. On normal days, a Transcendent Mercury does not make any sounds.”

The Almighty Merchant nodded, and said, “I see.”

Senior White said, “As for the Spatial Transference Talisman Stone, this was a lot more straightforward.”

“Huh?” The Almighty Merchant boss was dumbfounded.

Senior White said, “It’s the same as when ordinary people bet on stones, I relied completely on intuition. When I held the stone, it felt strange, so I knocked on its shell and, as you saw, there was a diamond inside.”

The Almighty Merchant: “…”

Senior White said, “No refunds.”

The Almighty Merchant felt his heart become even more stifled.

At the side, Soft Feather was laughing so much that tears were coming out of her eyes.

Song Shuhang wanted to laugh as well, but he was too embarrassed to laugh out loud, and could only endure it.

“Alright, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, it’s our turn.” The Almighty Merchant grinned. “Little friend, do you know who is chasing me?”

Song Shuhang wiped his face, and said, “Information is valuable.”

He had just learned from Senior White that knowledge was valuable.

The Almighty Merchant felt very tired.

“As Senior and I know one another, I can give you a discount, how’s that?” Song Shuhang gave a thumbs up.

The Almighty Merchant said, “Piss off!”

He knew that the ruler of Netherworld Realm had been chasing him, but he couldn’t figure out why they were chasing after him even when he had already left the Netherworld Realm!

Reasonably speaking, a ruler of the Netherworld was stuck inside the Netherworld Realm, and they wouldn’t be able to take even half a step out of it.

At this moment, Senior White said, “Done!”

Song Shuhang turned his head in surprise. “So fast?”

Senior White had just received the four materials, right? He and the Almighty Merchant had merely exchanged a few words, yet Senior White had already produced the new disposable flying sword?

Senior White said, “It wasn’t actually that fast. I’ve been mapping out the design of this new flying sword for a long time in my mind. I had already put together the approximate design, and I only needed to install the four new materials in the right place. It’s not that different from installing a battery.”

After saying that, he showed his new product to Song Shuhang and others.

It was a magical treasure that looked like a cloth bag.

“Senior White, weren’t you making a ‘disposable flying sword’?” Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

This cloth bag was also a kind of flying sword?

Senior White said, “This is the framework of the magical treasure.” As he said that, the tree of virtue appeared behind him.

Senior White plucked some golden virtuous bayberries and gave them to Song Shuhang, Soft Feather, Su Clan’s Sixteen, and the Almighty Merchant.

This thing surprisingly grew very fast.

After dividing the bayberries, Senior White reached out and broke a branch off of the tree of virtue.

He peeled it, drew the formation, and branded it with runes.

Ever since the tree of virtue entered the stage, Qingwu was finally liberated. She no longer had to provide Senior White with her tender willow branches every so often.

After a few breaths of time, Senior White shook his hand and finished making a ‘disposable virtuous flying sword’.

“The final step.” Senior White grabbed the ‘disposable virtuous flying sword’ and stuffed it into the cloth bag.

“Ten, nine, eight… five… two, one!” Then, Senior White stretched out his hand and took the flying sword out of the bag.

When the virtuous flying sword was taken out, it was shining with colorful light, and had the aura of a ‘giant turtle of disaster’.

Senior White smiled, and said, “I grandly introduce you all to my new series of disposable flying swords… the small black room-breaking disposable flying sword version 001. It is designed to be able to break out of Wielder’s small black room.”

“This thing can leave the Wielder’s small black room?” the Almighty Merchant said in disbelief.

Senior White confidently said, “Trust my skills.”

Then, he looked at Song Shuhang, Soft Feather, and Su Clan’s Sixteen. “Who wants to give it a try first?”

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