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Chapter 1377 An occupational disease is still a disease and needs treatmen The figure wrapped in cloth fell from directly above Song Shuhang, Soft Feather, and Su Clan’s Sixteen.“Eh? Senior Almighty Merchant!” Song Shuhang shouted after seeing this figure.

This senior’s image was simply too unique, and the cloth that never left his body every time he appeared easily betrayed his identity from a distance.

After seeing this big shot, Song Shuhang’s mood suddenly improved.

Wasn’t Senior White lacking some ‘materials’ to make a version of the disposable flying sword that would be able to bring them out of the Wielder’s small black room? Now that the Almighty Merchant was here, this problem had been solved. As long as they had enough spirit stones, no matter what material they needed, it could all be bought from this big shot.

“F*ck, I ran all the way to a small black room, and there’s still someone that recognizes me?” The Almighty Merchant fell into a panic. After all, he was currently in the middle of an escape, so he had to keep a low profile and avoid making any big moves.

The Almighty Merchant lowered his head and looked at Song Shuhang and the others.

His gaze first scanned Su Clan’s Sixteen and Soft Feather—among the three present, these two girls were more pleasing to the eyes. No matter who it was, they were likely to look at these two girls first.

Who are these two little girls? I don’t seem to recognize them, Almighty Merchant silently thought to himself. Right, this is the Wielder’s small black room. Since these two girls were locked up in here, then my memory of them should have been affected. It is normal that I am unable to remember them.

Finally, when his gaze swept over Song Shuhang, his mind suddenly stirred.

[Profound Sage Tyrannical Song]

[Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar]

These two separate Eighth Stage names popped up from Song Shuhang’s body. Nobody under the heavens didn’t know of him, but unfortunately, despite having two names, nobody actually knew of him.

“Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, it’s you.” The Almighty Merchant still remembered Song Shuhang.

It was natural for him to remember Song Shuhang as after having completed his last transaction with him, he was targeted by the ruler of the Netherworld.

As a result, he couldn’t avoid seeking death, being caught, and sent into this small black room. Since he couldn’t afford to offend the other party, he could only choose to hide.

Unexpectedly, in this small black room, he ended up encountering Profound Sage Tyrannical Song again.

“Haha.” Song Shuhang waved his hand vigorously, and said, “Senior Almighty Merchant, we truly do have some fate with one another.”

Almighty Merchant: “…”

He clutched tightly onto the sheet of cloth that wrapped him, and then brought out a flying shuttle.

In his opinion, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was a jinx. He couldn’t afford to provoke or offend the other party, so he should quickly leave.

Song Shuhang shouted, “Senior Almighty Merchant, I have some business for you!”

The Almighty Merchant immediately turned around and showed a professional smile. “Business? What is Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song buying this time? I can give you a small discount as you are an old customer of mine.”

After smiling, the Almighty Merchant felt a great urge to slap himself in the face. F*ck, this occupational disease of mine really needs to be cured.

As soon as he heard the word ‘business’, he was unable to stop himself from turning around and showing a warm smile.

Song Shuhang said, “It’s with a senior of mine. He wants to buy some materials to make a magical treasure. Senior Almighty Merchant, wait a moment.”

The Almighty Merchant smiled slightly, and said, “No problem, transactions always require patience.”

Song Shuhang shouted in the distance, “Senior White~ Senior White~ Come here, I am here with an excellent merchant. Senior White, you can see if he has any of the materials that you need.”

The Almighty Merchant proudly said, “No matter what it is, I will be able to get it for you. Believe in my reputation. I have been the ‘Almighty Merchant’ for so many years, and I have never failed to live up to my reputation.”

“I’m here.” In the distance, Senior White’s figure disappeared from where he was with ‘swish~’.

When he reappeared, he had quietly appeared behind the Almighty Merchant.

This was the ‘Space-Time Traversal’ talent of the giant turtles of disaster. Senior White had learned it after seeing it once. After analyzing the internal structure of a ‘giant turtle’, Senior White was able to modify the magical technique and make its effects even better.

This magical technique was simpler and more practical than teleportation, and more importantly, it was much more discrete.

Even the Almighty Merchant had not been able to sense the activation of the ‘Space-Time Traversal’ ability.

Just as he sensed something, Senior White had already appeared behind him.

“Fellow Daoist Almighty Merchant, I need the Transcendent Mercury, Spatial Star, Time Dragon’s Scale, Forceful Spatial Transference Talisman Stone. I am currently in need of these four things, do you have them?” Senior White asked.

When Almighty Merchant heard this familiar voice and sensed the familiar aura, a chill ran through his entire body.

Even the cloth on his body couldn’t bring him any warmth.

The Almighty Merchant stiffly turned his head and looked behind him.

Behind him was a man with unparalleled charm, long hair that reached his waist, and eyes that were just like stars and had their own special shining effect.

He was utterly beautiful from every angle, and calling oneself beautiful would be humiliating if one compared themself to him.

F*ck! It’s the ruler of the Netherworld!

“I can’t offend you, and I can’t even hide from you?” the Almighty Merchant said in despair.

“???” Senior White.

“?” Song Shuhang.

“No, I won’t be defeated so easily. I won’t give up without a fight.” The Almighty Merchant quickly entered his shuttle.

Then, the shuttle sped away with speed beyond what words could describe.

Senior White pointed at himself. “Is my face that scary?”

Soft Feather said, “No, Senior White is very handsome.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen added, “Unless one is blind, nobody would ever feel that Senior White is scary.”

Then, why did that guy run away like crazy as soon as he saw me?

Senior White pinched his chin, and wondered, “Did I harm him in the past?”

However, according to his memory, he had never encountered Fellow Daoist Almighty Merchant in the past.

Song Shuhang slapped his head. “I might have an idea of what’s going on.”

Senior White Two had mentioned to him last time that he was chasing the mobile treasury known as ‘Almighty Merchant’.

Song Shuhang felt that Senior White Two doing such a thing was a tad too foul.

However, Senior White Two was the ruler of the Netherworld. If placed in a movie, he would be the final villain, which would mean that it was in his character to do something like robbing the Almighty Merchant.

And besides their temperament, Senior White Two and Senior White were almost identical in every other aspect.

Therefore, the Almighty Merchant had probably regarded Senior White as Senior White Two.

Song Shuhang shouted, “Senior Almighty Merchant, come back. We sincerely want to conduct a transaction with you. We can pay you immediately.”

Unfortunately, the Almighty Merchant’s immortal boat had already flown far away.

Song Shuhang: “…”

The Almighty Merchant escaped, and the transaction was blown away.

Senior White suddenly said, “He won’t be able to escape.”

“?” Song Shuhang.

Senior White calmly said, “Three, two, one!”


The Almighty Merchant, who was quickly making an escape on his immortal shuttle, was suddenly stopped. Beside the shuttle, dozens of arms made of mud and rocks emerged, grabbing the shuttle.

“In order to catch the ‘giant turtles of disaster’, I planted several traps nearby. I have yet to clear them away.” Senior White shrugged his shoulders. “This fellow daoist directly headed towards one of the traps.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Senior White reached out, grabbed Soft Feather and Su Clan’s Sixteen, and used the genuine Three Heads and Six Arms magical technique to grab Song Shuhang as well.

The [Space-Time Traversal] magical technique was cast once again, and after a short while, they appeared beside the immortal shuttle.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Almighty Merchant, don’t panic. Take a closer look. This Senior White is not the one you’re thinking of. We really want to do honest business with you. We aren’t here to cheat you.”

The Almighty Merchant looked at Senior White and frowned slightly.

He had been so flustered before that he had not looked at him carefully.

Now, he discovered that this ‘Sage Monarch White’ was indeed different from the ruler of the Netherworld. This Sage Monarch White was currently an Eighth Stage Profound Sage.

There’s no need to be afraid!

The Almighty Merchant’s heart suddenly calmed down.

He stretched out his hand and opened the shuttle, poking his head out and laughing. “It was a misunderstanding.”

Song Shuhang said, “Then, let’s resume the transaction. Senior Almighty Merchant, do you have the four materials that Senior White requested? Don’t forget to give us a discount.”

The Almighty Merchant gave an unconstrained smile, and said, “I do have those four materials. As for the price, since you’re an old customer, there will definitely be a discount. I will give you an honest price. Now, let me calculate it.”

He then brought out a magical treasure similar to a calculator and started calculating.

While he was in the middle of doing so, the Almighty Merchant’s fingers suddenly stiffened.

Then, he calmly said, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you seem to know that I am being chased? Do you know who is chasing me?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Can I choose not to answer this question?

“You’ve gone silent, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song.” Almighty Merchant raised his head and stared at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang responded, “Yes, I have an idea.”

The Almighty Merchant asked, “Sure enough. Did it happen after the last transaction with you?”

Senior White asked, “Can’t we set aside that matter with you and Shuhang, and finish this transaction first?”

The Almighty Merchant turned his head back sharply and smiled brightly at Senior White. “Of course. To allow my customers to get what they need and satisfy them is my main objective.”

When he finished talking, the Almighty Merchant shook his head vigorously.

This f*cking occupational disease.

“How much is the price?” Senior White said. “Money is not a problem, you can quote however many spirit stones you need.”

“Are you not worried that I would deliberately raise the price?” the Almighty Merchant said while pressing buttons on his magical treasure and calculating the amount the items would cost.

Senior White calmly replied, “It doesn’t matter, it’s easy to find things like spirit stones. When I’m out of them, I can just dig around and find them. Moreover, no one has ever succeeded in making me go bankrupt in a transaction.”

The Almighty Merchant: “…”

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