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Chapter 1375 You bothersome soymilk machine Su Clan’s Sixteen softly replied, “Mm-hm, I’m still Su Clan’s Sixteen, and that will never change.”After hearing Su Clan’s Sixteen’s reply, Song Shuhang felt a little relieved. He nodded, and then suggested, “In a while, should we have Senior White give you a checkup?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen smiled, and said, “Okay, I’m fine with that.”

She was still herself—even if she had turned into a dragon, she was still Su Clan’s Sixteen. Therefore, checkups like this were fine.

As she saw that Song Shuhang was somewhat worried for her, she felt warmth in her heart. “My ‘dragon transformation’ state is actually quite similar to your virtuous lamia state. The white dragon would attach itself to my body like a body of virtue. Then, while it’s attached, it helps me and heals the heavenly tribulation injuries.”

Song Shuhang curiously said, “I see. But why did the white dragon appear when you looked at your ‘true self’? Why didn’t your main body appear?”

Even when the virtuous lamia possessed him, when he looked at his true self, he would still see his own appearance rather than Fairy @#%×’s.

After saying that, he glanced at his ninth dragon pattern.

“What!” His mental energy fluctuated violently.

In the picture reflected by his ninth dragon pattern, he saw a figure wearing a gorgeous phoenix robe while keeping an elegant, seductive pose on a throne.

It was the virtuous lamia!

However, she was not in her snake-tailed form at this time. Her white calves protruded from her robe, and each of her tender toes was visible.

Heavens, wasn’t it working fine just now? Why did Fairy Waiting for a Promise suddenly appear?

Could it be that the so-called ‘true self’ in the ninth dragon pattern is just born of one’s mind? Does it take what one believes oneself to be? If I were to hypnotize myself, making myself believe that I’m Superman or something, would Superman appear instead?

In the picture, Fairy @#%× blinked at Song Shuhang, and then stretched herself. The phoenix robe was wholly unable to conceal her exquisite figure.

After stretching her waist, she suddenly left the throne. “Aaaah~”

The long-lost Shuhang-style scream sounded out.

Then, she tilted her head and played dead.

Song Shuhang: “…”

My liver hurts, and my heart feels stifled.

After Fairy @#%× died, the picture on the ninth dragon pattern changed once more.

It was a fairy wearing a loose daoist robe, sitting on top of a lotus flower with a tilted daoist crown on top of her head. Those with OCD would really, really want to set it straight.

On the top of the fairy’s head, there was a full moon, which contained the brilliance of her path to immortality.

It was Fairy Cheng Lin.

In the picture, Fairy Cheng Lin’s beautiful eyes opened. Her eyes were extremely beautiful; they could be said to be akin to the brightest stars in the night sky that attracted people’s eyes and caused them to sink deeply into thought.

After opening her eyes, Fairy Cheng Lin stretched out her right hand to cover her red lips.

The beauty is shy and reserved, covering her mouth and smiling?

No, I’m being too naive here.

A shy Cheng Lin does not exist!

“Fiuu~” Cheng Lin stretched out her hand and blew a kiss to Song Shuhang while saying, “I love you the most~ @#%×~”

Song Shuhang: “…”

It was a suffocating display of affection!

Song Shuhang now felt that not only his liver, but also his other internal organs were throbbing pain.

Immediately afterward, the picture changed once again.

The picture shown by the ninth dragon pattern transformed back into Fairy @#%× wearing a phoenix robe and next to a throne.

The cute Fairy @#%× was still quietly lying at the foot of the throne, silently playing dead.

As if sensing Cheng Lin’s display of affection and kisses, she suddenly stretched out her hand to cover her small face, and a red blush appeared on her face. “Yeek, yeek~”

Song Shuhang: “…”

What kind of weird cry is this?!

Fairy @#%×, your way of acting shy is too unsettling. In contrast, you are more accustomed to playing dead.

While he was in thought, the picture shown by the ninth dragon pattern changed again.

Fairy Cheng Lin was back on the stage.

Fairy Cheng Lin said, “Unexpectedly, the ninth dragon pattern has this kind of magical ability. It is truly worthy of being a work of a ruler of the Netherworld.” This time, she stretched out her hands and made a gesture of love on her chest while saying, “That’s for you, @#%×~ You bothersome soymilk machine, you’re the one I like most in this world.”


Soymilk machine?

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but say, “What’s with those horrible descriptions? What was she even trying to say when she said soymilk machine?”

Fairy Cheng Lin said, “Stop ruining our display of affection. Moreover, you should keep pace with the times. Is there anything better at grinding love than a soymilk machine?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

He was speechless.

No, wait…

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but ask, “What are you still doing here? Haven’t you already passed away?”

Previously, when Cheng Lin handed over the inheritance to ‘Ye Si’, she said very emotionally that she would disappear completely, and that she would no longer reincarnate or resurrect… She would finally become a part of history.

Sure enough, Mother Zhang was right. Beautiful women are too deceptive. Cheng Lin’s words should not be trusted.

Fairy Cheng Lin retracted the gesture of love on her chest, and made a seal with both hands. “Can’t you see? I have already completely dissipated. There is no longer a Fairy Cheng Lin in the universe. It has already been inherited by you and Ye Si. The me you see right now… is no longer me.”

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched. “Lies, just more lies.”

“Really, what happened to the trust between people?” Fairy Cheng Lin sighed, and she pointed behind her.

Then, a sleeping Ye Si appeared.

Fairy Cheng Lin stretched out her hand and lightly brushed Ye Si’s long hair. “Ye Si has a piece of me with her. The me that used to live in this world has already dissipated. However, Ye Si’s strong longing for me stimulated the energy of my fragments. So, what you are seeing now is only an illusion which came to be from Ye Si’s longing. At best, it is just a body with partial memories of ‘Cheng Lin’.”

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but go silent.

Because of lessons he’d learned from the past, he only believed 20% of what Cheng Lin said.

Fairy Cheng Lin urged, “Okay, now stop bothering us. I’m merely a body constructed by thoughts. Perhaps someday, when Ye Si no longer thinks about me, I will completely disappear. I don’t have much time left, I want to use most of what I have to talk to @#%×.”

“After some time, I’ll go and meet up with Senior Striped Dragon,” Song Shuhang said calmly. “At that time, Fairy Cheng Lin, whether what you’ve said is true or false, Senior Striped Dragon will definitely be able to tell.”

Fairy Cheng Lin: “…”

Song Shuhang said, “I won’t bother you and Fairy Waiting for a Promise any longer. I’ll be going now.”

After saying that, he quickly withdrew from the state of inner sight without waiting for Fairy Cheng Lin’s reply, and brought out Su Clan’s Sixteen mental energy.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Shuhang, what happened afterward? Your mental power suddenly fluctuated greatly.”

“I saw some pictures that made my heart stifled.” Song Shuhang rubbed his brows and smiled bitterly.

Soft Feather got up and said to Sixteen, “Hehe, Sixteen, was it exciting?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen smiled sweetly, and replied, “Mm-hm, it wasn’t bad.”

Soft Feather: “…”

What the hell was with Sixteen’s sweet smile?

She always felt that she and Su Clan’s Sixteen were never on the same page.

Moreover, she felt like something was off just now because it was Senior Song himself who was shaking violently instead of Su Clan’s Sixteen.

Could it be… Sixteen did something terrible to Senior Song after seeing the ninth dragon pattern?

Soft Feather couldn’t help but start brainstorming, coming up with tons of different conjectures.

At this moment, Senior White coughed lightly, and said, “Ahem, Shuhang, I guess it’s my turn.”

Senior White had been waiting for a long time. He was very curious about what Song Shuhang’s dragon patterns looked like, and was even more curious about the ninth dragon pattern that Soft Feather had mentioned.

However, in order to maintain his image as a senior, even if it felt like there was a cat scratching his heart, he still had to maintain a calm appearance.

This was the style of a senior.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said to Senior White, “Coming right up.”

Senior White carefully separated a strand of his mental energy and sent it into Song Shuhang’s body. He was an Eighth Stage Profound Sage (Certified by the Heavenly Will), and his mental energy was so powerful that he had to be careful to avoid injuring Song Shuhang when he sent his spiritual power into his body.

Song Shuhang guided Senior White’s mental energy into the golden core.

At the same time, Soft Feather quietly gestured to Sixteen, after which they stood guard at Senior White’s sides.

In the case that Senior White was too stimulated and ended up tripping over, they would be able to catch him at a moment’s notice.

Senior White’s mental energy entered Song Shuhang’s sea of qi dantian.

Senior White said, “Is this not just a fat version of ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’?”

Song Shuhang said, “After cultivating the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique to the Fourth Stage with the ‘Huge Whale Chapter’ as the foundation, the condensed illusory core ended up looking like this. However, it wasn’t this fat before. It might be pregnant now.”

“Pregnant?” Senior White had never heard of a golden core that could become pregnant.

However, the main goal this time was to look at the patterns on the golden core.

Senior White focused his attention on the core patterns of the golden core.

There was the ‘Impregnable Holy City’, the ‘Holy Sword of the End’, the ‘Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber’, the ‘virtuous lamia + Sage Seal’, the ‘Ancient Holy Ape + Scholarly Scriptures’, the Scholarly Sage’s eye, the Inner World Lotus, and a fat whale made up of 33 divine beasts. Each of these appeared one after another before his eyes.

“They really are painted on it.” Senior White’s mental energy touched the rear of the dragon patterns and said, “The painting technique is quite bad, though.”

Song Shuhang curiously said, “Bad? No, I feel like it’s already pretty good.”

Senior White said, “Because the picture you see has been already beautified. The original body of this painting is simply horrible… This painting technique feels rather familiar.”

Song Shuhang subconsciously asked, “Does it resemble Senior White’s own painting skills?”

Senior White: “…”

Shuhang, if you’re any more heart-rending than this, you might just anger Senior White.

“Ahem, the last dragon pattern. Senior White, please enjoy~” Song Shuhang immediately directed Senior White’s attention to the ninth dragon pattern.

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