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1359 A golden core to determine one’s path The first form of the Combined Magical Treasure was also the basic form unique to Song Shuhang—[The Impregnable Holy City].

The Ferocious Camel’s Rock expanded and turned into a cornerstone, while the Holy Commander Elephant’s Pillar propped up the frame of the entire magical treasure. The Demon Mouse’s Killing Barb spread out and covered the four walls…

A prototype of a huge city wall had formed.

This was a giant fortress with a height of 300 meters!

The Colorful Stone Marten’s Pagoda split apart, and hundreds of arrow towers were constructed within the city wall.

The Dolphin’s Giant Sound Cannon transformed into hundreds of separate cannons and erected themselves on the city wall.

The Black Panther Commander’s Flag was placed on the city wall and flapped in the wind.

The Fiery Bear Legion’s War Drum and the Tyrant Rooster’s Blowing Horn sounded out. The sound of the piano came from the depths of the city wall, adding various auxiliary attributes to Song Shuhang.

The Dragon Lobster’s Chariot appeared beneath Song Shuhang.

The Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove, Tyrant King Expert’s Shield, One-Horned Ox King’s Helmet, Pangolin Guardian’s Heart Mirror, Giant Golden Crab’s Shell, Fairy Jade Rabbit’s Cloak, Divine Dog General’s Ring, Black Sheep Warrior’s Ring, and Thousand Mile Divine Horse’s Shoes formed an entire magical treasure set on Song Shuhang’s body.

The Virtuous Crane’s Crown hovered over his head, constantly rotating.

The Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram opened a path in front of Song Shuhang.

Shadow Serpent King’s Thorn.

Great Giant Deer Daoist’s Bow.

Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox’s Crossbow.

Mangling Wolftooth Arrow.

Holy Master Ape’s Sword.

Great Scholarly Donkey’s Horsetail Whisk.

…All the items arranged themselves on top of the chariot one by one.

Then, the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades appeared in Song Shuhang’s hands.

This was the true definition of armed to the teeth!

Song Shuhang waved the twin blades in his hands, and said in a hoarse voice, “Come on, come at me!”

At this moment, he looked incredibly domineering, especially with Skylark’s buff as the dignified aura from his Combined Magical Treasure.

He looked really cool.

[The Impregnable Holy City] was the name of Song Shuhang’s Combined Magical Treasure.

Every disciple of the Divine Beast Sect that assembled the Combined Magical Treasure would obtain a different combined form of the magical treasure.

Just from the name, one could tell that his was clearly a defensive structure with a terrifying defensive ability.

The 33 magical treasures were currently at the early level of the Eighth Stage. However, after they combined, the defense of the holy city was already close to the Ninth Stage.

Scarlet Heaven Sword exclaimed, “This… This is amazing!”

Scarlet Heaven Sword, Song Shuhang Two, and Skylark were all inside the Impregnable Holy City and well-protected.

Skylark nodded, and said, “This is also my first time seeing such a domineering magical treasure.”

Before, she had seen big shots refine luxurious magical treasures such as the ‘Palace in the Sky’, but those were merely used for pleasure, and had little practical significance.

There were also some tycoons who directly refined their immortal caves into magical treasures. For example, the ‘Northern Emperor’ had refined the ‘Palace of Winter’ into a Ninth Stage magical treasure. However, that kind of magic treasure was only convenient for bringing oneself around in. The Great Northern Emperor wouldn’t make the ‘Palace of Winter’ enter combat against an enemy.

Finally, there were some extrdimensional magical treasures, but those magical treasures were ‘invisible’ entities. The scholarly faction’s ‘world of the golden lotus’ and Song Shuhang’s ‘Inner World’ belonged to this category. Such things were indeed much more precious, but they had no visual impact. They weren’t as domineering as Song Shuhang’s ‘Impregnable Holy City’.

The true form of this set of magical treasures was huge and beyond the expectations of everyone present.

Even Senior White Two had not expected that Song Shuhang would eventually produce such a huge thing.

Its cool value had gone off the charts.

The only problem was…

Why the heck am I outside the city? Song Shuhang wielded the two blades handsomely, but looked dazed.

Since it’s called ‘Impregnable Holy City’ and is a magical treasure of the defense system, shouldn’t I be inside the holy city and maintaining its defenses?

Why was he armed to the teeth, riding a chariot, wielding a variety of weapons, and outside the city gate?

Is this ‘Impregnable Holy City’ trying to sell its owner as soon as it debuts?

As soon as the owner died, the Impregnable Holy City would fall. Was the ‘Impregnable’ part of its name just for cuteness, then?

Song Shuhang felt as if there were tens of thousands of divine beasts jumping and spinning in his heart.

“Roar!” In the distance, seeing that its sword qi wasn’t working, the heavenly tribulation giant strode forward and swung the lightsaber towards the Impregnable Holy City and Song Shuhang.

After being slashed by the ‘virtuous lamia’ before, the giant had shrunk quite a bit, and was now only 150 meters in height—only half the height of the city wall.

The lightsaber descended, and Song Shuhang felt his heart stifled.

It can’t be that I have to directly confront this heavenly tribulation giant, right…?


Inside the [Impregnable Holy City], the war drums beat frenziedly, and the horns sounded loudly.

The giant’s sword seemed to be drawn over, and it slashed at the wall.

The loud noise of the collision was deafening.

The giant’s full-strength strike did not even leave a mark on the wall.

On the contrary, it was the ‘Demon Mouse’s Killing Barb’ on the wall that pricked the giant’s body.

When the Holy City was attacked, Song Shuhang’s Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove became hot.

Then, above the city, a pair of pupils with vertical slits opened.

It was the phantom of the fat whale formed by the combination of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts.

The fat whale divine beast roared.

The Dolphin’s Giant Sound Cannon and the Colorful Stone Marten’s Pagoda opened fire, causing explosions to unceasingly blast the giant’s body. The phantom of the fat whale also turned into a torrent of energy and slammed into the heavenly tribulation giant.

The giant was sent flying, and its size further shrank while it was in midair. It had shrunk to a height of less than 100 meters when it landed.

“Bang~” In front of Song Shuhang, the Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram took the initiative to slam itself into the giant.

Song Shuhang was getting excited.

The sounds of the war drums, horns, and piano all had the power to make people’s blood heat up.

Song Shuhang flicked the reins hard, and the Dragon Lobster’s Chariot rushed forward, charging towards the giant.

At this time, he felt fearless!

Song Shuhang’s charge was not the result of a temporary brain stroke, nor was it due to the sound of the war drums, the horns, and the piano. While he charged… the Impregnable Holy City behind him also moved.

That was where his confidence came!

When Song Shuhang’s Dragon Lobster’s Chariot crashed into the giant and ran it over, the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ also rushed forward and mercilessly ran over the giant.

This scene was simply cruel.

“Roll~” The Dragon Lobster’s Chariot brought Song Shuhang from the giant’s head all the way to its feet, and then stopped after several hundred meters.

The heavenly tribulation giant struggled to get up from the ground. At this time, its body had shrunk by more than half, leaving it only 50 meters tall.

When held in its hand, the 100-meter-long heavenly tribulation lightsaber now looked like a spear.

Although its energy consumption was high, Song Shuhang was very satisfied with the ‘Impregnable Holy City’.

The energy that Skylark had poured in his body was almost completely consumed.

Song Shuhang solemnly said, “The final blow!”

He shook the reins in his hand firmly.

The Dragon Lobster’s Chariot turned around and rushed toward the heavenly tribulation giant again.

The Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram cleared the path ahead.

Behind him, artillery fire and arrow towers continued to shoot from the holy city.

The heavenly tribulation giant was hit again and again.

The Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram slammed against its legs, causing the giant to crash to the ground.

Then, the scene repeated.

Song Shuhang drove the Dragon Lobster’s Chariot over the giant while the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ followed behind him.

It ran over the giant once from the front, and then another time from the back.

See? It was so easy to transcend the heavenly tribulation!

After running it over twice, the giant stretched out its hand and roared to the sky.

Finally, its body dissipated.

It had the ‘heavenly tribulation lightsaber’, it had exquisite swordsmanship, and it was even the avatar of the heavenly tribulation. However, it had been all useless in the end.

Its sword couldn’t cut through the impregnable wall’, and the armor on its body couldn’t stop the holy city from running it over.

The giant disappeared, very unwilling.

The ‘Dragon Lobster’s Chariot’ under Song Shuhang also dissipated, turned into light, and returned to his body.

At the same time, the various components of the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ behind him began to dissipate as well.

They turned into streams of light, and returned to his body one after the other.

Only the ‘Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove’ was left, staying on Song Shuhang’s right hand.

“It’s over.” Song Shuhang fell to the ground weakly.

With the full-body suit on him gone, his thin and skinny body was exposed. It was the result of his energy having been overly depleted.

Trembling, Song Shuhang took out a few energy-replenishing pills and stuffed them into his mouth.

“It seems that I don’t have to make a move this time,” Scarlet Heaven Sword said solemnly.

While it was speaking, a small golden hand stretched out and grabbed it.

The virtuous lamia had recondensed. She grabbed Scarlet Heaven Sword, opened her mouth, and then swallowed it.

Scarlet Heaven Sword: “…”

Wait, can’t you give me some time to act cool?!

Now that Song Shuhang had overcome the heavenly tribulation, there should be a Profound Sage Speech stage next. But since this is the Demonic Tribulation Realm, it’s probably a Demonic Sage Speech…

Give me some more time to pretend to be powerful!

The virtuous lamia licked the corners of her mouth, looking content.

“With the tribulation transcended, the next step is the ascension process,” said the mini Skylark.

“Shuhang is going to ascend to the Fifth Stage without problems,” Scarlet Heaven Sword said while looking into the distance.

Still, what about the big shot occupying Skylark’s old body?

Did it die? Or was it able to make Skylark’s body ascend to the Eighth Stage?

Song Shuhang Two asked, “What about you, Fairy Skylark?”

Skylark replied, “I have nothing to do with this heavenly tribulation.”

Song Shuhang Two said, “Then, I’ll go ahead and condense my golden core.”

The second set of the Combined Magical Treasure that was right next to him gathered into a ball and froze.

Afterward, Song Shuhang Two moved beside the main body.

After the heavenly tribulation was dealt with, spiritual power poured into Song Shuhang’s main body.

At the same time, Song Shuhang’s main body resonated with his ‘spare body’.

In their sea of qi dantian, the fat whale illusory core let out a long cry as it changed from illusory to real.

How many dragon patterns is my golden core going to have? Song Shuhang was a little nervous.


Suddenly, a violent explosion came from Song Shuhang’s side.

It was the heavenly tribulation lightsaber.

Its main body was still a ‘guided missile’. And so, after losing the support of the heavenly tribulation giant, it finally exploded…

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