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Chapter 1342 Lacking manpower? Lacking materials? That isn“t a problem

In the lower city, after the passage of 12 days, only a single day would have passed outside. If he could change the location where Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue was forging to the lower city of the Time City… that would result in 12 times the efficiency!

He felt that this was a wonderful idea.

Perhaps I could really have the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure forged completely before I hit the Fifth Stage—the premise here is that my main body can find a way to quickly get out of the small black room and bring out the materials.

At this time, Pavilion Master Chu said, “I’ve already summoned the Time City over, is there somewhere you can place it?”

Song Shuhang nodded. “Leave that to me!”

Similar to when he transferred the ‘fragments of the Heavenly City’ into his Inner World and expanded the world’s area, he could place the ‘Time City’ at the edge of his Inner World and expand its area.

However, the Time City still belonged to Pavilion Master Chu, so he could not directly merge it with his Inner World. It only needed to be temporarily relocated to facilitate future separation.

Pavilion Master Chu closed her eyes and whispered, “Then… I’ll be giving the Time City to you temporarily.”

She had constructed the Time City using the ‘time treasure’ that Slow-Witted Song had left behind. For the time being, she could give it to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang used his privileges to bring the ‘Time City’ to the edge of the world. After it was placed properly, he entered the upper level of the Time City.

When he and the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were forcibly moved to the ‘Beast Realm’, Chu Chu and Li Yinzhu were left in the Time City.

Later, the Time City lost its foundation and started drifting in space.

I wonder if they’re safe right now. I’m especially worried about Li Yinzhu. Has her cold disease finally been cured after taking the pill prepared by Senior Turtle and practicing the auxiliary technique provided by the Great Northern Emperor?

With tens of thousands of thoughts crowding his mind, Song Shuhang entered the upper level of Time City and knocked on the door where Li Yinzhu had closed up.

At this moment, he found himself a little excited—as if he were a father who had been away from home for many years and was finally about to get home. He was feeling the kind of happiness where one would finally be able to see one’s daughter once again.

What the hell is with this happiness I’m feeling… It must be an aftereffect of entering Daoist Priest Li Tiansu’s dreamland!

“Yinzhu, Chu Chu,” Song Shuhang called out as he knocked on the door.

However, he did not get a response.

Song Shuhang’s brows rose, and he pushed the door open.

The door wasn’t locked, and it opened with a light push.

In the room, other than a thick layer of frost, there was nothing there.

Song Shuhang wondered, “No one’s around? Could they be in another room?”

He released his mental energy and searched for Chu Chu’s and Li Yinzhu’s aura.

Soon, he sensed Li Yinzhu’s aura in a room that was over 100 meters away.

Song Shuhang thought, It turns out that they’re in a different room. Ah, that’s right… Their previous room is now filled with ice; it isn’t a place suitable for living.

He hurried to the room that was over 100 meters away and knocked on the door.

“Yinzhu, Chu Chu, are you inside?” Song Shuhang called out—now, he worried about something else. Could Chu Chu and Li Yinzhu have forgotten about him while they were in the Time City? After all, his main body was currently locked inside the small black room.

“It’s Mister Song, he’s come back?” Chu Chu’s voice sounded. They still remembered him.

They’d been inside the Time City and wandering about in space the entire time. As such, they were unaware that the Time City had landed in the Inner World just now.

The Time City was a time-related secret realm. As long as one stayed within and had no contact with the outside world, nothing in the outside world could affect it.

Song Shuhang asked, “Can I come in?”

In his heart, the happiness of being able to see one’s daughter resurfaced.

Chu Chu responded, “Come in, Mister Song. The door is unlocked.”

Song Shuhang pushed the door in and saw Chu Chu in a black skirt combing a silver-haired woman.

Chu Chu was as hot as ever, and as time passed, her chest recovered to its original size. Besides that, her long skirt accentuated her tall and slender figure. It was a matter worthy of celebration.

In front of Chu Chu, there was a silver-haired girl who had her hands on her knees and remained motionless while Chu Chu combed her long hair.

Long silver-white hair, silver-white eyelashes, and silver-white eyes… she looked as cute as a doll. Looking at her appearance, she should be my daughter… No, she’s undoubtedly Daoist Li Tiansu’s daughter, Li Yinzhu.

But… doesn’t her age seem to be off?

The girl he was looking at appeared to be about 16-17 years old, her delicate face void of expression.

It must be the way I opened the door, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

And so, he shut the door.

Chu Chu: “…”

After a while, Song Shuhang opened the door again, and looked at the girl that was in front of the mirror.

The silver-haired girl also turned her head to look at him, her silver eyes and dark pupils staring at him.

She still looked like a 16- or 17-year-old girl—nothing had changed.

It was not that Song Shuhang had opened the door in the wrong way, but that the girl had truly grown up!

However, the ‘growth’ she experienced seemed to be a bit much. Her appearance had grown directly from someone of about three years old all the way to 16-17, catching one off-guard.

When the silver-haired girl saw Song Shuhang, a smile quickly emerged on her small face. She got up from her seat and rushed towards him. She was like a baby swallow returning to the nest.

Chu Chu said, “Wait, Yinzhu, the comb is still on your head.”

Li Yinzhu had already rushed into Song Shuhang’s arms. A 16- or 17-year-old girl should have been about 1.6 meters tall, but as she was plagued by the ‘cold disease’ all year round, she was a little shorter.

Song Shuhang caught Li Yinzhu, and then stretched out his hand to pat her back lightly before taking out the comb from her hair.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “You’ve grown.”

She had clearly looked to only be about three years old before they were separated. Before, she would still have to slide down the bed, and when she climbed onto it, she would have to grasp its edge, and then have one leg on it before being able to bring her other leg up onto the bed.

In the blink of an eye, the little girl had become this big.

Song Shuhang was happy but had a complicated feeling.

“Mm-hm. Hehehe.” Li Yinzhu giggled. Her chilly breath landed on Song Shuhang’s chest, causing him to feel a cool sensation.

Song Shuhang patted her lightly, and then said, “The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was forcefully moved last time. The Time City, which you were in, was left in place because it was a special place. Did you encounter any danger after the mess?”

Li Yinzhu shook her head.

Chu Chu replied, “When I saw that Tyra… that Mister Song took a while to come back, I went to take a look outside. However, as soon as I took a look, I found that the Time City was floating in space, so I had to go back.”

“It’s fine as long as nothing happened.” Song Shuhang nodded, and then asked, “Yinzhu, how’s your cold disease? Is it better now? If you still feel any discomfort, I will bring you to the Great Northern Emperor so that he can have a look.”

“It’s much better.” Li Yinzhu’s voice was soft.

She was currently using the auxiliary technique left to her by the Great Northern Emperor, and every one of her breaths could bring out the cold in her body and relieve the condition of the cold disease.

Chu Chu smiled, and said, “But there’s one problem.”

“What’s wrong?” Song Shuhang said nervously. “I will contact the Great Northern Emperor immediately.”

Li Yinzhu softly said, “It’s not a big problem.”

She got out of Song Shuhang’s arms and took a step back.

Then, she reached out to pinch her nose and held her breath.

When she held her breath, a chill took over her body, and some fine ice flowers formed on her long silver hair.

However, this cold qi didn’t have the aura of the ‘cold disease’; instead, it was ‘spiritual energy’ actively gathering towards her and turning into ice.

As the frost condensed, Li Yinzhu’s body began shrinking. After a few breaths of time, she had returned to her three-year-old appearance. She was wearing the standard magic skirt of the ‘Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’. As such, together with the shrinking of her body, the skirt also shrank to a suitable size.

“Phew~” Li Yinzhu stopped pinching his nose, and let out a long breath of cold air.

Afterward, she tiptoed with her left foot and spun around. “How is it?”

“You became smaller again?” Song Shuhang’s eyes widened.

“Mm-hm. This is the minor problem that I was talking about,” Chu Chu said. “As long as Yinzhu holds her breath and gathers the cold, her body shrinks. Not only that, as long as she is in a colder place, her body will also shrink. The reason why we switched rooms was because the original room was filled with ice, and so her body couldn’t grow up.”

“Hehehe.” Li Yinzhu giggled.

Song Shuhang pinched his chin for a moment, and asked, “Does the shrinking and growing of her body hurt her?”

Li Yinzhu shook her head, and said, “No. Also, after a while, after my body warms up, I’ll naturally grow to my previous appearance.”

Song Shuhang responded, “That’s good.”

The small Li Yinzhu raised her hand, and said, “Also, A’Song, I’m going to ascend to the Fifth Stage soon!”

“A’Song?” Song Shuhang pointed to himself.

Little Yinzhu seriously said, “It’s because I can’t call you dad.”

Song Shuhang nodded, and then asked in surprise, “Your nine immortal bones have already all condensed?”

Li Yinzhu raised her hands up high, and replied, “I had long condensed seven immortal bones. Then, after taking the medicine made by Senior Turtle and practicing the auxiliary technique, I was able to condense two more.”

Song Shuhang hurriedly asked, “Then, when are you planning on transcending the heavenly tribulation?”

After the nine immortal bones were condensed, the next step was to transform the ‘illusory core’ into a golden core.

The small Yinzhu raised her head, and proudly said, “I’m planning on waiting for a bit longer. I want to have a golden core with seven dragon patterns!”

Song Shuhang said, “Then, I will contact Demon Monarch Nirvana right away… He still owes me a tribulation-transcending formation. I will ask him to tailor the most suitable formation for you to help you overcome your heavenly tribulation.”

He almost forgot about Demon Monarch Nirvana. There was a good chance that he was still in the Jiangnan Area, and luckily, Song Shuhang still had his contact information.

“Okay.” Li Yinzhu tilted her head, and thought for a while before saying, “A’Song, what about you? When are you going to transcend your heavenly tribulation?”

“Under normal circumstances, it should take me a while. At this time, I’ve merely begun to condense my fourth immortal bone.” Song Shuhang rubbed his brows.

However, the problem was that his situation did not fall under normal circumstances.

“You’ve already begun to condense your fourth immortal bone? When we met last time, Tranni… Tyrannical Song, didn’t you say that you had just ascended to the Fourth Stage?” At the side, Chu Chu, who was a small genius at the Second Stage, burst into tears.

“Just call me by my name, or just call me using my daoist name. It really isn’t alright for Tyrannical Song to be read like that.” Song Shuhang smiled bitterly. “Next time, when I become a Profound Sage, I will definitely choose a Sage name that I’m satisfied with. At the very least, I’d want it switched around so that if people stuttered, it’d be Song Song Tyrannical.”

Li Yinzhu raised her small hand. “I have a feeling that it won’t end up as Song Song Tyrannical… I feel like there’s a greater chance it would become Song Tranni… Tyrannical.”

He could just imagine as himself showing his divinity while all the cultivators in the universe shouted ‘Song Tranni… Tyrannical.’

Can’t we just go with something that won’t end up making my heart feel stifled?

Song Shuhang vowed, “Next time, I will definitely change my Sage name to something that will satisfy me.”

After that, Song Shuhang sat in the rocking chair and began to talk to Chu Chu and Li Yinzhu about how the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was moved to the Beast Realm.

Little Yinzhu sat in his arms, while Chu Chu sat beside him.

Song Shuhang said, “Now, the ‘Time City’ has already been transferred to my Inner World. You can hang out in the Inner World when you’re bored. After some time, when my main body gets out of the small black room, we can go back to the main world.”

Chu Chu seriously asked, “Mister Song, are you still accepting disciples right now?”

“Have you thought things through?” Song Shuhang said calmly. “I already told you before that the time I’ve spent cultivating has been very short. As such, I’m not that good at guiding my disciples in their cultivation. Also… As long as you want, I could recommend you to various big sects that will directly take you in as a beginner disciple. Your talent is very good, and I can guarantee your character to them.”

“I have thought about it seriously, I can switch to the saber path.” Chu Chu’s eyes shone brightly.

She had obviously thought about it seriously.

It was no longer suitable for her to join other sects. Even if Song Shuhang introduced her and she directly became a disciple… She was already too old, and if she practiced in such sects, she probably wouldn’t even make it to the Golden Core Realm.

Therefore, by contrast, if Song Shuhang was willing to accept her as a disciple, she was willing to switch to the saber path.

“Don’t~ It isn’t easy to have a talent in swordsmanship. It would be too wasteful for you to switch to saber techniques.” Song Shuhang gritted his teeth. The heavens had made it so that he had no talent for the sword whatsoever; he wouldn’t be able to bear watching Chu Chu waste her great talent in swordsmanship.

Song Shuhang said, “When it comes to sword techniques, I will have a way to guide you when the time comes. In terms of cultivation techniques… I only know the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, but I now have the complete set on me. You can choose one of the suitable chapters to cultivate if you want. Are you willing to learn this technique?”

He was worried that the cultivation technique might have traumatized Chu Chu.

Chu Chu nodded, and said, “I am willing.”

“Since you’ve already decided, then you can practice with me for a while. After some time, if you still feel the same way, then I will officially accept you as a disciple and give you a daoist name,” Song Shuhang said. “It just so happens that you have a… senior sister? Mm-hm, she is indeed your senior sister. She is a monster bird and is also in my Inner World. You can talk to her when you have the time.”

Chu Chu nodded, and said, “Yes, Teacher.”

[Oh~ Congratulations to Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song, you’ve accepted another disciple.] Senior White Two’s voice rang in Song Shuhang’s ears.

[It isn’t certain yet, I’m just going to let Chu Chu practice with me for a while. To be honest, I have no confidence in guiding her,] Song Shuhang smiled bitterly as he replied.

Senior White Two asked, [Just come to me if you don’t understand something. I’m very experienced in teaching students. Anyway, how is your Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure doing?]

Song Shuhang replied, [We forged two pieces. However, I still lack some materials, and the same goes for manpower. I’m honestly quite troubled by this.]

Senior White Two said, [Lacking manpower and materials? That isn’t a problem. Remember that the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect promised to give you a share of their loot and provide you with manpower.]

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