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Chapter 1341 Shuhang has a good idea

pavilion master chu made her long hair curl up and gathered song shuhang’s blood. afterward, she began to inscribe a formation on the shore of the living spring to summon the ‘time city’.

the inner world was a closed world, and pavilion master chu would usually rest beside the living spring’s edge all alone. she eventually got used to her new lifestyle, and other than repairing her body, she would sleep most of the day.

and now, perhaps because song shuhang’s blood was acting as the medium, she could feel the presence of the time city although it was outside the ‘inner world’.

she felt that she could summon it.

the time city was pretty much her life’s work. if she could, she would do everything to summon it back lest it float around aimlessly in the universe, and ultimately become another person’s belonging.

in the forging room.

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue lowered her two hammers, and said, “done!”

the tortoise shell was so hard that even her hands hurt, but it was finally forged into two tyrant king expert’s shields. the final step was to have song shuhang stamp the shields and assemble them.

after the shields were completed, she let out a breath of relief and turned to look back.

seventh cultivator of true virtue affectionately called, “sixth cultivator of true virtue!”

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue replied, “tch… you’re finally out?”

while she was talking, she saw song shuhang behind seventh cultivator of true virtue, and her heart suddenly twitched.

now, merely seeing song shuhang would cause her heart to rend.

“fairy, hello.” song shuhang waved his hand.

the corners of her mouth twitched. “you couldn’t have come to bring some more materials, right?”

“nope, i only had those sheep horns.” song shuhang waved his hand repeatedly.

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue let out a breath of relief.

“however… i’m not sure how to explain it.” song shuhang rubbed his hands.

“your fake embarrassment is disgusting. just say it if you have something to say.” fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue flicked her long blonde hair charmingly.

song shuhang pondered for a while, and felt that it was necessary to set a cushion first.

song shuhang praised, “fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue, you’re an incredible forging master. you were able to forge two tyrant king expert’s shields so quickly!”

“mm-hm. two at the same time, this is something that only i can accomplish. here you go, you can take them back and assemble them yourself.” fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue waved her hand and threw the two ‘tyrant king expert’s shields’ over to song shuhang.

song shuhang picked out one of them, and then brought out his sage seal to stamp on it. as the seal fell, he felt an indescribable connection form between himself and the tyrant king expert’s shield.

then, according to the forging method of the ‘thirty-three divine beasts’ combined magical treasure’, song shuhang performed the final assembly of the tyrant king expert’s shield.

visualize the magic rune, connect the formation, and assemble it.

song shuhang placed his right hand onto the artifact, and the secret appraisal technique was activated.

after a while, the results of the appraisal were sent back to his mind.

a portion of the thirty-three divine beasts’ combined magical treasure—the [tyrant king expert’s shield]. eighth stage magical treasure (four-layer seal state). after one’s realm reaches the corresponding level, the seals will gradually be lifted until its full power is unlocked.

enhances the efficiency and power of the giant turtle chapter by 30%. as the seals are undone, this effect will gradually rise to 40%.]

the information identified above was similar to that of the ‘defiant whale warrior glove’. it enhanced the effects of the giant turtle chapter. regardless, for song shuhang, this function was useless.

[increases one’s self-recovery speed.

enhances the power of the water-attribute magical techniques.

comes with a rebounding effect.

comes with a damage-reflecting effect.

has the basic defensive secret technique [turtle king’s shield]. requires the use of the ❮thirty-three divine beasts’ technique❯ to activate.

has the [immortal turtle golden body], an explosive secret technique, usable at the fifth stage (1st seal). using this technique at the fourth stage will damage your physical body.

has the [divine turtle water wall], a water-attribute defensive technique, usable at the sixth stage (2nd seal). using this technique at the fifth stage will damage your meridians.

has the [black tortoise’s breath], a mouth aperture secret technique, usable at the seventh stage (3rd seal). has to be used with the ‘illusory reality’.

has the [sage turtle secret technique], a secret summoning technique, usable at the eighth stage (4th seal). has to be used with a sage seal.]

in general, the properties of the ‘tyrant king expert’s shield’ were similar to those of ‘defiant whale warrior glove’. as a magical treasure of the same realm, there was no difference in their design.

however, because song shuhang’s ‘defiant whale warrior glove’ incorporated his liquefied body, the overall attributes of the ‘defiant whale warrior glove’ were better. it also acquired a series of additional properties for things such as holy light, inner demons, fire, and poison.

under normal circumstances, if song shuhang were to punch a fourth stage cultivator while wearing the ‘defiant whale warrior glove’, he would cause the opponent to suffer from several secondary effects.

“great!” song shuhang placed the shield on his left hand, and with a thought, he made the tyrant king expert’s shield shrink until it looked like he was only wearing a watch.

“definitely. i put in a lot of effort into the forging of those two shields,” fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue said proudly. at the same time, she handed over another ‘defiant whale warrior glove’ to song shuhang.

this glove was originally prepared for ‘senior white two.’

however, song shuhang happened to lack a glove right now, so he activated it, assembled it, and put it on his right hand. this made it so that even if he were to accidentally touch something with his right hand, he wouldn’t activate the secret appraisal technique and cause blood to flow out from all over his body.

with the buffer being placed, and the magical treasures assembled… it was time to get into the main topic.

“cough.” song shuhang coughed slightly, and said, “fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue, i have something to tell you.”

“what’s the matter?” fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue started to feel anxious for some reason.

“senior white and i went to the wielder’s small black room to dig for treasures, and our harvest wasn’t bad.” song shuhang tried to say things with the calmest expression he could muster.

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue waved her hands, and said, “you went digging for treasures with sage white? how many treasures have you dug out? no, wait… don’t say anything!”

after a while, she took a deep breath, and said, “since i’ve taken this task into my hands, i will complete it no matter what. tell me, how many kinds of forging materials have you collected?”

song shuhang stretched out nine fingers.

“you found nine new materials in one day? if we add that to the seven materials for the ‘whale, turtle, dog, rabbit, cow, elephant, and horse’ that i have with me, and the ‘sheep’ materials you have, that would total 17 materials. is that right?” fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue rubbed her temples. “as expected of sage white’s heaven-defying luck. are you preparing to forge an entire eighth stage-level combined magical treasure?”

song shuhang explained, “i do have such an idea~ also, it isn’t that i acquired nine more kinds of materials, but that there are only nine kinds of materials left to collect out of the 33 kinds.”

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue covered her chest with her hand.

could the karma from the heavy metal sect, who had tortured countless customers, be falling on her head?

were the innumerable years of heart-rending done by their heavy metal sect being returned to her in full?

she felt as if she had been emptied out after forging two eighth stage magical treasures. if she really had to forge 33 eighth stage magical treasures, she could only imagine how shattered her heart would be.

seventh cultivator of true virtue and fourth cultivator of true virtue stood beside them and kept getting the feeling that something was wrong.

under normal circumstances, when song shuhang asked fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue to build a magical treasure, shouldn’t it be song shuhang crying in misery?

why was the situation the opposite right now?

when fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue heard that song shuhang had 33 magical treasures that he needed her to refine for him, she looked like her heart was pierced by 1,000 arrows.

“it’s all because of you!” fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue said to the two of them. “if it weren’t for saving you, i would be able to forge the magical treasures in glee while rending tyrannical song’s heart.”

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue felt stifled.

“fairy, the three of you can take your time chatting. i won’t bother you any further.” song shuhang wittily exited the forging room.

then, he headed to pavilion master chu’s location, the living spring.

even with fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue helping me out, i have no idea as to when the combined magical treasure will be completed. as such, it is especially important that i stop my realm from skyrocketing, song shuhang thought to himself.

because of the pill that fairy skylark gave him, even if he didn’t practice, the huge medicinal power was still causing his strength to soar, and the fourth immortal bone had begun to condense.

damn, is there any way to speed up fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue’s forging speed?

finding a team of fairy sixth cultivator of true virtues wasn’t practical at all.

originally, he was planning to go to the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect to borrow a few forging masters. but now, his main body was locked inside a small black room, and his clone was unable to stray too far away from skylark’s body parts.

in theory, he could take a small hand from the stash of body parts and leave the inner world to look for members of the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect.

however, he would then have to face things like the giant turtle of disaster in the outside world.

if he left the inner world with the body parts, a giant turtle of disaster would definitely arrive and swallow him.

right, senior seventh cultivator of true virtue is here. he’s also quite accomplished in forging, and he’s an eighth stage profound sage at that. he will definitely choose to help fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue forge the treasures, right?

this way, perhaps the speed of the forging can be doubled.

just as song shuhang was thinking about it, he suddenly felt a dark object descend above his head.

“what is this?” song shuhang stared at the thing that had broken into his inner world.

it looked like a small island, or perhaps a mansion?

also, it looks quite familiar.

beside the living spring, pavilion master chu calmly said, “it actually worked.”

song shuhang thought for a while, and suddenly his eyes shone. “pavilion master chu, is this the time city?”

the time city was divided into the upper and lower city.

the upper city was where li yinzhu and chu chu lived. one day inside there was equal to 12 days outside. consequently, one month inside would be a year outside.

the lower city was where song shuhang and ye si met. it was the opposite of the upper city. there, 12 days inside were equal to one day outside. consequently, one year inside would be a month outside.

pavilion master chu calmly said, “mm-hm. i just used your blood as a medium to successfully lock onto the position of the time city and summon it over.”

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