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Chapter 1340 This is definitely a fake Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue

the level song shuhang was at was still very far from ‘eternity’. when it came to anything related to ‘eternity,’ he could only brainstorm as to what it might look like.

however, when he saw this small bone, the concept of ‘eternity’ emerged in his mind on its own.

“in the entire universe, isn’t the wielder of the will the only thing that’s supposed to be truly eternal? what is with this piece of bone from fairy skylark, then?” song shuhang was puzzled.

could it be the source of fairy skylark’s immortality?


in the sea of lightning, the countless light cannons continued to bombard the small bone. the bone seemed to be simply taking a bath. it did not receive any damage, and it actually became smoother and brighter instead.

after bombarding it for another 10 seconds, the heavenly tribulation stopped.

fairy skylark, who had been besieged all the way until only a single bone was left of her, was obviously considered a dead fairy by the ‘heavenly tribulation’. as such, the tribulation came to an end, and the heavenly tribulation realm began to dissipate.

song shuhang let out a breath of relief. “it’s finally over.”

he had joined and left skylark’s heavenly tribulation realm twice, and with that, his strength had improved by two small realms.

if he were to stay any longer, he might eventually have all nine immortal bones condensed.

the heavenly tribulation realm collapsed.

song shuhang’s figure was sent out of there once again.

however, just before his body was about to leave, a spear condensed in the sea of ​​lightning and sped at song shuhang.

song shuhang did not have any time to dodge.

the spear came at him and struck his waist, piercing straight through his side.

song shuhang screamed, “my kidney!”

it was fine to hit someone, but not their face; while it was fine to stab someone, just don’t stab their kidney. song shuhang paid special attention to protecting his kidneys. but this time, while his body had been in a state in which it could not move, his kidney had been pierced.

song shuhang’s mind went blank.

after the inner world was free to operate, he was pulled inside and placed beside the living spring.

the living spring poured into song shuhang’s wound, allowing his waist injury to recover.

song shuhang’s blood was all over the place.

“what happened to you?” pavilion master chu asked with a frown.

“i was plotted against by the heavenly tribulation. fortunately, the final strike didn’t use power at the eighth stage or higher. if it had, i would have exploded from a single blow.” song shuhang grimaced in pain.

it was probably because he had followed fairy skylark into the heavenly tribulation realm twice and had been noticed by the heavenly tribulation, which then rewarded him with that strike.

the injury between his waist and abdomen recovered little by little. with cheng lin’s ❮self-healing technique❯ and the pill that skylark had fed him, his kidney also regenerated. the recovery ability of this ‘spare body’ of his was much stronger than his main body’s.

song shuhang said, “fortunately, my kidney has grown back. otherwise, it would really hurt to become a man with a single kidney.”

after leaving the heavenly tribulation realm this time, in addition to his strength having been upgraded and his various body tempering techniques improved, he faintly felt that his ‘range of activity’ had become a bit larger.

this ‘spare body’ had a clear range of motion at the beginning. once it moved about one kilometer away from the ‘sword saber peak,’ it would be forced to lose consciousness.

song shuhang suspected that this was related to the pile of skylark’s body parts.

the resurrection artifact was activated in advance due to the aura of skylark’s body parts. therefore, it was understandable that the body was affected, and its scope of action was limited to where the parts were stored.

but now, he was at the ‘living spring’ which was far more than a kilometer away from the sword saber peak, but he had yet to lose consciousness.

pavilion master chu’s head quickly swam in the water, reaching the exit of the living spring.

she asked, “is ye si okay?”

song shuhang replied, “ye si is fine. she is accepting her mother’s inheritance and is closing up. eh? pavilion master chu, you remember me?”

his body was locked up inside the small black room of the wielder, and everyone’s memory of him became vague. as such, it should have been impossible to recognize him.

however, it seemed that pavilion master chu still remembered him.

pavilion master chu retorted, “is it weird that i can remember you?”

song shuhang thought for a while. “maybe it’s because of my inner world!”

pavilion master chu looked confused.

“my main body is currently locked up inside the wielder’s small black room, making it such that everyone has forgotten about my existence.” song shuhang introduced what had happened to pavilion master chu.

“i see,” pavilion master chu responded, and asked, “what have you been up to these days? i can see that you’re still at the fourth stage realm, so why were you involved with the heavenly tribulation again?”

“i’m still at a loss for this myself. for some reason, i was pulled into the heavenly tribulation of a senior. during it, i couldn’t stop my realm from skyrocketing, and i almost collapsed mentally.” song shuhang sighed.

pavilion master chu: “…”

she had never seen someone like song shuhang who would consider their realm skyrocketing a miserable matter.

distressed, song shuhang said, “i still want to finish forging the thirty-three divine beasts’ combined magical treasure before ascending to the fifth stage. but currently, i still need nine kinds of materials. also, most of the materials i have are on my main body, and i have no way of getting them out of the small black room. it’s a pity, i was preparing to exchange for the last nine kinds of eighth stage materials.”

pavilion master chu: “…”

this kid wants to use eighth stage materials for the main components of the combined magical treasure? and he only needs nine more kinds of them?

he’s simply showing off to me!

song shuhang laughed, and said, “it would be great if i could get nine kinds of eighth stage materials in a single breath, as well as a team of fairy sixth cultivator of true virtues to create magical treasures for me.”

now that he had already been released from the heavenly tribulation realm, he could dream about his beautiful fantasies as much as he wanted.

while they were talking, a voice rang in song shuhang’s ear. [yo, shuhang. you’re out of the wielder’s small black room? it’s good that you’re still alive, it just so happened that the injuries of your two friends have already recovered. i will now transfer them to your inner world.]

song shuhang doubtfully asked, [friends?]

at this moment, two figures suddenly descended from the air.

fourth cultivator of true virtue screamed, “ah! what kind of joke is this?! why are we bungee jumping right after getting out?”

venerable seventh cultivator of true virtue said… no, he was now sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue. “senior~ the seals on our bodies haven’t been lifted yet. can you at least undo them first?”

fourth cultivator of true virtue, the jade white lion, shouted, “i’m going to be smashed into bits! seventh cultivator of true virtue, hurry up and figure something out!”

sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue frantically urged all of the secret techniques he knew, but he couldn’t use a single one of them.

“illusory reality—ancient tomb world!” sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue finally urged the signature move of seventh stage venerables, the ‘illusory reality’.

this time, it finally worked.

before he and the jade lion landed, the ancient tomb world successfully unfolded, enveloping him, the fourth cultivator of true virtue, and song shuhang.

song shuhang also entered the ancient tomb.

“that was dangerous. i almost died.” fourth cultivator of true virtue let out a breath of relief.

sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue sorted out his appearance, and then looked behind him. “eh? little friend shuhang, why are you in my ‘ancient tomb world’?”

song shuhang replied, “the place where you landed was my home. after that, i was dragged into the ancient tomb world by you, senior”

sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue responded, “hahaha. is the sixth cultivator of true virtue alright?”

as soon as he said the name ‘sixth cultivator of true virtue,’ a feature of the ancient tomb world was activated.

in the air, a dozen beauties with blond hair suddenly appeared.

these blonde beauties were all wearing light green dresses with butterfly patterns embroidered on them. their long hair was like threads cast from gold, exuding a dazzling luster.

those numerous beauties flying around in the air looked very pleasing to the eye.

“that’s a lot of fairies sixth cultivators of true virtues…” song shuhang burst into tears. i’m not dreaming! this isn’t a dream!

however, it was useless.

these fairies were just the materialization of sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue’s illusory reality. although they could do some basic things, they couldn’t create magic treasures for song shuhang.

it would be useless even if there was an army of them.

sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue wondered, “shuhang, why are you so excited?”

why was song shuhang more excited than him when he saw that large group of sixth cultivators of true virtue?

he and sixth cultivator of true virtue were in love.

what was song shuhang planning?

song shuhang explained, “it’s nothing. by the way, fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue is forging magical treasures in my inner world’s palace of winter.”

“what? you asked sixth cultivator of true virtue to forge magical treasures for you? hahahaha.” the fourth cultivator of true virtue looked at song shuhang with pity.

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue was from the heavy metal sect. it was an ancient forging sect in the world of cultivation, and their forging techniques were absolutely top-notch. however, they liked to rend people’s hearts, including those of their customers.

the big hammer’s +100, the small hammer’s +50, and the numbers on the screen that would rise nonstop could cause anyone’s heart to rend.

sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue also patted song shuhang. “don’t worry, i will have a good talk with sixth cultivator of true virtue. you don’t have to worry too much.”

“haha.” song shuhang smiled wryly.

“can you take me to see her?” asked sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue.

song shuhang nodded, and said, “no problem. senior seventh cultivator of true virtue, can you withdraw your illusory reality? i’ll take you to fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue right away.”

the ancient tomb world was withdrawn.

afterward, sage monarch seventh cultivator of true virtue, fourth cultivator of true virtue, and song shuhang appeared beside the living spring.

pavilion master chu disappeared—she didn’t want others to see her current appearance, so she dove underneath the water surface.

song shuhang took the guests to the palace of winter with a mental command.

inside the forging room.

fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue was soaked with sweat, and her long light green skirt was also dripping wet.

her big and small hammers moved in unison, with every one of her strikes filled with strength.

“fourth cultivator of true virtue!” the small hammer fell.

“seventh cultivator of true virtue!” the big hammer fell.

“song shuhang!!” the big and small hammers fell all at the same time.

in the distance, song shuhang, fourth cultivator of true virtue, and seventh cultivator of true virtue could all sense fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue’s movements that were filled with power.

this is unscientific!

fourth cultivator of true virtue and seventh cultivator of true virtue couldn’t believe the scene.

this is definitely not sixth cultivator of true virtue. this isn’t a disciple of the heavy metal sect who forges treasures while rending other people’s hearts! this is definitely a fake sixth cultivator of true virtue!


at the living spring, pavilion master chu came out from the bottom of the spring.

she looked at the part of the living spring that was stained red by song shuhang’s blood and sighed.

but after a while, she suddenly felt something. “the time city?”

she felt that the time city was nearby, within a range that could be sensed.







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