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Chapter 134- Why is Su Clan's Ah Qi here?

The comer was the strongest battle power of the Immortal Farming Sect, the strongest cultivator of the 'Just' generation of Daoist titles, Justmight. He was a cultivator overflowing with natural talent. With normal cultivation techniques, he managed to break through numerous difficulties and ascend into the Rank 4 realm.

If he could just enter a stronger sect…

When he entered the airspace near the Immortal Farming Sect members, apprentice brother collected the streak of light beneath his feet, and it transformed into a small and exquisite wooden sword before being collected into his sleeve. He then lightly landed on the ground.

He had a slender figure, and didn't look like a cultivator, but instead a scholar who had come out of a painting. He made people feel kindly predisposed to him on first look.

"Apprentice brother Justmight, not good. Apprentice brother Justheart was captured by someone. Apprentice sister Justjoy is giving chase, and we can't contact her now. We also have no more news on the Su Clan's Ah Shiliu we were planning to catch originally. What do we do now?" That disciple with childish innocence threw himself into apprentice brother Justmight's embrace and started crying.

"Don't be scared Justglass. Am I not here?" Apprentice brother Justmight sighed. "I just received news from the sect leader. Sect leader has found traces of Su Clan's Ah Qi, and is now sure that Su Clan's Ah Qi has entered a giant valley! There seems to be a power called the Moonsabre Sect there. Now, sect leader has already taken out the sect guarding magical treasure, and the strongest strength of our Moonsabre Sect has already reached that giant valley

This time, we will make that Su Clan's Ah Qi give us an explanation! I think it's very likely that junior apprentice brother Justheart was brought into that mountain valley as well. We may be able to save him at that time too!"

Su Clan's Ah Qi was in a giant valley? Song Shuhang's heart was suspicious.

"I just don't understand, why would they capture apprentice brother Justheart?" That disciple with childish innocence obviously had a good relationship with uncle Justheart, and asked in sobs.

"Su Clan's Ah Qi's goal is the 'Sevenshine Wonderfruit'. But the Sevenshine Wonderfruit isn't just taken like that. He definitely wants to obtain the method of usage from our Immortal Farming Sect. So he captured junior apprentice brother Justheart." Senior apprentice brother Justmight said in a low voice.

Lightly patting that junior apprentice brother Justglass in his heart, senior apprentice brother Justmight said in a low voice. "Now, those who can still act come with me to that giant valley, and meet up with the sect leader! Whether it's the Moonsabre Sect or Su Clan's Ah Qi, we won't fear them!"

A large majority of the disciples leapt up from the ground, faces full of emotion.

There was one who had been more unlucky, who had been heavily injured in his abdomen area by Devil Monarch Anzhi's sword Qi just now. He hadn't completely recovered yet, and when he vigorously jumped up from the ground, the already healed wound opened up again. Fresh blood dyed his abdomen area, and this looked more tragic than a visit from a great aunt1.

When apprentice brother Justwords saw this, he said in a soft voice. "Justwind, your wounds are too deep. Wait here for it to heal, to avoid any future medical complications. Justglass, stay behind to take care of Justwind."

The Justwind who had an injured abdomen had a gloomy look.

The one who was singled out to take care of the wounded member, Justglass, pouted. However, as he didn't dare to not listen to apprentice brother Justwords's words, he could only dejectedly stay behind.

"Let's go!" Senior apprentice brother waved his hand, and led the way.

As the disciples behind him weren't able to fly in the sky, it wouldn't be right for him alone to fly in the sky.

At the same time, senior apprentice brother shouted. "Go ahead a bit, and go along the highway. When coming, I conveniently rented a bus. That bus is waiting for us at the highway. We'll take it before alighting near the Blue Origin Valley! Let's save some strength!"

This style, had within a short time changed from having all the style of a xianxia to having the style of an abnormal modern day.

Justwind and Justglass were left behind.

Also left behind was the forgotten Song Shuhang.

From the start to the end Justglass hadn't given Song Shuhang any pleasant looks. He was like a child throwing a tantrum, and didn't listen to any advice as stubbornly as a donkey.

The heavily injured Justwind had the typical Immortal Farming Sect personality of being straightforward and gentle.

Actually Song Shuhang originally wanted to follow the Immortal Farming Sect team out of this wilderness, and find the highway to go back to Jiangnan University City.

But the ones the Immortal Farming Sect sent out this time were all Rank 2 and above. With a 'whoosh whoosh whoosh' they had already jumped away such that not even their figures could be seen within a few jumps.

So he could only give up, and continue recovering. He'll make a move when he recovered enough energy.

He had a general direction anyways, so he wouldn't get lost.

After resting for awhile, Song Shuhang stood up, and looked the two Immortal Farming Sect disciples. If hypothetically, he was to ask them to borrow a phone to tell Ah Shiliu that he was safe, would these two Immortal Farming Sect disciples beat him to death?

Mm, they probably wouldn't beat him to death. As most they'll beat him half to death.

So, he should probably avoid doing so.

"My two fellow Daoists, you two can continue to rest. I have some things on so I'll make a move first!" Song Shuhang bade farewell to the Immortal Farming Sect disciples, to see if there were any public telephones or anything similar nearby.

"Hmph, who's your fellow Daoist." Justglass coldly harrumphed.

"Don't be rude Justglass. Mr Song was only dragged into this calamity. He himself doesn't have any enmity with our Immortal Farming Sect." Justwind rubbed Justglass's head, then cupped his fists towards Song Shuhang. "Fellow Daoist please go ahead. Also, please don't get involved in the enmity between our Immortal Farming Sect amd Su Clan's Ah Qi."

Song Shuhang mimicked cupping his fists in greeting, hiddenly sighing in his heart.

Forget it. He'll return to Jiangnan University City first. He'll decide what to do next after meeting up with senior Ah Qi.

Just as Song Shuhang prepared to make his leave, he heard a clear call. "Song Shuhang… Song Shuhang!"

"?" Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

Then, he saw a tall man, coming here while stepping on a streak of light. He had brought along a girl with short hair and exquisite features.

"Huh? Ah Shiliu?" Song Shuhang called out in surprise.

How did she find her way here?

And was that senior Ah Qi by her side?

But just now, hadn't that senior apprentice brother of the Immortal Farming Sect said something about discovering senior Ah Qi in some giant valley? The entire Immortal Farming Sect had run over, so why was senior Ah Qi here?

From the air, Su Clan's Ah Qi brought Ah Shiliu and landed.

Ah Shiliu's eyes shined. She said happily, "You managed to escape from that ball of black smoke?"

"Maybe I was luckier today. Halfway through I happened to meet some Immortal Farming Sect disciples who blocked that ball of black smoke Devil Monarch Anzhi's way. They thought the person captured inside was Ah Shiliu. Then, I took advantage of a chance to use a Sword Talisman, and extricated myself from the Devil Monarch." Song Shuhang said and pointed at the two Immortal Farming Sect disciples.

At this time, the Immortal Farming Sect's two disciples acted as if they had met a great enemy, and their widened as they nervously stared at Su Clan's Ah Qi.

Ah Shiliu looked at these two Immortal Farming Sect disciples, and frowned. Her delicate nose wrinkled cutely. She didn't have a very favourable impression of Song Shuhang.

"Don't be like this, the Immortal Farming Sect disciples were made a fool of by someone." Song Shuhang explained, and reiterated the sequence of events apprentice brother Justwords had told him just now.

Su Clan's Ah Qi said in a low voice, " Which is to say, someone impersonated me on that night, snatched away the Immortal Farming Sect's Sevenshine Wonderfruit, and in the end even showed a [Skysabre Buries the Starsea]?"

Justglass, who still had his childhood innocence, angrily shouted upon hearing this. "What impersonation? It was obviously you who did it! After stealing my sect's Sevenshine Wonderfruit, why don't you dare to admit it!"

Justwind who was at the side hastily closed his mouth, a face full of vigilance.

"Hahahaha. Don't dare to admit it? Ever since I, Ah Qi, started on my journey of the Dao, no matter what I do, I always dare admit it if I dare do it. But if it's something I didn't do, if anyone tries pin it on me, they'll have to ask if this sabre in my hand agrees!" Ah Qi shouted loud and clear.

Justglass and Justwind, without knowing why, were actually unable to rebut Ah Qi's words.

"Also, that thief also used a [Skysabre Buries the Starsea] and heavily injured eighteen of your sect's disciples? Haha, what kind of joke is that. [Skysabre Buries the Starsea] is a technique I myself am not familiar with grasping it yet. When I use it, I'm unable to control its might. Under this kind of sabre art, do you think Immortal Farming Sect disciples are qualified to survive?" Ah Qi fired back.

Justglass and Justwind were speechless. They had never met highly rank cultivators before, and so didn't have much of an idea regarding [Skysabre Buries the Starsea].

But on witnessing Devil Monarch Anzhi's methods that let him defeat fifteen of them in one move, they now had more understanding in their heart regarding the power of highly ranked cultivators.

Even the Rank 4 Devil Monarch Anzhi could defeat so many of them in one move! In comparison, Su Clan's Ah Qi was even stronger. For the strongest move even he couldn't control, what qualifications did Immortal Farming Sect disciples have to survive?

The higher ups of the Immortal Farming Sect should have thought of this point… but people involved have their eyes clouded, and can't think clearly.

Song Shuhang gave a hidden sigh, then asked curiously,"That's right, how did you find me Ah Shiliu?"

"Hehe, of course it's thanks to Great Master Tongxuan's [Imprint Sensing Art]. I suddenly remembered that you had the Great Master's flying sword that had a spiritual imprint on it. Using the [Imprint Sensing Art], I could find you. So I flipped through your chat log and found this spiritual energy art. So we put to use Ah Qi's powerful spiritual energy for this art, and locked onto your position!" Saying to this point, Ah Shiliu suddenly said embarrassed. "I looked through your chat logs without permission. You won't blame me right?"

Song Shuhang laughed as he shook his head. He couldn't even start thanking her enough.

"Oh that's right. Senior Ah Qi, just now the senior apprentice brother of the Immortal Farming Sect came by. He said the Immortal Farming Sect sect leader had seen 'Su Clan's Ah Qi' in a giant valley. He brought many disciples over to meetup with the Immortal Farming Sect sect leader." Song Shuhang said.

Justwind and Justglass felt their heart tremble, and looked at each other. That's right. If Su Clan's Ah Qi was here, then was the one in the valley really a fake?

"Time and time again impersonating me, to the point where it's become a habit? Haha." Su Clan's Ah Qi was enraged upon finding out, and with a light whistle, the magical sabre transformed into a streak of light again.

"Get on. We'll go there now, and find that Moonsabre Sect. I want to see what kind of game they're playing."

While speaking, Su Clan's Ah Qi lightly raised his right hand. An invisible force dragged Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu, and stably making them stand on that streak of light.

Achieving flight through swords!

This time it was really true flight through swords!

The blue sky that good boys dream of, I, Song Shuhang, am back!

1: Slang for period in China

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